Saturday, November 02, 2013

A/The Chinese recommending Tanda Putera

Can Ridhuan Tee Abdullah please move aside please. We have a new man in town to take your place. He is Tan Keng Liang of the Gerakan Party.

Tan is a supporter of, gasp gawd omigosh, the film Tanda Putera stating that "it’s a privilege for the voters in Sg Limau to watch the movie," while admitting he too had watched the film but had had to pay RM10 for presumably that 'privilege'.

A privilege? For a Chinese to see Tanda Putera?

Oh, how Ridhuan Tee has Tan become? Wait, no, my apologies to Pakcik Ridhuan, Tan is worse considering Pakcik is Melayu, wakakaka, whilst Tan is Chinese.

* and if I mention 'Malay' and 'Chinese' frequently in this post, I'm only keeping in line with the spirit of Tanda Putera, wakakaka

But far far worse, Tan has lamentably omitted mentioning that the film's producer, Persona Pictures, had recently apologized to Lim Kit Siang for the reckless and irresponsible bullshit in the official Facebook page of Tanda Putera of a captioned photograph showing allegedly Lim Kit Siang urinating on the flagpole in the Selangor MB's residence on 13 May 1969.

In the film, there is (still) a scene of an ethnic Chinese man urinating on a flagpole at the MB residence. The film's Facebook page had been reckless and irresponsible in seemingly providing details on the identity of the urinating Chinese man in the film.

At that time, Lim Kit Siang (fortuitously) so happened to be in Sabah, yet it did not deter the film-makers from presenting such gross bullshit.

Quite frankly, if Lim KS then wasn't in Sabah and had done what was bullshittedly alleged, I have no doubt he would then have been chopped into mincemeat by the already gathering angry mob.

But the film, released in August, obdurately or sinisterly still features the scene, that of an ethnic Chinese man urinating on a flagpole at the MB residence.

The Malay Mail Online reported that Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng, a former senior officer with the police Special Branch (and probably the man who won the insurgency war for Malaysia against the Malaysian Communist Party) said that the urination scene in the film is a complete fabrication.

Yuen stated, “I can also confirm with you, as I was on duty at the time, that the urination incident never happened.”

He lambasted Shuhaimi Baba, the director of Tanda Putera for still keeping the fabricated scene in the film, saying that an incident of such provocative nature with the potential for unnecessary tension should have been researched properly, and if I may add to Tan Sri's lambasting, never irresponsibly presented in the film as if it was a historical fact.

I leave it to your intelligence to guess what was the aim of that irresponsible and 'complete fabrication' being still shown in the film.

Is Tan Keng Liang aware of this? Privilege to see the movie eh?

Cornered with that Facebook lie, Persona Pictures apologized, “We, Messrs Pesona Pictures Sdn Bhd, unreservedly apologise to Mr Lim Kit Siang for the embarrassment caused by the aforementioned publication which is devoid of truth.”

I hope Tan Keng Liang understand the English term of 'unreservedly apologize'. It would normally be issued when a libellous lie or mistake cannot be conveniently argued away.

But whatever, the credibility of that so-called historical film has been severely tainted, indeed very badly by its sinister aim of presenting not only a provocative and highly inflammable photograph in the film's Facebook page which its producer admitted is devoid of truth and has since apologized for, but also insistently, the urinating scene in the film which demonizes Chinese.

Yet, Tan Keng Liang has lamentably failed to mention a single word on the above 'complete fabrication', one totally 'devoid of truth' about Lim Kit Siang, nor mentioned that Tan Sri Yuen had stated unequivocally there was no such urination incident involving a Chinese at the MB's residence, ...

... but could even bring himself to recommend this film with its fabricated scene which is a gross unmitigated affront to Chinese Malaysians.

While Tan Keng Liang is in BN (Gerakan) and Lim KS is in Pakatan (DAP), both being political foes, Tan's recommendation to Sg Limau voters to enjoy the privilege of seeing a credibility-lacking Tanda Putera does raise issues about Tan's sense of fairness and his credentials to represent Chinese Malaysians.

