Sunday, January 12, 2014

Radioactive fallout of intraparty treachery

Today I wonder whether I should blog on vipers, wakakaka.

No? Wakakaka.

Okay then let's look instead (wakakaka) at what Free Malaysia Today (FMT) published in an article 4 days ago about PKR party elections and its likely party president to succeed Dr Wan Azizah stated:

While there have been calls for Anwar Ibrahim to take over the presidency of PKR, he has gone on record as saying that he is happy being the de facto leader of the party.

Hmmm, you know what I think of de facto leaders, but then, in order to appreciate what my opinion is, you have to understand what 'de facto' means?

Rather than provide you with the dictionary's definition, would you agree if I say: Rosmah Mansor is the de facto PM of Malaysia? Wakakaka.

A: Jib old chap, you're the de jure PM but Rosmah is de facto

N: Anwar buddy, your Datin is de jure PKR president, but you're de facto

A: Yalah, we have so many commonalities

N: Don't think so, I'm THE PM, de jure or otherwise


Now, do you know why I frown on de facto leaders, more so when the so-called leader himself chooses to be 'de facto', and does not acquire that status by circumstance or like Rosmah, just silently by sheer ballsy personality, wakakaka.

Never mind, I have more than once bashed Anwar Ibrahim and to do so now would be merely repeating earlier bashing. So let's move on to what FMT said next, namely the obvious, that Azmin Ali will be going for the top PKR party post.

Incidentally, last year Anwar Ibrahim had stated“We will give space to the second rung leadership to lead in the 2014 election” which coupled with his preference to be PKR's de facto leader, is quite telling, wakakaka.

sure enjoying being de facto leader

no nid to be elected mah

alamak, those Thais trying to copy me


In the article, FMT then went on to eliminate one possible and highly popular candidate, Nurul Izzah, stating that she will most likely go for just a VP position (which she will win hands down, unless there's mischief afoot, wakakaka).

I'm personally also not keen to see a very young Nurul become PKR party president at this stage because:

(a) she lacks the experience and political robustness to represent her party in Pakatan, as was pathetically demonstrated by her mum in the 1999 general elections when poor Dr Wan Azizah was overwhelmed and overrun by an aggressive PAS which hijacked a free ride on her popularity, and

they were not nice at all

(b) that will put her in the embarrassing league of unsavoury characters, which I had blogged on this in December 2011 in a post titled Kim Jong-Nurul?, .....

..... incidentally way before Miss Muffet 'borrowed' my naughty description of Malaysian dynastic proclivities, wakakaka - sorry dahleeeng wakakaka again.

By the by, I had previously stated my personal suspicion, that PKR party elections scheduled for last year like UMNO's, PAS', DAP's and MCA's, but unlike those 4 parties' elections was postponed, had been because Azmin felt or rather feared he was mighty unpopular after his naughty May 2013 attempt to take over from Khalid Ibrahim as MB of Selangor, and thus needed time for what Dr Mahathir described as 'Melayu mudah lupa', wakakaka, in order to have a stronger chance at winning the president post in the party election.

FMT then continued: Meanwhile, another PKR source told FMT [I think I know who, wakakaka] that deputy president Azmin may not have smooth ride in defending his deputy presidency in the party polls.

Hi Khalid buddy can you see me, at the wrecking of Apcet II?


The source said that Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and PKR secretary general Saifuddin Nasution are also eyeing the deputy presidency slot.

“It almost confirmed that PKR president Wan Azizah will make way for her husband to helm the party.

“From what I know, Anwar is planning a major revamp in the party line-up in preparation for the next general election. So all eyes are on the coveted deputy presidency spot,” said the source.

Queried on Saifuddin’s close relationship with Azmin, the source said that the former Machang MP was closer to Khalid.

The source added that this was attributed to Khalid’s appointment of Saifuddin as his political liaison officer.

“But it may not even be a three-cornered fight for the party deputy presidency. I suspect that either Khalid or Saifuddin will make way for the other,” he said.

When asked if the duo will be a threat to Azmin, the source said that Khalid was not strong enough to undermine the Gombak MP’s influence in the party.

“There are only two people who could undermine Azmin, it is Saifuddin and Nurul. However, it is most likely that Nurul will just defend her vice presidency. So Azmin’s only threat now is Saifuddin.

