Monday, November 11, 2013

The Silence of the Lamb-ah-less

I'm sure you know how to pronounce my post title in the Malaysian way, wakakaka.

am silent 'coz I'm muzzled lah
wearing one 'downstairs' too, to cover my Lamb-ah-less


Anyway, let's proceed with today's post on yesterday's demolition of an annex to a Hindu temple, the Sri Muneswarar Temple, in Jalan P Ramlee, by DBKL.

DBKL's demolition ops could be termed as a dawn raid, obviously to catch the would-be guardians of the temple by surprise through stealth, sneakiness and (a government) stab in the back.

It has to be said that over the last few years DBKL has acquired mucho, monumental and mafulat-ish expertise and experience in smashing and demolishing Hindu temples, as may be perused in the following posts:

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But what did I mean by the recent demolition of an annex to the Sri Muneswarar Temple in Jalan P Ramlee being 'a government stab in the back', and whose back was I referring to?

I feel so sick of the whole stupid affair that I can only refer you to Malaysiakini's Ku Nan must resign for breaching Hindraf blueprint which provides some background to the so-called 'betrayal'.

I feel sick not so much at the alleged government 'betrayal' of its so-called agreement with Hindraf, though yes, there is that too, but more at the greater Hindraf treachery of the Malaysian Hindus in its unholy desire to consort with an UMNO-led government when the latter has been known to f**k around with Hindus, either by commission or omission, as evident by DBKL's several feral actions against Hindu temples (some even alleged as unauthorized), the Hisham-cow head insult, deaths in police custody, etc etc, and as indicated in my previous posts, as follows:

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Yang Most Berhormat, [Datuk-Seri-to-be] P Waytha Moorthy, Deputy Minister in his Prime Minister's Department, should read the title of this post and explain why he has been deafeningly silent as a lamb-ah-less mouse, while sending (or maybe even pleading with) N Ganesan to criticize Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan. And why Tengku Adnan but not strongly against PM Najib?

And as for N Ganesan, what nonsense is he talking about the BN (UMNO) authorities reneging on an agreement with Hindraf's requirements, one of which as mentioned was for the authorities to cease temple demolitions?

Putting aside the government's argument that it was the temple annex (stalls) rather than the temple proper which was demolished, if we remember, didn't Ganesan condemn Lim Kit Siang for plagiarism when the DAP senior politician avowed in his Gelang Patah Declaration to adopt 11 of Hindraf's 14 points demand? See Malaysiakini's Plagiarism cries, and the tragedy of Hindraf.

Thus we could argue along the lines of Ganesan's condemnation of DAP in plagiarizing Hindraf's demands, that the UMNO government had (like DAP) only 'plagiarized' Hindraf's demands, which means there was no obligation, indeed no necessity for UMNO to honour something, anything which was 'plagiarized', wakakaka.

Some four to five years ago, Waytha Moorthy was openly adamant that Hindraf should not become political but remain a NGO as a pressure group to look after Indian affairs, whilst reserving the right to support any political party which promotes the well-being of Indian Malaysians.

And with those 'brave' words of his, guess what we have today, but a Yang Most Berhormat Waytha Moorthy as a deputy minister in the Barisan Nasional government? Mind you, we aren't quite sure WTF he has been doing there (apart from being chauffeured to his ministry in a nice shiny car), let alone for the well-being of Indian Malaysians.

outside Najib's office

Now, hasn't Waytha Moorthy been like R S Thanenthiran, the leader of the (wakakaka) Makkal Sakthi Party, a Hindraf splinter-clone and also another BN affiliate?

Just a reminder, during the launch of Makkal Sakthi as a new political party in September 2009, Thanenthiran gushed effusively: “The Prime Minister is launching our party and we are honoured but it does not mean we have lost our independence. We are working together with him as partners … we walk together for the benefit of the Indian community.”

Makka Sakthi 'partners' with UMNO? Wakakaka, if those words 
weren't a tragic pack of pompous, preposterous and pathetic poo, then I am the Bharata Chakravarti of Bharatvarsha.

If  you are wondering how a party with a name like Makkal Sakthi has chosen to tango with UMNO after 25 November 2007, I would daringly guess it's for the same reason that Waytha chose to be in the UMNO-led government, wakakaka, but dear Thanenthiran explained then: “It is true the BN did not do much for us in the past 52 years but the Pakatan Rakyat has done even less for us in the past two years.”

52 years of UMNO's federal rule versus 2 years of Pakatan state rule in Penang and Selangor?

