Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pet of the God Seth

Once upon a time (wakakaka), long long long ago, indeed very very long ago, more than 6 thousand years ago, way way before 4000 BCE, in the ancient land of Pharaonic Egypt, someone was found guilty on a mistaken identity or by association.

That someone was a pig! And he was found guilty of being an animal that was sacred to Seth, the Lord God of Chaos, Confusion, Storms, Wind and Desert, among other things.

Not exactly a nice bloke, so no one dared to mess around with him or his sacred animals, among which was the hippopotamus, which was at times mistaken for poor piggy and which was why piggy got itself elevated to being Seth's sacred animal.

Thus the ancient Egyptians won't eat piggy, and so the Hebrews, who adopted many of ancient Egyptian customs like circumcision, matriarchal lineage, written script* and of course monotheism, also adopted the no-pork eating observation.

* while the general scholarly position thus far has been that the Hebrew script came from the Phoenicians, some have asserted that it was from the ancient Egyptians, who possessed three types of scripts, namely hieroglyphs, hieratic and demotic.

In a delightful book titled In the Devil’s Garden: A Sinful History of Forbidden Food Stewart Lee Allen the author informed us that:

Historians fancy the notion that Jewish pig phobia stems from their stint as slaves in Egypt during the time when the cult of the god Seth held pigs to be exalted beasts.

This may also explain the curious reports that certain Jewish cults used to have secret pork feasts once a year. According to scholar Frederick Simoons, when Seth was overthrown, his beloved spareribs became taboo for Egyptians, save for a yearly feast held at the full moon, a habit some Jews might have picked up.

Why the full moon? Because the original sacred animal was not the pig, but the similar-looking hippo, which according to ancient Egyptian belief, lived on the Moon. Hippos live on the Moon? Well, yes; the idea is that while some Pharaoh was meditating on the full moon reflected on the Nile, a hippo emerged from the reflection ...

I wonder whether by chance Islam had adopted Judaism's dietary restriction on the pig? If so, I again wonder whether the above discussion on Judaism could in some ways provide some background 'for' (not 'to') the several brouhaha's today, about:

(a) the rather sad attention-seeking pair, the bah-kut-teh Alvivi sweethearts, and

(b) the current topic on the Malaysian version of New York Times showing pig faces in a photo being blacked out - see Malaysian Printer Blacks Out Faces Of Pigs On The Cover Of The New York Times.

original photo

Malaysian edition photo

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(8) BolehTalk's The Pig on Noah's Ark.

In the wake of spicy stir-fried chillie-belacan kangkung, where PKR pollies showed they are as defiant as Fr Lawrence Andrew, wakakaka, but sadly without giving a thought to the ordinary people who may become collateral damage to their hubris, I would imagine pigs, pork, piggery and 
pai-kuat-cha* would right now be marvellous material for politics, politicians and processed prejudice!

* that's in Canto, and is better known in Hokkien as bah-kut-teh

We have already discussed above why the ancient Hebrews and their descendants the Israelites, Judeans and Jews, won’t eat pork, that it's all because of an Egyptian god named Seth which was represented by a hippopotamus or a pig! Many Hebrews had adopted the worship of Egyptian gods.

Indeed, we are informed by Professor Baruch Halpern, who holds the Chaiken Family Chair in Jewish Studies, in his book David’s Secret Demons: Messiah, Murderer, Traitor, King, ...

... that the Hebrews had other gods beside Yahweh, including his consort Ashtoreth, though no deeply religious Jew or Christian is likely to accept Halpern's revelation, in the same manner no devout Christian would ever believe Jesus was married even though he was a rabbi, where only a married man could be a rabbi.


Thus, we shouldn't be surprised about the Hebrews and Israelites worshiping many gods including Egyptian ones like Seth.

Regarding the above, 2 Kings 23:11-14 (KJV) tell us about King Josiah's action:

11 And he took away the horses that the kings of Judah had given to the sun, at the entering in of the house of theLord, by the chamber of Nathanmelech the chamberlain, which was in the suburbs, and burned the chariots of the sun with fire.

12 And the altars that were on the top of the upper chamber of Ahaz, which the kings of Judah had made, and the altars which Manasseh had made in the two courts of the house of the Lord, did the king beat down, and brake them down from thence, and cast the dust of them into the brook Kidron.