“Despite losing in the general election, Saifuddin still enjoys some grassroots support in the party,” said the source.

Okay, let's not get bogged down or diverted by who (Anwar or Azmin) will be going for the president post, because if Anwar goes for it, Azmin will be paired with him by going for the deputy post, and if Anwar doesn't, Azmin will contest the president post and probably will win it, with Anwar's 101% backing .....

..... assuming Khalid Ibrahim still doesn't have the balls to challenge Azmin Ali for either posts (deputy if Anwar goes for the No 1 post or president if Anwar doesn't).

OK, great f* vice grip but do you f* expect me to hold my f* smile?


Before I come to the above couple of paragraphs, let's examine Saifuddin Nasution's candidature and FMT's analysis.

So Azmin’s only threat now is Saifuddin? I doubt this very much.

I'm 101% convinced that Saifuddin Nasution is still very much in Azmin Ali's camp.

Saifuddin's appointment by Khalid Ibrahim as the latter's political liaison officer has been a rather clever strategic move by Khalid to publicly show he (Khalid) has listened to Azmin and Anwar's chiding (and also DAP and PAS advice) for him as MB to spend more on infrastructure development in the state.

Whether the 'Royal MB' will is another question, wakakaka, though we all know Khalid had launched that needed state spending with a new salary scheme for himself, his exco and the state ADUNs, wakakaka.

Yes, I opine that Saifuddin's appointment had been just a public gesture of appeasement to Azmin (Saifuddin being Azmin's man) and to a lesser extent, Anwar, and also in keeping with what Don Corleone taught his son, namely 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer', wakakaka.

Let's look closer at what the PKR 'source' (wakakaka) told FMT again:

“But it may not even be a three-cornered fight for the party deputy presidency. I suspect that either Khalid or Saifuddin will make way for the other,” he said.

When asked if the duo will be a threat to Azmin, the source said that Khalid was not strong enough to undermine the Gombak MP’s influence in the party.

“There are only two people who could undermine Azmin, it is Saifuddin and Nurul. However, it is most likely that Nurul will just defend her vice presidency. So Azmin’s only threat now is Saifuddin.

“Despite losing in the general election, Saifuddin still enjoys some grassroots support in the party,” said the source.

Assuming Anwar won't contest because he enjoys being de facto leader, as he so stated himself, .....

..... then on the day of the nomination for party election, if everyone expects Saifuddin Nasution to challenge Azmin Ali, don't be surprised when (not 'if') Saifuddin moves deftly aside to let Azmin waltz smoothly into the party president post unopposed, wakakaka.

I opine the so-called 'source' is playing a disinformation game, to lull potential candidates like Nurul and gasp gosh omigawd, wakakaka, Khalid Ibrahim into not contesting, since there will be a (supposed Saifuddin Nasution) challenger to Azmin Ali.

I also suspect Nurul's dad will 'advise' her against contesting for the No 1 post, so in the lamentable absence of the redoubtable Zaid Ibrahim, that leaves PKR with only Khalid Ibrahim as 'the last man standing' against the Anwar-sanctified 'Azmin Ali juggernaut'.

had previously dismissed Khalid as a fish who is quite happy to be swimming in just the Selangor longkang instead of going for the seas. But since then, seeing the 'Royal MB' has somehow acquired some guts to dismiss Azmin Ali from PKNS, maybe he might just, just, just ... with some 'special' encouragement wakakaka ... go for the party No 1 post, regardless of any 'advice' from any party leaders.

I feel very confident 'coz Boss has my back

you mean Anwar?

don't be silly lah, I mean my 'real' Boss


As to how our dear 'Royal MB' has somehow acquired some guts to dismiss Azmin Ali from PKNS, perhaps you may wish to read RPK's interesting post The May coup d'etat that failed ..... where it's possible the radioactive fallout from our Royal MB's shock at intraparty treachery (and his 'awakening') could see a possible strengthening of Khalid Ibrahim's whatever, wakakaka, for more aggressive party combativeness.

But if Khalid still wishes to remain a fish who is quite happy swimming in the Selangor longkang, then there may just be a last ditch option against Azmin Ali waltzing unopposed into the PKR president post ..... namely, Dr Wan Azizah ..... as the last "man" (wakakaka) standing.


