Friday, January 17, 2014

Words that annoy!

Currently there's one word that annoys me enormously. No, it's not 'looes74', wakakaka (actually I'm fond of him so you can call him my loverlooes, cium cium cium, wakakaka again), but believe it or not, the word is 'calm' as in 'remain calm' or 'keep calm' or 'WhateverTF calm'.

I had stated this, my bêtes noire (bugbear), in my Facebook some weeks ago because I was highly riled whenever I read of the word within a certain context - no, not as in 'a calm sea' or 'the calm before the storm' etc.

The annoying 'certain' context would be when (and regrettably just too often) we have politicians or so-called national leaders (from both sides of the political fence) advising us to 'remain calm', even in situations which didn't trouble us in the least. And if we were to be in situations which trouble us greatly, just how the hell would we be able to 'remain calm' when we would in all probability be anxious, worried and perhaps even sh*t-scared?

Thus such advice would be useless and worse, rather patronizing, as if we are budak-budak kecil to be calmed (f**k) ... er ... I mean ...  soothed.

Yeah, why not tranquilize or sedate us instead, rather than give us the verbal dummy-pacifier! Can you blame us for spitting the dummy?

Apparently at the beginning of WWII (1939) the British Ministry of Information published a poster for the public to 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.

It was the third in a series of 3 motivational posters, the other two being 'Freedom Is In Peril. Defend It With All Your Might' and 'Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory'.

You could argue the posters (maybe the one exhorting 'cheerfulness', wakakaka) worked because the Brits won the war ... er ... with a wee help (wakakaka) from the Yanks.

But the British public regarded them as, (my 2nd 'believe it or not', wakakaka) '... patronizing and divisive. Design historian Susannah Walker regards the campaign as "a resounding failure", and reflective of a misjudgement by upper-class civil servants of the mood of the people.' [from Wikipedia]

I say old chap, jolly good show and all that (wakakaka).

Okay then, back home in Malaysia, the latest publication I (lamentably again) read of this irritating word (in its annoying context) was in Malaysiakini's No reversal on Azmin, MB tells Anwar.

By now I am sure most, if not all of you readers are aware of the PKR intraparty tussle between Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali where the latter was dropped from PKNS board of directors.

MKINI reported: In an immediate reaction, Anwar Ibrahim had called for a withdrawal of the letter since nobody owned up to it and the reasons were unclear. Azmin, who was with Anwar when he made this call at the PKR headquarters, was tight-lipped.

... and why should we be un-calm* by Anwar's 'immediate' reaction?

* just taking some liberties with English - after all we Malaysians are famous for our Manglish, wakakaka.

While calling for a review of the decision, Khalid did not give a deadline for now.

"As this is not a matter of public urgency, the state government requests the public to maintain calm and remain patient while awaiting the decision of the exco," the statement said.

Now, my dear 'Royal MB', we the public don't give two figs about Azmin being dropped from that Selangor state post, so why would we be un-calm ... at least not until you riled us with your patronizing call for the public to maintain calm

Okay, this post is not about PKR intraparty war but then, I just read TMI's The Empire Strikes Back ... ooops ... PKR nixes Azmin camp’s proposal to sack Khalid as Selangor MB as revealed to the online media by sweetie Eli Wong. Hope everyone in PKR was highly agitated and not calm, wakakaka.

I want my seat back


Okay, let's move on to other annoying words.

I wonder whether you have read one of my earlier posts (2008) titled Malaysiakini's Great Helmsman over at my older blog BolehTalk, where I cut my blogging teeth under the blogging tutelage of Mr X, the original blog owner.

Great Helmsman Stalin

With apologies to my good matey Steven Gan of Malaysiakini (wakakaka matey it's after all some five years ago), I was so annoyed by the journalists at MKINI's for repetitively using the word 'helm' when so many other equivalent or even better words exist (shades of the church's preferred 'word'? wakakaka).

I had then posted (extract):

I’m going to pick on one of my bêtes noires, namely a certain word used by the media.

