Thursday, November 28, 2013

PKR's promise of autonomy to East Malaysia

On Sunday Dr Wan Azizah, de jure (wakakaka) president of PKR upped the ante in/for her husband's attempt to secure political power in the next election.

While dear Wan Azizah is the de jure president of her political party, her hubby, Anwar Ibrahim, is the de facto leader.

Oh, BTW, in the above two sentences, kaytee believes he may be providing better English lesson than those English teachers contracted by the Education Minister at the considerable cost of RM270 million.

By now a student would have learned the difference between de jure and de facto, wakakaka, and realized the influence of Latin in the development of English and the continuing indispensability of the so-called 'dead' language.

Also, the student would have learned:

  • upped the ante
  • to secure political power

... wakakaka, and of course the colloquial 'hubby'.

Now, why have I brought in a term used in the card game of poker, to wit, 'up (or) raise the ante'?

Incidentally, 'up the ante' means 'to increase the risks in a situation in order to achieve a better result', where ‘ante’ of course is an amount of money that must be paid into the poker pool before the game can continue.

Previously, PKR or rather Anwar Ibrahim had promised that should he become PM, Sarawak and Sabah would receive 20% royalties from the revenue obtained from oil-gas fields in their respective state, instead of the current 5% that each state (including Terengganu and Kelantan in Peninsula) is receiving. That in itself was already an upping of the ante, namely, from 5% to 20%. Now, PKR is proposing more.

Incidentally, I read in a news media's interactive section some comments abruptly dismissing the proposed 20% royalties and berating the federal government and PKR for even taking any of the Sarawak and Sabah's oil-gas revenue, obviously comments made by aggrieved Sarawakians and/or Sabahans. This is an interesting viewpoint which I will touch upon soon - just keep it in mind.

As the two East Malaysian states have been perceived as the key to control of federal power, and thus UMNO's soft underbelly (now, now, no salacious comment please), obviously Anwar sees his strategy for occupying Putrajaya as winning the majority of seats in Sarawak and Sabah, which Najib termed as his 'fixed deposit'.

[in happier days]

"Datuk, I said no to George Chan's request for an increase in oil royalties."

"Well done, Datuk Seri, I made the right choice in having you as finance minister."


As I have written in Will Sabah secede? there has been a worrying awakening of angry nationalism in Sabah and Sarawak that bodes no good for the continuing cohesion of Malaysia. Many are the people of the two Eastern States who are pissed off with Putrajaya for their treatment, in that a succession of patronizing and condescending PMs viewed both States as only equal or even lesser to one of the 11 states in Peninsula, when the constitutional fact of Malaysia has been one of a merger of Malaya (or the Peninsula), Sabah and Sarawak (and previously Singapore), and not of 14 states.

Thus, rightfully Sabah or Sarawak each should have the status and associated allocations & developments on at least a pro rata quantum to that for the entire Peninsula (peninsula contains almost 4/5 of the total population), but alas, these were not provided.

Mind, Putrajaya has been concentrating most developments in its favourite Klang Valley, with some feeble efforts in recent times in the Johor Iskandar zone, so other Peninsula states especially those governed by Pakatan (Kelantan and Penang) have also been as equally or almost equally marginalized as the two Eastern states.

That an expelled Singapore (from Malaysia) is now doing great guns on its own has added to the 2 Eastern States’ chagrin in their perspective that “there, but for the curse of Syaitan, could have been us”, where 'Syaitan' of course is Putrajaya, wakakaka.

Now, now, just who did you think was Syaitan? Wakakaka again.

The mood of the majority in Sabah and Sarawak is that of being cheated and marginalized by the West, and not just by the federal government but also in general by those bloody West Malaysians, and probably, if my reading has been correct, by people like those in PKR, wakakaka, because of perception of PKR headquarters’ obsessively centralized control of its own party branches in Sabah and Sarawak.

