Sunday, January 05, 2014

Why I adore Marina Mahathir

Malaysiakini - Progressive Muslims defend church as protest looms

10:10AM Jan 5, 2014

standing by her 'values'

Amid threats of protest by Muslim pressure groups at a church in Klang this morning, progressive Muslims made a stand outside the church to defend their fellow Christian Malaysians.

Among the group was Marina Mahathir (right in photo), daughter of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad who like some 40 others, came bearing flowers and stood outside the Our Lady of Lourdes church as mass was in session.

"We are here to show solidarity with the congregation. A lot of us here are Muslims and we believe Islam is a religion of peace.

"It is not something that we only say (in words), but there must also be action," she told journalists outside the church.

2 of my fave ladies - no manmanlai stuff from them

Now tell me why I love her.

And some low class (Chinese?*) woman had the brazen nerve to snipe at Marina Mahathir for no other reason than wearing mini skirts in her younger days.

* born an ethnic Chinese but by her behaviour today, one wonders which hole she had crawled out from?

some people are like spiders, scary and venomous


Malaysiakini - Marina flays top leaders for silence over 'Allah' protest

11:45AM Jan 5, 2014

Social activist Marina Mahathir slammed government leaders for failing to speak up when conservative groups threatened to demonstrate in front of churches over the ]past week. [...]

Marina this morning turned up in front of the Lady of Lourdes Church in Klang with some 40 people, mostly Muslims, in solidarity with Christians as the Muslim group protested at a nearby field.

She hit out at the government for refusing to rein in such conservative groups that have taken a confrontational stance.

"Our leaders should not be silent. Everyone is complaining that the silence is deafening and far from elegant. It is certainly incriminating.

"Everyone is alarmed. I'm not alone in this. Everyone is asking, where are our leaders? As a great leader, he should be here, not us," she said without naming names.

compassionate HIV-AIDS activist

When asked if she was referring to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, she replied, "Whoever. He should be here. As a leader he should be better than us."

She also condemned Thursday's raid by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) on the Bible Society of Malaysia where 351 Malay and Iban language bible which used the word 'Allah' were confiscated.

"We are now known as a country where people grab bibles from a house of worship. Is that how we want to be known?

"We can forget about Visit Malaysia Year, (the situation) is hardly an example of moderation," she said. [...]

Marina at Bersih rally

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  1. marina is great, thats perhaps the only thing mahathir can feel proud of, the daughter, compare to pak samad.

    1. HY, I guess Marina's sense of racial superiority is not even skin deep.

      - hasan

    2. just curious bro, u know her personally?

      skin deep or no deep no issue, worst is when one have either too thick skin or too thin skin like what one anon put it, face mesti ada then all sort of absurdity could happen.

      can dog and cat live peacefully? i hope so, in painiting?

    3. HY.... I do not know her closely but I am very close to her cousin. I lived in the same house and went to the same college and was doing the same course with him overseas. He works for Exxon. We are still close and our next meeting is dinner on the 12th of this month.

      HY, please see this video clip and listen to the wordings carefully below. Remember the satirical meek/balasi? He introduced this video clip to me.

      So I found a reason to stay alive,
      Try a little harder, see the other side.
      Talking to myself -
      Too many sleepless nights,
      Trying to find a meaning to this stupid life.
      I don't want your sympathy,
      Sometimes I don't know who to be.
      Hey what ya looking for?
      No one has the answer -
      They just want more
      Hey who's gonna make it back?
      This could be the first
      Day of my life

  2. She's making some minor atonement for her father's grave sins.

    So much of the racial-religious strife that we face today arises from the execrable framework which her father put in place during his years in power, often from cynical attempts to outmaneuver (out-Islamice) PAS..

    1. if she had been Nurul Izzah, I've no doubt you'd have been humongously effusive in your adulation and praise of her stand, wakakaka

    2. Godzilla,
      We have to give due credits to those who have stood up for right & good. No matter how great such contribution is, let is be the judge & not just kaytee. Hahahaha. However one can't deny that Marina got an upper hand simply because he's Mahathir's daughter.
      That explains why RPK called DAP idiots for doing this

      I wonder what kaytee going to say when RPK is insinuating that DAP is unscrupulously having a head on collision so as to DIVERT THE ATTENTION ON DAP'S GUILT ON THE ROS THINGY. Hahahaha! kaytee, what the fuck are you going to say now.

      Guys & Gals,
      I prefer Hannah Yeoh provided she got the gut to allow a midnight motion tabled by DAP on this issue. This would be the best coup of all.