As some of you would be already aware, I dislike immensely the word ‘helm’ used in a specific context, as in 'head' a project or hold a 'leadership' position or 'manage' a task.

Great Helmsman of the Songun Era, Leader Kim Jong Il!

Why can’t Malaysiakini journalist or editors, even if they still insist on a nautical flavour, use words like:

  • ‘skipper’ as in ‘she was selected to skipper the team’;
  • ‘steer’ – 'he steered the scheme to its successful achievement';
  • ‘pilot’ – 'she piloted the project brilliantly through the bureaucratic hurdles';

… or even better, ‘captain’, ‘command’, etc.

Of course those ‘sailors’ at Malaysiakini couldn't use ‘head’, because in naval terms, 'head' is a toilet wakakaka.

Imagine 'she was selected to head the team' would probably see her being endlessly ribbed with 'hello there skipper, anyone inside with you?' wakakaka, but then on second thoughts, perhaps it may be okay as this is the landlubber section, wakakaka.

Then apart from 'head' wakakaka, there are of course other general (non-nautical) words like ‘lead’, ‘direct’, ‘overseer’, ‘run’, ‘manage’, etc.

Today, five years later on, I still see or rather read more of this 'helm' obsession in other online news media as well ... f**k!

Then the other phrase (or words rather than just a word) is 'don't test our patience'!

I'm sure you know who normally would say that. But by saying that, those f**kers had indicated that they had probably lost their patience, so it's quite annoying to read or hear of those bullshit-ish words? But worse, there's that look-down-on-you patronizing tone in those utterances. Pordah!

Next, one of the words I most deplore is 'reformasi' wakakaka, when I consider who said that and what that person had incongruously (ie. most unrefomasi-ishly) tried to do. Given this, it's hardly surprising I love the Malay axiom 'cakap ta'serupa bikin', wakakaka.

Reformasi mascot, wakakaka

Thus, dearest Nurul should be aware that the preposterous title 'Princess Reformasi', apart from its extravagant indulgent absurdity, carries more of a stigma than a compliment or adulation.

Now, we come to journalists who must never be allowed to fly an aeroplane or sail a ship because they probably had failed their maths in school.


Look, I hate to return to Malaysia’s notorious sodomy trials but to make this point about an annoying journalistic phrase I am forced to touch upon the antics of Azlan Mohd Lazim, the dad of Saiful Bukhari – no, I’m won't be discussing the core issues brought out during the trials.

Azlan Lazim, just less than two months after dismissing his son’s allegation against Anwar Ibrahim as a fabrication at a PKR organized press conference and then joining the party as a member, did a volte-face to state that he had made a mistake in his earlier declaration after he realized the sodomy charge was not a political conspiracy against Anwar.

There’s a lovely Malay word for Azlan Lazim's behavior (no, not the one with an etymological pedigree from the Middle East, wakakaka), to wit, belakang pusing.

Now, tell me, direction-wise what do you understand by belakang pusing?

Let me provide you with a reference point, say, you had been facing North and you belakang pusing. Which compass cardinal point would you be facing now?

If you read a couple of online news media (no, not Malaysiakini this time, wakakaka) they wrote, and not just once, lines descriptive of Azlan Lazim’s volte-face as ‘Saiful’s dad makes 360 degree sodomy turn’ and/or ‘makes a full circle’.

Mate, if you are facing North and you belakang pusing you would be facing South, 180 degrees away and not 360 degrees!

Okay, hands up those of you who got this wrong, and that includes you, my loverlooes, wakakaka. Of course you could argue in mitigation you are the type who makes lousy belakang pusing, wakakaka.

Mateys, ‘makes 360 degree sodomy turn’ and/or ‘makes a full circle’ would mean you’d end up again in the SAME f*** DIRECTION which means no change at all in direction or stand ...

… which has been why I stated there are journalists who must never be allowed to fly an aeroplane or sail a ship, wakakaka. Yes, it'd be okay for them to drive a car because all they have to do then would be to follow the road, no compass required, wakakaka.