And recently, didn't we witness how PKR in Sabah became unstuck? Admittedly, some problems could be attributed to PKR's 'taxi sapu' policy which carries very high risk, like in a poker game, wakakaka.

Now, remember what I said earlier, how I found interesting the viewpoints I read in a news media's interactive section, where some (Sarawakians/Sabahans') comments angrily dismissed the proposed 20% royalties and berated the federal government as well as PKR for even taking (or talking about taking) any of the Sarawak and Sabah's oil-gas revenue?

The Sarawakians and Sabahans are very desirous of at least autonomy if not secession, so as to take complete charge of their own destiny and most certainly the state's wealth, not just 20% but the full caboodle, yes 100%, as they not only no longer trust nor want federal politicians to look after those for them, but they reckon they don't want to share a single drop of oil or whiff of gas with 'orang asing', namely those damn West Malaysians.

I wonder whether Anwar is aware of this, when Wan Azizah announced PKR's policy of autonomy for the two Eastern states in his bid to win the East Malaysians over to his side.

While of course it's important that Pakatan and not just PKR (who's fond of going it alone when it comes to East Malaysia) takes note of the Sabahans' and Sarawakians' burning nationalistic aspirations, and should endeavour their utmost to accommodate their due rights in terms of increased development and fairer distribution of national wealth, rather than proposed further autonomy because greater autonomy will invariably lead to secession.

Yes, we need to be aware that two autonomous states separated from Peninsula by the vast water body of the South China Sea will be as good as two de facto secession, wakakaka that word 'de facto' again, and this time I have no doubt you would have realized the enormity of the consequences of de facto secession.

Just ingat baik2, how our RM2 billion ESSCOM had not been able to even prevent a motley bunch of Filipino bandits from coming into our country to kill one Taiwanese tourist and kidnap his wife - malu lah. So ..... macam mana dengan keadaan a full blown secession, let alone two?

Previously I had warned of this possibility (secession), though I doubt this consideration would have ever penetrate the skulls of the leaders of one component party in Pakatan in their blinded obsession to win power to rule, whatever it takesJust remember that when one 'ups the ante' (by promising autonomy - to what degree?) one also increases the risks (of secession).

Who do we blame for us arriving at this sad state of brewing fermenting corrosive trouble? Whoever, my uncles and their military/police mates will be most upset, having served there in the military, with blood, toil, tears & sweat during Konfrontasi and the communist insurgency.

The battle is all over except the 'shouting' when one knows what is wanted and has made up his mind to get it, whatever the price may be – Napolean Hill.

Okay then, let's start off with the simple issue of autonomy, if not secession. Sarawak and Sabah are in fact already enjoying some form of autonomy, specifically in immigration control, which has been why Brother Haris Ibrahim took the long scenic route from KL to KL, wakakaka.

In fact, precisely because of this rather out-of-date and in my opinion, inappropriate immigration control after more than 50 years of Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah are denying themselves of greater development by blocking out other Malaysians.

Yes, there is no doubt they are worried about the more commercially-aggressive Peninsula-reans, but there's always a yang to a yin in that greater influx of West Malaysians into Sarawak and Sabah will also bring along greater development and prosperity to the two states. I have personally witnessed this in Labuan, which because of its federal territory status, allows Peninsula-reans to migrate there, taking along with them their broader scope and more vibrant characteristics of commercial activities.

In the case of Sarawak, by insulating themselves, the Sarawakians have instead allowed a neo White Rajah, okay then, a neo White (haired) Rajah to rule over them to their eventual personal and state economic detriment.

One could argue Peninsula-reans are far more terrible than peh-mor, but as I have said, there's always a yang to every yin, thus even with the West's greater(?) propensity to be corrupt, the opposition to such corruption is likely to be far louder and of a nationwide stature. Recall how shit-scared peh-mor had been of Brother Haris. Thus the yang-yin outcome will sort of balance out everything to the better economic development of Sarawak and Sabah.