13 And the high places that were before Jerusalem, which were on the right hand of the mount of corruption, which Solomon the king of Israel had builded for Ashtoreth the abomination of the Zidonians, and for Chemosh the abomination of the Moabites, and for Milcom the abomination of the children of Ammon, did the king defile.

14 And he brake in pieces the images, and cut down the groves
*, and filled their places with the bones of men.

* the word 'grove' in the Bible means a wooden image, or a pillar representing Ashtoreth, a sensual Canaanitish goddess (and said by Professor Baruch Halpern to be the consort of Yahweh), probably usually set up in a grove


Incidentally, Josiah was notorious as the Taliban-like King of the Judeans. He became so after his high priest Hilkiah 'accidentally' (wakakaka) found a scroll known as the 'Book of Laws of Yahweh by the hands of Moses' while clearing the temple's treasure room which apparently had laid untouched/unseen for eons (wakakaka), until of course Hilkiah by chance 'came across' it (wakakaka).

The scroll was 'claimed' (wakakaka) to have been handed by Moses over to Joshua before the latter invaded Canaan.

Apparently the scroll threatened the Judeans with divine calamities if its laws were not followed, and a worried Josiah went about smashing everything up including altars and worship established by his ancestors including Solomon. His fave actions were executing priests (of course not those allied to Hilkiah, wakakaka) and exhuming dead ones so as to burn their bones - he was one frightening Taliban-ish freak. He effectively started a new extreme form of Judaism.

King Josiah and his Judeans, the original Talibans

But he was killed by Pharaoh Necho II when the latter went to support the Assyrians against the Babylonians. Josiah under the incorrect assessment that the Egyptians were weak tried to stop them at Megiddo. Apparently Necho gave Josiah a strange message via an envoy (2 Chronicles 35:21):

"What have I to do with thee, thou king of Judah? I come not against thee this day, but against the house wherewith I have war: for God commanded me to make haste: forbear thee from meddling with God, who is with me, that he destroy thee not."

Josiah refused to give way, and was killed by the Egyptian. The reason the Judeans gave for his death was that he ignored god's instructions as provided by Necho II. This was the strangeness I mentioned in Necho's message to Josiah: "... for God commanded me to make haste: forbear thee from meddling with God, who is with me, that he destroy thee not."

Pharaoh Necho II

Now, which or whose god was it that Necho mentioned, the Egyptian god or the Judean's Yahweh, or were they the same god for both?

Anyway, one could argue that the trouble started when Noah took on board a pair each of pigs, rabbits, camels, hares, etc. But one can't help but wonder why in the first place would god allow these non-kosher (haram) creatures to embark on the ark? You tell me!

This brings us finally to Malaysiakini's Netizens greet censorship of pigs with dismay.

don't know whether to be amused by or annoyed with some of the comments regarding the blackening out of the pigs' faces, such as (just a small sampling):

"Later, people would accidentally eat pigs because they don’t know how pigs look like, ain’t it?"

"Like cats, pigs too have the right to have their photos taken to show their cuteness."

"Take it in good faith. The pig’s face is censored because it does not want its identity to be exposed. Privacy must be respected, even that of animals."

"Pig’s faces go censored. This is belittling God’s creation. Pigs are God’s creation too!"

Some of those comments were made by Malays (Malay names anyway), and there's even one which blamed PKR, wakakaka, as follows:

"It takes one of the online portals to play up the babi issue and voila! People will forget about the Japanese flag stomping. Well played."

Frankly, was there even a necessity to comment on the silliness or over-cautiousness of the local publisher of the New York Times? Somehow I find the reactions to that silliness perhaps even more silly. There's a Penang saying about this: Chnea paah boe soo choe! (translated loosely, it means 'aren't there better things to do?')

But I think the current political climate is indeed what we fear, where anything on the other side that now moves, breathes, or even stay still to play dead, will be hentam kau kau for political gains [sigh], so kangkung move aside please.


  1. “Anyway, one could argue that the trouble started when Noah took on board a pair each of pigs, rabbits, camels, hares, etc. But one can't help but wonder why in the first place would god allow these non-kosher (haram) creatures to embark on the ark? You tell me!”


    Riwayat Lahirnya Babi, Tikus, dan Kucing

    Bahtera yang membawa orang-orang mukmin dan makhluk-makhluk lainnya berlayar dengan tempat tujuan yang belum pasti. Sementara itu disebabkan oleh banyaknya makhluk hidup di atas bahtera, dan pengaturan pembuangan kotoran manusia dan binatang yang tidak memadai, akhirnya di atas bahtera dipenuhi oleh kotoran para penumpangnya. Nabi Nuh pun memohon kepada Allah SWT untuk menghilangkan kotoran yang menumpuk itu.