Tan Keng Liang had prior and leading up to the 2013 GE been particularly vocal. I had ignored him as I suspected he was attempting to catch the party's or BN's attention, ...

... but as a Chinese, his regrettable and bizarre recommendation to Sg Limau's voters of Tanda Putera as a 'privileged' viewing has shocked me.

Tan Keng Liang's action has surely put him in the same sad league as MIC's Kamalanathan who could bring himself to hug Ibrahim Ali, and Collin Tiew (in February 2012 the Sri Desa MCA branch chairperson) who was together with Ibrahim Ali in the white ang pow incident.

I couldn't bring myself to post his photo here. Pordah!


  1. Tan is right. Accept Tanda P and the like, this nation will be Shangrila! WAKAKAKA

  2. Guess the scales need balancing, can't let "uncle IB" have all the fun in making moronic statements, about time , a Chinese version of Ibrahim Ali came about and give the Ori Ibrahim some competition as to who can make Dumber statements.. just please do not take up the cause to champion the community.."Gerak kan" their bottoms out of the way..

  3. Tan Keng Liang aka Ah Ber during his teens. Unfortunately, I was his schoolmate, to be more precise, his classmate. Nobody ever likes him. Can't imagine how such a person like him can ever become a leader of certain men. It only meant that Gerakan is no longer relevant and a party that only still exist because of themselves, no longer for the RAKYAT. Ah ber ah, be quiet la. Don't spew nonsense just because you have to speak up and be heard like Rta.

  4. In the Sg Limau constituency, there are 25,400 Malays and 1,900 Chinese voters.
    In GE13, PAS won 13,294 against BN's 10,520 votes, with a majority more than all the Chinese voters there.
    So it's a lost cause to try to swing the Chinese voters, even if he can achieve the herculean task of getting 100% Chinese votes.
    So he does a Ridhuan/Nordin/Ibrahim caper to help BN get Malay swing votes.

  5. If you think this is about getting it right then you are solely fucked-up! This is about rectifying a colosal mistake made in history.

    Letting a snake fish (Ikan haruan) in an aquarium of gold fish is down right ugly. That was what happened when hardworking, money hungry,weaslth accumulating,predetory Chinese species were given citizenship in Malaya.

    Can we condemn the snake fish ? Absolutely not. It is just being itself but letting it freely roam the aquriam is downright cruel to the Gold fish.Either contain it or exterminate it completely. And I think it is about time.

    All this criticing Tanda Putri is just a shadow play. If the smake fish is not contained the gold fish be eaten and the feast has long began. So wake up Malays and defend yourself from this onslaught.


    1. Again it has to come to race. Malay la, Chinese la, Indian la n lain lain la. What is wrong with just being Malaysian? All races of Malaysian have contributed to our country's development so just hidup sama sama la. Susah sangat kah? Apalah...

    2. CB,

      Chinese is not the only immigrant brought into early Malaya. There r others, too.

      So the ikan haruan title should cover these group too!

      If so, then here lies yr faulty comparison.

      1)if the others r groupped in, then the question that should be asked is why these predators could survive a harsh environment & yet the gold fish couldnt?

      The ikan haruan doesnt have the game trophy hanging to them as if it is falling from the sky. They earned it with life, blood, sweat, & tear.

      Now, if the existing environment was tough, how could the seemingly 'gentle' gold fish survive in it in the first place? Either they were no gold fish or eventually the environment would have wiped them out completely, without any helps from the ikan haruan!

      2)if they r not gold fish then natural competiton is the call of the day. Survivor of the most adapted! There would be survivor from the pseudo-'gold fish' that made it into the league. Competing equally with the ikan haruan for a place in the aquarium. The pseudo-'gold fish' tribe would be proud of it's champion.

      3)if they r truly gold fish, then eventually they would be wiped out through natural selection alone, predators or not. This is the way of Allah.

      In fact, using gold fish as the description for these Melayu, u have invitably admitted that they r genetically weak. They r NOT - with proven ability in living on that harsh land for so long.

