Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Khalid Ibrahim in political peril?

TMI - All eyes on Anwar to prevent fallout from Khalid-Azmin Selangor spat

The latest row was over Azmin’s seat on the board of directors for state property developer Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS) or Selangor State Development Corporation.

While Anwar has been patiently papering over cracks between both men, his views on these issues have conflicted with Khalid's and the state government's, leading to speculation of a strain in the ties between him and the menteri besar.

ased on my reading of the news media, I reckon TMI's report has been correct that Anwar Ibrahim's views on this issue have conflicted with Khalid Ibrahim's stand.

The explanation is simple: Anwar is 101% pro Azmin, Khalid is 101% anti Azmi, wakakaka.

Not that we have been surprised by Anwar openly stating (as reported in the news media) he wanted Azmin Ali reinstated as a board member of PKNS, but he did so without the announcement being made JOINTLY with the Selangor MB, the bloke who had earlier shown a blasé attitude if not his overt glee regarding Azmin being dropped from the state appointment.

To summarize, Khalid was NOT unhappy about Azmin being removed from PKNS Board of Directors, but Anwar Ibrahim WAS unhappy.

Would I be repeating myself if I were to say, why should we be surprised, wakakaka! 

There are many ramifications on Anwar's action to reinstate Azmin on the PKNS Board.

First, let's examine public perception of the PKR see-sawing by Anwar and Khalid.

The perception or impression that the public has likely obtained from Anwar's (if I may call it) unilateral announcement about reinstating Azmin to the PKNS Board would be that Khalid, the MB of Selangor, has been overruled kau kau. The rug was crudely, brutally and callously (without consideration for his been-chooi or face) pulled away from under his menteri besar's feet .....

..... by a mere state economic adviser - remember, Anwar is not even the president of PKR, nor does the rule of Selangor, to wit, the MB position belong to PKR by itself!

The second message the public obtained is of the following:

(a) Anwar favours and takes the side of Azmin Ali over that of Khalid's, as might be assumed from Anwar's unilateral announcement that Azmin was to be reinstated as a board member of PKNS. Of course Anwar came up with a reason, that the process not to renew Azmin's contract had not been according to proper procedures, and therefore that decision should be withdrawn.

It has to be said that Khalid made a mistake in giving Azmin (and thus Anwar) grounds to challenge the earlier decision, because of Khalid's known reluctance to personally confront, challenge or take MB's responsibility for unpleasant actions (don't believe me, ask Eli Wong, Tony Pua or Gobind Singh Deo lah, wakakaka).

In dropping Azmin from the PKNS Board. Khalid claimed it was the general manager of PKNS who made that decision, and this was the gnam gnam procedural mistake Azmin was looking for.

(b) Anwar has effectively given a public slap on Khalid's wrist by overruling the Selangor menteri besar's earlier statement. Alamak, boe been liao lah!

(c) Notwithstanding Anwar pointing out that Azmin PKNS directorship was terminated without due process, by publicly humiliating Khalid, he has shown that in PKR there are sacred cows who must never be offended or disadvantaged, even if it means the MB of Selangor has had to have his wrist slapped, even publicly.

(d) far worse than above, according to an unnamed PKR source, Anwar has effectively withdrawn his support for Khalid Ibrahim and will be seeking to have him removed as MB Selangor.

TMI reported but couldn't confirm what Anwar had apparently told the party's supreme council, according to a party source (wakakaka, I'm always wary of unnamed PKR source which usually turned out to be a self-serving someone I might possibly know):

“I am not in a position to defend the MB anymore. There is no discussion, no consideration, he thinks it is his state, he is in control.”

“No one knows his stand, he does not refer to anyone, no one knows ... So we have a problem.

“There is no discussions on the water issue. I do not know (about it), I have to read the papers (to keep track of developments).”

“The Allah issue also, I do not know anything about it until today. Nothing!"

The claws were really out during the supreme council meet because TMI also reported that some party leaders (wakakaka) wanted to remove Khalid from his MB position, and of course (wakakaka again) for someone else to take over if Khalid could no longer manage Selangor according  to the party’s ‘reformist’ principles.

Wakakaka, I’m not surprised by the last part about someone taking over as MB, but I have to say that whoever talked about the party’s ‘reformist’ principles has to be a self-deceiving joker, wakakaka.

BTW, have there been too many 'wakakakas'? Wakakaka, sorry lah, can't help myself.

But I have to concede that Anwar did the right thing (based on TMI’s report) by saying that he has to consult DAP and PAS on Khalid's future and presumably, wakakaka, his replacement from PKR.

Please note again that TMI had not been able to confirm the above alleged comments by Anwar. So if the PKR source was indeed that 'usual' source, wakakaka, then it's possible that that self-serving source by dropping (Anwar's) names was out to show Anwar no longer supports Khalid, when it could well be that Anwar hadn't even said anything to that effect, wakakaka.

Be that as it may, I am sure by now the public would have sensed the perilous position of Khalid in both PKR and the Selangor state government.

