Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kajang Sate

The word 'sate' in my post title is not an Indonesian spelling for 'satay' but an English word, pronounced as 'seyt'. It means 'to fill to excess; surfeit; glut'.

Perhaps a better equivalent word would be 'satiate' which means 'to supply with anything to excess, so as to disgust or weary', wakakaka, and I'm sure by now you get my 'sate' stick vis-a-vis Kajang.

In my previous post The Chaos that is PKR I wrote that Lee Chin Cheh of PKR has by his totally indefensible and unwarranted resignation from being ADUN for the Kajang state constituency (N25) betrayed kau kau the Kajang voters' trust, confidence in and expectation of him.

Bloke was elected by Kajang-ites to be their state representative, their 'voice' in the Selangor DUN (state parliament), just a mere 8 months ago. Now he has abandoned them.

Kajang is just a first step in our quest towards world domination

As Azmin Ali said, you Kajang-ites should be 'GRATEFUL' a world class
politician like Anwar Ibrahim sees fit to step into your satay town

To those 19,571 people who voted for us in May 2013, well don't change now
or you'll all look bloody stupid, and will also show your 'UNGRATEFULNESS'

And just for what did he resign and mess up the political peace and tranquility of Kajang?

For the personal interests of some PKR warlords!

Yes, I view Lee's politically drastic move, a gross betrayal of Kajang-ites, had been just for the personal ambitions and gratifications of PKR warlords! His party! A party affair! F**k the rakyat!

Look mateys, everyone knows that Lee's resignation has been related to PKR's intra-party political-fratricidal internecine feud between Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali.

The bull about Lee's resignation from and Anwar Ibrahim's contesting of the Kajang state seat that comes out from PKR mouths have been of brain-baffling balderdash poppycock, indeed of Gargantuan proportions, .....

..... telling and expecting us, like country bumpkins who naively believe in our leaders, to swallow the bull dust that PKR, by resigning from the Kajang state seat and then re-contesting that same seat, will (perhaps by the combined power of Odin, Zeus and Osiris) strengthen or save Pakatan in Selangor (both versions exist), prepare Pakatan for Putrajaya, promote international investment (WTF then has Anwar been doing as Selangor's economic advisor?), prepare Pakatan from Armageddon when Mahathir ousts Najib, resurrect the Dodo bird, Formosan clouded leopard and Tasmanian tiger, and allow us to contact the ghosts of Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana and Mat Kilau for 4-Ekor (the last will definitely be a fave with Chinese voters in Kajang, wakakaka).

go on, punt on 916
I know 916 is bull to Malaysians but then poo can be fertilizing.
Some people have even congratulated the 'cleverness' of the Kajang betrayal
as a brilliant move to distract from the Allah-word issue
which proves some people will not only swallow bull dust
but acclaim its fragrant sweetness


And I've to say I'm disappointed with and ashamed of Rafizi Ramli, a man with the talent and potential to be PM one day, for being part of this PKR selfish self-interest self-gratifying circus.

The thing is and let's not pretend we don't know it, we were spared all these PKR bullsh*t until, yes, UNTIL someone was knocked out of PKNS, and this is a time-mark fact!

But even then, that was only a much latter event to earlier attempts to fill Khalid shoes which were far too big for the Døkkálfar Dwarf.

There has been even a tale (visit Malaysia-Today and read this) about someone 'martyring' himself (of a contrived kind of course, wakakaka) so as to bring the feud to a ferocious boil and exert pressure on Khalid Ibrahim.

The Kajang manouevre is just but another step in this pressure on Khalid Ibrahim.

Even Lim GE and Hadi Awang were left out in the cold, indicating it has been/is solely a PKR game, an intra-party power struggle, where for someone to achieve his wet dreams, a lot of people including Pakatan allies and especially the Kajang voters have been, are and will be f**ked around kau kau.

PKR treats me like mushroom,
you know, keep me in the dark and feed me 916 (bullshit)

After reading RPK's THE IMPENDING SELANGOR CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS and of the sleaze it tells us, it sh*ts me that DAP Selangor is still supportive of the machinations of PKR's inner coterie. What's f**king wrong with you Tony Pua?