This more or less brings us to the current vogue word which I have to confess I do not dislike but rather, I can never get enough of if it's the real stuff (not just the word) which is stir-fried with sambal belacan, or served with cuttlefish soaked in alkali water (both blanched and sauced kau kau) a la Penang-style jiu-hu-eng-chai, yummy and wakakaka.

there's a f**king conspiracy somewhere in the dish, wakakaka

But then it's an annoying word NOT for me but alas, for Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka.

yummy jiu-hu-eng-chai

photo from
Vivian Pang's Kitchen

Addendum (30 Jan 2014):

BolehTalk - Kajang folks, be bloody grateful!


  1. You know what people say about australian past history. How many discarded ang mohs (criminals) from Yingeland ended up in Aussie land.

    Again Kaytee has omitted few points about the Keep Calm Poster. What was the real purpose of distributing the posters & why was it distributed?

    Hahahaha, ok la......if kaytee wanna to be a wallflower in the Malaysia of dumb lembus, so be it........That's what kaytee is telling Father Andrew to do. And Father Andrew refused to be that wallflower.

    Who said that? Ask Bernard Khoo aka Zorro Unmasked

  2. Oh yeah hor, there is another Labour PM that I truly admire. He's suave with words unlike Michael Foot, Energic chaps who loves to shout balls to his opponent. (Please take note Michael Foot is much more cultured than Kaytee (Ex Penang Aussie Criminal lang). Who is he? Not the bushy eyebrows (Another Labour leader I admire who uttered the law of holes to Kaytee).

    This video shows the reaction of this leader from the winter of discontent. Hisham Rais would tell you in great length how the civil servants to take street for pay rise.....Let listen

    That prompted the Sun (Those readers who read the Sun don't care how to run the country so long the girls got big tits, Bernard Wholley, fictional private secretary to Jim Hacker) print the headlines "Crisis? What Crisis?"

    The Lady's not for Turning capitalise it by Her Winter of Discontent broadcast.

    That Lady can be extremely direct in her remarks.........

    A comment about LibDem (The party where RPK belongs)

    The story came from Ancient Greece & adopted by Monty Python who loved to scream & extremely provocative

    And you have noticed very clearly, me & John Cleese shared the similar trait......Hahahaha, people such as that character acted by Michael Palin wanna play around with the words especially in this case......Allah

    Of course, kaytee only used to Mr Bean.......

    ( Take note this is just a joke)

  3. words that annoy? i? me? we?

    "the new car does not belong to me anyway"

    "we would not consider the purchase if not given a special discount"

    "I am willing to accept criticism"

    if i am not wrong, above was from mahathir, if memory fail me, my apology then.

  4. Words that annoy are those that KT spit out in almost every article against PKR !

    Make people believe that KT is paid to do so !

    1. wish only so - could do with extra ringgit, wakakaka

    2. KT's diligence, persistence and predictable uncalled for attack on PKR gives him away. Is it wrong to get paid for the effort !

  5. 1. 360 degrees - north malaya huanna wud say 'pi mai pi mai dok tang tu jugak'
    2. sotong kangkung sudah naik harga wor! @ farlim rm12 leow!

  6. You forget "certain quarters," bloody annoying...

    1. yes, good one, somehow missed it. Thanks Paul, will include in a future edition.

  7. There are no annoying words , just annoying people.

  8. The better word to describe you and loose is cemulut :-) that's the current urban jargon.....

    1. FUCK YOU LA!

      Like what this guy has said in not so many words

      By the way, Kaytee should have used this song instead/ It's much better than Keep calm poster

      Wait a minute......Kaytee got annoyed with words.....

      Try to be calm when your heard when your head on the block. You may be in for a nasty shock.............Don't lose your head when you'd die in the end

      This is what kaytee is trying to tell us.......why? because you are asking for trouble when you got no head......Hahahaha! Hahahaha!