  1. With husband, wife and daughter holding prominent positions, PKR is perceived by many to be Anwar’s autarchy. Many people and party members alike who mistrusted Anwar do not like this state of affairs. This political saga or perhaps liability must be removed. Anwar should retire from politics and make way for others who are capable. After all he has pledged to retire from politics if PR did not win the election.

    The majority of the people had called Anwar’s bluff on his intention to be the Prime Minister on September 16, 2008. Just curious, has Anwar ever considered that the people do not like political frogs and had his goal of 916 succeeded, didn’t he think that it would be a mockery to our democratic system? Perak is a classic example.

    Anwar’s over confidence and the preemption of victory on the election night of GE13 through his twitter was premature. It was so irresponsible of Anwar to act in such a manner. PR may have won the popular vote but it did not win enough seats to cook up a storm for Putrajaya. The worst was, instead of taking a deep inward look in the election results, Anwar resorted to inciting the public to hate the government through the 505 black rallies. These demonstrations and protests were not constructive and many people perceive Anwar as a leader driven by his own ambition, hate and vengeance.

    Azmin’s influence within PKR is so strong. This would go a long way internally and also in winning over voters who do not like Anwar. But Azmin also has got image and credibility issues, thus, if Azmin is the President, it is more likely that PKR/PR would still remain in the opposition.

    1. I don't think there should be any problems for having the whole family involved in one political party so long that people within the party supported it. Since you have insinuated that many party members disapproved of such arrangement why PKR still survive till now. Razaleigh whom kaytee admired has set up Semangat 46. Guess how ling it lasted & who is the leader who made the decision of running back to UMNO.

      Ok la, since Anwar is not suitable to be PM, shall we appoint RPK to be PM? Hahaha.

      See, how slimy people make their case, tell you some element of truth & peppered with huge lies.

      1) Yes, Anwar is over confidence. PR would have won provided that we are fighting on a level playing ground

      2) PR Perak would have won at least 38 seats if no cheating is going on. Heard of such incident

  2. "holding prominent positions"
    - how prominent? let say compare to lge?

    "perak is a classic example"
    - did perak fall to pr in the recent ge? just asking since u r just curious.

    "over confidence and the preemption"
    - how is tis irresponsible? take into consideration the transparency shown by our spr.

    "505 black rallies"
    - we go back home after the rally, yr house being burn down? govt cant function?

    - it is up to pkr member. when many left and rush back to umno, he didnt.

    1. Hahahaha, kaytee would have explained to you in detail how azmin ali has gone to the top with Anwar's help. If you have watched all the Yes Ministers/Prime Minister series, you would have known that minister & private secretary have an intimate relationship. Hahahahaha.

      I guess the Perak's case based on the revelation by Mat Saman Kati.

      Anyway, the current fight between azmin & khalid don't bode well for selangor

    2. Dear HY… Quality politics is dependable on the politicians. The politicians must be right first before they can set right the problems that are plaguing the country. Politicians shape the course of politics, what the politicians say and do is an important source of revelation as to what is going on within and behind them. No?

    3. no. there is rare breed but mostly r the same in the long term. i trust prostitute more than politician. i look forward seperation of power, rule of law, healthy democracy with not so stupid voters. pr is more likely to put this into practice compare to that corrupt to the core regime. having said that, there are politician i respect : khalid samad, husam musa, teng chang khim, jeyakumar, i do like the young one like khairy, rafizi and liew chin tong.

    4. HY I have to agree with you on this one ;-)

  3. To be very frank, I don't like Azmin Ali take over PKR's leadership but unfortunately for PKR, I can't see any prominent leaders. Definitely not Zaid Ibrahim, one of the kaytee's loverboy. Read what people has said about him

    Hahahaha, kaytee, isn't it getting extremely interesting?