A similar warlord-ish situation existed in Sabah during Tun Mustapha's time.

So to Sarawakian and Sabahan Malaysians, don't lock yourself in but then, alas, your local politicians will defend that immigration restriction as it will ensure they have less probing of and interference to their public-governance conduct and activities.

Coming back to Wan Azizah and her PKR policy announcement, what we lack are the details. What sort of autonomy has she promised Sarawak and Sabah? Will it be just the status quo, the current immigration control the two states are already enjoying, wakakaka, and I wouldn't be surprised by that.

Or is she (or rather Anwar Ibrahim) promising more? If so, we need details because unless we know of them and study/analyse their consequences for Malaysia, we will not and should never blindly support such 'upping of the ante'.

To end my English lesson, an English idiom for you, 'never buy a pig in a poke' wakakaka, and may I just say that the English idiom is metaphorical and has nothing to do with bah-kut-teh, wakakaka, and also my post is not directed specifically at Muslims.

no, use a dog as in 'don't bark up the wrong tree' or 'call off the dogs'



  1. Barking up the wrong tree again.
    Neither Wan Azizah nor Anwar Ibrahim created the festering problem in Sarawak and Sabah.
    Anwar has had no executive power for 15 years, still want to blame him ?

    In the long run, a form of autonomy for Sarawak and Sabah, still within Malaysia is likely the least bad arrangement.

  2. Confucius says, "To wipe backside, need toilet paper." KTee says, "to play poker, player must not leave table." Up the ante? Wakakakaka... They already left the table including DAP stalwarts. And the feral PAS won't make a difference since to Sabahans & Sarawakians, cow is cow.

  3. Kaytee,
    Very cheong hei. I am still wondering what the fuck underlying message you wanna bring across. You can only blame PKR's poor words of choice just like what DAP did with people like Aspan Alias & Zulklifi. Anyway if East Malaysia wanna secede, with out without the word automony, they would have done it. To me, I can only say.......Wan Azizah proposes greater autonomy.....Me response : So? Plus, the mere mention of greater autonomy may lead to secession. So according to kaytee's logic, the change to friday by Johor Sultan would lead to the total implementation of hudud in Johore resulting in kaytee's prick to be potong.......Hahahaha
    Anyway, to a certain extent, I agree with you that the federal government should endeavour their utmost to accommodate their due rights in terms of increased development and fairer distribution of national wealth. Would it be better to let the locals along with certain guidance from federal government how they should run their affairs. You are like that fucking cibai humphery appleby......Everything must be centralised so that your loverboy Najib can keep power in perpeituity. Anyway, whether Anwar farting the word autonomy, the possibility of secession has always been in the air since Tunku's time. Perhaps, you still have not forgotten over Anwar's raping your sister's cat in Cheruk Tok Kun nong nong time ago

    I suggest that you should check up on George Wallace, Alabama Governor. Anwar Ibrahim fuckingly considered as the Malaysia version of George Wallace. Hahahaha! Of course, to you, in your perverted mind, you will always considered George Wallace as a bigoted racist even though he repented in the 70s. Like Wallace, Anwar should be condemned to hell.......Hahahaha, Gotcha kaytee

  4. Kaytee,
    There is nothing wrong with greater autonomy. Since the word autonomy is such as FUBAR to you, how about decentralisation then? The best folks to decide how best money to be spend would be the locals. Your good friend LGE is having a fucking problem in doing anything further to his beloved state because the one who holds the fund lies with Rosmah's wife.......happens to love flying on a private jet.
    Anyway, Anwar would never allow this full blown secession else Malaya would surely mampus. I believe politicians ain't that fucking stupid. Anyway, with or without Anwar, the mood of holding on to 100% petroleum oil is there. However, east malaysians are fucking realistic that federal government whoever in fact would allow this

    1. Sabah and Sarawak should EACH be entitled to 1/8 to 1/10 of federal budget, after funding for federal requirements such as internal security, defence, foreign affairs etc are taken care off. Each of the Peninsula 11 states share, perhaps pro rata, the remaining 6/8 or 3/4.