But would I be correct to say that while Azmin Ali wields great power in PKR, far far more, very much more than Khalid Ibrahim who isn't even in PKR supreme council, Khalid Ibrahim is enormously popular with the public, specifically Pakatan supporters as well as political fence sitters - UMNO supporters are excused, wakakaka - while OTOH Azmin Ali is NOT, as shown on the interactive forums of online media, wakakaka.

Khalid is also trusted by Pakatan allies whereas ..... wakakaka .....

So if Anwar wants to chance upsetting the majority of the voting public in Selangor, sure, he can go ahead and discuss with DAP and PAS about removing Khalid, though there's no guarantee they'll go along with Anwar's personal preference.

Wait, as mentioned, removing Khalid as MB might not even be Anwar's decision, wakakaka, as the de facto leader undoubtedly wants to maximize his prospects in GE-14, and would prefer to leave popular votes-drawing Khalid Ibrahim where he is.

Anyway, that's Anwar's burden to carry (in current religiously acrimonious climate I have avoided using an English idiom with same meaning, wakakaka), and to discuss with his Pakatan allies but more importantly with the Døkkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka.

But let's come back to poor Khalid - hasn't he lost mucho face? I believe irreparably so, because if we recall, Khalid's first reaction to Anwar's humiliating blow to him was to spew out an euphemistic face-grabbing 'No' but without appearing rude to Anwar. The Malay mail Online reported:

The Selangor government said today it could not reinstate Azmin Ali to the board of the Selangor Economic Development Corporation (PKNS) to avoid legal problems, but will “consider” doing so after Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ‘s insistence that the former has not been axed.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said today that the state government will discuss Anwar’s “magnanimous” request, but added that the PKNS Enactment prevented the immediate restoration of the PKR deputy president’s previous position in the state-owned firm.

“Until a final decision is made by the Exco, the position of affected members of the PKNS Board remains as per the instruction by the PKNS General Manager so as to avoid further legal complications,” Khalid said

It was just face-saving heels dragging because in the end, Azmin had to be and has been reinstated, but the PKNS general manager and company secretary have become pelandoks in the shameful PKR intraparty pachydermous clash, wakakaka.

Thus I opine, again from my reading of the news media, that Anwar's public announcement in favour of Azmin Ali and to Khalid's humiliation could hardly be described as TMI put it:  '... Anwar ..... patiently papering over cracks between both men.'

How nice it would have been if Anwar had made that announcement about reinstating Azmin TOGETHER with Khalid, or better still, do his de facto leader's counselling part quietly within the party and let Khalid make that public announcement himself. Alas, too late liao!

From my recent observations of Khalid Ibrahim I have to say there's some truth in Anwar's lamentation about Khalid going it alone (mind you, Anwar's alleged lamentation about Khalid is based on an unnamed PKR source, wakakaka) .....

..... not that Anwar, as mentioned by some bloggers, had previously shown much interest in the Selangor state government's governing (maybe he's preoccupied with other issues?), .....

..... well, not until now, presumably after blue-eyed boy ran crying to him.

In my post on 24 October 2013 titled Royal President Khalid Ibrahim? I wrote:

Sometime back I began to have real concerns about Khalid Ibrahim. In fact I became quite disgusted by his naughtiness which I blogged in Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality? based on my letter to and published by Malaysiakini. [...]

... after his successful first term as MB Selangor, I suspect Khalid Ibrahim has shifted his political loyalty (note I have written 'political' and not 'subject' loyalty) from PKR to HRH. Perhaps he must have found far greater comfort in presumably HRH's liking (and even protection) for him.

As RPK had written in one of his posts:

'Anyway, whatever it may be, Khalid is not PKR’s Menteri Besar. He is not even Pakatan Rakyat’s Menteri Besar. He is His Highness the Sultan’s Menteri Besar, and which would make him my Menteri Besar as well. So you had better not forget that and try to mess with Khalid.'

Of course, to be fair to RPK and not to mislead you (by naughty misinterpretation) as to the thrust of message, you would have to read RPK's post in its entirety to see the context of his statement above.

I've only reproduced it to serve as a starting point (titik tolak) for my take on Khalid Ibrahim's recent lamentable behaviour (meaning it's kaytee's opinion and not that of RPK).

Yes, Khalid Ibrahim has found his comfort zone as the Selangor MB, more so after the recent 2013 MB appointment when he has not only enjoyed HRH's approval but was nominated by both Selangor's PAS and DAP (the latter which he ironically stabbed in the back in order to favour Eli Wong's appointment as a non-Malay exco).

To put it in kaytee's words, Khalid Ibrahim has discovered his personal 'enlightenment', perhaps that in the state of Selangor and under HRH's aegis, he is indispensable, irreplaceable and 'almost' presidential in stature - 'almost' because he still knows he must not be too big-headed to believe he could do without HRH's favour.

Thus, when PAS and DAP ADUNs joined PKR ADUN, to wit, PAS commissioner Dr Rani Othman, PKR chairman Mohamed Azmin Ali and DAP chairman Lau Weng San (plus party 'spiritual' wakakaka leader, Anwar Ibrahim) in criticizing him as MB for his refusal or reluctance to spend more of the state's savings on development in the state instead of just uselessly hoarding the surplus in kitty, he pompously and presidentially but pathetically responded that while he was open to criticisms from any leader, adding that it was a normal thing in the administration, he cared more about the feedback he received from the public more than from other leaders.