      Perhaps, deep down u r trying to emalute yr story with the situations like those that happened with the native American & the European immigrant. Or the Inca with the Spanish conquistador.

      The comparison is fraud. The European & the Spanish came with the might of fire power & most of all - a single-mindedness to 'elevated' the locals to their gospel & way of life.

      The early immigrants to Malaya has no such power & intention. In fact, they shared their espirations so as to gain independent. So what historical imbalances r u talking about? Aint the Melayu now enjoying MOST of the tolled efforts of the iearlier immigrants, with the least input except racial slur, conditioned inferority complex, &s iege mentality?

      The ideal of sharing power & way of lives with the natives, were alien to the Europen in the American continent, until the very much later stage of their nationhood.

      BTW, this analogy was fished from one of the books on the history of America. Nice try! Ooop.....

    3. If that be so, how come there are so many gold fish? After all, gold fish don't have to work, yet food is still aplenty. So who FEED the gold fish actually?

  6. dearie dearie me my dear Vango, what can I say! You have followed the footsteps of your currently-rather-quiet-as-a-mouse idol, Waythamoorthy, wakakaka.

    And BTW has he achieved his SARSI yet wakakaka - see wakakaka

  7. ya, an infested dog will urinate onto his grave one day when he goes six feet underground. and defecate too onto the grave of the film producer when she kaput, no?

  8. it takes two to tango leh! for better & for worse. huanaa (esp umnoputeras) without cina surely cannot survive & can the cina survive without the native?

    1. I think every cina got no hesitation to answer that simple question but what is the use. We are all here n now. Just have to learn again to live with each other once more. Being divided only benefits politicians. 1Malaysia. Not referring to ah jib bull 1Malaysia. My 1Malaysia.

    2. 'We are all here n now. Just have to learn again to live with each other once more. Being divided only benefits politicians'.

      glad you realised this & well said! we can't change history as much as we can't choose our parents. let's live on geography & prosper together on this blessed land.

  9. I don't believe you have even seen the movie. Its not a racist movie as LGE makes it to be. No one is affected or offended by the movie. Its the siege racist mindset thinking anything to do with Malay is racist that pushed LGE to abuse his power to ban the movie in Penang. We really have sick politicians.

    1. CBMF,

      Have u seen it? I think not!

      Not a racist movie?

      Then why do u think they shown it, free, during the current Kedah by-election to mostly who? For those who had ssen this longkang production, the message is very clearly protracted by that speeches at harun's house. That is also where the scene of urinating occurred.

      No one is affected & offended? Tell them to those May13 victim's next-of-kins. How twisted in yr heart & soul can u be? U r a true disgrace to yr race & religion.

      Iff this movie is about razak & Ismail, then CB, u r solely fucked-up, indeed. On 2nd thought, u r, in yr usual hypocritical way.

      We do have many sick polticians that r been assisted by scum like u to help them propagating lies for a fee.

      Just like this Gerakan low-life, hoping to get a gaji-buta post from the state, for so saying its a privilage rather than a rude insult to one's optical &/or moral sense.

      He is just like u, lying to earn a favour from u-know-who, who has a conditioned siege racist mindset.

    2. Why not show this movie......Ellese

      very good one

  10. What's wrong with the movie? We should be focusing on more important issues like GST. Agree with Ellese A that opposition are overreacting over the movie. Even LGE abusing power to ban the movie in Penang. Is there anything wrong in screening the movie? Let people judge it.
    I think Tan Keng Liang just be sarcastic and ask people to watch it. Let's see first before judging it.

    1. LIM GE "banning" the film is nonsense. He merely advise people from seeing it.

      See my posts

      also read another

    2. What's it wrong watching this movie? It'd be broadcast in secondary school.....Katie

  11. Most of you are dog forsaken nim witts !! Just too difficult to educate. Always failing to the understand the core of contention instead fucking with the shadows.

    It ain't nothing about Lim Kit Shit urinating on the stick bubba. It is the Yin Yang thinkgie that is out of whack and needs to be rebalanced. There is no such a thing as Malaysian.