But in contrast to DAP, I am glad that PAS has drawn a line in the sand with respect to Anwar's antics.

To be frank I don't believe Anwar Ibrahim really wants to be MB of Selangor. As I mentioned in my previous post The Chaos that is PKR that:

Anwar Ibrahim is a big-time politician who yearns for, seeks out and can only thrive in big-picture politics at either the national (federal) or international level.

To use an analogy, this man is a big shark of the high seas and not an ikan keli swimming in a longkang. You can't put him in a padi irrigation canal or a home-type fish tank and then expect him to flourish.

aiyah, Kajang is so ikan bilis satay to me
but when I'm deprived every teeny weeny lil' bit counts

If I believe Anwar doesn't want to be MB of Selangor, then WTF is it all about?

Now, notwithstanding his declaration that he won't go for the MB post (or PAS will be mighty pissed off before the by-election, and we can't have that, can we?) there are 3 possibilities following his Kajang move and hope-for victory in the by-election:

(i) Ousts Khalid Ibrahim by Taichi* or Shaolin, becomes MB and promotes Azmin Ali to deputy MB, with the latter effectively the de facto MB running Selangor, all but in name (of MB), while Mr Manmanlai swims away to the high seas of national-level and international politics.

* see my post The Tai Chi Master

(ii) As an ADUN or even exco member but PKR de facto leader, breathes down heavily on MB Khalid Ibrahim's neck, somehow promotes Azmin to be deputy MB with same subsequent happenings as above, and possibly with Khalid Ibrahim as the Malaysian version of the Japanese enthroned Emperor of Manchukuo.

(iii) Oust Khalid and install Azmin as MP, and to f**ks with PAS and you-know-who!!!

To summarize, all these brouhaha and gross insult to Kajang-ites by PKR have been to serve one PKR leader, and he is NOT Anwar Ibrahim! Even the Great One must serve him!

And that is why someone has been smiling like The Cheshire Cat!

"I'm afraid I have to expel a rather ferocious hairball"
(you know, the bloke who doesn't like combs, wakakaka)

I predict that PAS will break away from Pakatan if Khalid Ibrahim is forced out from his state appointment and the PAS' candidate Iskandar Abdul Samad doesn't get to replace him as MB. This is the line I mentioned that PAS has drawn in the sand for Anwar to see .....

..... and we have arrive at such a stage because of the personal interests of one bloke (not Anwar).

There's an English proverbial rhyme about 'For Want of a Nail' that may in a certain way suit this stupid sorry saga with the potential to disintegrate Pakatan, if amended to read 'For want of commonsense'.

But given that it may possibly affect PKR internally and Pakatan generally, perhaps it may be timely to instead quote extracts from the Poetic Edda referring to Ragnarok, the Armageddon of Norse mythology, which informs us of the parlous state of humanity, especially among family members, in the aftermath of the gods' (or PKR warlords') final battle:

Brothers will fight
and kill each other,
sisters' children
will defile kinship.
It is harsh in the world,
whoredom rife
—an axe age, a sword age
—shields are riven
—a wind age, a wolf age—
before the world goes headlong.
No man will have
mercy on another.

..... and won't that just make UMNO happy because the lamentable thing about the current poisonous state of affairs in Parti Kaos Raka (PKR) is that it may infect Pakatan Rakyat.

Putrajaya my bloody foot, lu taan koo koo ler!

Addendum (30 Jan 2014):

BolehTalk - Kajang folks, be bloody grateful!


  1. Kaytee,

    Your last statement bursts! I understand Putrajaya bloody foot and lu taan. But the adjective koo koo ler begs my wonder. The malays will say lu tunggu sampai ke tua! But I suppose your koo koo ler must be a most frustrating wait.

    Why does Anwar want to be MB Selangor? Is it to strengthen state machinery or provide better service to the people? Kay tee,my foot!

    What has he been doing all these while as Selangor State Economic Advisor? He cannot call MB Khalid or even Azmin to work in hand to ensure Selangor remains in Pakatan?

    He can but he never did.Why? Because Anwar never gives a hoot as to whether Pakatan serves the people well!

