Sunday, January 19, 2014

Where are the Dayaks?

Malaysiakini - Umno protesters: Does DAP want another May 13?

A kangkung-theme flash mob by Machang Bubuk assemblyperson Lee Khai Loon has irked Umno members and their allies, prompting a rally in Seberang Jaya protesting Lee's allegedly rude behaviour against the country's top leader. [...]

Around 600 people, including state Umno leaders, attended the rally, held in front of the Sunway Carnival Mall.

Earlier, the group, marched from a nearby futsal court, located 1km away from the mall, shouting "Allahu Akbar" and "Hidup Melayu" (Long live the Malays).

They also held banners carrying words such as ‘Insulting the PM is akin to insulting Malays’, ‘Penang Malays survive by eating kangkung’, ‘ABCD - Asal Bukan Cina DAP’ and ‘DAP is the enemy of Islam’.

The most striking banner - in blood red - screamed ‘Because of DAP's leaders mouth, May 13, 1969 happened... Want some more?’

Malaysiakini - Lee decries 'provocation' at pro-PM demo

After being targeted with protests yesterday and today, Machang Bubuk assemblyperson Lee Khai Loon decried the provocative manner in which the protest was mobilised and the violent manner it was done.

Among others, he claimed that a poster that contained an image of a man wielding two machetes and filled with provocative language was used to urge people to attend the protest this morning.

Malaysia-Today - When the ante is upped

Earlier I wrote an article called ‘The Rubicon has been crossed’ (READ HERE). I received quite a number of messages from friends and associates agreeing with me that the Rubicon has indeed been crossed and there is no longer any turning back.

If we really want to take the stance that there must be no compromise and winner must take all, then brace yourself for the darkest period in Malaysian history that will make May 13 pale by comparison. Some might even call this a zero-sum game where we will be looking at a loss-loss situation instead of, ideally, a win-win situation.

I suppose we needn't worry too much as I'm quite safe down under in Australia while you in Malaysia have intrepid hero, looes74, and his several battalions of Dayak headhunters to protect you, with more battalions of Batak headhunters as reserve troops on standby.

my type of Dayaks, wakakaka

So all of you just stay 'calm' wakakaka - see my post Words that annoy.

But jokes aside, this is what I had written at Malaysia-Today as a comment in RPK's above-mentioned post:

I have warned about this for quite a while, and have for my troubles been called variously traitor, coward, Najib lover, BN cybertrooper, etc.

I saw/see the root cause to be timing and a confluence of various factors - UMNO's political position and intra power struggle, rising cost of living, religion, Malay perception of increasing non-Malay biadapness towards Malay rulers ['perception' is what it is, factual, believed or even fabricated or instigated/guided], the RC church loud defiance, Pakatan increasing hubris made worse by some fumbling incompetent UMNO ministers, an unrealistic reliance on democracy & rule of law, etc [eg. if UMNO is strong it will probably be more benign, more conscious of the rule of law and more tolerant of, say, the church's wish to do what the church has been insisting on doing]

To be pithy, it's lousy timing right at this juncture in Malaysian socio-political-economic-cultural-religious point in time for Pakatan or the church to be pushing, pushing and pushing.

But far worse is what I would daringly (attempt to) term as social hysteresis, meaning that when the adverse factors are eventually removed from the current acrimonious situation, Malaysian society will not return back to what it has been for quite a long long time, ro even never.

Earlier, Jeff Twitters, a visitor to my blog, was angry at my following comment (in response to another earlier comment) in my post Words that annoy:

'I'm not sure where this is taking us, but as a final remark and perhaps reminder fundamental freedoms come with fundamental responsibilities, and where there can be no ABSOLUTE freedom, especially in a country like Malaysia with a political situation that fosters divisive politics and exploits such opportunities. And let's not pretend that the current issue over an Islamic term is benefiting UMNO, thanks to the church.'

In turn he responded as follows (extract only on his disagreement with my bit above about 'there can be no ABSOLUTE freedom'):

ABSOLUTE FREEDOM and that is what all Malaysians are fighting for. to correct a wrong our forefathers made. And to achieve that we must be responsible, courageous and united in our cause.

Of course I had no choice but to reply as follows:

Absolute freedom? Don't talk cock for it only shows your lack of social and personal responsibilities. If you don't believe me, try and say out the words like 'bomb' or 'hijack' at an airport, or criticize the Thai royalty in Thailand, or wakakaka say 'poofter' in Australia.. Freedom has its limits according to the mores and laws of each country.

Until in recent years, Greece did not permit worship of religions other than Judaism, Christianity and Islam (the last probably in awareness of its powerful and not too friendly Turkish neighbour).- there's quite an amusing story behind this.

As I mentioned earlier and I reiterate now, the government is NOT denying anyone their religious beliefs. And haven't we been Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahais, Taoists, Confucianists, Muslims etc etc etc for donkey years?

It's only telling the church to stop using the Allah word to refer to a Christian god that's known in the bible as Yahweh (Jehovah), Elohim, Adonai, etc.

And I may add: try insulting a Jew in Europe or challenging any of their 'sacred cows' and you may end up like Prince Harry, David Irving and Siné (real name Maurice Sinet), a former cartoonist at a French magazine called Charlie Hebdo.

For above stories, see:

(a) Jewish goose, but no Arab gander

(b) European 'freedom of expression' took nosedive!

(c) Charlie Hebdo - further Western hypocrisy

To reiterate, freedom has its limits according to the mores and laws of each country.