    Melalui Jibril, Allah SWT memerintahkan kepada Nabi Nuh untuk menyapu dahi seekor gajah. Setelah diikuti perintah itu, keluarlah dari belalai tersebut sepasang babi. Oleh binatang itu, kotoran-kotoran di dalam bahtera dimakannya. Para pengikut Nabi Nuh keheranan menyaksikan takdir Allah yang demikian.

    Namun oleh Iblis, yang ikut di dalam bahtera itu, bagian belakang dari babi itu disapunya. Lalu muncullah dari hidung babi tersebut sepasang tikus Tikus-tikus itu ternyata menggerogoti papan-papan bahtera dan barang-barang yang ada. "Dari mana sebab datangnya semua ini dihabisi seluruh isi bahtera ini," ujar Nabi Nuh heran.

    Jibril mendatangi beliau, dan mengatakan, "Iblislah yang empunya kerjaan itu. Disapunya bagian belakang babi, kemudian keluarlah binatang itu, ya Nuh. Sapulah oleh Tuan bagian belakang harimau itu, niscaya dikeluarkan oleh Allah Ta’ala binatang yang membunuh tikus itu”.

    Benarlah, tatkala Nabi mengusap bagian belakang harimau, maka keluarlah sepasang kucing yang kemudian segera memburu tikus-tikus sebagai makanannya. Demikianlah, sejak kejadian itu, tikus dengan kucing menjadi bermusuhan.

    Nabi Nuh a.s. penasaran terhadap perbuatan Iblis, maka ia pun bertanya kepadanya, "Apa sebabnya engkau sapu bagian belakang babi itu, adakah firman Allah terhadap hal yang demikian itu?"

    Iblis menyahut, "Kulihat Tuan menyapu belalai gajah, maka dikeluarkan oleh Allah Ta’ala sepasang babi. Maka kusapu pula bagian belakang babi, maka Allah mengeluarkan tikus. Bahwa kehendak Tuan pun dikabulkan, dan kehendak aku pun dikabulkan juga oleh Allah Ta’ala."


    - hasan

    1. Just bcoz of a religious hearsay that cant be proven, an living being is been condemned!

      Do u known that anatomically& possibly genetically, pig is closer to human than the often quoted primate? That's one reason why many regenerative organ transplants r using piggy 'base'.

      So, based on yr quoted fairy tale, does that mean human is also been created by the Almighty from shit (elephant poo, wonder where that comes from in the 1st place), since there r so many similarity between these two species!!

      What a mind, some more England educated!!!!

    2. Excuse me Anon 10.55am. "What a mind, some more England educated!!!!" Yes, I must admit that I am England educated. But I do not expect you to hurl that statement at me, especially from an educated person like you. An intellectual of your caliber at least should check a few basic facts before putting pen to paper.

      Did you see the words ‘quote’ and ‘unquote’? It means that this is not my opinion. I did not say I agree with the ‘riwayat’ (history) or to indicate that the 'riwayat' is true. If I agree I must say it and substantiate it. Did I agree? I did not, ok? If you want to know more about the aforesaid ‘riwayat’, just ask me lah… I can give you the link.

      Now, from my reading of this post: ‘Pet of God Seth’ which is also a ‘riwayat’ and where you can also hear KT wakakaka all the way... KT did not say he agrees or it is true. Thus, to me I can also read the title as ‘Pet of Satan Seth’ because Seth is the creator of “Chaos, Confusion, Storms, Wind and Desert, among other things”. Wakakaka. But KT is a brilliant writer. This post is not about ‘Pet of God Seth’. You must read what KT writes along the line and also in between the lines. He wrote about ‘babi’ and ‘kankung’. He also highlighted this: “and there's even one which blamed PKR, wakakaka, as follows:"It takes one of the online portals to play up the babi issue and voila! People will forget about the Japanese flag stomping. Well played."