    Whilst he was found guilty by the federal court for abuse of power,that craze in him is the very reason why he now wants to be MB of Selangor.He needs the influence that comes along with the position of Selangor MB to :

    1. Stop the appeal of his sodomy acquittal due in April 2014.

    2.Horse trade with Najib/BN on his national reconciliation idea.

    Both the above are selfish reasons.He needs power to abuse authority.The timing is perfect because Najib is under heavy shelling from BN stalwarts.Anwar wants to negotiate from a position of strength.Selangor and the MB position provides him that support.

    In the mean time the whole of Pakatan is hostage to him.He gets Azmin,Rafizi and even Khalid to beat the kompang.He gets Kit Siang to sit by his side at the press conference.Though Pas has not fully endorsed his plans he managed to rope in Mat Sabu and Zulkifli Ahmad at another photo session to paint a picture of endorsement.That's how daring and cunning he is bull dozing his scheme.

    He is a man desperately avoiding another jail sentence.He will do whatever.So far he got his drummers and Pakatan to dance to his tune.Such pathetic state!

    1. i dun understand how being mb could let anwar avoid jail sentense, or increase his negotiation power. and i thought many assert that mb have to be selangor born?

    2. I respect Abdul Rahman's analysis very much, though of course being human I am inclined towards the 3 possibilities I listed above, especially No (ii) if Khalid cannot be removed or won't be removed by HRH, or Anwar/Azmin won't be accepted by HRH

    3. Abdul Rahman,
      Seriously, if Anwar wanna escape jail term, his move to Kajang would seem clumsy. If not, fatal. Hence I disagree. I felt that there are too many speculations going on. The Sultan Selangor who has been cosying with UMNOites since day one. Picture doesn't lie. Why Sultan Selangor officiate Hard Rock Cafe with former & present Melaka CM in Melaka? Takdak kerja kah? Hahahaha! What's the composition of JAIS & MAIS? What's the relationship between the selangor state secretary & the sultan? Lets refresh kaytee on how the central government bypass selangor MB by appointing the present state secretary. Hisham Rais would tell you some of the raunchy tales.......hehehehe

      Kaytee, come on if RPK can tokkok, Hisham cannot hah. I believe Hisham more because I hated royalists.......Hahahaha

      Abdul Rahman,
      Hisham has mentioned one interesting tale about Azmin. What's with the PKNS job? what happen to the former Kajang adun? (Lets make kaytee suspense, which one......Hahahaha, Lee Chin Cheh? Or somebody else?)........Wakakakaka

  2. Pak 003, good analysis, as usual

    taan koo koo ler same as tunggu sampai ke tua! (koo koo - for a long long time)

  3. What is your view on MP who quits their party due to differences of principle, but decide not to resign their seat because they believe they must continue to serve the voters who elected them ? it's different from the Kajang case, but their are interesting linkages..

  4. very interesting example, but we can't make any judgement (assuming we're allowed to, wakakaka) unless we have more specifics.

    Nonetheless, in general, voters in Malaysia by and large cast their ballots for parties rather than individuals (of course there have been exceptions like FOR the late Dr Tan Chee Koon, and AGAINST Zulkifli Nor, wakakaka) so on that 'general' note, an elected representative on leaving a party should also resign his ADUN/MP post and if he/she desires to continue in active politics, re-contest as an individual ... but the ugly and undemocratic law on elections prevent such re-contesting for a number of years if a person resigns from the representative posts prior to expiry of his/her term ... so how?

    1. Hee Yit Foong said she quit DAP on a matter on principle, but stayed on for the rest of her term to serve her constituencies, so how ?

      That makes a better ADUN than the Kajang chap , right ?

    2. was she politically independent? did she remain politically independent?

  5. Conjectures, postulating, spins & '(un)educated' guesses!!!!!!!!

    U guys WOULD have to dig a hole (izznt it been dug now?), to hide & cover yrself when the TRUTH comes out!!!

    Granted, this Kajang Sate is of wrong timing & perhaps of wrong personality. & yet to those who know, its more urgent now that Ah Jib Gor is totally under-sieged!

