Saturday, May 05, 2018

Chicken Little is back

You know, I have never like Tony Pua very much since quite a while, well, probably first in my early blogging days when we had an accidental encounter. From our interactions, I then thought TP for a DAP politician was very proud and arrogant (difference between the two words).

The next occasion was when I reckoned he was easily 'misled' (polite word used there, wakakaka) by PKR into stupidly playing Chicken Little in the biggest PKR bullshit ever, the rancid Kajang Satay MF-story, of how supposedly that by-election was necessary to prevent BN from sweeping into Selangor and also vital in positioning Anwar Ibrahim and his hordes steps nearer to Putrajaya, wakakaka.

Subsequently we were to learn from PKR's Latheefa Koya that the Kajang Move to cause/create a by-election was Rafizi Ramli's lil' gambit to outflank his chief rival in PKR, Azmin Ali.

Thus, when a silly Chinaman resigned from Kajang to facilitate that by-election (and wasting public monies), many of the party's and coalition's leaders were not informed of it in advance. Only TP saw fit to play Chicken Little.

Latheefa Loya had subsequently labelled Rafizi Ramli as cancerous and the main cause of the internal rifts within their party. She also accused Rafizi of being an UMNO mole, wakakaka.

PKR's two opposing factions

Dwarves on top (Latheefa not shown)
Pandan Cats below, wakakaka

My dislike for TP grew as I saw his unpleasant tingkah-laku and unbridled arrogance, which I blogged in un-Chinese Tony Pua.

Like Dr Tan Seng Giaw he was also a PAC member but somehow only Dr Tan copped it sweet over the 1MDB papers. I wonder why? Wakakaka.

Well, the Chicken Little has come to our attention again.

FMT published See-To tells ‘what Pua forgot to tell you’extracts of which follows:

PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional strategist Eric See-To has heaped scorn on Tony Pua of DAP for claiming that Selangor’s free-water policy had proven that it was possible to abolish the goods and services tax (GST) and not bankrupt the country.

See-To said Pua was being “remarkably simplistic and misleading”.

In a statement today, he listed out “what Pua forgot to tell you”.

He said Pua had not stated that the Selangor state government had been sued for RM4.2 billion in unpaid bills of the Selangor water-treatment company, while the state’s reserves amounted to only RM3.2 billion.

“Does it mean that the Selangor government will indeed go bankrupt if it has to pay out RM4.22 billion?” said See-To, deputy director of BN strategic communications.

He posed the question of whether, as an alternative, Selangor would just let Syabas “go bankrupt” and stop supplying water to all residents of Selangor and the Federal Territory.

See-To said “as long as you don’t pay your bills” it was easy to claim that Selangor had not gone bankrupt yet by providing free water to residents. [...]

However, See-To said that Pakatan Harapan’s claims of its ability to eliminate wastage, increase efficiency and be prudent in spending were all false promises which Pakatan could not deliver.

“Is Pakatan telling Malaysians that their example of good governance is to have triple-digit increases in yearly government spending to be funded by either not paying your bills or by selling or trading away all state land and assets?” he said.




    Cheebye kaytee must check in the cracked mirror to see indeed his kukuciao gone liao

  2. "He also said that the DAP-led Penang state government had increased spending since 2008 and had fared worse, and that state land and assets worth RM37 billion had been sold or traded away."

    as far as i know, penang is doing okay, can u explain on seeto behalf what he mean by fared worse, since u seem to believe his assertion without much question.

    n tsg is a turncoat, that's y.

    1. On what basis you are saying Penang is OK? Use fake figure from tokong?

    2. ag report, what abt u?

  3. Replies
    1. But a truthful arsehole. If you don't pay your bills, do you still deserve to get service?

  4. I was told Eric See To is no longer on speaking terms with all of his own family, who have essentially disowned him.

    It is his right to support BN , but the Fake News , Lies and Propaganda work that he is doing for Najib is degrading, immoral and a shame on his family name.

    1. Monsterball working like mad, even fabricating fake news, to earn his dedak kpi

    2. The story about Eric See To is true as far as I understand it.
      It is Ktemoc who is desperately working 24x7 to earn his Dee Dak from Najib.

    3. Wakakakaka……

      When do u start to believe lss/eric's double-crossed fart?

      "the Selangor state government had been sued for RM4.2 billion in unpaid bills of the Selangor water-treatment company"

      Sued for & will definitely win & get that money!

      Lagi, u obviously believe RM4.2B is not a disputed sum!

      Wordsmith, slows down lah. Yr rush to fulfill yr kpi before 509, has made u very very sloppy in framing yr story!

      Who's the chicken little, hm…m

  5. So, are the 1MDB bills and debts already paid?

    1. FAKE NEWS, AG cleared everyone, especially caretaker gov leader. Money unaccounted for overseas is not 1MDB's. Please show proof of misappropriation from 1MDB!!! Everyone is trying 2 tarnish e good name of Malaysia. Foreigners ass lickers!!! The country is peaceful, BERSYUKURLAH, no war, no earthquake, no volcano eruption, no typhoon, too much food waste, nobody suffers from malnutrition, shopping malls filled with buyers, BERSYUKURLAH! Lowest GST in e world, many essential items r not GSTed, BERSYUKURLAH! BN fulfills 99.4% of e promises. Gov not caring enuf? APA LAGI KAMU SEMUA MAHU? Need 2 fulfill 99.9% onli satisfied izzit?!!! BERSYUKURLAH!!!

    2. BERSYUKURLAH...PM had RM 2.6 Billion paid into his personal bank account. BERSYUKURLAH...1MDB defaulted twice on repaying its debts. How it was paid later was completely opaque. The original debt was received in CASH. WHERE IS THE CASH ? BERSYUKURLAH...

      Chinese children are disqualified from scholarship simply because their bangsa is stated as "China"..
      The Public Service is 85% from 1 race. .BERSYUKURLAH

  6. Eric See To is speaking the truth ...and some asrseholes are ibviously not liking the truth to be make known to all.

    1. This elic shitto is so truthful that he himself, from his own mouth, says that his mother is worried about him, that his relatives are calling him running dog, hihihihi. Is he that LSS that invented lots of fake charts and graphs and featured a lot at Klentong Botak Mabuk Liar website ? Now he 'comes out' aredi, showing his piggy face and the first thing he said is that he doesn't mind his relatives calling him running dog...that's truth for you, lol. His poor she worried being sold down the river if the price is good enough? wakakakaka