      Still, he keeps the best for last; KT ends his article with this “so kangkung move aside please”. Is KT asking ‘kangkung’ to move out so that ‘babi’ can come in? Can the readers interpret ‘kangkung’ as PM and ‘babi’ as Brother A Bin I? Or is it really he means that… let’s forget about ‘kangkung’ and let’s debate about the ‘pigs’ in the New York Times, now? Or is he KT asking us to think: Who is the real Lord of Chaos and Confusion? You tell me, huh!

    3. What a skill in reading & comprehension!!!!

      READ again, - '..based on yr quoted fairy tale..'.

      See the word u so intended??????

      Real sad!!!!!!

    4. From your words it appears that you are placing your thoughts in some sort of personalized and racial context. I think you can take a more open and objective view at my comments instead of riding your thoughts towards the religious/racial intolerance path.

      Real sad indeed....

      - hasan

    5. Walou-eh!!

      What an insight into reading comprehension!

      '...some sort of personalized and racial context.'????

      My goodness, if there is any other undang di belakang batu here, it's only remotely 'associated' with religion. Period!

      What sort of sensitivity tolerance u process? Same like those pekasa idiots? (now, the intention here is as plain as day light!)

    6. Did not I ask many questions in my comments? I do not know the answers. You tell me the answers lah? I may or may not agree with you.

      - hasan

    7. being condemned is fine, being loved could only lead to satisfied of one stomach.

      """"""Gibbons are sought by baboons as mates, elaphures like the company of deer, loaches play with fish. Maoqiang and Lady Li were beautiful in the eyes of men but when the fish saw them they plunged into the deep and when the birds saw them they flew away. Which of these four knows what is truly beautiful in the world? In my judgment, the principles of Humaneness and Rightness, the paths of True and False are inextricably confused: how could I know how to discriminate between them?""""""""" - Zhuangzi

    8. My dear and good friend HY...

      " 寓言十九,重言十七,卮言日出,和以天倪。寓言十九,藉外論之。親父不為其子媒。親 父譽之,不若非其父者也;非吾罪也,人之罪也。與己同則應,不與己同則反,同於己為是之,異於己為非之。重言十七,所以已言也,是為耆艾。年先矣,而無經 緯本末以期年耆者,是非先也。人而無以先人,無人道也;人而無人道,是之謂陳人。

      Of my sentences nine in ten are metaphorical; of my illustrations seven in ten are from valued writers. The rest of my words are like the water that daily fills the cup, tempered and harmonised by the Heavenly element in our nature.

      The nine sentences in ten which are metaphorical are borrowed from extraneous things to assist (the comprehension of) my argument. (When it is said, for instance), 'A father does not act the part of matchmaker for his own son,' (the meaning is that) 'it is better for another man to praise the son than for his father to do so.' The use of such metaphorical language is not my fault, but the fault of men (who would not otherwise readily understand me).

      Men assent to views which agree with their own, and oppose those which do not so agree. Those which agree with their own they hold to be right, and those which do not so agree they hold to be wrong. The seven out of ten illustrations taken from valued writers are designed to put an end to disputations. Those writers are the men of hoary eld, my predecessors in time. But such as are unversed in the warp and woof, the beginning and end of the subject, cannot be set down as of venerable eld, and regarded as the predecessors of others. If men have not that in them which fits them to precede others, they are without the way proper to man, and they who are without the way proper to man can only be pronounced defunct monuments of antiquity." [ Zhuangzi]

      - hasan

    9. For those religious zealots, who consider pig as non-kosher (haram), so 3X check their holy books.

      The PIG, as a living being, is innocent to be condemned as non-kosher.

      It's the ACT of EATING that's considered non-kosher (haram)!!

      Prove me wrong, zealots. & a kind reminder - dont use any other source than the holy books!

    10. Anon 8.41am...

      You are right and I agree with you absolutely. There is no prohibition in the Al-Quran to keep or propagate pigs or dogs by Muslims. Muslims can keep dogs and pigs but you cannot eat or touch them. Why? Because it is ‘najis mughallazah’.

      Just keep them clean and healthy ok...because here is the risk you would take… “The swine flu pandemic of 2009 killed an estimated 284,500 people, some 15 times the number confirmed by laboratory tests at the time, according to a new study by an international group of scientists.

      The study, published on Tuesday in the London-based journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, said the toll might have been even higher - as many as 579,000 people.” (Reuters)


    11. So what about rat?

      The black death in 18th centuary Europe killed an estimated 20 mil people!

      Eventually the plague was stopped through better human hygiene.