      Meanwhile Najib, kaytee loverboy is fighting for his life over the kangkung. thingy. Remind me of another epic show. Ok Liz Taylor's portrayal of Cleopatra is also epic.......This is very good indeed

      Seriously when you look at the life of kenneth william, one can see some similarities with kaytee.........Hahahaha.....Kenneth's england is indeed powderful......Hahahaha


    This is a classical example of passing the parcel. And it's ticking. Aiyooo.......What's kaytee's solution then? Bury his head in the sand & hoping the parcel does not explode.


    1. LOOES
      You cannot have your cake and eat it too !
      HA HA HA HA

    2. This is for kaytee. Only in England got such provocative comedy. Of course, I do hope that Ellese would get a heart attack after watching this......In directly, ktemoc implies that all melayus are indeed STUPID VOTERS who would go berserk even if one man has made a qualified remark on the word of Allah. There you have it.......Bolehsia

  10. Hmmm.....Look who's screaming

    Going by kaytee's logic, that chinaman is wrong......Right....Father says Allag also wrong liao, This is kagi worse, ask a woman to open tudung lei

    1. The Malays in this awful land really don't care about Constitutional rights any more.
      Its all about - might is right.
      Do as we say, or we will riot.
      Perlembagaan Malaysia is now worth less than soiled toilet paper.

  11. HY…. Can I harvest the eng chai from the swamp at the back of your house? I want to fry it up with belacan for lunch and dinner. I can’t afford the jui hu though. Prices have gone up so much la. This is what really annoys me! I guess I have to find comfort by listening to your song “Layang-layang Terputus Talinya”.


    1. halo mana ada swamp lagi, itu hutan simpanan pun crony sapu habih dah, gua dan lu kalu mahu tanam jagung dan kangkung kene pinjam ruang dari itu ellese dan s18, banglo besat tanah lapang macam tennis court.

      sikarang ni makan nasi biasa aje, itu nasi ayam dan jui hu dah tak mampu, lirik gua pun tukar dah. bn mesti pegi dulu sebelumku, baru gua dapat meraikan suasana indah.

    2. Macam mana BN mesti pergi dulu… kerana nampaknya pisau yang diasah oleh PR semakin diasah semakin tumpul sehingga nak potong kangkung pun tak lut… Walauapapun, andainya aku pergi dulu sebelum mu… ku nantimu di pintu syurga. Kita berdua tak payah makan nasi kiam her dengan kiam chai lagi eh..



    Guys & Gals,
    Do you see the danger of keeping mum? I know some abhor violence but making a stand however hurtful would be is the right thing to do. Even Martin Luther had made the point while the white KKK (American perkasa) were terrorising USA. Heck one governor even capitalising the situation by sending troops to quell peaceful protestors in Birmingham, Alabama. Who say that shouting is not good.

    Najib, kaytee loverboy preach so much about Mandela but Mandela decided to wear Springbok jersey. This is called leadership.

    By the way, always remember when you push people to the wall, even the docile folks would protest.

    Kaytee should also tell PAS member to shut his mouth too........According to his logic......Hahahaha

  13. Side track a bit......When would australia going to invade New Zealand?

    Is this what Najib trying to do? Hahahahaha!

    Hahahaha, it's because of the shout of the Maori Haka.....Hahahaha

  14. This is really a side track but an important one. One thing that pisses me off is some clowns kaypoh disturb other political party problem.

    That's when ownself also got lotsa fucking problems that even to bother of destroying the entire PKR. Hahahaha!

    Few things we could make it clear. Political party elections are different than nation wide elections. Party election is an exclusive to party members. Lets ask that cibai mother fucker Tian Chua, are you a DAP member? If not, fuck off la.

    Ok in the spirit of no hold barred discussion, what about PKR? I will leave it to my matey, sparring partner, Kaytee. Of course, another Malaysian in Aussie Land, CLF may have agreed with that Tian Chua. Let me make it clear, his moniker is not canis lupus flamiaris. He told me so. Hahahaha!

