Thursday, May 03, 2018

Father of all elections

Dzulkifly Abdul Razak from the Sun Daily informs us:

Next week the nation will go to the polls for the 14th time – dubbed by some as the "father" of all elections; the last one was the "motherly" version.

I suppose GE15 will be called the "grandmother" of all elections.

Mahathir's new slogan 


  1. How about these:

    "The past repeats itself iff all the circumstances leading to it repeat themselves"

    Same now with PH ke?

    So why r u so presistently predicting a future w/o the corresponding contributing elements. Mamak is just a loop in that long chain of bolihland.

    "Your past shapes, but does not predict your present."

    Yet, u keep wanting to use the past to shape yr own despicable future!


    "Maybe you think a lot about the past, when you haven't got much future in front of you."

    1. desperately attempting to achieve your kpi for this month, wakakaka

    2. Huh? Cheebye kaytee

    3. Wakakakaka…

      WHO's desperate as in the number of running down mamak articles?

      Mamak has been effective in giving the melayu tsunami it's needed cumulative push. The waves will be devastating!

      Again, whose kpi for this month?


  2. There is only one way to stop the Tsunami Rakyat which is very clear and evident to all and beyond.

    Ahjib has to decide fast whether to continue playing poker and hoping to get a Double Ace to save himself, UMNO and BN or lose everything.

    If he really loves UMNO and BN and not himself only, he should quit now and perhaps there is still a chance of UMNO and BN stopping the Tsunami and scrapping thru with a thin win.

    Wherefore art thou Brutus(es)?

  3. Allow me to add another prediction for after GE14.

    I predict that many political online portals, especially aligned with the losing side, will have their financing pulled by their behind the scenes sponsors, resulting on many journalists having to find new work amongst an already shrinking media scene, or like one of my former media colleagues, will end up driving Grab, selling nasi lemak (a spicy rice dish boiled in coconut extract) or perhaps even cleaning toilets.

    If Pakatan wins, then I'm pretty sure quite a few pro-BN portals will have their funding pulled and if BN wins, quite a few pro-Pakatan portals will have their funding pulled.

    Even before the elections were called, pro-Pakatan portal The Malaysian Insight suspended publication at the end of March 2018 due to insufficient funds.

    I have posted several blog posts about the decline of journalism as a viable paying career.

    There's more but I'll leave you to scroll through and view.

    Only self-financed blogs such as IT.Scheiss and quite likely KTemoc Konsiders, which are basically personal hobbies which don't rely on income or revenue to survive will remain standing.

    1. kt always stand one la, he support mahathir badawi n najib when each was/is pm. i am sure he would kiss mahathir when ph win.


    1MDB - Put in another way, every man, woman and child in Malaysia had over RM1,300 stolen from him or her - a theft of unprecedented proportions.

    1. Put it this way, since every man, woman and child had survive losing RM5,263 due to Mahathir's forex losses, then RM1,300 is nothing at all.