  4. Khalid and Azmin
    The two tigers can't meet
    The martial art techniques
    Way different from where they came

    One learns the Tai Chi
    Slow movements aggressive punches
    When the opponents aren't aware
    What blind spots the punch will come

    Once the execution chops begin
    The circle in the eyes
    What the opponents see
    The double visions of a single bridge

    The eagle claw punches
    The young wants to fly
    Soaring high with vision eyes
    He thinks he is ready to fight

    In the ring of gladiators
    The seaoned fighters will deliver
    They have the stomachs to unleashed the blows
    There is no weakness in the eyes

    The grandmaster just smiles
    The infighting of the tigers
    They want to show their skills
    One with oratory skills one with management blows

    Unless they put away their differences
    The Tai Chi and the Eagle Claw
    Slow and steady delivering the results
    Aggressiveness only spreading its wings

  5. Summary,
    1.Anwar is very worried about the appeal to overturn his acquittal of the sodomy charge.Hence,Anwar will want to fortify his position by officially helming PKR President's post.Remember in 2008 when he was 1st charged he asked Wan Azizah to resign as MP of Permatang Pauh so that he can take over the seat.I think he will make an early announcement of his intention so that he will win uncontested.Anwar never likes a contest as happened in 2007!

    2.Khalid will fortify his position in Selangor and will not rock the party.He will just contest a Supreme Council position that gives him party eligibility.

    3.Azmin has no where else to roam hence will defend his Deputy President post.If there is a contest he will win.

    4.Saifuddin is never an Azmin's ally.He is ambitious and he will only serve Anwar.He wants to cling to be Secretary General of party.If he contest against Azmin and he is bound to lose he will suffer a double whammy losing in election and losing an important party post.The Sec-Gen post allows Saifuddin to be in the top echelon of Pakatan leadership.Being in the top league is important for Saifuddin.Regarding his appointment as political liaison to Khalid has nothing to do with appeasing Azmin.Anwar just organise so that his Sec-gen who lost the election gets an alternative source of income.Corruption? Wastage?

    5.Finally that leaves Wan Azizah.Guess what? She will be made De Facto head or Advisor of PKR switching play with Anwar.Why? That's preparing the eventuality Anwar goes back to Sungai Buloh so that his family still heads Pakatan.Without Anwar or a member of his family Pakatan will crumble and Nurul is not ready to boss around Hadi and Kit Siang!

    That's my crystal ball as President candidate in 2007!

    1. Once again I defer to and thank you for your most accomplished political insights though I must snatch back some credit for suggesting along the lines of " Nurul is not ready to boss around Hadi and Kit Siang!" in my "she lacks the experience and political robustness to represent her party in Pakatan".

    2. Since Abdul Rahman is a PKR insider, perhaps he can tell us whether if there is any other PKR prominent leaders left to take over the PKR leadership besides Nurul. Of course, kaytee would predict that Anwar & the entire PKR gang would go back to UMNO & poor DAP would become an opposition forever & ever. AMEN!

    3. gasp, no threats of Iban headhunters this time? wakakaka

    4. Kaytee,
      Talk so much la. They may be around the corner. Perhaps, they may be your neighbour.......Hahahaha!
      Come on! It's very interesting what Aspan Alias got to say about LGE. What the heck, you LGE supporter meh

      Aspan Alias said...
      seorang rakyat,

      That was an excellent opinion coming from level headed person like you.

      It's true that UMNO is expediently using Allah issue and as I have written in my piece PAS was pushed to the wall and was unable to defend itself against the tide that went strong against them during the GE especially from the rural folks.

      If religious issue continues the way it happens now, UMNO will always on the advantage.

      That is why I cannot stop regretting watching the Christmas message (speech) from the leader who started the issue went like wild fire in the rural constituencies.

      They were slitting their own throats and I am in the opinion the party that leader leads will never be able to retrieve support from the Malays from now on.

  6. Anti DAP Anti PKR8:22 am, January 13, 2014

    Just changing a few words, and the situation perfectly describes DAP as well.
    With father and son holding prominent positions, DAP is perceived by many to be a Lim autarchy. Many people and party members alike who mistrusted Lim Guan Eng do not like this state of affairs. This political saga or perhaps liability must be removed. Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng should both retire from politics and make way for others who are capable....

    1. But both Lim's are capable, wakakaka

    2. Touche, KT....your one-liner unalterable truth demolish that Anti DAP Anti PKR chap ! wakakaka. It's definitely a case of better for him to STFU than to appear so stoopid.


      DAP's Ubah , PKR's Reformasi....all 2x5

    4. capable at eradicate the capable.

  7. Hahahahaha.....Poor Najib

  8. This is an extremely interesting piece. I wonder what Hisham Rais gonna say about this

    Again, RPK is a royalist & he had missed this history

    Onn Jaafar, Malayan Union, Setting up of UMNO. The first battle between monarchy & UMNO.