    Where's the focus of u guy? Umno is quiet as a mosque mouse, doesnt mean the mice r in peace & united. The situation is in the boil & knifes r REALLY mean sharpened! & when it happens, May13 would be the 2nd worst incident in M'sia history. The Allah overplay & the kangkong provocation r clear sign of the country's ill, that these elites r planning to pull another fast one on the M'sian rakyat, while creating an excuse, just like May13, to put blame on others!

    Someone should ask Liew & Rafizi, the TWO 1st class strategists, for the uptakes - not that they would expose ALL at this stage of development. They r the ONLY one who have the current pulse of the nation & see clearly & paln to act.

    Meanwhile LKS can only talk meek & ask for apologetic excuse so as not to give the ultras the chance outlet they look for. He is afraid & yet age & soften him down, so much so that he is losing fighting spirit & focus, just like a sunset politician. Time to REALLY retire & play with the grand-children.

    Anwar is chosen bcoz, at this point in time, anyone else would not have that focusing effect of Anwar. Moreover, whether one likes it or not, there r still many umno diehards lying within PKR, waiting to play Brutus& shit-stirrers in PR. Anwar is STILL the ONLY one that can control/suppress them.

    It's also unfortunate that the timing is such that the issue of MB happens at the same time. Azmin is quickly showing himself to be a BN mole, unintentionally. To all & purpose, he has to go. & hopefully after this Sate event, we could hear less & less of him, until he resurface at umno again! Mark my words (also Rais')!!!

    Many of u have also indirectly been influenced by RPK. Why cant u read the half kuawlou's rayalist takes intelligently? Cant u guys see HIS hidden intention of playing the Selangor Constitution/Sultan/economic expenses cards? He is definitely better than that tunku - in showing his skill of venting bruised ego masterfully!

    Kajang Sate, is NECESSARY now more than ever, even though the timing/personality is been forced. Sometime, one just have to pick the best of the worst available choice, when the urgency DEMANDS.

    1. what is it then that Anwar can do only as an ADUN in Selangor to hold back the UMNO tide that's coming that he can't do now as the Pakatan national leader?

      or is it as Princess Diana above said (wakakaka): "some people will not only swallow bull dust but acclaim its fragrant sweetness"


    2. Simple!!!!

      Penang & Selangor/KL would be the jewel par excellent fall guys of this coming umno in-fighting.

      That's the ONLY reason why kalimah Allah & to certain extend racial provocation (kangkung retaliation) can ONLY be play out OPENLY in these two states.

      Penang has LGE to stand guard. Indirectly LiewCT, as a think tank member, can provide the necessary strategic counter-attacks, to soften the possible impacts. Moreover, DAP is more united in facing external threats. There r many capable (some time arrogant) people there. Control & planning r easy.

      Selangor is a different cat. Through the inherent (ex-umno spill-overs) set-up of PKR + the feudalistic Selangor royalty (with the recent VERY janda mentality) interference, things can be very intricate if not handle skillfully.

      Khalid is NOT the one who is able to face up these challenges, especially the royal kind (u yrself had in many occasion saying the same thing).

      So, to counteract the umno's royal card, Anwar as an ADUN in Selangor can act to hold back the UMNO tide that's coming than he is not a member of the Selangor legislation.

      He can't do that NOW as the Pakatan national leader that has NO voice within the Selangor legislation. The Janda Selangor sultan needs some one like Anwar (remember mamak's royal putsch) to control him. Brilliant mind like u, cant see that coming????

      Moreover, those umno spill-overs need Anwar's present to be kept in check. Khalid is just not skillful enough to play cat, for those mice!

      Enough said! Keep watching & hopefully, stop digging using yr imaginations via spin write-ups. Those thoughts r better deploy checking out some SYTs.

      Wakakakaka - "some people will not only swallow bull dust but acclaim its fragrant sweetness".

      Yr hate of manmanlai really cloud yr, sometimes, brilliant analysis (like that May13 write-up).

      Why so personal? Could it REALLY be like Loose74 said, he had done something to yr sister's cat? Even that is few levels down the relationship hierarchy! Perhaps it's really something close to yr heart????