So, to this bloke, ADUNs are inconvenient individuals and not the people's representatives, while he 'presidentially' and directly represents all the rakyat of Selangor.

This man obviously has gotten so big-headed (but judiciously not towards HRH, wakakaka) that he believes he could ignore democracy and the parliamentary process, which has been why I describe him lamentably as being pompously presidential.

Khalid's pathetic pseudo-presidential declaration so irate DAP's Gobind Singh Deo, son of my hero Bhai Karpal, that he 'urged' (a polite euphemism for 'f**king demand', wakakaka) the Selangor MB to bloody well clarify the statement that he 'listens to criticisms from the people more than from party leaders and politicians'.

Gobind went as far as to say Khalid had made a "very serious statement, which may have serious consequences", meaning Khalid either knows f**k all about democracy (parliamentary process) or has deliberately ignored the democratic process - ya, that's why he's presidential, wakakaka!

Gobind said: "Khalid must not take things for granted. I ask him to respond and clarify matters."

The issue thus is not so much about Khalid's perceived kedukut-ness (stinginess) in managing the state funds as a MB but about his terrible failure to understand that in a democracy, the ADUNs are the ones who represent the voice of the rakyat, and not one sole person in the person of the MB, one who has preposterously claimed that he has listened more to the people than to the ADUNs, ...

... leading us to ask him 'who have been HIS people he listened more to? All the rakyat of Selangor? Or at least all those in Pakatan-held state constituency?'

It would be as if he has said he is NOT answerable to the state DUN and its ADUNs, the official, legal and democratically-elected voice of the Selangor rakyat, ...

... and that he 'listens more' to unknown, unquantifiable 'his so-called people'.

Based on his unbelievable bodoh-sombong declaration, if we don't watch this man carefully, democracy, warts and all, will go down the Selangor drain.

But notwithstanding the above, Khalid dropping Azmin from PKNS was not without grounds, at least on intraparty grounds, wakakaka.

If we recall, immediately post-May 2013 election, PKR indulged shamefully in disgraceful squabbling among its various factions, which then saw one of its factions wakakaka disparaging poor Khalid Ibrahim, the Pakatan-nominated MB of the previous state assembly session (2008-2013), for poor performance, describing him as a lame duck, without even understanding what the term means - I won't go into its correct meaning here.

Obviously 'someone' wakakaka was out to seize the MB position as if that position belonged to PKR. And it was not the first time too. Delusional lah!

Quite frankly, if PKR had removed Khalid Ibrahim as the Selangor MB, either then or, as reported, recently, someone still won't see his wet dreams realized because Pakatan with DAP and PAS combined would have nominated a PAS ADUN to be MB.

I dare say that other than Khalid Ibrahim, probably only 2 PKR members would be acceptable as MB Selangor to DAP and to a lesser extent PAS, namely Anwar himself and Dr Wan Azizah, subject of course to HRH's consent and approval. But alas, both hubby and wifey aren't Selangor ADUNs.

The remaining PKR ADUNs are either too young (eg. it would be preposterous for Nurul, even if she was an ADUN in Selangor, to be MB at her tender age when far more senior and quite capable PAS ADUNs are around) .....

..... or too wakakaka unacceptable - you know who, wakakaka, and I have to say, Khalid for all his faults and recently acquired pompous pretensions, is still the best Pakatan choice as MB.

I am inclined to believe that DAP may, in the absence of Khalid (discounting Anwar or Wan Azizah since they aren't ADUNs in Selangor), support a PAS ADUN as the MB.

Okay lah, perhaps it may be worried about PAS' fixation in implementing hudud to replace the civil laws, but what other acceptable PKR choice is there? Maybe Pakatan will serendipitously encounter another PAS MB like Nizar Jamaluddin?

But PKR must get into their heads that the Selangor MB position is not theirs by birth rights or ketuanan-ness. Yes, the post has to go to a Pakatan Malay but qualified and suitable Pakatan Malays are not only in PKR.

Now, why did I mention PKR's belief in or proclivity towards ketuanan-ness?

ecause post election last year, in PKR falling among themselves and squabbling for the MB position inclusive of badmouthing Khalid wakakaka, what ripped the breath out of many was an absurd and laughable statement by PKR Wanita chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin.

In a preposterous baring of territorial fangs, she unbelievably told DAP and PAS to stay out of the PKR squabbling over the Selangor MB appointment because according to her, now get this, the post belonged to PKR and it was for the party alone to decide which of its ADUNs should be MB.

If that was not malodorously ketuanan-ness, I don’t know what it was.

In a media interview she ludicrously asked (rhetorically) whether the PAS and DAP state ADUNs were gila kuasa, without even recognizing the irony of her silly accusation, wakakaka.

mind you, she uttered those unbelievably dumb words despite those PAS and DAP ADUNs nominating a PKR person to be MB, and not one of their own party members.