    You see this is what happen when people start to kaypoh. Not your party also wanna kacau.

    Same thing applies to you. Not your religion then stop dictating people to change Allah name in BM.....

    Anyway, BBC having a fun day about Najib

    This is what happen when the Mother Yingeland legacy of giving voting rights but not right to abode to citizens of the commonwealth countries including Malaysia. If you get a PR (most probably RPK does) may even become an MP. Technically speaking RPK can become UK PM.......Hahahahaha! Hahahaha!

    1. The Chinese wing of PKR is DAP's NO 1 enemy. They lust after DAP's blue ribbon seats, wakakaka, like Gelang Patah which a PKR bloke like CJM would probably have lost, wakakaka again.

      There will be an eventual final fight at OK Corral.

    2. If teh Church conducts itself in such a way it threatens my family, well f**k the church. As I mentioned, I won't tolerate the dictatorship by a minority church which will adversely affect teh non-Christian non-Muslim majority.

      It's not as if the Malaysian authorities have banned Christianity or worship by Christians. It's only banning the church from using the name of an Islamic.god.

    3. The question dear watson was did the christians decreed that all infidels including the athiests to be fried alive. Yes or No? No

      Who is practising dictatorship? You! You dictated christians to change the name that has been used for centuries. So FUCK OFF! If you are so afraid of impending violence, I strongly suggest you bugger off.

      Ask the true blue sabahans (Not the celup ones such as Sabahan18) how christians being persecuted since Tun Mustapha's government under the watchful eye of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

      Seriously, your action would lead to the breaking up of Sabah & Sarawak from Malaysia which would not be beneficial to Malaya as a whole. How many times do I have to emphasise that things can backfire extremely easily.

      P.S There are numerous dayakans who profess christianity stationed in West Malaysia especially in KL. If you ask for sensitivities, perhaps you should heed your own advice.

    4. The church of minority Malaysians pushing the agenda which affects everyone is called a dictatorship by them, a dictatorship where a religious minority decides an agenda which may well suck everyone (the majority Buddhists/Taoists/Confucianists) in and screw them up kau kau. Well, looes if you don't understand English, f**k off. And don't be brave with other people's blood, and stop talking on behalf of Dayaks when you know shit about them

    5. Give way when there's a possibility of violence may not be a good solution. Sets a bad precedence. Christians, stand firm !
      KT, do you have to f**k me off as well ?

    6. KT,

      What is the effect of the dictatorship of a minority of an innocent/uninvolved naive majority vis-a-vis the church of minority M'sian?

      Ain't u terbalik the priority of the causality?

      Isn't this a case of ignoring the big bad Goliath, & yet blaming the small & weak David?

      Where is yr sense of righteousness!!!!

    7. cemulooes, the article was first published in sinchew opinion piece, mc is a news portal. secondly, pls reread and tell us which part of the sin chew opinion doesn't sound right or sensible, and tell us what is the role of media and what is wrong with opinion.

      in short, one of the point raised in that piece is "言行一致" / (practice what u preach), for example, dun buy a benz if u criticise others for squandered.

      besides watching tv series, what else u did in london?

    8. You do have a problem with the christians, don't you? Is it because you studied in the christian kindergarden where missy has mistreated you badly.

      Again, Every christians including the orang aslis in Malaya and the tribal folks such as Kadazan, Murut, Dusun, Iban, Bidayau, Melanau (Taib is a melanau who happens to be muslim & so does Leo Michael Toyad) call Allah as God in BM & Tribal languages since hurdreds years ago.

      It's always done with. It;s already SETTLED LONG LONG TIME AGO before these cibai UMNO as well as scums such as you say otherwise.


      Anyway, I am not sure about all the melayus. I sincerely felt that any melayus with a brain would find extremely insulting that you say that all melayus would turn into zombies when christians decided to call Allah as God in Bahasa Malaysia & other known tribal languages. In short, KAYTEE SAYS THAT MELAYU ARE DAMN DAMN BLOKES EASILY MANIPULATED TO CREATE HAVOCs.