      So, if there is anything to learn, it's human's own follies that brought the fatal pandemics upon themselves. So why blame the innocent vectors?

      Perhaps it's in human nature to pass the bug, so do speak, religious or not!

  2. KT,

    Another one of yr circular question;

    '..But one can't help but wonder why in the first place would god allow these non-kosher (haram) creatures to embark on the ark? You tell me!'

    Why not the question of creating them in the 1st place, since they r considered non-kosher (haram) to the religions (whichever one).


    1. What do you expect from a person who doesn't believe in God?

      What is the similarity between Stephen Fry, John Cleese & kaytee himself? Not biggus dickus......Hahahahaha, they are atheist

      Just enjoy this.......

      Anyway for atheist, he seems to revere the royalty, unlike Michael Palin

      If only Janet can make an impression on Rosmah, hahahahaha

      Meanwhile Mr Brown from Singapore who from time to time being sent over to Aussie land for firing practice......hahahahaha

      His wanton & Shui kou......Hahahaha

    2. Anon of 9:01 am, January 24, 2014, then god won't have anything to prohibit ler, wakakaka

    3. Ooop,
      u mean god is also practicing self-aggrandisement?

      A vainglorious being?

      Wakakaka, a REAL atheist job, perhaps?

    4. The popular saying is "Behind every successful man is a man". My version is "Behind every fearsome god is a priest" wakakaka

    5. You too is a priest to your belief.......Hahahaha

    6. Kt,

      R u a misogynist in closet? Wakakaka!

      Why change the original context of the idiom?

    7. wakakaka, my bad - I didn't even notice it. Thanks and indeed it should be "Behind every successful man is a WOman". wakakaka

  3. Eat pork ! Peace !

  4. I defer, of course, to your erudition. But shouldn't it be "yuk kuat cha" ?

    1. 'yuk' would be too much of a literal translation - pai kuat is the common terminology

  5. I never quite get it why Almighty Allah created some unclean creatures like pigs and dogs.

  6. Pork, a great gift from nature.

    Waste not !

  7. Chnea paah boe soo choe! (translated loosely, it means 'aren't there better things to do?') is a perfect comment on this blog posting....wakakakakakaka

    1. you're right asctually coz' that's what non politically -affiliated bloggers do, wakakaka

  8. Bumiputra Pork-lover2:14 pm, January 25, 2014

    There is no danger from parasites in pork that proper cooking can't remove.

    The ancient ban against pork did have its practical health purposes in those dark ages, but we are way beyond that.

    Pork....yummy...those who have never tasted it are really missing out big !!!!!

    1. Some singaporeans even say that the reason why non muslims are smarter because they eat pork. Then I say what about the Jews then. Oh.....They are God chosen men unless.......hahahaha......Meanwhile

  9. Bumiputra (non-Muslim)3:15 pm, January 25, 2014

    I predict, eventually pork will be treated as contraband in Malayisa, worse that tobacco.

    It may only be sold under strict constraints, only in limited licensed premises screened from public view, so that Muslim sensitivities will not be offended.
    No pork allowed to be sold in Muslim majority areas, again , to avoid so that Muslim sensitivities will not be offended.

    And the likes of Ktemoc will be calling for Non-Muslims to compromise and accept the restrictions. Security, public order and avoiding riots are more important than blind insistence of Constitutional rights.

    1. Time for you guys to fight for your rights. Fuck kaytee for what he said.....Tell him about your glorious past....Better ban him from entering Borneo.....Hahahaha.......

      Kaytee reminds me of that stewardest in Airplane II......Enjoy!

    2. But, but.......99% of the Bumiputras ( Muslim) in P. Malaysia would prefer if NO pork are sold in this country AT ALL. Minorities are like timun, the majority are like tanduk lembu....if timun degil-degil mau buat bising, then expect to be poked and battered to smithereens.

      Other than a few articles condemning the evil of the majorities, no international body will send an invading army to intervene. Now you wonder why several millions of the minorities have 'moved out' and their place replaced with abang2 from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia etc. 'Constitutional rights' is just a paper with some meaningless words lah.

  10. Malay / Muslim sensitivities , preserving and protecting them from being offended (and they ARE easily offended) , is fast becoming the Supreme Law of the Land in Malaysia.
    Fuck the Constitution.


    Today is Sunday. Churches all over the Peninsular conducted services. Malay-language services , which are common these days, all used "Allah" in their prayers.