The sheer outrageous nonsense of her asinine claim on the MB position would have been a great joke if not for the disturbing cardinal belief by some in PKR that they possess supreme birthrights above their political allies, stemming no doubt from their ketuanan mindset.

think Khalid's position as MB is still safe, at least for now, as Anwar had veto-ed the PKR supreme council's proposal to drop him, knowing that DAP and PAS might not agree to someone's appointment, wakakaka. There is also HRH's approval to contend with.

But I've no doubt that somewhere in a dark dank and direful subterranean cavern in Svartálfaheimr the Døkkálfar Dwarf will be plotting away to get rid of the Royal MB, wakakaka.


Malaysiakini's Selangor PKR chides state gov't overtransfer of duo reported (extracts):

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Selangor state secretary Mohammed Khusrin Munawi denied reports that the decision to drop Azmin had been reversed.

"The Selangor government had never instructed PKNS to retract Azmin's termination of service which was effective Jan 8," he said.

He was referring to reports that the PKNS general manager had on Jan 16 sent a letter to Azmin informing him that he had been reinstated. "This is untrue," he said.

Mohammed Khusrin said Azmin's position will be discussed during the Selangor exco meeting on Jan 22 and the investigation over the circumstances of his dismissal is ongoing.

Wakakaka, isn't he the bloke appointed by the MCS who bypassed the PR state government in that appointment? Don't play play with the 'Royal MB' lah, wakakaka again. 



  1. I'm a lot more worried about the riots currently being threatened by UMNO.
    Quite a few people I know have been buying up very generous quantities of Maggi Mee and various emergency supplies.

    1. yes, don't forget salted fish and cans of sardines - my late mum (Penangite of course) was an expert at logistic based on such rumours or fears, wakakaka.

  2. Dear Kaytee,
    How do you describe what PKR has turned Selangor into? A mess or shit hole? This happened because they do not have the people's interest at heart.Foremost they do not have their partners interests,i.e.Pakatan members Pas and Dap at heart.

    How then do you form a political coalition with people who do not care about the effects of their misdeeds on the coalition.To date I have not heard any PKR chiefs either Anwar or Wan Azizah apologising to Pas or Dap on the damages that the (Anwar+Azmin) vs (Khalid+Wan Azizah+Faekah) has done to the Selangor Pakatan government.

    Is PKR a worthwhile partner to have?

    Other than PKR's worthwhileness I only have 1 point to update.This is with regards to Pas and Dap support for Khalid.True that after May 2013 election both Pas and Dap supported Khalid for MB.However,after becoming MB Pas felt Khalid very often shut his doors to Pas.Similarly,Dap MPs and Aduns found Khalid no longer as approachable as when he wanted their support.In fact as early as September 2013 both parties found Khalid disenchanted and both ready to have him replaced.As who is to be the candidate,can be a wild guess.It can be a malay from Pkr or Pas.But certainly he is not going to be YB Azmin Ali.YB Azmin born in Singapore can never be the MB of Selangor!

    1. Dear Abdul Rahman, I share you political views on PKR, one which I have not changed since Day 1 of my blogging. But I believe both PAS and DAP have prioritized defeating the BN over their concerns with PKR. The next question has to be: what after defeating BN? I'm afraid I don't have an answer to that. Perhaps you may wish to share with us your views.

      As you'd have read in this post I too agree with your take on Khalid. He is no doubt a good businessman and makes an admirable CEO, BUT a MB is more than just a CEO who makes profits for his company. As you correctly put it, what about concerns for the people's well-being, the supposed raison d'etre of political parties and politicians? This is ironically both Khalid's strong and weak point in that he is not political enough. He has to balance his outlook, to govern Selangor well both politically and business-wise.

      I perceive (my personal views) that there is a 'BUT' in his character, a very big BUT, where he appears to be a person who feels a great need to report to a Big Kahuna (Big Boss) and to be under the umbrella of the Big Kahuna, be that (previously) Dr Mahathir or Anwar (when he was DPM, Finance Minister and subsequently as de facto leader of PKR) or as I suspect today, HRH. I'm of course attempting to be Dr Sigmund Freud, wakakaka, so lie down nicely on my couch, Tan Sri, wakakaka.

      Yes, in my personal opinion, Khalid dares not strike out on his own to be, say, party president of PKR. He needs what Chinese termed a 'chay snuar' (someone who sits on top of a mountain = a Shogun or Big Boss) to be always behind him. I suspect he has found his new Big Boss in Selangor, what I had termed his 'comfort zone' or his 'enlightenment'. Perhaps this may explain why he has appeared to be, sadly, bodoh-sombong, where he has now been viewed as putting himself beyond the reasonable reaches of his political colleagues.

      I think if PAS Selangor can offer a technocrat MB-candidate in the likes of Nizar Jamaluddin and not 'frighten' the non-Muslims, we'll all have a happy solution, though with the MB position going to PAS, we'll probably see the disintegration of PKR where those with a certain DNA will probably merajuk-ishly return to the Mothership, wakakaka.

      Alamak, this is virtually a new post by itself, wakakaka. But as usual, thank you sir, for your kind input.