      Hence while I reminded you kaytee that sarawak tribes especially Ibans were headhunters at one point of time. So if melayus can mengamuk, you think Ibans won't meh.

      One simple logic, jaytee, how would you feel that I tell you that you should be called as KT CIBAI because Moc is exclusive to some melayu tribes. Aiyoo.....

      Seriously, I don't mind & WILL NOT MAKE A FUSS of PAS government banning unisex salons IN KELANTAN BUT I am extremely pissed when somebody especially atheist came in & tell me what name I should use. Especially the dust already settled long time ago.......

      For your sake, I do one step further. I would promote all christians to do the early christian style martydom.......Even the Indians did that in Amritsar in 1919......ok

      By the way, using the same logic, you should also tell the Palestinians not to have intifada because doing so would create disorder in the middle east.

      One video for you

    9. r u looes a christian? i see u pray to lky n lks aje. dayak iban oredi assign u the ambassador (or warrior) role ka? y u sound very exciting n riled up?

      read the china history on missionary, then tell me r we really that difference with the malay? do u see ccp/prc ever allow catholic a free hand in china even until today? i have no intention to go into this topic but pls dun sound like a idiot all the time.

    10. Ask CLF. If you can find him in australia. Hahahaha!

  15. I wrote this before over at M2Day.

    Let me ask: Are the Christians in Malaysia and specifically in Selangor being denied worship of their God and practice of their religion including attending church services and celebrating Christmas, Easter, etc?

    The whole acrimonious issue stems not from stopping Christians continuing in their religious worship, but stopping Christian churches from using the name of the Islamic God. It has been the Catholic Church which is the one pushing the boundaries. The religious authorities in Selangor has pushed back (no doubt with political encouragement) but unfortunately in the process has affected the innocent Sikhs and their non-proselytizing religion. This must be remedied a.s.a.p.

    Unlike the Sikhs, the Christians have many names for their Christian god with far superior pedigree, such as Elohim, Adonai, Yahweh (Jehovah), El Elyon. El Shaddai etc etc etc. I have published many posts in my blog on this issue, questioning the church's insistence on using an Islamic term when far superior alternatives exist.

    Someone over at M2Day chewed me for my limited Christian knowledge. Okay I may have limited knowledge of Christianity but then how many commentators including the critic do? We are talking about social-security issues, not theological thesis.

    But I reiterated that in my years of biblical studies (in Peninsula of course) I have NEVER ever come across the word 'Allah', thus I am NOT convinced by the church's arguments and question its sincerity in its current push to use the Allah word in Peninsula, specifically in Selangor.

    I have to repeat this, but unfortunately, people have forgotten that the current brouhaha went into a dangerous vortex when Fr Lawrence Andrew declared publicly that all catholic churches in Selangor WILL USE the Allah word and this after the Sultan of Selangor reiterated the Enactment (1988) against such usage.

    Now whether HRH has the legal authority to impose that enactment on non-Muslims (and I as a layman personally assess he hasn't) is a separate issue because really, was there a need for Fr Lawrence to be so openly defiant against a state ruler on an already sensitive issue?

    Let me ask: Between 1988 and say, 2007, was this Enactment ever enforced or touted by the state ruler and religious authorities?

    What Fr Lawrence did was like waving a burning torch over an open drum of high octane petrol. Could he not have gone about using the Allah word in church WITHOUT the need to be so open, inviting the perception he was/is arrogant? Even I as a non-Muslim felt he was arrogant!

    There's more than 1 way of skinning a cat, but unfortunately Fr Lawrence Andrew has chosen the frontal assault approach, and the effect is that the Sikhs who were never affected by the State Enactment are now the collateral damage of his too-clever-by-half open defiance.