Ever since Miss Muffet introduced me to Denis Diderot (yes, true sweet memories, wakakaka), I've always admire his views on priests, wakakaka. Now, for the one in Perak and his counterpart in Selangor, I've a wee ode wakakaka for them as follows:

Two priests thought they’re walking in different direction

Away rapidly from each other so they arrogantly believe

Two priests imagine the other suffers from disaffection

But they’re twins; in assuming differences they self deceive



  1. u only contempt the christian/catholic, u dun say much about dap batu api role, u know the ultra target is dap n their loud mouth supporter like u n looes, which is cunning n coward hiding far far away. 2x5. now give lecture pula.

    1. It is my blogger's opinion that the church's aggressive arrogant and defiant push to use the Allah word in Peninsula, at a time when UMNO is looking to cari pasal to both shore up its urban Malay support and to divert attention away from rising cost of living, has been the very excuse UMNO was seeking to satisfy its own ends, thus the church has WILLINGLY fallen into UMNO's trap and must be held responsible for the current state of affair

    2. Why do I have a feeling that we are having a mexican standoff? I wonder what the fuck anwar is doing with his blue eye boy Azmin. Anyway, enjoy the link

  2. This is a problem when Athiest wanna talk about religion. Yeah, why not I tell you to change your surname to Moo because Mok rhymes with Mock which can confuse people into think that you are making mockery out of us. Remind me of a joke by Jon Stewart. Who the fuck is Jon Stewart? A Jew who runs the daily show.

    This is extremely fun because kaytee & glenn beck share the similarity. See how Glenn Beck try to play with semantics that ties with Obama with communism or maoism . Sama2. I simply takdak faham how the word Allah which has been used in the Dayak bible for at least more than 100 over or is it 400 years with the presence of many people including the muslims. Some of them happened to be MELAYUs or Kedayans/Brunei Melayus whom kaytee ACTUALLY DERIDED THAT THEY WILL DEFINITELY GO BERSERK with the mention of Allah as God for Christian in Iban language. Provided if the melayus can really understand entirely Iban bible........


    Hahahaha! Hahahaha! Hahahaha! That's why I say if stupid cibai melayus so guillible that can go berserk, why wouldn't the dayaks or ibans hah........Especially they were headhunters before

    Ok, yes.......According to Prof Kaytee.......Only melayus can go berserk.....Based on historical events such as Maria Hertogh/Natrah riot (instigated by Utusan Melayu under the direction of Syed Akbar. Syed Akbar's the father of Syed Hamid. Syed Akbar kacau singapore & the son kacau herald. Like father like son) & May 13th.

    Why not you add in the Prophet Mohammad riot in 1964? Oh yes, kaytee says it's all LKY's fault......Hahahahaha, just as he blamed Father Lawrence for being assertive in making a qualified stand on the word Allah in BM........

    Kaytee says,
    "It's only telling the church to stop using the Allah word to refer to a Christian god that's known in the bible as Yahweh (Jehovah), Elohim, Adonai, etc."

    Hahahahaha, such statement can be damned insulting to muslims too because there is only one God in Islam. No Islam God or Christian God (See this is really a problem when one fucking atheist talking about God when he doesn't believe in the existence of a universal creator). Since kaytee's an atheist, he has no damn fucking right to tell us the christians to change the name. Since the problem only appears NOW & allah has been used many many many years.......

    WHY NOT I TELL YOU ONE SIMPLE FUCKING SOLUTION? FUCK OFF! ESPECIALLY TO HASAN.......This time, it's dayaks you are talking about who enrolled in considerable numbers in Malaysia Royal Army

    Ok la......for kaytee to get himself steam steam.......Enjoy the movie......Jessica Aba portrayal of an Iban chick looks fabuloso.....Please don't get a heart attack hah, kaytee

    1. here's another word/fact for you to add to your repository of knowledge - the English language has actually borrowed a Malay word to add to its lexicon, namely 'amok', wakakaka - matey, you're almost there ;-)

  3. "if UMNO is strong it will probably be more benign, more conscious of the rule of law and more tolerant "
    What a lot of Bullshit. The sub-text is , of course, support UMNO and BN.

    This UMNO cyber-trooper's true colours are coming to the surface.

    1. wah Biadap, so analytical one, wakakaka. But sorry to say, you haven't been the first to accuse me of that. If only I get a sen each time I hear that, by now I'll be as rich as Robert Kuok, wakakaka

  4. Hahahahaha! French hypocrisy. Hahahahaha! Why not add in this as well?

    Why not add in the Hijab ban by France?

    But then these women even more assertive than Father Lawrence who merely making a qualified stand on Allah issue as a catholic priest. What to do when atheist never understand the parable of a shepherd protecting its sheep when all the wolves are bearing their fangs

    Oh......Yeah hor even Turkey also ban scarves what......Since Kamal Ataturk time till recently being lifted the ban

    Yeah European also including aussie lang lei........hmmm.......lets bring back the old wound "White australia policy"

    Is Kaytee a closet muslim? Is Kaytee related to Lim Yew Hock? This is getting more fun. Interesting link below

