Sunday, November 10, 2013

Revised blogroll for spring

Time for spring cleaning of my blogroll.

Regrettably I have to (and most reluctantly) remove a few blogs from my list due to their non-activity for more than 2 years, namely the following:

  • sembang kedai kopi
  • Malaysians say the darnest things
  • Teo Nie Ching for Serdang

The last (3rd), sweetie Teo Nie Ching, incidentally is no longer the MP for Serdang, an elected post taken by my matey, Ong Kian Ming who is on my blogroll.

hottie sweetie

Sweetie is now the MP for Kulai, but does not have a new blog, though she tweets regularly and is also on Facebook. If you hear of her new blog, please let me know.

I have also removed 'New Malaysia' which was the blog for Wong Chun Wai, the acting group CEO for Star Publications, as he no longer blogs there. Instead I have replaced it with his personal blog named (naturally) 'Wong Chun Wai'.

Wong Chun Wai

A few months ago I have also added to my list 'Loyarburok' and Khoo Kay Peng's 'Straight Talk'

Khoo Kay Peng

Do you have any recommendations, preferably those with quality contemporary Malaysian socio-political issues but wakakaka, without abusive contents?



  1. I recommend OutSyed The Box.
    He's on "The Other Side" i.e. a strong UMNO supporter, but his posts are lively, intelligent and well argued out, even if I usually disagree with him.

    As for Khoo Kay Peng's blog I follow it regularly.
    However I would add that since late last year, he has become primarily a critic of DAP and Lim Guan Eng in Penang, sometimes in an illogical way.

    1. More like Madhater's DIE HARD supporter......What Myr what don hah

    2. OK Rocketman, have just added Syed.

      looes74, I add to my list bloggers of all persuasion. Aim is to have a wide spread of reading so that we don't become Myrmidons wakakaka