    I'm not sure where this is taking us, but as a final remark and perhaps reminder fundamental freedoms come with fundamental responsibilities, and where there can be no ABSOLUTE freedom, especially in a country like Malaysia with a political situation that fosters divisive politics and exploits such opportunities. And let's not pretend that the current issue over an Islamic term is benefiting UMNO, thanks to the church.

    Thus I am not happy with the church current insistent and obdurate push to use an Islamic term which has brought the Malaysian environment to a near boiling point, which has been why I stated: why should I tolerate the agenda-dictatorship by a few Christians which affects the peace of the many, including my family?

    Where is that righteousness when the majority non-Christians Chinese and Indians are dragged into an unnecessary fray over a Christian vs Islam issue by a minority Christians?

    1. We have trouble in asking for lands to build churches in Malaysia. That one in Tanjong Karang is kinda miracle actually. Even if churches are being built, it resembles office blocks or factory site in a far secluded places. Of course, kaytee here wanted us to kowtow to every crumbs given to us & so perhaps,
      let see what happen when we take over some of his rights. Perhaps, ban all unisex salons in Penang. Hahahaha!

      Hahahaha! Catholics are pushing boundaries. What's there to push when the word Allah is used in BM, BI & all other tribal languages since at least 400 years. Last check there is no such thing as Malaysia or Malaya. In fact I begin to suspect that Sultanate of Malacca was actually a Thassocracy state.

      My england is not as powderful as kaytee.....What's Proselytizing?

      1) to induce someone to convert to one's faith
      2) to recruit someone to join one's party, institution, or cause

      Tell me your blogging especially on religious issues particularly dictating folks to change the name of God in BM Bible is not a form of proselytising. If you define it as such that you didn't force people or giving some form of inducement, then ok......Acknowledge your suggestion but no thanks. Please fuck off!

      If you are focusing so much after christian proselytisation, wait till you hear the horror stories of over agressive proselytisation by Malaysia muslims among the orang aslis in semenanjung as well Sabah. Actually, Sarawak also got muslim proselytisation but perhaps, these muslims elite realised that overdoing would resulting them in losing their heads......Hahahahaha

      Yes, Horror stories of massive Islam conversion in Sabah starting with Tun Mustapha administration. All this funded by Malaysia taxpayers including kaytee's parents & perhaps kaytee himself. Go google & the truth will reallt set you free.

      You can not throw the law book away because it's interwined with everything that we stand for. In fact, I kinda disagree with Sikhs not wearing helmet simply because they wear turban. You should know why.
      I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH YOU with your insistence of pitting blame on Father Lawrence. It's precisely opposite that it's a dangerous vortex that church leaders to be ABSOLUTELY SILENT ON THIS ISSUE. This is not about banning on unisex salons. Or prohibition of selling of alcohol in predominantly muslim areas. This is concerning the fundamental rights of believers of holy scriptures for the BM/ Bahasa Indonesia/ tribal readers. You have no right to interfere or impose your suggestion to us........Hence, we will say to you. We acknowledge your suggestion. The answer is NO. SO FUCK OFF!

      You want example kaytee......I give you one.....The failure of the Roman Catholic church espcially the Pope in standing up the Jewish Holocaust. Please don't Proselytise to me that christians have done that nong nong time ago. But at that junction, RCC refuses to exercise its moral right to condemn the Nazi & Italian facist government. End result : Millions of Jews & others have been slaughtered. That's only one example.

      I felt that rather the christian ministers are not pushing enough on this issue. So when will you finally act? Till finally UMNO is frying you.

      This is a very good poem

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for KAYTEE--and there was no one left to speak for KAYTEE. SO KAYTEE MAMPUS!