    "In 1964, Lim was appointed Malaysian High Commissioner to Australia, based in Canberra. In June 1966, he went missing from Canberra. A massive police search was unsuccessful in locating him. His wife and daughters went on national television to plead for his safe return, and the Malysian Prime Minister at the time, Tunku Abdul Rahman, made a personal appeal from Kuala Lumpur and sent Malaysia's chief of protocol, Enche Abdul Rahman Jallal, to Sydney to help in the search.[3]
    It was discovered that Lim had flown from Canberra to Sydney under the name "Hawk". It was also revealed that he had an ongoing association with a 19-year-old Kings Cross stripper, Sandra Nelson. Initially, she too could not be located, but later said she had no idea where Lim had been. Then, just as mysteriously as he had disappeared, Lim turned up after being missing for ten days. A passing stranger had discovered him ill, wandering on a Sydney street, and took him in. Apparently the stranger was not aware of Lim’s identity for nine days, and had not even made the connection from the nationwide media coverage of his disappearance. The stranger drove him to Canberra to return him to the High Commission. The stranger’s identity was never revealed"

    Hahahahaha! More on headhunters.....Dayaks & Batak

    1. looes, I've this to say about you wakakaka, you're a genius at dissembling, wakakaka

  5. Now you cam clearly see their intentions. First they wanna riot on the Allah issue now they wanna riot on the kangkung issue. And the guy who started it is from PKR NOT from DAP. I think this is a conspiracy to start another riot and establish NOC all over again and implement another programme like the NEP BACK IN 1970. you see with NOC and state of emergency there are no opposition. So you can do whatever you want and enact whatever you want without any opposition

    1. you're right of course, so as I advised but alas, have been 'beaten' for it, don't play to their provocation and fall into their trap. Stay cool (or wakakaka 'remain calm' wakakaka again) until GE-14, which is the principal/real issue that's shitting them

  6. Have anyone of you been to former Mufti Asri's talk re the Allah brouhaha ? One/a few of his talks were uploaded on You-Tube. He reiterated that Allah all this while has never been exclusive for only Malay Muslims' use, even with the official pronounced ban of some 40 words....and the university students ( mainly Malays ) listening to him, were almost all, nodding in agreement. Some of the students answered that they are fully aware that the Allah word meant God and has been used by people of other faiths besides Islam for a long, long time.

    Have any of you been to the ground....talking to 'normal' Malays about this issue ? Feedback from these managers, store keepers, tuition teachers, office clerks, air-conditioners' maintenance workers, Astro cable installers.....more than 85% of them agreed that Allah just meant God and they are AWARE that people of other faiths, especially those from East Peninsula, use the word Allah to refer to their God and that they see no problem with it.

    Not withstanding all the above.....could this issue deliberately brought to a boil now cause a May 13-ish sort of mayhem ? The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding YES ! Just like the May 13th incident, if any flare-up were to happen sooner or later, it would be an orchestrated one, for reasons we all know and for the benefit of whom we all also know. Although it will be confined, just like the infamous May 13 one, the repercussion AGAIN will be enormous, all to the disadvantage of the minorities, especially to the Chinese community. All the gains will go to the big bullies who have been in control ever since they took over from the white masters. This time, the brown masters will stay on for ever, and ever and ever, with the goons, guns and dirty lucre in their hands as always.

    We can argue all we like about the rightness, the righteousness, the justice, the precedence.......we can quote all the Martin Niemoller .....but when the bullies have the goons, guns and money, your guess is as good as mine who will prevail.

    Someone said a very sensible truism.......Malaysia could only see change when it is the Malay themselves who wanted to bring about the change; and this change will not happen when they have a full stomach and their children does not know a day of real suffering ( the majority that is ). Change will only happen when their backs are against the wall ( e.g. when the country go into bankruptcy ) and the masses resort to revolt to avoid falling into the abyss.

    1. spot on - legal, etymological, historical facts, logic and international opinions matter not an iota in the situation; it's all about (agitated/instigated and even provoked from the other side) emotions, religious emotions, fear, anger, hatred so just stay cool (or wakakaka 'remain calm' wakakaka again) until GE-14, which is the principal/real issue that's shitting them

    2. Let say the minority Church agreed to replace the Allah word for the Malay-speaking Christians with an alternative to kaw-tow to this successfully campaign of cost of living diversion.

      Do u HONESTLY think that those politikus would not think of something to stir-up the naive majority's sentiment again & again before GE14, which is at least 3 1/2 yrs away.

      What would be the new issue? Who would be the next target?

      'don't play to their provocation and fall into their trap', eh!!!!!!!

      'We can argue all we like about the rightness, the righteousness, the justice, the precedence.......we can quote all the Martin Niemoller .....but when the bullies have the goons, guns and money, your guess is as good as mine who will prevail. '

      So, bend over & get f**ked, time & again when their mood/situation demands. Yes?

      When WOULD it end? By the time these Melayus' backs are against the wall ( e.g. when the country go into bankruptcy ) and the masses resort to revolt to avoid falling into the abyss, many Others would have had suffered beyond the point of superman!

      Why cant WE nip the bud? & who's that bud? Is the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, MUST come from the Melayu? Comes it will, but what about too late & many, especially the Others, would have suffered/died?

      'Malaysia could only see change when it is the Malay themselves who wanted to bring about the change; and this change will not happen when they have a full stomach and their children does not know a day of real suffering ( the majority that is ).'

      Just to para-phrase the situation of the Blacks of USA in the 60s&70s. Who brought the chance & thus pushed the US to her next stage of nationhood, the happy-go-lucky White majority or the long-depressed/suffered Blacks?