      But I want to know what sort or degree of autonomy PKR has in mind?

    2. To be frank with you, I also wanna know exactly what sort of autonomy PKR is proposing. Anyway, regardless of what anwar is proposing, it's a no no to you because you can only remember the bad thing Anwar has done. Just like George Wallace is always remember as the person who vehemently fight for segragation despite the fact, he brought much prosperity to Alabama. Anwar kenna jailed before his so called conversion. Wallace was nearly assasinated in his presidential campaign before he become a converted moderates.

      What magic formula you use to be entitled with such federal budget? Wow, that's federal budget means lotsa money. Anwar was proposing 20% of petroleum revenue. Hahaha......But then because anwar say, malaysia can die. If your loverboy najib says lei........

    3. just a rough cut - population ratio on basis Malaysians share everything together, wakakaka

  5. I support autonomy for Sabah , Sarawak, with an important proviso.
    It will only improve matters in those states if they have state governments which are Clean and Accountable to the people.

    As it is Sabah and Sarawak already have a certain amount of self-governance, but their leaders are abusing even this limited freedom to carry out mega power abuses. My assessment is if the White Rajah's empire is tallied up, it would be one of the wealthiest groups in Malaysia.

    On my trips to rural Sabah, especially, the obvious government neglect is most depressing. They are lacking the most basic infrastructure , while our 5-star PM and FLOM go jetting around the globe in their taxpayer-paid luxury jet.

    Computer classes in schools ? Forget it. Many schools don't even have electricity. Most villages have no electricity, no running water, no roads.

  6. I think Wan Azizah is forced to promise autonomy or whatever, when she is the de jure PKR President that is not the government. Wakakaka.
    When you dont have power you promise everything. When you have power you take back everything. Wakakaka. Isnt that what politics is about.???
    How come the de facto PKR President is silent No brains is it.???
    Maybe Anwar is smart by pushing the shit on to his wife. Becuz whoever promises autonomy is too weak to be PM of Malaysia. Wakakaka.
    Whatever their startegy is, I think it is "otak bonsai".
    Another metephor / peribahasa .???
    Nice read, Mr KT Wahahaha.

  7. 1) Secession is out of the question. The federal govt will treat it as treason and will
    arrest the ringleaders, and all of the rest will then be quiet. Dream on.

    2) Those who are asking for 100% of the petroleum wealth (obviously looking
    towards Brunei as example) are not representative of the majority's opinion. Sabah
    & Sarawak is not Brunei, as part of the federation, will have to surrender the

    3) Autonomy is not limited to immigration control. The fact that Project IC can be
    carried out with impunity, and that petroleum rights are federal prerogatives are
    examples of non-autonomy.

  8. Sakmongkol has an interesting take on the issue.

  9. Clap clap clap ... bravo KT, good analysis there.

    Almost everyone can see that the leadership in PKR are of non-Mensa grade. They are bandying around with terms like autonomy without really thinking through the ramifications. But never mind they'd obviously tell themselves, the most important thing is to occupy Putrajaya first and then we will deal with this autonomy thingy, whatever it means. We will cross that bridge when we come to it lah, is what they will say to themselves in their own mind.

    1. Anon,
      Whether autonomy kah or decentralisation kah, it's just a matter of semantics. The real issue is that all power centralised in putrajaya. Hence, like I say, it's just a matter of poor choice of words. Second, as for the details, just look at what Najib is proposing. Hmm....
      In kaytee's perverted mind, anything comes out from PKR is wrong so long that it's run by Anwar because Kaytee's sister's cat has been raped by Anwar nong nong time ago. Go google george wallace

  10. Full autonomy, as someone rightly mentioned, is not just limited to immigration control. They would have their own parliament and Speaker, their own courts, their own religious ruling on what name to call their own god, their own national language, their own school curriculum without having to have distorted History subject forced down their throats as a compulsory pass subject, their own army and soldiers (?), their own gazetted public holidays, their own civil service without the need to have forced-down quota specified by the Fed gomen. It would definitely NOT have politicians from the West wanting to islamise and malay-nise their people and most importantly, they will be able to clean out their few millions who illegally came over via Project IC. And last but not least, they would have a very very big say on how much of the oil moolah be given out to the leaches in the West.