    3. can/would Anwar control HRH? If Anwar attempts to do so, that'll represent an even better cause for UMNO to raise a mighty storm over it, thus will have be a bad move for Anwar (if he gets into the Selangor DUN) to both rile the royalty and give cause for UMNO to rally the Heartland.

      Selangor is currently controlled by a strong PR contingent, 44 out of 56 ADUNs. Even if all PKR ADUNs (13 or 14, depending on the outcome of the Kajang by-election) were to defect to BN (will ADUNs like Eli Wong ever do so?), PAS and DAP still have majority rule with their 30 out of 56 ... so where's the UMNO threat that only Anwar can contain?

      I'm afraid you refuse to see the covert yet ironically plainly open motive of the Anwar-Azmin-Rafizi Kajang manouevre.

      As for looes' reckless speculative slander, if you believe him, you might as well then believe Anwar's manmanlai, wakakaka. Blokes like looes and unfortunately a few many others cannot ever imagine why others can have independent minds NOT to like or believe in manmanlai, wakakaka, so have to impute some base motives. Thus it's looes and his like-minded colleagues-in-thoughts that have become personal, emotional and irrational, and not poor naive, sweet, innocent but independent-minded kaytee, wakakaka

    4. Kaytee,
      Hahahahaha! Say who? Yourself! HAHAHAHAHA! Me, more of political expediency. Hahahahahahaha! Enemy of an enemy is my friend.........I thought you would have known that......Independent mind also mean of CONDEMNING RPK for BEING A ROYAL FART. Ah yes, look through history, 100 years ago some melayus didn't give a damn about the royal in sleangor where internicine war is so damn common........Hahahaha

      You seem to have forgotten who suggested Saari Sungip in the blog in the first place. Hahahahaha! Let me get your guide through what's really happening in Kajang.

      1) Is Lee Chin Cheh Kajang adun? If not, who? You can always ask Abdul Rahman about his popularity

      Still can't get over what Manmanlai had done to your sister's cat

    5. aiyoh looes, still can't get over what RPK had done to your sister's cat, wakakaka

      Besides, the topic here is not about royalty but PKR's abuse of politics to settle its internal party issues.

    6. Anon,
      Correction! Liew Chin Tong is in Johor now. Of course, to the dismay of Boo Cheng Hau (another azmin ali like. Hahahahaha). DAP has plenty of experience on intra party rivalry. Ask Kaytee who involved in the KOKS. campaign just after the disastrous penang campaign in 1995. Easy guess, one of the rebel has now become a DATUK. If still dunno, ask RPK la.......
      Anyway, that DAP Lee Guan Aik is a joke la.......Hahahaha! Under that joker, DAP Kedah split into 3........See, kaytee never knows about this lei.......So much having collected FUCKING CB mind lei

      Beware! Sometimes those who say people bullshitinh are the best bullshit tellers

    7. Don't bullshit me about the royals in Malaysia regarded as Holy!

      Who is Harold Macmichael? What's Malayan Union? Ah so, the ang moh dick is big right so all the royals got to sign the agreement.

      What the hell happened after next? I rest my case

      Oh yes, only UMNO can SCREW the royals, the rest cannot.....Hahahaha

    8. It's connected one, kaytee.........Why RPK gahbrah when Anwar wanna contest in selangor? hehehehe.....I can also play this game

      Let me rephrase.......Is Lee Chin Cheh 2008 Kajang adun? If not, who's that adun? Follow the trails.....The truth shall set you free.....Ask Abdul Rahman for answer

    9. in 1995 kaytee was nicely ensconced in a uni in Sydney, and that's why I suspected looes of being the actual culprit. His guilt now compels him to accuse me as a scapegoat, wakakaka

    10. I have asked another aussie guy & it seems that he said otherwise about you. Hahahahaha! Ok la, perhaps, New South Wales University is far better than the one in Guildford, Surrey. Even when Maesat 1 & 2 were produced from that university. Hahahahahaha!

  6. Hiya!!! Need I educate u ka????

    Or r u trying to extract more from me? Wakakakaka!!!

    Many of u has that in-built mindset that Melayu=royalist. Yes, in many part of the heartland. But Selangor is fast changing, no thanks to umno's elitist effort, even the Selangorean heartlanders r moneyed 1st & reasonable logic 2nd, whatever issues r involved.