      Either we suffer a little now, & hopefully those blur-sotong/naive majority would have awaken quickly. OR we act Martin Niemoller-like, until we all get f**ked kaw-kaw just to pander to the ketuanan lust of a minority, representing the naïve majority?

      Many of u, especially KT, would say this is the talk of someone who shouted charge & not leading the pack! Yes, there r people like that, KT inclusive. & that why he keeps proposing 'tolerance' to the nth degree.

      He has inevitably forgotten that NOBODY has nth degree of suffrage, when the breaking point has been breached, EVERYONE would response, Melayu included.

      So, where’s that SPARK now?

    3. Wow. It is lije saying that it is ok to bully someone just because he does not feel good. That is why there are laws. And if the laws are enforced then alk these bullies can be dealt with. Wait till you encounter a skin head who whacks you just becuse he doesn't like the look of your face or thinks you shouldn't wear white man clothes

    4. Hahahaha! Oh what a defeatist mentality! Hahahaha! I have to give it to UMNO who was taught by british to instill fear on people especially that anon.

      If that's the case, why bother to vote? Why bother to be a Malaysian? Tear up your passport, be an Aussie PR just like kaytee in Aussie land.

      Hahahaha! Oh by the way though not many chinaman such as kaytee in the Malaysian armed forces these days but however significant number of Dayaks in Malaysia armed forces. So go figure lor!

    5. By the way, during intifada, palestinians just threw stones at the Isrealis.....According to kaytee's logic, Palestinians are outgunned by Isreali & Isrealis do go berserk.......So Palestinians keep their fucking mouth shut.......See the logic!

      This is indeed extreme provocation by Palestinians.......Hence why time & time again why Palestine mampus......Perhaps, we should send kaytee as ambassador telling Palestinians to calm down......Hahahaha

      This is a light hearted movie.......hahahaha......hahahaha

      Palestinian : We have settled here for hurdreds of years.
      Zohan : None of my ancestors (Jewish origin) ever set foot in Isreal.

      Hahahahaha! Hahahaha!

    6. Those of you who love to compare the blacks of the US of A to the minorities in Malaysia.......perhaps you should give pause to think a bit.......what are the environments both have to 'work' out from ? Are the whites of that country anything like our Melayu here ? Over here....whenever any issue that touches on ketuanan Malay, their Allah, their so-called special position, their tanah tumpah darah ku, their kings.........are there ANY significant enough number of them willing to rush out and publicly weigh in on what's fair and what's downright discrimination. For example, any significant numbers of Melayu from the intellectual echelon and position of power coming out to support the downtrodden Indians and the body snatchers brouhaha ? Time and again, most of them just simply brushed such stuff aside, shrugged their shoulders and put the blame on MIC for not being capable of taking care of their own race. "Bukan masalah kita lah " !!

      For starters....the political parties over there are not race-based over there. And please don't claim that PKR and PAS are multiracial parties.

      As one commentator said, perhaps over sweepingly (but not totally wrong ) :

      [.....orang Melayu SELAGI BERMENTALITI FEUDAL selagi itu nasib tidak akan berubah.

      Budaya suka cium tangan
      Budaya jilat untuk mendapat habuan dan kedudukan
      Budaya kejar honorific title
      Budaya suka terima rasuah
      Budaya simpan tradisi lapok
      Budaya hasad dengki
      Budaya tak mahu bersaing
      Budaya "cukup makan" ]

      So please...... when tempted to compare, take into consideration to check whether both are really oranges or it is merely an apple AND an orange.

  7. KT is dead wrong. Islam is a religion of peace, we're sure !

  8. "the church's aggressive arrogant and defiant push "

    You see it that way only because you only just stumbled on this issue recently.
    Bahasa speaking Christians residing in the Peninsular have been conducting prayers in BM, yes, with Allah since the 1980's.

    Your Penang Mission-school tempurung experience isn't the full picture of Christian practice in Malaysia, even then.
    There has been Government interference in Christian right to worship in Bahasa and to use Allah since the late 1980's. There have been many consignments of BM language Bibles stuck in Customs and rejected outright.
    Many of us resorted to smuggling Bibles and other religious writings as if its heroin or some other contraband.
    So , to your point that "the government is NOT denying anyone their religious beliefs." , they have been interfering with the right of Christian religious worship for many years.
    Its just that many of us took the meek and underground means to get around the ban.
    What changed 5 years ago, I think the Catholic Church - the official Church hierarchy that links all the way back to the Vatican, not just us tikus, decided such furtive and underhand methods are untenable.
    You cannot have a Malaysian Constitution that guarantees freedom of worship, and here we are smuggling BM Bibles (yes, containing Allah) like its a filthy pornographic magazine.
    Enough is enough.

    1. I think that kaytee got issue with one Missy during his time in St John Kindergarden. Hahahaha. Golgotha, you see the problem with atheist is.....They wanted to be hailed at

      Such film gives kaytee multiple orgasm.

      I t goes beyond just interference on christian right to worship in bahasa ESPECIALLY THE ORANG ASLIs. Ask Antares or Bernard Khoo la.....We have churches not allowed to get building permit for more than 20. years. Meanwhile....


      This discrimination by the muslims elites themselves have been going on since the Tunku's time. One just have to ask any true blue sabahan & not that Kadayan cibais such as Sabahan18. Kadayan is Brunei Melayu which happens to be the ruling elites before the arrival of the british in borneo.
      My sparring partner, CLF told me to lay off the undiscerning folks such as kaytee.....They will never understand the pain till they kenna screwed themselves. It would be sooner than you think because Muslims (Be it PAS or UMNO) don't have much love towards atheists such as Kaytee.....