But that's also what N Ganesan raised in his article published last year by Malaysia-Today as Hindraf's Challenge to Pakatan and to BN in which he wrote (in pathetic poo-ish-Vango language, wakakaka):

So it is between the Chinese elite and the Malay elite that the Indian poor have to choose from.

The experience with the Malay elite has been one of systematic discrimination, racism and marginalization for the Indian poor. The experience with the Chinese elite and the smaller section of the Malay elite has been equally as disastrous for the Indian poor in a much shorter space of time – if you look at the experience of the poor Indians in Kedah, in Penang, in Perak, and in Selangor. If you have been watching the issues we have raised in Pakatan controlled States in these columns, the story is clear.

Read again his "... if you look at the experience of the poor Indians in Kedah, in Penang, in Perak, and in Selangor. . If you have been watching the issues we have raised in Pakatan controlled States in these columns, the story is clear."

This was written in 2012, just after four years of Pakatan's rule in Penang and Selangor (let's just pick these two and leave out the PAS controlled states).

Ganesan had echoed Thanenthiran in the bizarre comparison of a 52 year old UMNO-led federal government with a couple of still infant (4 years old) Pakatan-led state governments.

Wait, no, in fact Ganesan had been far worse by focusing on the 4-year old Pakatan state governments.

As mentioned, Ganesan had unfairly and unrealistically, yes, unrealistically expected Pakatan to fully address 52 years of neglect in just the mentioned four years (up to 2012) Pakatan had come into power in Penang and Selangor, and then governing only at State (not federal) level.

BN with horns has MORE meat, WOW
Pakatan without horns has less meat, PORDAH

As requested earlier, do not include PAS’ controlled Kedah in the BN vs PR comparison as even the Chinese there were disadvantaged, having lost their only abattoir for slaughtering pigs and suffering less access in buying houses after the PAS state government raised the Malay housing quota from 30 to 50%, while in Kelantan, developers now have to ensure building architecture follows Islamic character, whatever this means (perhaps minarets and domes of 1001 Arabian Nights' fantasy?).

Secondly, Ganesan in his article attempted by stealth to shift Hindraf's goalposts to a class (instead of racial) struggle, as obvious in his mention of elite Malays, elite Chinese but poor Indians, as if there were/are no elite Indians and poor Malays and poor Chinese.

poor Indian?

Class struggle in politics has long been a domain occupied competently by Dr Jeya and his PSM (or even PRM who has been there for eons), but I suspect that because of condemnations against the Hindu-based organization for being too overtly and overly race-based, there was that subtle attempt to make the Hindraf demands as being driven by class rather than racial struggle.

Mind, Hindraf didn't completely abandon its ethnocentric overtones by mentioning (a la Vango-ish diatribe, wakakaka):

In the next GE the choice for the Indians, as Helen Ang puts it in her article (HINDRAF in slipstream of two-race system- June 3, 2012 FMT) is not between the Chinese and the Malays, it is really between the Chinese elite and the Malay elite.

Being the elite, like elite everywhere else in the world, their primary preoccupation is to control the levers of policy, so they can usurp the larger part of the resources of this nation. Ethnicity matters only to the extent of gaining that control. The contention between the Chinese elite and the Malay elite is intensifying.

It was quite painful reading Ganesan’s surreal (kafkaesque, wakakaka) argument that the Chinese elite - now, just who would be a Chinese elite? CSL? Vincent Tan? Robert Kuok? - want to usurp the larger part of Malaysia’s resources. One could be forgiven for saying N Ganesan must have been handed, and reading from notes provided by Dr Mahathir or Perkasa or Utusan Malaysia, wakakaka – see Those bloody rich Chinese!

By their words and actions, we have been forced into coming to the conclusion that both Thanenthiran and Ganesan (and by default, Waytha Moorthy) didn't want to be part of Pakatan but rather of BN.

So really, what's the difference between Waytha and Thanenthiran or for that matter, MIC politicians, other than Thanenthiran had beaten him into BN by about 5 years, wakakaka.

Just a refresher, Hindraf came about because of three principal issues: (1) the brutal, wanton and horrendously insensitive destruction of Hindu temples by an unfriendly uncaring Muslim-dominated authority, (2) the unexplained, unaccountable and horrific deaths in custody of just too many Indians, and (3) the general poverty and hopeless situation (eg. statelessness) among many Indians.