  11. Wan Azizah was the Malaysia version of Lurleen Wallace. Who the fuck is Lurleen Wallace? To kaytee's entertainment

  12. Introducing George Wallace

    So is George Wallace a bigot fucking cibai pile of shit after 1972? Gotcha kaytee. Hahahaha! ok la, Wallace is a politician la. So vote or no vote for him during the 70s. Hahahaha! Wallce did his flip flop with style unlike kaytee's loverboy. George Wallace is a status symbol of what third force is about. Hahahahaha

  13. Wan Azizah was an opthalmic surgeon, a brilliant gold medal medical student, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, no less, before the events of 1998 forced her to take up the struggle for justice for her husband.
    I doubt she is lacking in grey matter, but she's not really made up to be a politician.

    The autonomy issue does need further explanation.
    My experience with rural Sabah has convinced me they need to have much greater say in their own affairs, and things will never improve as long as they are just another state in Malaysia - this even if BN is toppled from power in Putrajaya.

    There is no straight line logical path that says autonomy invariably leads to secession. Historically, it is a lack of autonomy or fake autonomy in an unjust position which leads to violent secessionist movements among minorities. Both Russia and China's cosmetic autonomous regions are case in point.
    If the political elite in KL does not wise up to this, things can become very flaky for Malaysia in future.
    Real Autonomy , applied wisely, can be a vital safety valve in such cases. The key part is ensuring a sufficient level of national identity so that the country still holds together. I wouldn't know the final answer, that's something Malaysia needs to work out in future.

    1. Rocketman,
      Nobody say that Azizah lacks of grey matter but I agree just lurleen wllace, she's the kinda stood by her man type.
      I agree with you. The keyword is decentralisation. Another kinda autonomy. Kaytee wanna bullshit us that autonomy may lead to secession. Perhaps, we should remind kaytee about the autonomous state in Canada called Quebec. Quebecois used french to parle with each other. Hahahaha

    2. and my dear looes, didn't Quebec attempt secession twice through referendums which thankfully for Canada were lost but in the 2nd one in 1995, only by a very slim margin. Prior to the 2nd, the state of New Brunswick out on the east, which would have been cut off from the rest of Canada by an independent Quebec, threatened it would join the USA if Quebec succeeded in the secession. There were plans to have a 'land bridge' to enable the eastern provinces like New Brunswick to remain connected to the rest of (central and western) Canada. \


    3. Again my reply to you? Did Quebec succeeded? Secondly, does it matter whether the word autonomy is used? If people wanna leave Malaysia, they would do it anyway. The fucking problem with you is that you can't get away over with Anwar simply because once upon a time, he screwed your sister's cat.
      When you come across the person called George Wallace, what comes into your mind?

    4. looes, I didn't expect you to twist and turn your words - wasn't it that you asked: "Kaytee wanna bullshit us that autonomy may lead to secession. Perhaps, we should remind kaytee about the autonomous state in Canada called Quebec"

      and I prove to you that it did lead to attempted secession. While the Quebec case were of legal approaches to secession (being the westerners they are) those didn't succeed, but it nonetheless showed that autonomy could lead to attemptSSS at secession, so don't twist and turn to say there was no secession wannabe. Your argument wasn't on whether a secession would succeed, but whether autonomy could lead to secession (or its attempt),

      In Canada-Quebec it was all done in a civilized legal way; in Sabah it may well be bloody different