    3. Godzilla, you admit you'd grant Nurul Izzah effusive praise for something like what Marina Mahathir has done, yet in your earlier comment you would only grudgingly acknowledge (and dilute) Marina's gutsy stand as her "making some minor atonement for her father's grave sins".

      Would you be the sort of person capable of making a fair and impartial assessment? Effectively you have visited the sins of Marina's father upon her. If you wish to adhere to that biblical axiom, why not look at the many sins of Anwar Ibrahim when it comes to Nurul?

    4. Kaytee,
      That's his right. Just like your right of hating Anwar Ibrahim. Isn't it time to let go? What did Anwar Ibrahim do to you? He raped your sister's cat. Admit it la. Else, what's the real reason?

      1) You are not a chinese educated.
      2) You don't stay in an opposition affliated area such as my hometown, Ipoh
      3) Even if you claim that you are a DAP supporter, your area HAD been predominantly Gerakan. DAP was once thrashed by Penangites such as you are.
      4) Any one of your relatives or you have been ISAed, no?
      5) Islamisation issue. Huh? Without Mahathir, Anwar can carry out meh
      6) Or was Anwar following the IMF method where you lose tons of money?

      The million dollar question is what is your beef with anwar

    5. no beef, he has shown himself to be an untrustworthy hypocrite, and don't forget when he was Ed Min, his ministry forced non-Muslim school children perform the doa, WTF!!!

    6. Lets be frank here - none of us are frank and impartial on this issue.
      Like loess74 says, Anwar can do no right, in your eyes.
      I haven't made any condemnation of Marina. I said she's making some minor atonement for her father's sins. Its a positive tone, not a negative one.

      Her father is a different matter was the architect of the dreadful Racial-Religious structure which is the root of today's troubles. Even the controversial Selangor enactment - 1988 is the clue - is a product of the Mahathir maneuverings.

      Nurul Izzah isn't the subject of this matter - lets not change the subject halfway. That's crooked thinking.

    7. frank & impartial? speak for yourself. One can have political preference(s) but one can also be fair. If Marina Mahathir has done something praiseworthy, why attempt to diminish/dilute her credit by suggesting she's atoning for her father's sins when it could have have been her own choosing in accordance with her personal values.

      I want to compare your attitude towards her versus your attitude towards Nurul Izzah because of your political bias which is so deep that you couldn't even acknowledge Marina's gutsy stand in current issue without your bias-based qualifications (that it was for her father's sins). In fact I can ask of you exactly what you asked of me re Nurul Izzah - eg. "Dr Mahathir isn't the subject of this matter - lets not change the subject halfway. That's crooked thinking." Eat that.

      Also read my to understand why I brought in Nurul.

      Looes74 has a habit of accusing me of various things but that's him, always accusing various people fo this and that without basis. If he and you think 'Anwar can do no right in [my] eyes' then please read my post:

      There are a few more where I have been fair to him, but only when he deserved it.

    8. Kaytee can be extremely frank but then kaytee no judge, how to be impartial. I am not sure about Godzilla diminishing Marina. Rather I felt that there is nothing much to shout at as compared to many other folks even to the extent of Ibrahim Ali. If Marina is no Mahathir's daughter, would she have the guts to challenge the authority? Perhaps. That's what Godzilla looking at.

      When Kaytee accused others for being crooked, perhaps, kaytee should judge himself first. Why no whacking of Najib? In this case, it's all Najib's scheme. Or is it Rosmah's scheme? Why kaytee never question the chameleon attitude of his loverboy Najib? When he raised keris in front of 100K umnoites in a stadium. Pourquoi? Pourquoi? Pourquoi?

      Isn't Najib an untrustworthy hypocrites? Ask Pak Kadiak. What about Ku Li? He's very much in favour of ketuanan melayu. That calls of hak2 istimewa melayu. what more you wanna say

    9. Marina was a to najib,mahathir are more worser

  3. You are applying belacan on the Muppet again? Last time she was hopping mad.

    1. kera buat macam kera ler, wakakaka


    Zaid Ibrahim gives Najib administration the "Corruption-free" stamp.
    Another Ktemoc hero unmasked for what he really is.

  5. No body in Umno,be it Noh,Muhyiddin or any Tom,Dicky or Ahmad dare protest in front of the church if Marina Mahathir is there.Or else Mahathir will have their bolas chopped off and thrown to the dogs.This is a fact.

  6. Well,I want to say one thing and one thing only.Marina Mahathir got more balls than Muhyiddin,Ahmad Nor and all the Jais guys combined together.Also not forgetting Anwar,that is if he has any left.