    2. Abdul Rahman,
      How about joining DAP? Hahahaha! Zulpuri from DAP is the opposition leader in Pahang. Still looking at the 13th GE results, look as if it's PAS would helm the state though it would be pretty much similar to selangor.
      As for Azmin, I believe he may have 2 minds over MB Selangor. No matter what, there is a possibility PR MAY win GE14. MB Selangor or possible Finance Minister, which one would Azmin choose? Hahahaha!
      I am more concerned with PR chances in NS. It's always seemed to be so close & yet so far. In 1969, DAP managed to get 8 seats out of 24. Another 4 of them were marginal seats. DAP had melayu caniddates who could have become MB if DAP win NS. This time round, it's a disappointment.......Anthony Loke's mishandling of DAP melayu aspirations.....OK, Ok, Aspan now based in Subang but he's a Kuala Pilah old boy......What about your take on the rift in NS? I have misjudged the capability of kamarul helming NS........Your take please


      Why Badrul sent up north?

      Kamarul is Anwar blue eye boy for NS......hahahaha

  3. Why can't azmin take the 'sack' like a man? Why can't anwar just let khalid rule selangor. Like you said, selangor doesn't belong to pkr, but to pakatan. Anwar is behaving as if he's so magnanimous to let khalid be the mb when in actual fact most don't want azmin. If the latter were to be mb, it would be like umno with new clothing!

    1. Everyone knows Azmin is ambitious; everyone knows Anwar loves Azmin, thus 2 + 2 = 5, wakakaka.

  4. Frankly speaking, I kinda aversed in having another MB from PAS based on what happen to that MB Azizan of Kedah. It's because Azizan, the entire Pakatan Rakyat folks crumbled. Based on the list of PAS ADUNs, to me there are only 3 to be selected.

    1) Iskandar
    2) Rani (PAS Commissioner)
    3) Saari Sungip (The one I prefer. Hehehe, me engineer ma. Must support engineering folks. Plus I would prefer technocrats than politicians in running the state)

    As for PKR, unfortunately, you are right. Most of them too junior. So it's either Azmin or Khalid. Actually, I am kinda prefer MB to serve only 2 terms in office. Federal wise would be a different story although I would also prefer federal ministers & prime ministers to serve only 2 terms

    As such, in my opinion, MB Khalid should be preparing to complete his term & preparing for his successor. This is going to be a tough one......hehehehe....My opinion of course. Lets look at these options

    1) Khalid completes its terms, allowing Saari or Rani of PAS to take over next term. That is if either 2 of them don't lose the seat. Of course, if PR able to win the next term. Don't really trust Iskandar because he's kinda close to Hasan Ali

    2) Khalid completes term, Azmin Takes over in the next term. Assuming Azmin wins the seat & PR wins the selangor state government. Unfortunately, Azmin is not really well liked in selangor. Especially in the eyes of kaytee. Of course, there is a possibility PR would win the federal government. Guess Azmin, the blue eye boy would prefer either Defence, Education or Finance ministry.....Wanna bet?

    3) This is really what I really want.....Time to get a malay DAP to become MB by 14th GE

    1. Gasp and double gasp!!! my dear looes, you astound me, not a word of 'dayak' or obscenity from you in this comment? wakakaka

      But your views are interesting tho' I don't think we should compare Selangor with Kedah as the former state government of the latter was predominantly dominated by PAS ADUNs. In such a situation the late MB Azizan probably didn't feel the need to be inclusive (until too late). Selangor is a classic case of a nicely balanced political tripod, tho' I mentioned to visitor Abdul Rahman above, if PAS Selangor can offer a technocrat MB-candidate in the likes of Nizar Jamaluddin and not 'frighten' the non-Muslims, we'll all have a happy solution, though with the MB position going to PAS, we'll probably see the disintegration of PKR where those with a certain DNA will probably merajuk-ishly return to the Mothership, wakakaka.

  5. Look at the topic, Dear Watson.....What the fuck are we talking about? I am not like you obsessed with any thing Anwar. Perhaps, I didn't put it very clearly. Azizan is one good example why I am kinda aversed towards PAS. Another one is Awang's handling of Terengganu state government. Scientifically, PAS seems to be not good in running the government. Just like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They tend to focus wrong priorities. As in the case of Terengganu, it's bread & butter issue that kills Awang. Of course, thanks to Madhater freezing the oil royalty fund

    I have already mentioned 3 likely candidate from PAS. I have also told you the preferred candidate from PAS which is Saari because Saari & Nizar are engineers......Hahahaha!

    Still I would prefer DAP to work towards getting more & more competent melayus into Selangor team. So problem solved. But how to get it in when folks such as Anthony Loke dun noe how to manage DAP melayu members especially Aspan Alias. Of course, who knows......DAP may rope in Dr Raffick......Hahahaha

    I hate to say there are too many states where PAS may got plenty of chance of becoming MBs

    1) Perlis (PKR is pretty weak there & DAP strength is extremely limited)
    2) Kedah, Kelantan & Terengganu (PAS territory although I felt that PAS should not be so greedy in Kedah & Terengganu)
    3) Pahang ( I know Fauzi guy from PKR would disagree with me. Ask Abdul Rahman)
    4) Johor (Remember Salehuddin's onslaught in the south)
    5) Perak ( Seriously, all I can see from PAS Perak is Nizar as for now)

    Let ask Count Dracula to do the sum.......5 northern states + 1 central + 1 south = 7

    7 MBs out of 11........Don't you think it's time other political parties especially DAP to helm some states instead.......