    5. Kaytee,
      Simple question? Did Quebec secede from Canada? Second, didn't I say before whether you attempted autonomy OR NOT in certain particular region, so long that people want out, people would eventually succeeded in doing so. One good fucking example is Ireland. By the special branch originated from UK where they used it against Irish seperatist.
      It males me extremely tickle that the word autonomy would spook Malaysia into total collapse of Malaysia. Of course, in Malaysia case, it's in the best interest of federal government even your nemesis or so called sicko anwar that east malaysia not to secede due to one simple fact. Money. Result matters, Kaytee.
      Northern Ireland was under direct rule

    6. The curious case of Switzerland. To refresh kaytee understanding, switzerland made up of 26 cantons (state or province) which is extremely autonomous. How autonomous is it? Let see the facts

      Each cantons got their own constitution, courts & government. All cantons are equal in status. Thus de facto sovereign state in Switzerland........Simple question : Does Switzerland go kaput?

      Sudah mampuskah Kaytee? Admit it, your beeft with anwar clouded your judgement. Let it go. Wallace did it & he was elected as Alabama governor with substantial black votes in 1983. Surprise! Surprise! What the fuck Wallace did in 1960s that make Anwar's heneious crime look like child play

      Yes Kaytee.....Perhaps, you expect Anwar to kneel down in order to be forgiven.....But then would you? Especially your HATRED run deep

      Kaytee may be expecting anwar to do this.......Hahahaha

    7. Once during my working life, I spent a miserable one month on assignment in Montreal, cold, surrounded by people who refuse to speak English (refuse, because I knew they were bl*dy well English literate).

      I stand by my comment that autonomy can be a crucial safety valve for a community which is quite different from the rest of the country.
      Its the other way round. If the rest of Canada had refused to give French Quebecers their autonomy and insisted on One-Size fits all Anglo-Canada, I'm very sure Quebec would been gone by now, one way or another.

    8. I felt that kaytee has a misguided notion on autonomy. Or rather because kaytee still upset that anwar has done bad things towards his sister's cat. Anyway, I am all for decentralisation, following the german method. Actually spanish method is quite the same as the german. Let the locals decide how to run their affairs. Wait a minute. That's what kaytee demanded from anwar's pkr party. Ah so why so different if the mere word of autonomy be given to sabah & sarawak........Malaysia will surely go kaput meh

  14. Kaytee,
    So how? Nothing to say. Switzerland made of 26 independent states or camtons. Each cantons with its own law, constitution, court, parliament, tradition & EVEN THE FUCKING CIBAI language. Did Switzerland go kaput? Nien. Nothing much to say, kaytee. Nothing to twist & shout.
    Actua;;y it's overcentralisation in the hands of few causes the country to go kaput. Seen how Persia can be beaten by boy loving (such as you) greeks. Hahahaha. Aiyo kaytee, admit it la, you lost

    1. One has to look at the historical background. Look at Switzerland against ours.

    2. That's a pathetic reply from u, KT!

      What so special about the swiss's historical background that made them about to do the 'impossible' as u claimed?

      Could it be that their democratic culture is so prevalent & mature that they CAN do it, while jaguh kampong like us, ordinary M'sians, cant!

      Sound more like a show of inferority minion psychic trace!

      We dont have to go through what the swiss had been through. There is a short cut known as learning from the history. The ONLY thing that's imperative to achieve that stage of mindset is to do what others r lack off - sort of think out of the box approach.

      The current M'sian politikus might lsck such thinking. It doesnt mean there r NO M'sians capable of thinking through such possibilities.

      KT, sometimes I just wonder whether r u just a 'banana' in thought. Never be able to break the sackle of the higher & better western culture.

      Back to the autonomy question - it might not be a bad thing at all iff we could modelling along the swiss setup. It would be a true de-centralization of administrative power on religional setup, with the exception of the defence of the whole sovereignty against foreign invasion as a whole.