      P.S : Peter denied Jesus 3 times because his belief that Jesus should be like Jewish messiah that came with a shining armour but ended up being crucified. Peter can't bear with it. Hence, he denied Jesus 3 times. Though early christians are assertive but who does......Gandhi also extremely assertive

  16. 'The whole acrimonious issue stems not from stopping Christians continuing in their religious worship, but stopping Christian churches from using the name of the Islamic God.'
    What warrants the Islamic authorities to stop other religions from the manner they practise their own faith? Proselytizing? Any muslims in the church? have you seen a copy of the 100 year old Malay language bible? yes I agree its like a blanket ban on the words in Selangor but dont forget that it was enacted for anti proselytization purposes. And why cant we state our stand on what we believe is right? what if the authorities now say all chinese language to be ban in Malaysia? are you saying its ok too ? the authorities could do it under a pretext of national unity.

    'Where is that righteousness when the majority non-Christians Chinese and Indians are dragged into an unnecessary fray over a Christian vs Islam issue by a minority Christians?'
    this is Not about minority versus majority ...this is about righteousness.

    'I'm not sure where this is taking us, but as a final remark and perhaps reminder fundamental freedoms come with fundamental responsibilities, and where there can be no ABSOLUTE freedom, especially in a country like Malaysia with a political situation that fosters divisive politics and exploits such opportunities. And let's not pretend that the current issue over an Islamic term is benefiting UMNO, thanks to the church.'
    ABSOLUTE FREEDOM and that is what all Malaysians are fighting for . to correct a wrong our forefathers made. And to achieve that we must be responsible, courageous and united in our cause.


  17. Absolute freedom? Don't talk cock for it only shows your lack of social and personal responsibilities. If you don't believe me, try and say out the words like 'bomb' or 'hijack' at an airport, or criticize the Thai royalty in Thailand, or wakakaka say 'poofter' in Australia.. Freedom has its limits according to the mores and laws of each country.

    Until in recent years, Greece did not permit worship of religions other than Judaism, Christianity and Islam (the last probably in awareness of its powerful and not too friendly Turkish neighbour).- there's quite an amusing story behind this.

    As I mentioned earlier and I reiterate now, the government is NOT denying anyone their religious beliefs. And haven't we been Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahais, Taoists, Confucianists, Muslims etc etc etc for donkey years?

    It's only telling the church to stop using the Allah word to refer to a Christian god that's known in the bible as Yahweh (Jehovah), Elohim, Adonai, etc

    1. KT's beyond help !

    2. Anon 11.49am... I disagree with you. KT is a brilliant scholar. My only wish is that hopefully, KT would one day renounce his Atheism and be a Christian or any other that he wants to be.


    3. KT has a shallow view of the issue, why so?

      He keeps implying that Father Lawrence's insistence of using the Allah word for ALL church services.

      This is not so?

      Father Lawrence's stand is the same as the usage of Allah in herald - for the Malay speaking Christians ONLY.


      So don't twist & fall pray to the bigots just bcoz u r afraid of their threat of going amok.

      True of the fact, if we gave in now, mark my word, Chinese businesses profiteering would be the next scapegoat!

      We would be forever been played out, as easy target, just bcoz we are so easily frightened by these minority ultras of the innocent/uninvolved (blur-sotong more likely) majority.

    4. You show no respect to other peoples' belief, Hasan !

    5. Hasan, is KT's proposal any different from kowtow to a bully ?

    6. Hahahaha....We should send Hasan to Sarawak to talk to dayakans or better. Go to Jakarta & Say that AKU MELAYU, AKU DARI MALAYSIA. Hahahaha, Hasan would be in for a nasty shock.......

      Kaytee is so concerned by mere assertion of Father Lawrence in their right to use Allah in BM. So we should apply the same kaytee logic on the palestinians' demand of Jerusalem as Capital of Palestine.........The Jews would surely go berserk ones.......Hahahaha.....Kaytee, please don't use the word Jerusalem for Palestine in front of Jews in Australia.....Else, nobody will help you......Hahahahaha

      One free holiday lei.....Australia should do the same with New Zealand.....Antartica cannot because of vicious penguins........Indonesia, too big

    7. KT,
      Perhaps you should read all the articles about why the Christians have used the word at this website:

      If you still maintain your views after reading all those articles, then I have nothing more to say but to respect your opinion.