Yes, everyone knew that Waytha, and the remnants of what was once a great Hindraf, had deliberately snubbed Pakatan in preference for an unholy alliance or dalliance with UMNO, as was discussed in Plagiarism cries, and the tragedy of Hindraf above.

Looking at yesterday's sad incident at the Sri Muneswarar Temple in Jalan P Ramlee in KL, we cannot help but see in Waytha's desire to consort with a political entity that has historically shown very little compassion for Indian Malaysians or their interests (except when an election was looming), a betrayal of Hindraf's original cause and of his own Indian community, the very people he and his organization have vowed to help, but most tragically of all, of himself.

I have written before that it's common knowledge when a community is betrayed, you will find at the heart of that betrayal a member or members of that very community playing significant role(s) in the betrayal, wittingly or unwittingly. For example, the Chinese were betrayed by Chinese in oppression by Mongolians, Manchurians, Western powers, Japanese etc, and likewise were the Malays.

So, today we see, no, we still see the Indians being betrayed time and time again. And we know exactly why!


  1. Kaytee,

    Mkini reported Tengku Adnan as saying that there was no "demolition" but instead the entire exercise was to "beautify" the shrine.

    Good right? And our man can say this in a poker face.....oh my God!


  2. Lim Guan Eng and DAP equally stabbed the Indian community in the back at Kampung Buah Pala.

  3. The sale of government land in KBP was done by the BN government prior to Pakatan assuming rule in 2008. Lim GE had no reasonable choice but to adhere to the contract of the previous BN government. To do otherwise would have involved humongous cost to Penangites.

    Hindraf made lots of unreasonable noise, expecting Lim's government to fork out something like RM400+ million of public money to keep the land for a few families who kept cattle in the area. It's easy for Hindraf to exercise undue authority (demanding the land be bought up with state money) when it didn't have the burden of corresponding responsibility of accountability to Penangite taxpayers, one of good governance. As they say, talk is cheap.

    Nonetheless, Lim's government still looked after the housing interests of those who accepted the compensation worked out by the Pakatan government. Those few who didn't because they were led to believe that Hindraf would somehow keep the land for them lost out.

    Additionally I recall some pseudo-warriors from MIC who boasted they would buy up the land for the cattle farmers, but as with most of MIC's promises that fizzled out, Kalai, were you one of them, wakakaka.

    1. Your article convinces me that divide and rule has been very successful.
      Those who're disadvantaged could not unite to defence their rights !

    2. To set the record straight... the temple itself and its interior is intact.

      A picture is worth a thousand words.

      Stalls (vendor's 'warungs') attached to the temple were encroaching on private property, Hap Seng Land's new construction next door. DBKL was acting based on law in demolishing them.

      Either that or the government would have had to pay a large amount of money to compensate Hap Seng for the land (just as Ktemoc's spin in favour of Lim Guan Eng and DAP).
      There was a lot more at stake than money - the encroachment would have severely constricted the access for the new building next door. Any building owner can tell you that drastic narrowing of a building's frontage will have major impact on its future prospects and ability to attract tenants.

      Indian BN leaders, while they fight for the community's rights, have to stand within the rule of law, not just vilify the authorities,, unlike the DAP and PKR opportunists.

  4. It is hard to change a donkey. Blaming the Chinese for Tamil problems will make UMNO happy but it will not help the Tamils. It is clear that Tamils have to take their own destiny in hand and not depend on UMNO or MIC, both of who have no respect for the poor of any kind including Malays and Tamils respectively.

    So now the Chinese elite want to monopolise the country's wealth? What about the MIC leadership, especially that Samy, who monopolised anything that was allocated for "Indians"? Samy is till around like a bad smell and I wait for Hindraf to blame him again!. By the way I am not a Malay, Chinese or "Indian" but I congratulate the BN government was sending 30 SB officers to spy on Malaysians there in UK.

  5. There is an article in yesterday's Star on MIC's Samy Vellu, extract:

    "...The MIC is going to the polls amidst heavy campaigning for three vice-presidents’ posts and 23 CWC seats.

    There is a sense of euphoria, that finally a new breed of division chiefs have emerged. There is a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition compared with the micro-management under Samy Vellu.

    Under the former chief, candidates for all posts are selected, special dinners held to introduce them and delegates would dutifully “elect” them or face Samy Vellu’s wrath..."

  6. Look no further as to why the poor Indians will remain poor in eternity?

  7. Are Waytha, Ganesan etc responsible for the Indian problems ?

    Why blame them if they don't help to solve the problems ?