      This is extremely good song for kaytee.....Good when he finally kenna screwed by BN & his loverboys especially Najib.......Hahahahaha!

      This is a very good link......

  9. If you want to use Allah, embrace Islam.

    1. So, which faction u belong to? The ketuanan minority or the naive majority of the blur-sotong clan?

    2. The Mamaks led by an Indian called Mahathir bin Mohammad

  10. The on-going A-word shouting reminds one about the early onset of the sectarian conflict in Northern Island.

    Religion mixed with politic was already forming a explosive setting. Meanwhile u had people like Ian Paisley, to add fuel to the boil. The outcome is a forgone conclusion!

    Who suffers?

    1. Seriously, have you ever been to Northern Ireland? I have been.....I got friends there......You do mean just Ian Paisley alone........Who the fuck is Martin Mcguiness?

    2. I have been in UK during the days when IRA has not abandoned. In fact, I met with some folks who says that they were IRA members in Queen Belfast University. By then there are so called white areas designated between IRA & Unionist. University is one of them. In England, working in post office would invite dirty bombs purposely delivered to selectable fellas. Hahahaha, so when kaytee put that sign & I giggled......Hahahaha, bombs or no bomb, we including myself keep calm & carry on......That's why kaytee sound so bloody defeatist......because people like him never go through the possibility of blowing up........

      With all the menacing threats by the IRA, did people become more "gahbrah" when leaders such as Margaret Thatcher making a qualified stand......No.......That's the true spirit of Keep Calm & Carry On......

      The Iron Lady

      Keep calm & carry on spirit embodies the spirit whereby kenna bombed, one still stand up & give the middle finger to the oppressor......Hahahaha, perhaps that marks the difference between yingeland educated including hisham rais & non yingeland educated.

      More bombings.....


      London (30 miles north of Guildford. Don't know ask RPK la)

      Martin Mcguiness & Gerry Adams

  11. Umno's worse nightmare1:03 pm, January 20, 2014

    In Malaysia,even the mention of the word kangkong can possibly cause bloodshed.Kangkong is a vegetable found in swamps,drains or near water and Umno can use it to caused racial upheaval and havoc.Umno has led the country backwards towards a pariah nation.These pariahs should go and scr*w themselves kawkaw.

  12. Wonder if this part of the world has been visited upon by civilisation !

    1. The answer is No.
      Its been visited by Islam.....that's not the same thing.

  13. Hooray for Kangkung !

  14. maestro's worse nightmare.6:40 pm, January 20, 2014

    Kaytee,your idol Manmanlai was denied entry into Japan.and his blue eyed boy was sacked and reinstated in PKNS.Malu only lah.Good horses do not go back to eat old pastures.Both are overdue for for the sevage.What say you.

    1. I have never trusted Anwar and even more so, Azmin Ali so (outside of his adverse Japan experience which was unfair to him) what can I say .....

  15. Some years ago I attended a beautiful and moving service in an Eastern Othordox church in Jerusalem.
    My Arab host ( a Muslim, by the way) and his Christian wife took me there.

    How that marriage worked, I'm not sure , my Malay(sian) trained prejudices tell me that arrangement is impossible, but apparently its OK. And this Araba Muslim had no fear of becoming, or being thought of being a Murtad for attending (not taking part, of course) a Christian worship.

    The Christian prayer session was called a Sholat - exactly the same word as Solat that Muslims use.

    The service was conducted in Arabic, and if you listened carefully, the word "Ya Allah", "Ilahi" and "Ameen" were used. All words equally used by Muslims.

    The Middle East has its own set of hatreds and intractable conflicts, but the easy tolerance and harmony between Islam and Christianity I saw is so refreshing compared to the Hatred I see being instigated in Malaysia.

    By the way, I have an Australian passport, if you were wondering how I found my way to Jerusalem, since Malaysians are forbidden to visit Israel.

    1. You don't have to go to the Middle East to see Muslim-Christian marriages. In Indonesia you can find families where, for example, Dad is Muslim, Mum is Catholic, son is Hindu, daughter is Buddhist and daughter-in-law Protestant.

      In the Middle East the acrimonious relationship lies not so much between Islam and Christianity (where Arabs owe religious allegiance to both) but between Islam and Judaism (the latter only of Jews), the latter brought about by an overlay of politics, creation of Israel by the British and Zionist land grabbing in the expansion of Israel.

      The issue in Malaysia over the Allah word is chiefly politics mixed with a certain degree of historical Muslim trepidation and suspicion of Christian evangelistic proselytizing.

      Of course Islam also proselytizes but as with most turf wars, "we" are right while "they" are wrong, which also applies to Christian proselytizing - to do God's work and save the bloody pagans from hell, wakakaka

    2. Hasan,
      This is for you. Spitting Image!

      Are you a stupid voter? Hahahahaha!

      Anyway, if you can't get what I am trying to say.....Just stay stupid......I am not going to spoonfeed you. Do use your brain. Forget it if you don't

  16. Looes74,

    You ‘FUCK’ me off eh (9.51pm)? Please let me ‘peluk you dan cium kanan, cium kiri, dan cium kanan lagi sekali’, first.

    Your language can only confirm that you are an unscrupulous Chinese for whom the ends justified the means. Thus, you are prepared to trample on every law and convention in pursuit of your goal.