    Of course, Onn Jaafar was a bangsawan.......So?

  9. HY... agree and granted. But we would have less problems if we do not allow prostitution at all. By the way, except for KJ, I do not think those names that you have mentioned at 12.10am have got any chance with the rural malays. We don't have to go back to school to know that, do we? My advise is to just maintain our quality and rightfullness because in the end it will always prevail. Kebenaran akan pasti muncul pada akhirnya. Patience is bitter but the fruit is always sweet. Get me... Rhan?

    1. aha "Patience is bitter but the fruit is always sweet."

      my dear looes, looks like I'm not the only one, wakakaka.

      incidentally Rhan, dear looes74 loves street-style revolutions as apart from being 'slightly' impatient, wakakaka, he loves to play "who's chicken" and also has several battalions of headhunting Ibans at his beck and call, and oozes of Singapore national service experience, wakakaka

    2. i get u but in the long run we r all dead........

      i used to be a staunch fan of tan koon swan, his choice of candidates is a little bit odd, new faces with professional background, however i think his main consideration is no political baggage, meant to say this if elected mp would dare to fight, to question and to confront, and unsurprisingly all of them lost.

      politics is not science, i doubt even moral play very little role, at least in malaysia. i listen to talks by leader from psm, prm n i think to myself, ini lah pemimpin yg patut dicontohi, tapi, tak seorang pun boleh menang pilihanraya, then i realise we have little choice in the local political context, anwar n azmin do have their role, when the rival is umno.

      "not so stupid voters" ring a bell? bro, this is the thing i think that shall prevail in the end, for example, 3 terms for dap in penang is more than enough.

    3. Yes....3 terms for Penang is more than enough for DAP.....however capable and productive the party might be, too long a time in power will corrupt completely. So after 3 terms, UMNO will rule again in Penang, this time, forever lah, heheheh

    4. "3 terms for dap in penang is more than enough"

      Every Penang Chief Minister since Merdeka has been kicked out by the voters. Wong Pow Nee, Lim Chong Eu, Koh Tsu Koon were all unceremoniously dumped.

      Technically Koh Tsu Koon declined reelection and moved to contest a Dewan Rakyat seat. But the reality is he was finished off by Penang voters.

      All the indications are Lim Guan Eng will be equally dumped by GE14 or at most GE15.

    5. Well, what kaytee going to say about this. Kaytee would say "FUCK CIBAI CARE" I ONLY WANT MY LOVERBOY NAJIB TO BE IN POWER. Hahahahaha

  10. Azmin Ali kept PKR afloat as a functioning party during the dark years when Anwar Ibrahim was in prison, Wan Azizah was mainly focused on getting her husband out of jail, and Nurul was still a student.
    At the time PKR had been reduced to just 1 Parliamentary seat, funds were very limited and the dwindling number of supporters were demoralised.
    So in a very real sense Anwar owes Azmin a great deal, and he trusts Azmin implicitly.
    Khalid Ibrahim, capable technocrat though he is, was a Johnny Come Lately, and he has never fought in the trenches like Azmin.
    Azmin has a rather negative public perception, but I always give him due respect for what he is and has been,

  11. Chinese turn to carry out racial and religious intolerance.

    1. What racial intolerance ? What racial intolerance ?

      Out of the 28.5 million population, Christians form only 9% of the population, with the biggest chunk, almost 90%, living in East Peninsula, leaving only about 200,000 in W Peninsula ( comprised of Indian Christians, Orang Asli Christians, Chinese Christians, dan Lain2 ). What 'intolerance' turn can the Chinese Christians take ? Semua masuk jail lah.....bukan kita tak sedar style Umno ?

      The huge majority of Chinese here are Buddhists, Taoists, Atheists/Agnostic, etc.

      As for racial intolerance.....even a blind fool in this country knows exactly WHO is doing the intolerance in this this fellow 2X5 cannot even do simple what is 2X5 to you eh ? 100,000,000 ? wakakaka. Pordah lah

  12. DAP gets a rude reminder that DAP is after all a Lim Kit Siang / Lim Guan Eng private fiefdom.
    Members , even leaders who don't "get it" get abandoned by the roadside.