    1. i think dap have great chance to helm many states. they could achieve this by joining bn, or apologise to perkasa, or buying more benz.

      no joke, the dad become so kiasi since son got benz. one day the father n son might demand karpal singh to apologise to mahathir.

  6. I don't have a horse in this race, as they say.
    Not into politics, don't care much about PKR either way.
    My unpolitical view is actually Khalid Ibrahim is not doing a bad job in Selangor. It could always be better , of course.
    Selangor's finances are in very good shape, the administration is relatively clean, the State government is pretty responsive on the ground, certainly better than under BN.

    I strongly disagree with Abdul Rahman's highly prejudicial statement calling it a shit or mess hole. It is not.
    I have no concerns with voting for Pakatan Rakyat again in Selangor for a 3rd term.

    1. Idaho,
      I believe you don't have concerns. Like I say, I would strongly suggest that Selangor MB should only serve 2 terms. Hehehe, my advice extends to LGE in Penang. LGE should pave way to Chow Kon Yeow. Likewise, Khalid should pave way to his successor after completing his term......
      But then, in my opinion, it's either Saari or ahem ahem Azmin.....I dare to say that Iskandar is not competent enough to NEXT MB Selangor. But then again......aiyoyo......
      I wanna look at NS politics lei.....Kamarul is proven not competent. PAS is absolutely weak & with infighting going inside......Aiyaa......Why Anthony Loke so stupid one......Aiyaaa.........

  7. My dear friends Kaytee and Looes74,

    Good that we are having some decent exchanges.

    I agree with Looes74 that for the sake of Pakatan Saari Sungip is the best candidate that Pas can offer for the post MB Selangor.Saari has massive ground support.The only caveat is whether Pas would recommend him.Mind you both,Saari was from JIM which Pas leadership is wary about.By right,after almost 10 years in Pas and 2 terms as Adun Pas leadership should not be concerned so much about his loyalty.

    My scepticism is founded on the premise that Pas do not even recommend Saari to be a state exco during this 2 terms.Now for MB?

    Pas is a feudal party.Look at the appointments after their last Muktamar.They cannot even unshackle leaders who have tarnished the party.Positions are rotated among napoleons in their 60s and 70s having siesta on a plateau.In the case of Selangor,Iskandar is the new state chief and most likely Pas will opt for him if required to offer an MB candidate.

    I stated earlier that Azmin can never be MB because he was born in Singapore.But none of you took notice and still speculating on him to be MB.Similarly Nik Nazmi cannot be the MB because he is Kelantanese.

    As for Saari,he is a Selangorian!

    Correct that Pas has the most chances to pick MB positions i.e.7 out of 11.As for Dap,not until Dap has a malay Secretary General then only malays in droves will join the party.This is the general sentiment and not my personal.Family and friends are considerations when we make a choice in politics.That is the malay norm.


    1. Abdul Rahman,
      Just like Nizar. He's a junior PAS leader when PR won Perak in 2008. I don't really like Iskandar. Perhaps, it's something to do with him being beri close with HASAN ALI. You must have heard of the UG gang. Furthermore, you can ask Dr Raffick, his opinion on Iskandar's performance as Exco member. Hehehehe!
      Well, it's kinda sad that Saari could have been given a much higher post. Well, perhaps.......In my wildest dream, Saari would join DAP instead.......Hahahaha.....In my wildest dream, of course. This is really news to me that a selangorian is a must for selangor MB. No wonder Aziz Ishak can only be the Selangor UMNO chairman & of course the Alliance la....Though I definitely do not know him personally, he seems to be the Peoples' man. Perhaps, it's because he's a leftist......Hahahaha!

      I believe that DAP should not have problem in appointing a melayu secretary general. It's kinda like chicken & egg thngy. You need to have a larger melayu base so as to make it easier to elect a melayu secretary general. I am not saying that it's impossible for DAP to do so in shortest possible time. That melayu got to be a Aziz Ishak or Khir Johari or Dr Ismail type......You can even throw in Onn Jaafar......Such people who are either liberal or socialist in nature where all people including the massive non malay base would accept. No very easy to find. Plus that guy must have the kinda leadership intellect equivalent to LKY.........
      In UK, unlike RPK, I am a Labour supporter. Hehehehe, I have noticed that Labour party before the era of Tony Blair got lotsa smart politicians but lack of leadership quality......One of them is Michael Foot.....I still can't believe he's atheist.....He's so UNkaytee like.....Hahahaha

      Abdul Rahman,
      Anyway, I am more interested about the situation in NS. By the right, NS is there for the taking.......But sigh......Even DAP also nearly took over NS....Of course, with the help of many melayu leftists......NS got lotsa malay socialist. One of them is Hisham Rais......Not that Rais Yatim......Hahahaha......