    I honestly do not think that your xenophobia of the Malays could ever be surpassed because it has become a permanent feature of your psyche. The passion simmering throughout you is pure racism and hatred; the result is you are not capable of seeing me as polite Malay, who has real history, real grievances and real aspirations. Didn’t the Malays fight for his homeland against Portuguese, the Dutch and the British? By the way, my great grandfather seven times removed was killed fighting the Dutch in Melaka. I still visit his grave every year.

    Just to remind you that The Crusades during the Middle Ages were started by the Christians and not by the Muslims. But anyway you would say that the Crusaders were (are) righteous because the Muslims were (are) a barbaric and savage tribe until today. In your eyes the acts of mass murder in Iraq of the Muslims by the West are not barbaric or savage but are humane and rational and you would always defend it as collateral damage. WTF…

    Your comments even without the word ‘FUCK’ at Din’s blog always gleam of something darker than madness because you worship not God but violence.


    1. looes, WHAT, you're just like sunwayopal and monsterball, only being rude and obscene at my blog but not at others. Aiyah, you discriminate against me and my tolerance lah, shame shame on you, how can you even brazenly talk about fairness when you don't demonstrate same yourself, wakakaka.

      but hasan and HY have been correct, you have a scary proclivity towards violence (but only from the comfort of a seat by the fireside in England? wakakaka)

    2. When did u fall into this stereotyping business?

      'Your language can only confirm that you are an unscrupulous Chinese for whom the ends justified the means.' Ye!!!!

      Business no good at the front, so has to add vzoom for further rabble-rousering? The subconcious play give yr true self away!

      So all u guys, deep down r just feudalistic, blur-sotong-ness, pseudo-islamic, ketuanan f**ks? No?


    3. Anon 7.10am...

      What stereotyping? My protest is directed to Looes74 ok, not you or any other Chinese, ok...?

      My retort is meant for and directed ESPECIALLY at Looes74 who @ 9.51pm Jan 19 wrote this: " WHY NOT I TELL YOU ONE SIMPLE FUCKING SOLUTION? FUCK OFF! ESPECIALLY TO HASAN......."

      Didn't S18 said Malays are coward? I am a Malay and I am not a coward ok...

      "The subconcious play give yr true self away!" What do want me to do? To remain calm? There is a limit to my calmness. Or do you seriously think I should stay calm and show my true self if only and when Looes74 calls my mother a prostitute? Yes?

      - hasan

    4. Looes can be fun and entertaining at times. I like him.

    5. Hasan,

      Pls be specific about yr target.

      If u remain general, then be prepared to be accused of what u indented otherwise!

      S18 is just a syok-sendiri mosque mouse, no need to take his word seriously.

      So, u have a limit to yr calmness, THEN u should start telling ALL yr other clansmen, enough is enough. Yr voices SHOULDNT be mis-used by those minority elites, bending on turning the country into chaos.

      What those bigots did to yr race/religion, is far worst than what Loose74 had addressed u! No?

      Be concentrate & hit the right target, since u r one of the 'controlling' silent majority. Exercise yr given right at the right target! ok?

    6. Well, another one for Hasan. Come to think of it.....In fact, Kaytee so called thesis can be downright insulting & condescending towards the melayus especially hasan......Kaytee implies that most melayus are brainless who would go amok at the sound of non muslims uttering Allah. Hahahahaha

      This is a village idiots

    7. looes is a dick sucking pussy that only dare to fart in front of the computer screen, this pussy solely courageous act is to stick his hot face into dayak n iban cold buttock, n jerk himself off reading rais. i agree entirely with hasan comment about this fucktard, except his part that this faggot is a chinese, where got chinese attain orgasm watching yes prime minister? truth is looes a anglo wanker masquerading as chinese. somebody pls tell looes to go suck cameron dick n stop spewing crap here.

    8. wah HY you sure have a way with words wakakaka, and I applaud your erudite essay wakakaka again

    9. Ok la, HY, enjoy your biggus dickus.......I bet Kaytee loves this because like kaytee, John Cleese got issue with christians

  17. "Penang Umno denies any link with the 'May 13' banner brought during the recent protest there." Free Malaysia Today.
    Is this a joke ?

  18. Read this;


    Another subtle play by u-know-who to instigate the feudalistic blur-sotongs to support the monopolization of the A-word.

    The ketuanan elites know very well that to control their blur-sotong kindred, two things MUST be present - royalty & Islam.

    Now, the Allah issue has come to boil, the puppeteers r pulling hard on these two strings. Indeed, the Rubicon has been crossed!

    So, where r the liberal Melayus now? Or they r just so insignificant in number, they might as well non-existence in the sea of blur-sotong-ness.

    So, u Others. better prepare. The Sarawakians r watching & the Sabahans remain in limbo.

    When the push turns into shovel - these ketuanan bastards will just bull-dozering everything through!

    1. most liberal Malays, with some exceptions like Zaid Ibrahim, Marina Mahathir, Saifuddin Abdullah, are in an awkward position - for more, see my post

      This is because for Muslims in Malaysia, opinions/understanding on the subject of Islam and any associated issues are decided/guided by religious heads and clerics. To go against mainstream or leadership pronouncements would be almost akin to treason or blasphemy.

    2. Become more and more difficult for non-muslims living in a muslim mojority country ?

    3. KT,

      U r really hard to figure - blur-sotong (not likely) or just plain mischievous (perhaps).