  7. Her action doesn't carry much weight. More a publicity stunt.
    Diffrent if abraham ali were to do the same !
    Wa ka ka ka

    1. pity PKR wonders like Princess Reformasi didn't perform the same and very much required publicity stunt but instead has remained extraordinarily diam diam saja, wakakaka

    2. Avoid like the plague to survive !

    3. It will make better sense that the second daughter to come up and stand together with Marina...Nursling in too hot a seat to take this step....

    4. Simply because Marina got the word Mahathir as her father ma.

      What about these ladies then?

      and this cutey pie

      Of course, you can blame Anwar Ibrahim on everything. Gotcha! Plus, I have repeated saying that what goes around comes around

      This is the time of many strange happening. Taib Mahmud who was known to be extremely pro muslim got to come dowm from high places simply because of simple arithmatic calculation

      25 melayu melanau seats < 46 non muslim seats.

      Possibly slice off 1/3 from Taib's PBB. (Tell you before, PBB made up of 2 muslim parties & 1 non muslim party).

      Meanwhile before you start telling me that catchy phrase from RPK, Sarawak state election is looming.......

      Would Taib decides to jump ship to save his arses? More to follow.

  8. Where were kaytee when Anwar Ibrahim, Hisham Rais & also now al kataki called Ibrahim Ali joined in the protest in Baling in 1974

    Since kaytee wanna give credits or perhaps too much credits for few people who made SIGNIFICANT gestures towards the country. Take note that I am not diminishing Marina. The question is.......others do nothing one la. Including Anwar Ibrahim.....Kaytee's nemesis no 1. Ask Hisham Rais la.....The fella I would prefer to admire instead

  9. Marina has inherited the mind of her father and the heart of her mother.

    1. Ever exposed daddy's excesses !
      Wa ka ka ka

    2. Anon of 2:12 pm, your comment applies also to Nurul Izzah, wakakaka

    3. Come on! Wan Azizah can be extremely gutsy

      As such I adore Wan Azizah more than Marina Mahathir. Hahahahaha! Eat this

    4. KT 617. To demonize PKR is your favorite pastime.
      Wa ka ka ka

  10. Hahahaha, ok la, lets give it to kaytee's paranoia. What happen when Taib Mahmud of PBB decides to join PR, lock, stock & barrel

    Hahahaha, ok, let us educate kaytee on the political history of sarawak.

    PBB made up of 3 political parties (Bumiputra, Pesaka & Berjasa). Come to think of it if SUPP not kenna gunned down by DAP. SUPP is the most powderful party in sarawak. SUPP has saved Taib by not siding PBDS in 1987 state election.

    Do you know that 10 out of 35 PBB aduns are christians?

    Me always supporting the political expendiency. Watch Predator vs Alien. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Hahahahaha

    Leo Moggie is a good friend of Mahathir. Perhaps, PBDS is created to tui lam Taib Mahmud. Of course, don't forget PEKEMAS created by Taib's uncle, Rahman Talib. Rahman was the education minister who came up with a report


    Many Malays would consider Marina Mahathir as having crossed an unacceptable line.
    This includes people who are not UMNO supporters and may normally be critical of the Government on most other issues.
    I don't think you are going to get many Malays defending her actions.

    1. which is why I consider her as gutsy

    2. Just because many Malays do not support doesn't mean they are right. Marina is a true leader worthy of our support.

  12. Izzah or mother are nothings except to hang on to tthat Anwar's coat-tails. Anwar has just a coat hanger to hang on. Hahaha tried to wear Zegna suit. But did not suit him. Only can wear cheese cloth kurta. And the Malay street made chapal.
    Marina is as smart as daddy Nobody can shut her up. She will make a better PM than that Keadilan pretendroyalty.
    There's no basis of comparison at all between Mahathir family and the Mat Leather King. They just aspire to rule. Mahathir has ruled and can rule forever
    Even now my overseas friends think he is still PM.

    1. Haha...Anwar Ibrahim has been written-off many, many times by many different people.
      And the funniest thing is those who have had to repeatedly dismiss Anwar as irrelevant over years.

      If someone if truly irrelevant and written-off, you just need to do it once - and he's gone, never willl return.

  13. Its a lot easier to be gutsy when you have a mountain behind your back.

    Just an observation about human society, nothing for or against the Mahathir clan or Anwar clan.

    Feng Shui practitioners will advise you to try to position yourself with a mountain behind you - real, symbolic or human ones.