      To this, I give Khalid Ibrahim & Azmin this wonderful song composed by Zubir Said


      Not my time la........hahahahah

    2. "I stated earlier that Azmin can never be MB because he was born in Singapore."

      the state constitution say so?

    3. "not until Dap has a malay Secretary General"

      lge no son meh?

    4. Yay yay...in Malaysia one can become. a Malay, via constitutional means.
      DAP already has one case - Zairil.
      I'm sure this pathway will be utilised more in future to eventually make itself more "inclusive".

    5. Nobody can beat Mahathir who declared himself as an Indian when enrolling in UM Singapore or now known as NUS......Hahahaha

  8. Michael Foot is a friend of Salman Rushdie. He fought hard to give Salman Rushdie the Booker Prize Award for his novel ‘The Satanic Verses’ but he was turned down by the jury. Roy Jenkins fought hard not to allow Turkey to join the European Committee. Turkey is a Muslim country, and to him Muslims are wogs. But he failed too. Tony Blair is responsible for the launching of the unprovoked war against Iraq which caused hundreds of thousands of Muslim deaths and its present aftermath. They are from the Labour Party. Someone here revered all of them. I can see a lot of similarities ma...


    1. Hahahaha! Hahahaha! Hahahaha!

      Oooi Hasan..........This one is for you


      Turkish muslim women mamyak cantik one......They drink wine

      Hahahaha! Hahaha!

      Anyway, it shows that you know nuts about Michael Foot......


      Even Anwar is not even 1/10 of Michael Foot's oratorical skill

    2. ROTFLOL...

      Oooi Looes74..... Give a guess how long I have lived in England? Let me ask you a question - who signed the Magna Carta?

      Halo... Do you know that some Turkish are Christians and Jews? Do you know that there are Atheist Jews too?

      I would say George Galloway is anytime better than Michael Foot. It is a pity that he was sacked from your Labour Party.

      Anwar is not even 1/10 of Michael Foot? Granted! That's why I opine that Anwar should leave politics.

      And Azmin is not wanted. Didn't he get it?

      That's why I said 'semakin diasah semakin tumpul... Camna nak potong kangkung?'

      - hasan

    3. Hasan,
      Seriously, you really know NUTS about Michael Foot. Wanna know more about Michael Foot, try asking Hisham Rais.....Tell him George Galloway is better than Michael Foot........See what would be his reaction? Hahahaha.......Frankly I don't give a cibai fuck for that guy........It's like comparing KJ to Karpal Singh.....Hahahaha!

      Nah! Watch this.......


      Guy & Gal,
      This is one of his famous parliament speech. I can bet kaytee would use this to describe about Anwar Ibrahim.....Wanna bet?


    4. phew, thank god looes is back to his usual vulgar 'cibai' self wakakaka because earlier I was shocked he didn't mention dayak or some obscenity ;-)

    5. Oooi......This would be extreme if I put this


      Please I wanna make it clear that I disagree that french guy tricked that France Gall in singing the song.......Hahahaha

      More songs to follow........Mr Bean do talk one. If Kaytee ahem ahem would not sing.....Mari Kita......Hahahaha, must be big problem


      Hahahahaha! A Ride for a ride.......Hahahaha......Pamela Stephenson (Kiwi chio bu) is damn sexy man.......I bet aussie would press for invasion of new zealand......hahahaha


      Back to France Gall again........Beri nice song........


      Of course, that cibai Kadayan doesn't know who the fuck is Goethe......Hahahaha.....


      What to do when he chooses that fucking Galloway......That Galloway himself would whack Hasan kaw kaw if hasan say Galloway is better than Michale Foot........Hasan is a fucking cibai Philistine (Presently Gazeans hahahahaha............).

  9. PKR is a shit party.
    UMNO is a double shit-shit party.
    PAS is Malaysian Taliban,
    DAP is Cina party, unacceptable to most Malays as a ruling party, no matter how you spin it......

    MCA, Gerakan...who ? yawnn...

    Sighh.......Malaysia has a bleak future ahead.....

  10. I believe Khalid should be serving his last term as Selangor MB just as I would have expected LGE to complete his term as Penang CM. The question would be the successor. Looking at the Selangor Pakatan team unless PAS can appoint Saari Sungip as MB, ultimately the likeable next MB would be Azmin Ali. Of course, I have never liked Azmin Ali at all especially his disastrous handling of sarawak campaign. Furthermore, I believe he may opt for a much prestigious post if Pakatan does win the election....Hahahaha

    Therefore it's also time for DAP to buttress its melayu leaders & supports just as exhorted by Teresa Kok.

    Which brings me to a favourite topic, Negeri Sembilan. It seems once again Negeri Sembilan has slipped out of Pakatan's hand. PAS has lost its own seat due to probable in fighting & Likewise PKR lost Ampangan because some people wanna spite Kamarul......Hahahaha

    Perhaps, Abdul Rahman can shed light on what's actually going on within PR in NS.