    As to the nature of gold fish all you have to do is ask James W. W. Birch. He is still screaming loud and clear from his grave. If you need a living proof just take a look at Ibrahim Ali.

    You just can't stop sucking on Waythamoorthy's dick, can you ?


    1. has he a dick for me to suck, wakakaka

    2. Kaytee,
      Sheer vulgarity is my trade mark. Kindly deposit your money! Time to watch monty python

  12. I have to admire Tan Keng Liang for his correct reading of what it takes to succeed in Gerakan....i.e. play the UMNO supporting role to the fullest. Attack , attack DAP/Pakatan and paint UMNO in the best possible light.

    Reminds me of Koh Tsu Koon waving a big Keris, trying to desensitize the Chinese to UMNO Youth's Keris play.
    Tan has had a meteoric rise in Gerakan, from a minor Alor Setar member to Gerakan National Youth Chief in a just a few years.
    The man has a very bright future in Gerakan....whether Gerakan itself has a bright future is very questionable indeed.

    I've actually watched Tanda Putera....lousy movie.....
    I must say it is not overtly racist, but....there is an unmistakable undertone that paints the Chinese as principally culpable.

  13. Let me say this rather conservatively.

    If you compare the mental and academic abilities of the "Malay" you cannot but conclude they are THE bottom. I simply cannot have a intellectual conversation with almost all the Malays I have met. This is basically a given and "every non-malay" know this instinctively. Perhaps about 1% of the "Malays" can be at best average.

    But if I have to choose between living in a Malay society and any other society I would definitely choose the Malay. Collectively they have something that the educated world have lost or loosing rapidly. The Malay intelligent is not based upon precision but on aggregate and harmony. Not classical logic but collective peace. And above all spiritual serenity.

    The presence of snake fish is destroying this precious quality. And behind every degenerate Malay politician there is always a Predatory Chinese species. Haruan has to go man !!


    1. and presumably in your Vango world, the Hindraf Indians are top, wakakaka

    2. That is why, KT, in one Dr Mamak, he's the epitome of 'collective peace' and 'spiritual serenity'....being the perfect marriage of the "malay" genes and the "indian" top genes ! Wa ka ka ka.

    3. CB,

      Ever heard of birds of same feathers, flock together? That's one of the reason u encountered those Melayu. The only other reason is that subconciously, u think the situation make u stand out. Never mind in the eyes of the others, among the flock, u r just like what u think they r.

      That lead to the reason of why u choose to live among them. Not for the so called collective peace & spititual serenity, simply bcoz u think u can do what that mamak did to them yrself!

      Jusr read what u had wrtten - one paragraph of degrading comments about the Melayu, follow by an emotive uplifting praise. What a fine art in fork-tongue mastery! Bravo, u & that mamak must have that same gene sequence in dominant!

      Behind every degenerate Melayu extremist setup, there is Always a manipulative fork-tongue species. Perkasa is one & no where else than those highly vocal 'constitutionslised' Melayu of Penang.

    4. There is a reason why I used the word Malay in double quote; to differentiate the legal Malay and the real Malay.

      But predatory snake fish could not, would not and will not ponder at the differences because they are so busy fucking everyone else. Believe me this will not end well.

      In another note, with Dr. Mamak the "Malay" cause would have been a lost cause a long time ago. One of the greatest thing he did was to depose Tunku and lay the road for ratification. Tunku would have sold the "Malay" to the Chinese for a bottle of fermented dog piss !!

      Sooner or later but i think sooner that colossal mistake made in history will be ratified. We may send back Bukit Cina back to China.