  8. Two observations. One why must all be seen from political partisan perspective. Get both sides of the story and need not assume malice in all actions. Two pakatan government articulation don't match its actions. Look at their proposed budget. They condemn so many things but don't address them. Complain GST as regressive but want Service and sales tax which is not only regressive but inefficient. Condemn corruption wastages and high debt under bn, but their budget is still in deficit and incurring furthet debt and goodness that is after taking account of the savings on corruption they alleged. Camna ni? thinking everyone is stupid. And this has been repeating for years and years. Believe me pr doesn't bring any much difference except perceived emotional gain.

    1. Compare and contrast between BN and PR in order to improve.

  9. Oh....the title of this post really reels me in...LOL.....the lambah/lampah-ness....had the biggest guffaw of the day ! Terima kasih KT. And another LOL...."pathetic poo-ish-Vango language"....hahaha...are we now making that vampire Vango famous, or rather, infamous here ?

    Off-topic...just happened to read RPK's great piece about Bernas ( ).....whoa...where is the Chinese, I need the Chinese to be blamed for all this no-sweat get-rich could the Malays be able to sapu all....where is the Chinese,aren't they the biggest corruptors of all and Malays just do not know how to do it or even have the 'hati' to do it at the expense of the thousands of poor Malay padi is NOT in their blood, right ? wakakaka.

    Additional note on Bernas :

    "In 1991, Anwar Ibrahim became Malaysia’s Finance Minister. In 1993, Anwar also became Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister. Shahidan Kassim, the Chairman of the Parliament Back Benchers Club (BBC), led the charge for Anwar to oust Gafar Baba as the DPM. On 6 July 1994, LPN was changed to Bernas with the approval of the Finance Ministry. On 12 January 1996, Bernas was privatised with Shahidan Kassim as the beneficiary. On 25 August 1997, Bernas was listed on the stock exchange with the approval of the Finance Minister.....written by RPK "

    1. yes, I read that abt AI - not surprised at all, exatly what I've been saying all along abt Mr Manmanlai, wakakaka

  10. Ellese, we just read Tuan Syed's "Outside the Box" on consultants and how much spent on them per day basis (if they are working daily in the first place). Therefore, this is a poor reflection of the civil service. In civil service, what % Malays, Chinese, Indians etc? Therefore, the goverment is telling us that the bulk of the depts & directors are useless. This is self-defeating to Malays. The leaders are re-inforcing everyone's undersaid common perception while eschewing the NEP to benifit some, including foreigners.

    The civil service no longer recruits non's in the same ratio like in the 70's & 80's. Therefore, Chinese & especially Indian representation is getting less. Without much incentive & opportunties barring for a few "selected" (read MIC & now Waytha) Indians, the community has no catalyst to rise except to "survive" (read gangsterism, labour jobs, begging) by any means.

    Out of curiosity, you ask us to look at your blog. You seem to troll the blog of others whilst your blog isn'st updated & has the same 2 people commenting. Ellese, sorry to say this.... Better remove the blinkers and really contribute something to help change things around before its too late. Maybe team up with Vango??? Hahahaha...

    PS. Don't worry, at least soon we will be collecting GST to assist the consultants. Bill oredi covered.

  11. Demolishng and tearing down seems to be the associative perception of the BN goverment whenever it comes to temples (hindus and taoist) Cannot say in memory there has been any event of the BN goverment actually constructing or help build new places of worship for the nons .Or allocating of land for the purpose..
    And they probably have spent billions building brand new mosques or suraus across the country. not that there is anything against that, in fact it is a good positive thing for our muslim brothers/sisters to be lauded , just seem that the malaysians of the other faiths or religious inclinations are totally neglected when it comes to any form of aid
    (land allocating , financial aid) for the purpose of having proper places of worship for their we have sprouting all, over churches in shoplots, temples under shade of trees or besides busy roads. many likely not having permits in the first place and later rage into a full blown passionate religious issue because ,it was allowed in the beginning and there are non-existent regulations to monitor the plight or sincere efforts to help the communities to have or find a more appropriate location that can be more permanent..But if anything the nons seem to have many obstacles placed in their path in regards to places of worship, even when they want to build and finance at own expense, knowing for a fact there will be nothing forthcoming from Goverment in any shape of form..

    1. you have many good points here. Some problems, especially those related to temples built way before Merdeka stem from British nonchalant attitude towards local places of worship. Today those land has become far too valuable to leave alone hence the aggravation.