    If no solution is found to the issue, we will likely have very ugly scenes of (overwhelmingly) Malay police entering Churches and ordering Christian mass to be halted and disperse. Priests who refuse to comply would be arrested and hauled off in handcuffs.
    The Christians, a minority among minorities, may well find themselves alone soon.

    BN / UMNO has already laid detailed propaganda plans to turn the more numerous non-Christian non-Muslim population against Christian "recalcitrance".
    BN/UMNO's explanation to the other non-Muslims is that Christian intransigence on this issue is risking the religious rights of other non-Muslims as well as threatening the safety and well-being of their communities, who are innocent by-standers on this issue.

    1. This is exactly what kaytee trying to say.....You just keep your bloody mouth shut. Meanwhile, Loyar Buruk has spoken.

      Lord Bobo, does being an atheist violate the Rukunegara standard of patriotism? (@joonsunn, via Twitter)

      The Malaysian government only sees things in black and white.

      Where gender is concerned, you are either a man or a woman. Penis = man. Vagina = woman. No in-betweens. There are no lesbians, gays, bisexuals, or transgenders. They have no human rights because they don’t exist. If they think they exist, then they need to be rehabilitated.

      Where crime is concerned, the criminals are Indians and victims are Malays. There are also Chinese and Malay gangsters obviously, but these are “good gangsters” and “friends”. You can never have too many friends, in all sorts of places.

      Where government aid and economic policy are concerned, you are either Bumiputera or you are not. Allah help you if you are not. Or rather, Tuhan help you if you are not, because Allah is only for Muslims.

      Where wastage of public funds is concerned, all civil servants involved were just exceedingly negligent or stupid, but not criminally so. Everybody makes mistakes. Give them a break.

      But if you’re not a civil servant, then you’re bloody well going to pay the full price for your mistake. Unless of course your uncle or close friend or dad’s golf buddy is a civil servant or has close ties to someone who is.

      Giving money to someone to vote for you in the general election is a corrupt act. It’s bribery.

      Giving money to someone to vote for you in an Umno election is not a corrupt act. All you non-Umno fellas please mind your own business. Never mind that the Umno election is in many ways more important than the general election.

      When it comes to religion, East Malaysian Muslims are more intelligent and will not be confused by Christians using the word “Allah”. West Malaysian Muslims? Dumb as sticks, these morons will obviously be confused.

      Malays are Muslims, Chinese are Buddhists or Christians, Indians are Hindus or Christians, and Dan Lain-Lain are Sikhs or Christians. ATHEISTS ARE NOT RECOGNISED. HAHAHAHA! THEY DO NOT EXIST. Ergo an atheist, being a non-entity, cannot violate the Rukunegara.

      Anyone who doesn’t fall into a recognised category is collateral damage. The government knows best. Thank Allah for the government.

      But the Malaysian government is no bully. They always provide options. And if you don’t like any of the options on offer, you can always migrate.


    2. Good sum up, Looes.

    3. actually that (mandatory) requirement to be religiously affiliated comes from Indonesia, where the objective was to prevent affiliation to the communists. The Indons post-Sukarnoe was so fearful of communism (a fear staged and promoted by Suharto and his regime a la UMNO's doctrine of spreading fear in the Heartland) that the national doctrine requires everyone Indon to be religiously affiliated (categorized).

      The official religions (allowed) were/are Islam, Hinduism, Protestant Christianity, Catholic Christianity and Buddhism (sorry, Bahai and Mahakiri NOT permitted) in the belief that if an Indon belongs to one of these religions he/she can't be a communist. Additionally ABRI (the Indon armed forces) allowed one more for its members of Tionghua extract, namely Confucianism-Taoism.

      When I was in Indon years ago I asked an Indon specialist in Pancasila (their national ideology) how they could reconcile Buddhism with the 1st sila of the Pancasila, namely, Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa, because Buddhism has no such belief as an almighty god or for that matter, believes in any gods/dewa-dewi? He told me that it's the Buddhist concept of "good" that represents the equivalent of the theism's' belief in god. wakakaka.

    4. For a moment there, I was impressed by Looes ( 8:04pm)....thinking he was for once quite lucid and drove home very neatly some 'home-truths'...and even without the usual grammatical errors/careless wordings !....but alas, discovered that it was actually all loyarburok's write.....looks like Looes forgot to put in the "Quote"/"Unquote" signs. But thanks nevertheless for the link to Loyarburok's great article.