    Bcoz of that, royalty card has its limit. Remember the mamak royalty putsch again (Why I need to keep remind u)? It's a skill to put the now excessively janda hrh in his right place, & it can ONLY be done by a Melayu like Anwar.

    As mentioned earlier, that umno's royalty rally to the heartlanders sounds VERY hollow, when their earlier own royally putsch was been pushed to work. As shown, the risk is there, BUT controllable minimum, iff the game is been executed correctly. Suffice to say that, there is where the worth of the strategist comes in!

    Yr take of the current Selangor legislation composition is correct. But that's not the issue here. The issue is how to control someone who is bending on creating 'royal difficulties'. Currently none in the legislation CAN do that!

    The main point, again suffice to just mention, is the janda-ness of the royalty, with umno fanning & forcing due to some other issues involving that janda sultan (go & do some research yrself)!

    Wakakaka - I'm afraid you refuse to see the covert yet ironically plainly open motive of the Anwar-Rafizi Kajang manouevre.

    Again, about yr 'independent minds NOT to like or believe in manmanlai', I would rather ask u to 2X whether u r indeed over-stepping the boundary, via yr continuous emotive rants about Anwar.

    Sometime, when u r in the thick of an issue, u forget about how involved & personal u become. U need someone, outside yr ring of thought, to hopefully remind u about yr 'poor naive, sweet, innocent but independent-minded' & also obviously biased takes.

    I dont 100% follow Anwar, BUT, in all honesty, please do tell WHO else, in this stage of M'sia nationhood, that can take the necessary challenges, manmanlai or otherwise, to turn that tide?

    Too bad, it had to be a Melayu & Ku Li is over the top for his fence-sitting for whatsoever reasons! That mamak would push M'sia back into the dark age for sure, if he ever comes back!

    So if not Anwar, who else?

    BTW, I'm not getting personal. It's just like the Allah issue, yr silo & stubborn views about the issue at hand, REALLY could show that u like to act THICK, not that u really r!!!!!

    1. Anwar is just an UMNO reject but nonetheless with UMNO DNA. If we have to have an UMNO man, then why not Zaid Ibrahim?

    2. Incidentally, my consistent views about Anwar have been proven right - 916, etc etc etc and now, wakakaka

    3. See, u r been illogical again!!!

      If Anwar is an umno reject, so too Zaid.

      If Zaid can turn a new page ( as u probably going to say), why not Anwar?

      Still can see yr illogicality?

      The most important difference between Anwar & Zaid - is the political platform. Anwar has PR & Zaid has none!

      Moreover, Zaid is too impulsive& lack good advisers to help plan the necessary & intricate Machiavellian moves that's so important in political maneuverability. This, he had proved in many of his recent failed political ventures. He might has good intention, BUT the will is weak!

  7. Oooi......Kaytee....Lee Chong Wei for Kajang........hahahahaha......najib beri happy

    1. Lin Dan will definitely take on Lee !

  8. Ooooh.........Kaytee, just watch this......Is that why you suspect of Anwar Ibrahim? Just watch when that little boy talks to his daddy about something......By the way, hmmmm........wouldn't it be time to let it go? What Anwar has done to hahahahahaha? Okay la, I hope that kaytee not mad......My other aussie sparring partner, C.L. Familiaris (Who is ALSO in Australia) tells me to love the sinners but of course not the sin......Hahahahahaha!


  9. Okay, I got to go for my dinner, kaytee.......This is why there is a different between mother England & Australia. Hahahahaha........England got good shows & malaysians such as I can vote in England & not you in Aussie land. Lest you are an Aussie citoyen

  10. Dear Kaytee

    I have always held the belief that the word "satay" is from Chinese Fujian dialect meaning "3 pieces". Look closely at the standard Malaysian stick of satay. Meat, fat and meat. 3 pieces.


  11. satay is a hokkien word which means '3-piece', because originally the hokkien chinese use 3 pieces of meat to make satay. A lot of words like mee, bihun, teh (englishised to tea), tauhu. and many words of food and drinks are from hokkien words.