  14. Ktemoc, Exactly what is your understanding of the Anwar direction on school doa in September 1989 while he was Education Minister ? Seems to be a big part of the deep antipathy towards him.
    Could it be a misunderstanding, or purely local school administration overzealousness ?

    1. what do you think? Would a non-Muslim like to see non-Muslim school children being FORCED to perform the doa and not being able to do anything about that proselytizing except the drastic action of leaving that school?

      And when he was asked, he glibly said performing the doa was (words to the effect) a universal value. Why not perform a wai, a far more authentic SE Asian value.

    2. While I understood that kaytee has a habit of pinning any blame on Anwar Ibrahim, take note that such henious crime has been committed by many personalities. Including Tun Mustapha whose vigorous islamisation causes Sabah to lose the identity. Surprise! Surprise! Doa was forced in the sarawak state assembly by Taib's uncle.

      I do wonder Anwar really forced you to say Islamic doa at school. Is that why you hate him? Come on! I studied primary & secondary school in the era when Anwar was the education minister, never heard of doa.

      Are they common throughout or what?

      What's next? Kaytee farted because Anwar forced kaytee to do that.

      P.S : I believe kaytee may have some element of truth on Anwar over the doa issue. To make kaytee's extremely happy, Anwar also nong nong time ago protested on the need of converting all road names into melayu names. Anwar is a menace need to be destroyed with bazooka. Hahahaha.......

      When it comes to kaytee's loverboy NAJIB TUN RAZAK, ELEGANT FUCKING SILENCE

      Kaytee would say that Anwar endorsed it. Anwar's fault

    3. This is getting EXTREMELY interesting.....I also wanna practise elegant silence & let kaytee tell us what he thinks. If he got the cojones

      I quote

      "The Sultan of Selangor, he said, had written to all members of the state assembly two years ago asking them not to go against some amendments to one particular law about ZAKAT AUDITING."

      Ok, I know what kaytee going to say.....It's anwar's fault. Hahahaha

      Well, PAS is doing its taichiing as usual. Seriously, PAS has screwed up Terengganu & Kedah. PAS lost Kelantan once & nearly lost it in 2004. I felt PAS need to think very carefully before proceeding

      Which brings me to a point how Mahathir or even other countries around controlled monarchies. One good example is England. It's all about money. You can fill in the dot

    4. Exactly the reason why I asked Ktemoc the question about how he became so worked up about the Islamic Doa issue, and how the blame got attached to Anwar Ibrahim.

      My entire school primary and secondary school period (in Sekolah Kebangsaan mind you) spanned the period during and after Anwar Ibrahim was Education Minister.

      I was never forced to recite the Muslim doa, and nobody I knew mentioned it either. My parents are devout Catholics (I'm now a non-practicing one haha) , and they would have been first to complain if that happened.

      Now, Sekolah Kebangsaan being what they are, Muslim Doa do sometimes get read out at various functions.
      We got used to it, and no non-Muslims ever got forced to recite it. We are just expected to stay silent.
      Years later , when I attended University in UK, I stayed one time in a Catholic-based hall of residence . Catholic prayers were read out in public exactly the same way. There were a minority of Jews, Buddhist, Muslims among the students. We were only expected to observe a respectful silence, or quietly say prayers in our own religion, if that was appropriate.

      I'm wondering if the Doa coercion was an isolated case (or even cases - doesn't mean its Education policy ) of overzealous Headmasters.

      I don't care about defending Anwar Ibrahim, but when something doesn't gel with my personal experience, I like to find out what is the truth of the matter.

      It also seems to have scarred Ktemoc emotionally for the rest of his life, which is kind of sad.

  15. There was some rumour a while ago that she is a "Murtad" having got married in France, but then again it might be anti-Mahathir propaganda, especially from PAS.
    Her ex-husband has gone back to Catholicism.
    The latest incident will only add fire to the Murtad story.

    1. Not sure if it's anti Mahathir from PAS or was it Rosmah Mansoh. Kaytee's loverboy, Najib is playing taichi. Sould like Idi Amin who wants the world to believe that he's a great mediator between palestinians & isrealis. Guess what happen to Idi Amin MIG jets. Hahahaha.

      Well, one of my so called adored party has spoken

      But then what are they doing with BN. It's all anwar's fault again. Hahahaha.

      See why I say RPK is talking fucking bullshit

      MCA says can......DAP say big problem.....Fuck you cibai la, RPK

      Another doublespeak by MCA.....Hahaha

  16. Marina a perfect example of a good Muslim unlike those who claim to be Muslim behaves like Satan.