      Do tell me what liberal means, as defined in Oxford/Webster. Not one of yr twisted one-eyed logic like the Allah monopolization logic, pls!

      If those Melayus' opinions/understanding on the subject of Islam and any associated issues are decided/guided by religious heads and clerics, then these people r NO liberals.

      They cant think for themselves. They r followers of a set doctrine, that's out of tune with development, & trapped them in the shit hole that that culture have defined for them!

      So, who r the one that have been constantly called kiasi?

      These feudalistic fools, who aint brave enough to go against mainstream or leadership pronouncements for the indoctrinated fear of treason or blasphemy, r not liberals? Perhaps, judging from their condemnations to those weak cries of their true/closet liberals, liberalism is a dirty word.

      There, then, lies their dichotomous schizophrenic characters. They can be aroused/provoked easily when their 2 Rs r been put to the test.

      Meanwhile, anything outside, has little or no bearing, no matter how unrighteousness/fair, to their sense of suppressed sensitivity. Just like AK47's comment - '..bandingan nya adalah seperti orang UMNO masuk kedalam rumah kita, meniduri anak2 perempuan kita atau pun isteri2 kita, maka kita katakan- tidak mengapa kerana UMNO itu Melayu. Inilah ekspresi jiwa hamba abdi waris dari Sang Sapurba. '

      So, how to progress with a trapped mindset like this. Perhaps, they r destine to be forever surviving on tongkat handouts, provided by their controlling elites, to suit this docile nature.

      This might be a blast for their sensitivity, but isnt it The TRUE about them?

      Incidentally, their ketuanan elites should also emphasize that sensitivity is reserved exclusive for their use ONLY. The others have NOT RIGHT for any sensitivity in any issues when these issues cross their ketuanan path!

    4. you can say whatever you like i.a.w what you think/feel/believe, because you're you. A Malay, Chinese, Indian each thinks differently from an ethnic-cultural point of view; a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu etc likewise thinks i.a.w his religious education/upbringing. What you have written is i.a.w your thinking, but which is not necessarily the same as that for the typical Malay-Muslim.

      I disagree with your argument that liberal Muslims cannot think for themselves. It's just that between their religious affiliation (their Muslim society) and their conscience, which may be at odds, most will give way to religious affiliation because the Malay is a communal creature with their cultural mores, as is also a Chinese-educated Confucianist-Taoist Chinese. But a Western educated Asian may possibly think differently, like a Westerner, basically an individualistic creature, one who believes in individual rather than communal rights.

      As an atheist, I will support Christians in practicing their religion freely, but I will not support them in what I perceive as intrusive encroachment of Muslim areas like using the Allah word. To do so would be to take sides with Christians against Muslims. Why should I when I ought to be fair, neutral, and a moderating factor.

      And in my role, I believe the best course for Peninsula Christians is to respect the Agong's pronouncement. However, I support Christians in Sarawak and Sabah (not Sarawakians and Sabahans living in Peninsula) continuing to use the Allah word for their god.

    5. KT,

      U r twisting my words, I didnt say this - '.. that liberal Muslims cannot think for themselves.'

      I said - 'If those Melayus' opinions/understanding on the subject of Islam and any associated issues are decided/guided by religious heads and clerics, then these people r NO liberals.

      They cant think for themselves. They r followers of a set doctrine, that's out of tune with development, & trapped them in the shit hole that that culture have defined for them!'

      I have Melayu pals, too!

    6. U REALLY believe that this issue of A-word would subside using yr logic of the best course for Peninsula Christians is to respect the Agong's pronouncement!

      Somehow, u choose to be selective & localized with yr thinking.

      The Agong has overstepped his boundary, as a religious figurehead. He is NOT thinking as A M'sian king He is thinking & acting like a Malay king! Why cant he act just like the Queen Elizabeth II? Bad advisers or been arm-twisted? Does he has the country in his heart, as a constitutional monarch?

      As it stands now, those ketuanan elites r crying loud for full enforcement of the restriction of the Allah word for Muslims only, throughout the country.

      The last that I checked, Sarawak & Sabah r still within the M'sia Federation. So, how? Bend over again & give way?

      U r asking for the secession of these two eastern states, as these East M'sians WOULDNT bend over like Chinese/Indians/OrangAsal in P M'sia.

      & for economical reasons, those bastard ketuanan elites wouldnt allow secession either. So how?

      A sectarian conflict, just bcoz of an A-word!

      This is a real scenerio as u so elegantly stated - 'we r individuals mold by our culture to maintain a distinct communal rights'. Yet now u r asking the individuals, within the community, to give up their rights to pander for the fancy of a small group of ketuanan elites?

      The saddest part is these bastards r not fighting for their religion/royalty. They r using this, & later other issues, to do diversion for their mis-management of the country!

      & yet, u have a BIG word for this act - not to take side!!!!!

      What a lousy choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Somehow I kinda heard that phrase before

      Hmmm.....Why you go against lky at times? Hahahahaha!

      On kaytee's second paragraph, I can simply with few words.......The so called liberal melayus Boh Hoot......


      Put it in another way, I am extremely insulted with MOC or MOK because it's pretty close to MOCK. I DEMANDED THE SURNAME TO BE CHANGED for the preservation of harmony.....Apa macam? Everytime, I saw the word MOC......I feel insulted.......Hahahahahaha

      My reply to you is this..........FUCK OFF!