    1. looes, haven't Abdul Rahman reiterated that Azmin Ali can't be MB because he isn't a Selangorean? Thus why ask him for more info when you won't listen to his earlier info?

      If you recall, in 2013 PAS sent Pontian-born Salahuddin Ayub from his safe federal seat (Kubang Kerian) in Kelantan to stand in Nusajaya Johor in expectation of him becoming Pakatan's MB in Johor. Unfortunately he lost that as well as the federal seat of Pulai, also in Johor.

      Based on Abdul Rahman's advice as well as Salahuddin Ayub's failed mission, there is indeed a requirement for a MB of a sultanate state to be born in that state. But then, I wonder whether Azmin Ali could claim that as he was born in Sing, a foreign country, he should be given special dispensation? wakakaka.

    2. Aiyoo.........Kaytee......Why are you so "SUA KU" one? By the way, most hokkiens respected in Australiia are from Singapore especially from Perth............hahahahaha


      Wakakakaka.........This happen when one malacca born turned singkaporean talk about jamban in singapore parliament.......All hell break lose ever since


      Kaytee, I bet this song would be very "song" for me. Please get hear attacl when Pamela touched the stick........Hahahaha, again, another good reason to invade new zealand........Pamela Stephenson is a kiwi........Hahahahaha......hahahahaha......I guarantee you will sing.......MARI KITA.........hahahahahaha..........



  11. Hi Looes74,

    Ok,what's the situation in Negri Sembilan.

    The best bet is for DAP to take charge of Pakatan in N9.Pkr is in continuous in-fighting in N9.Datuk Kamarol flown in from Bangsar,KL found no attrition with people of Teluk Kemang,Seremban and Kuala Pilah.Pas N9 lacks leadership.

    However,Dap is currently only strong in constituencies around Seremban and Rasah.Dap need to build stronger bases in Kuala Pilah,Jempol and Jelebu by projecting new professional malays.There should be a quid pro quo to bring in malay leaders.The post of MB is enticing!

    What happened to Aspan was disheartening.Despite his tainted background he was a malay ready to throw his previous garb and wore the Dap's attire.Aspan is a captivating figure among malays.Aspan together with Hishammudin Rais and new malay professional recruits would have improved the image of Dap to take over N9.Dap should seriously consider this approach for GE14 fziling which it has to rely on Pas and Pkr in those constituencies.

    1. '.....his tainted background...'

      Can he REALLY turns over????

      When the chips r down, he MIGHT not hold on!

    2. Huh? Because he supported Team B led by Ku Li......

    3. Not that one!!!!

      Obviously, u dont know this guy well enough, LOL.

    4. "I would say George Galloway is anytime better than Michael Foot. It is a pity that he was sacked from your Labour Party".

      This is what you have said. Yes, you are entitled to be stupid. I am also entitled to whack you verbally. Especially such an extremely stupid comment. Galloway would never compare himself to that great man who happens to be one of the only few atheists I deeply respected.

      Anyway, I have never liked such idiots who destroyed the Labour party. Galloway is with Tony Benn. Who's Tony Benn?

    5. See why I say HASAN knows NUTS about Michael Foot.......

      George Galloway tribute's for Michael Foot


      So Hasan, KINDLY FUCK OFF from commenting this stupid comment

      "I would say George Galloway is anytime better than Michael Foot. It is a pity that he was sacked from your Labour Party."


    6. looes, your "... that great man who happens to be one of the only few atheists I deeply respected."

      C'mon, make up your cibai mind (wakakaka). First you insisted MF was an agnostic (I had to correct you wakakaka). Now, you've changed boats, wakakaka

    7. looes, the cibai bloke (wakakaka) who destroyed the Labour Party was warmonger Tony B-liar

    8. Abdul Rahman,
      I am sorry for the distraction. Perhaps, you are right about the local sentiments played a part in NS state politics. Of course, I am harbouring hope that DAP would make it again as it's done so before.
      I don't wanna pit blame on Anthony Loke. As always, DAP has been not as assertive as it should be. Yup, Jempol Jelebu & Kuala Pilah are good bets. Hisham Rais is kinda anarcho capitalist type but he's good at marshalling strength in Jelebu.
      I hope that DAP leaders especially LKS should take lead on this. Johor campaign is important too but NS is a good catch for PR. Just to remind you that DAP is founded in Seremban, NS. Yes, , formerly Malaysia PAP chapter. One of the Seremban's son, Rajaratnam had good followings. Together with Toh Chin Chye, they were those who refused at first to sign the separation papers due to strong ties in Malaysia

  12. "What to do when he chooses that fucking Galloway......That Galloway himself would whack Hasan kaw kaw if hasan say Galloway is better than Michale Foot........Hasan is a fucking cibai Philistine (Presently Gazeans hahahahaha............). - Looes74"

    What's wrong with you Looes? I am entitled to my opinion/preference. You like Michael Foot, I prefer George Galloway, what's wrong with that? You really sucks. If it is not for religious reason I will retort you in kind kaw kaw...

    Anyway, because we are Malaysian brothers, I would be recommending for the World's Pornographic Comments Excellence Award... Malaysia Boleh! LMAO.

    - hasan