      The only problem is to get the right mindset & courage to initiate it. The East M'sians r NOT to be implicitly colonized by the P M'sians, after agreeing to join Malaya as equal partners of the four to form M'sia. We shouldnt let the incident similar to the S'pore expelsion to happen again.

      The East M'sians could do that if they think they have had enough of the P M'sians exploitation. They have suffered enough injustice due to the neglects & manipulations by the politikus of both sides.

      KT would be right to indicate that that process eould be bloody. But what have the destituted East M'sians got to lost? All it takes it enough awakening in their nationhood sense. & they have, while this momentum is simmering at the background, the BN govt is making hay while the sunshine last. They DONT care & saddest of all they dont known what to do.

      So, PR's autonomy proposal is a good start to maintain the whole of M'sia as it is now stand.

    3. Again what about our historical background. Are Sabah & Sarawak related to us through common history? Why so many pusing2? If you are not careful, you lose your head. Like Rocket man saying, with or without even a mere autonomy, people wanna cabut, you can't keep them. I wonder if Najib were to announce greater autonomy, would you kutuk najib? Hahahaha

  15. KT,

    Do u REALLY know WHY S'pore was expelled, just 2 years after agreeing to join Sabah & Sarawak with The federation of Malaya to form a new Federation of M'sia in 1963?

    Before repeating the often-told grandmother stories, as stated by Tunku/TanSS, & the sharped-tongue version of LeeKY, THINK carefully for a man of yr research caliber!

    This is a related & yet challenging issue to what u'd started about secession & loose74's autonomy takes.

    1st - Sabah & Sarawak joined the Federation of M'sia with an ADDED appendices of 20- & 18-points agreement, respectively, on top of the amended Federal Constitution of M’sia, to cater for the new members.

    2nd - Wouldnt the brilliant Machiavellian-minded LeeKY drafted a similar agreement for S'pore? Would it be revealed before/after LKY passes on? This is NO conspiracy theory.

    3rd - could it be bcoz of the existence of such an agreement that S'pore was expelled rather than been granted an autonomy status?

    Bearing in mind that the E M'sia states were looped-in, then, to balance out the 'sensitive' numerical population distribution among the major races. Sadly, now their usefulness is ONLY in acting as the ‘fixed-deposit’ for BN’s continuous hold on to political power.

    If one reads the FC of M’sia, one would have noticed that Sabah/Sarawak has NO right of secession after joining the new Federation. This clause would have applied to S'pore too, yes?

    To the mind of Tunku/Umno, there couldnt be such a co-existence of special Malay/E M'sia natives positions vis-a-vis an autonomy region where this special Malay/E M'sia natives positions had NO role, even with set time frame. & since they were been caught with their own no-secession clause, the ONLY way out was to expel S’pore.

    & as we all know, LKY didnt give an inch on that note on special position clause! LKY was against expulsion bcoz it would have made the sopo-economical development of S’pore that much difficult, with limited natural resources.

    But LKY has played the triumph card of human resource to the fullness, with the help of the ‘联邦人’, no thanks to the policy of ketuanan of M’sia. & S’pore flights in all sopo-economical fronts, as witness now.

    So, why such a dirty word of autonomy for S’pore then? Why the same for the East M’sia states of Sabah & Sarawak?

    Using KT’s own logic – it would mean S’pore would have seceded later, if autonomy was granted. This, as we know now, is never what Harry wanted. & the FC of M’sia forbids that!

    Same for the East M’sia States then.

    Except now with the S’pore model, the East M’sia States r awakening to the fact that they could do without P M’sia for the betterment of themselves. So the offer of greater autonomy to them by PR is a JUST & Right move! Or else, there would be blood!

    1. one only secede under certain circumstances such as "if with abundant natural resources, going it alone would be better off" or "under intolerable;le oppressive conditions, regardless of natural resources, going it alone would be better off"

      read also my published 16 Sep 2010, and published 11 Aug 2013

    2. So which bring me back to my point. Autonomy or no autonomy, people wanna go means go