    5. and then you and your Hindraf mates, wakakaka, will have your SARSI wakakaka, where you will no doubt enjoy:

      **A minimum of 20 Opposition members of Parliament are elected exclusively by the Indian Community to represent their interest at the highest political level and also as a Parliamentary Democracy check and balance and the same is safeguarded and entrenched into the Federal Constitution and which is to be increased proportionately with the increase in Parliamentary seats. [Hindraf's Point No 18],** wakakaka, and

      **20% of the Government top most level postings (Secretaries General), Middle level Management (Directors) and management level postings, and the same for the Private Sectors, and positions of District Officers, Foreign and Diplomatic Service positions, civil service positions are reserved for Indians for the next 15 years.** [Hindraf Point No 7, wakakaka

      Dream on my dear Vango, wskakaka

    6. CB,

      Read yr take;

      'If you compare the mental and academic abilities of the "Malay" you cannot but conclude they are THE bottom. I simply cannot have a intellectual conversation with almost all the Malays I have met. This is basically a given and "every non-malay" know this instinctively. Perhaps about 1% of the "Malays" can be at best average.'

      How many 'the word Malay in double quote' r there as compare to 'the word Malay without double quote'?

      Could it be in yr Freudian slip, yr fork-tongue shown? Wakakaka.

      BTW dont flatter yrself, Douwd race?

      Now u wante to double cross yr fork-tongue disguise & uplift yrself to be on par with Shiva! On 2nd thought, perhaps u do think that the fork-tongue shares the same gene with Shiva.

      Then what about the long cherish Aryan part? Another masterly skill in forked-tongue? Ouch.....

    7. Just focus on the double quote will you. And why do I need to flatter myself ? I AM that I AM and I make no apologies for that.

      And fuck all the Freudian Shit and Aryan Pigs. Focus on the Chinese Shit. That is where all the venom is !!


      You have been barking up the wrong tree dear boy. When you make the wrong assumption you make an ass of yourself. And this is nothing new to you!


  14. That's one of the reasons why the Chinese rejected them. Only good at polishing shoes. If Umno ask them to eat shits they will probably do and may even say it taste nice.A disgrace to the Chinese.

    1. They don't mind polishing shoes and even eating long as they become fabulously wealthy in the end.

  15. Kayatee:

    What is wrong with you man ?? You seem to lack the third component of the Hegelian dialectics. Do me a favor...kill yourself please!!!


  16. Even if I can oblige you, I can't because I am of a Douwd race. This is something you have to do yourself. Sorry.


    1. ... which proves you have essentially a destructive nature, a qualification which suits you to be in Hindraf wakakaka

    2. If I want to be destructive , I would have done in an instant to the predetory Chinese species as I have done to the Husnak.

      Fuckers like you just keep writing a whole bunch of nothing. Who do you think the "Malays" need to get rid of next to preserve their existence??

      There is a lot of similarity between "Malays" and the native of Fiji. And the same destructive element in Fiji is also present in Malaysian and the "Malays" need to pay attention to this also but top priority is the predatory Ikan Haruan .


  17. RPK's true colour........Hahahahaha! Make Mukriz relevant to tui lam Najib......WHAT THE FUCK

    UMNO throws in everything to win Sungai Limau...and still can't make it...

    Its the damned treacherous Chinese again ....even after receiving RM 1 Million for their SRJKC in Yan.

  19. Well just look at what our Chinese hater got for his "performance"? Heard that he became a "FULL" professor in 7 short years. Can't blame this Tan fella for trying his luck after all in GERAKAN the field is wide open for everyone. Who knows what's in store for him for his "bodeking"....

  20. This a Malay land.
    Just accept it and move on.

    1. CB,

      After losing an argument, this is all u could say!

      Might is Right?

      What a disgrace & desecration to a religion that yr race used to pre-identify for qualification as a race!

      BTW, this is NOT Malay land - u people r NOT the Orang Asal & Orang Asal is NOT Melayu!

      Remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The Orang Asal is the white elephant in the room that the immigrant Malays from Indonesia studiously avoided.....that's the most convenient way to' justify' themselves, after having swamped over this land, started breeding like mad, swallow everything like the ever hungry voracious locusts, including the oil rights of the indigenous people of the East, changing all the history books according to their own whim and fancy without supporting facts...and NOW suddenly they are the real, original boomipooteras and NOW they started this myth that this is Malay Land...Pordah !