    5. Looes has effectively explained the 505 election tsunami !

    6. Anon of 8:50 am, January 27, 2014, looes lucid?? wakakaka, that's as impossible as UMNO being multiracial

    7. Hisham Rais blogs are filled with grammatical errors too. Even in BM. Does he do it on purposely? Ask Hisham Rais.

      So Mr Bean's antics showed that he's an uneducated fool.......Hahahahaha!

      Anyway, why bother when there is no prize money involved? Lest kaytee wanna give me some money.......Hahahahaha

      Who's Hugh Laurie? Ask Kaytee!

      Another for one Kaytee........Is Kaytee Lucid or Livid? Pick one......Hahahaha
      Gerald the Gorilla

      By the way, Pamela Stephenson or Connolly is a trained shrink

  12. "When it comes to religion, East Malaysian Muslims are more intelligent and will not be confused by Christians using the word “Allah”."

    When the minyak runs out, or when the voting block there is no longer a 'fixed deposit'....hehe....then you will suddenly find the Muslims there all turned from Intelligent to Dumb as Sticks, easily confused too as their cousins over here.....that's how flexible Umno is, heheheh. Who says politicians are not agile and flexible ?

  13. Bakar Gereja !
    Burn Baby Burn

    Penang UMNO not behind racial/ religious tension.
    True in a strictly formal organisational sense......but the faces are the same....
    Penang UMNO will say they are just at the protests in their "personal capacity"....

  14. When the face of poor porky is deemed taboo or uglier and needs to be blacked out, vs his/hers anal rectum orifice which can be seen in full glory. Guess those responsible really have issues as to their priorities regarding decency .. Yup , " Cart before the horse ? "

    1. Meanwhile kaytee has demanded & dictated Father Lawrence to keep his mouth shut even though Father Lawrence is making a qualified statement or fact. Now he's trying to defend himself by turning the attention to Indonesia's Pancasila after kaytee has been deemed as persona non grata in Malaysia by the virtue of violating the first principle of Rukun Negara......Believe in God

      Kaytee does not believe in God. He's an atheist. Hahahaha, what did he do next? He allied himself with the Buddhists. Then again even though theoretically Buddhist does not believe in God but are all Buddhists really atheists? Hahahahaha!

  15. In Islamic societies, atheists are heavily persecuted.

    1. I bet nobody wanna kaytee this time as he's angered so many christians. Hahahaha! Kaytee is now on his own......Hahahaha! That explains no atheists dare to make fun of muslims because they are afraid of reprisals.

      Kaytee would be overjoyed with this news. So does his sifu, RPK

      Apa macam, HY? Defend Anwar lei

    2. Many have been the times I suspect looes spoke to himself, wakakaka

    3. Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

      Enjoy this......


    "Jesus, son of Allah"
    ....actually Christians shouldn't get too worked up over these banners.

    This is a logical continuum from Christians' insistence on using "Allah" in the Bible and in their prayer sessions.
    You can't complain about what you ask for....."You Asked for It" as the TV game show once put it.....

  17. CB bird brain,

    The Christians r not complaining about the action of the banner on them. Rather, they don't like the easily keruli MELAYU (the lumpenprolitariat, the melayu terlampau melayu, the blur-sotong) using this as a chance to enact a scene of amok!

    This is the planned 'logical' continuum of those umno bigot to further strenghten their show of ketuanan.

    So, who is asking for it, again???

  18. KT made a smart decision to stay in Ozland....things are getting uglier by the day over in Melayuland...


    Pope Benedict delivered a Papal blessing in Arabic back in 2012.
    He used the Arabic word "Al-Rab" or The Lord.

    No mention of Allah.

    Why can't Christians here accept that they are going up the wrong path and causing much danger to the country in the process ?

  20. Anwar Ibrahim to be Selangor MB ?
    Given up hopes to be PM ?

    1. Belum putus asa lah.....MB seat hanya seat-warmer for blue-eyed boy if they manage to unseat the current royal MB. To say that AI has discard his life-long dream to be the head honcho of the whole country is like saying Umno is multiracial ( thanks to KT, wakakaka) or that Looes is lucid !

    2. ;-) there should be a wakakaka also after "that Looes is lucid!", wakakaka

    3. Yes, and Kaytee very livid because can't find piggies for sacrificial ceremony. He is rejoicing NOW......Hahahaha