      Guys & Gals,
      This is the debate between Sir Humphery, Permanent secretary of DAA & Jim Hacker, ficticous minister of administrative affairs over the point of morality in government.

      Roy Jenkins......Just listen to his first speech in the lecture.......I wonder what kaytee gonna say about that......Ah so according to kaytee, roy should keep his mouth shut......

    8. I suppose what u r trying to say can be best summarized as individualism vs communal-ism.

      In Chinese philosophy, individualism has to give way to communal-ism, as the whole is more important than the parts.

      In another way, when state laws goes against the Federal constitution, the state law is void in the face of the superior Federal constitution.

      I believe HY might be able to explain this philosophy to u better.

      So, in this Allah rouse, u r terbalik in yr thinking as, u want to create two different scenario, due to locality, so that in E M'sia, the Federal runs supreme while in P M'sia it's the otherway!

      Even if u want to look into the individualistic demand of the ketuanan elites, u have to admit that the communal interest, of the freedom of religious expression, runs supreme to any other expressed clauses.

      Just like those feudalistic blur-sotongs r trying to argue that since Agong is the head of the Federation, his decree MUST be obeyed, even if goes again the Federal Constitution. They have put the King above the Federal Constitution, as if we r an absolute monarchy.

      Of course, u would repeat - 'legal, etymological, historical facts, logic and international opinions matter not an iota in the situation; it's all about (agitated/instigated and even provoked from the other side) emotions, religious emotions, fear, anger, hatred so just stay cool' again.

      So kow-taw to the bully, just to stay calm, this time. What about next time, before GE14?

      There is laws in the land to deal with bully like that. The ONLY problem is whether the govt of the day has the Insight, & most important - the ball, to take the bull by the horn, using the correct interpretation of the existing laws to stop these ketuanan elites to further propagate threats & violence!

      That's the question. izznt it?????

    9. Yeah.....In this planet Earth only melayu would go berserk.....So beware!

      Others hah especially like the dayaks (used to be headhunters) are docile creatures such as rabbits that won't do any harm........Melayus according kaytee can turn into zombies when non muslim mention Allah......

      Guys & Gals,
      I always say that what goes around comes around

      Hahahaha! We should send kaytee to USA to tell muslims to keep calm & carry on.....Otherwise

      Another joke is about obeying Agong words......Hmmm......Hehehehe, what happen in 1993 hah......

      Aiyaaa......Malaysian government got a lot to lose when Sabah & Sarawak break away

    10. Looes, apart from slyly putting your words in my mouth, aren't you singing the same old tunes, like a stuck record player? Boring ler.

    11. Just tell me.....Are melayu stupid enough to fall for the UMNO trick? Yes or No? If Yes, do you think that others would not do the same? Tell me are you implying that melayus are so guillible that they are going on a rioting spree.......Father Lawrence made qualified statements on Allah just as you an atheist made an outrageous demand that we should change the name just to suit your needs. Ah so......Apa macam, Kaytee.....Did melayus go berserk when the name Allah was used since centuries ago? Worse still what makes you think that melayus would not be greatly affected if they really wanna do this stupid things

      No man is an island you know. Even orang asli in Malaya can also go berserk if that's case......Hence your advice should be these melayu fews......LAY OFF THE ALLAH ISSUE & Eat the humble pie.....Before it's too late.......

      I think this lady has made it very clearly......She put it in a nice way.....For me, JUST FUCK OFF!

  19. Zaid Ibrahim will happily drink from an "Allah" -branded bottle of whisky.
    He's not just B*oody useless for speaking on this issue, he's a liability.

    1. Oooo......"Zaid Ibrahim will happily drink from an "Allah" -branded bottle of whisky" comes the sneaky, snarky, snide snake a-hissing, coughing out its cowardly white-belly toxin. Wonder who is the real bloody useless ular instead ?

  20. Its time to feed the Christians to the lions.
    Starting with the priests.

    1. Although Kaytee would say that that one was a Jew but........Hahahahaha

      I am not sure any muslim can survive that......Hahahaha

  21. Seem irrelevant but bringing one point to folks such as Hasan & many melayu UMNO barus.........This is a very good show........If you can understand korean.......never mind got subtitle one

    By the way, cunt in Korea is CB.......So to all melayus.....becareful of saying such words........Else

    1. looes, you love to wallow in vulgarities, don't you?

    2. Kaytee,
      I am merely stating a fact that pronounciation of CB is the same between malay & korea & perhaps hokkien. So not just to the melayus, beware when using the word in Korea.....Korean can also go berserk

      P.S : No man is an island.......

  22. Hasan,
    This is also for you.........

    This is what I call progressive melayus

    Even Singapore also make fun of malaysia

    Mr Brown also goes to australia.......Hahahahaha........whenever there is national service callup......Hahahaha

  23. Edited comment by KATA ATAS TEMPURUNG:

    **On the Allah issue, the Malays , [deleted] downwards are clearly acting as Katak DiBawah Tempurung. I suppose sometimes you just have to accept the Kataks having their say, because the alternative is they will riot. on**


      Meanwhile HY wanna do a mexican standoff

      Or HY prefers this one

  24. Kaytee,
    See! How Aussie lang long for Good Old England.......In Yingeland you have SPITTING IMAGE.......In Aussie landm you have rubbery figures......Hahahahaha

    Oh how I love the opening theme song

    Hahahaha......Guildford is one of the early bird result.......Too bad.....It's a Tory safe seat in 1997