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Is Dr M to UMNO what Samy Vellu is to MIC?

(a) Malay Mail Online = BN loss in Sungai Limau signals Dr M’s waning influence, says DAP

“It is clear that Mahathir’s influence has receded with this win,” Zairil, the son of a former Umno minister, told The Malay Mail Online last night after the official results announced a PAS victory by a lowered 1,084-vote margin.

(b) TMI - Sungai Limau by-election results: Is this the end of Mahathirism?

When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad descended on Sungai Limau during the last hours of campaigning on November 3, one longtime PAS activist from Alor Star described it as a “relief”.

“Many people in Sungai Limau come from a religious education background,” said the activist, referring to the community of teachers, students and parents involved in the area’s clutch of private and public Islamic schools, which are nationally renowned.

“They still remember how Mahathir used to run down PAS and our Islamic state concept,” said the activist of the former prime minister’s endless tirades against PAS in the few years before he resigned in 2003.

Personally I don't agree with the the DAP view that PAS' victory in Sungai Limau spells the end of Mahathirism or the waning of Mahathir's power.

Sungai Limau has long been a PAS stronghold thus one could even argue, if one wants to, that Mahathir's campaigning there helped slash the majority PAS had enjoyed in the May 2013 state election by half, thus indicating he is still influential.

I suspect DAP's attempts to link PAS victory in its traditional stronghold of Sungai Limau to 'evidence' of Mahathir's waning influence (or even the end of the so-called Mahathirism) as merely a psychological campaign to demoralize the pro Mahathir forces in UMNO and Perkasa.

However, as written two paragraphs above, I stated that "one could even argue ... yadda yadda ...", which incidentally I'm not, because while I believe Mahathir's political influence in UMNO has indeed waned as indicated in Mukhriz loss in UMNO's VP race, it has nothing to do with the expected PAS victory.

Indeed, no matter how influential Dr Mahathir might still have been, it'd have been unlikely his campaigning in Sungai Limau could topple PAS in the Islamic party's stronghold  especially when the previous PAS ADUN had recently passed away and would be a factor in ensuring the PAS by-election candidate receive sympathy votes.

My aim in disputing DAP's claim is principally to show it had not been a correct assumption but rather, as I suspect, a psychological strike against Dr Mahathir's supporters in UMNO and Perkasa.

In fact I wonder what brought about the quite substantial reduction in majority in the PAS victory as compared to the May 2013 results.

But I suspect the local Chinese have been disenchanted with PAS because its previous state government had through its religious-based policies, intruded offensively into Chinese affairs like dress codes for the Chinese very non-Islamic festivals - see my February 2013 post More power to koe-tai - and perhaps also the PAS state government's increase in reserved housing for Malays in the state from 30% to 50%, and who knows, even the abattoir cerita.

Also, PAS' Kelantan state government has troubled many Chinese by their similar (legislated) intrusions into Chinese affairs, as an example, in the hair-dressing salon incident.

Then, PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan made stupid statements that abandoned babies (through illicit births) were the result of non-Muslim events like Valentine's Day and New Year's Day celebrations.

Malaysiakini reported in 2010 in its Valentine's Day blamed for baby dumping that Nasrudin Hassan had blamed the festivity celebrations on those two days as encouraging free sex that led to ... yadda yadda yadda ... culminating in baby dumping.

Nasrudin claimed: "It's an indication that the 'mating season' occurred during the New Year's Day celebrations."

Balderdash, my dear Yang Amat Alim, New Year's Days and Valentine’s Days have been celebrated all over the world, yet we don’t see our kind of baby dumping in those foreign countries. Why?

Tell you a bloody secret mate ..... because their societies are far more humane, compassionate, caring, supportive and most important of all, less misogynistic.

Misogynistic? Please read my 2006 post Wives not satisfying husbands are abusive!

And incidentally Nasrudin, what about those numerous cases of incest which occurred more frequently in Kelantan and Terengganu than any other states? Have you yet backtracked them 9 months to either New Year's Days or Valentine's Days, or more likely, Budu Days wakakaka - see Has Aphrodisiac Budu Been Responsible?

Stoning women to death, blaming non-Islamic celebrations on baby dumping, blaming women for everything, wanting to punish women – really I dread to think of such leaders for our nations. But ‘tis the nature of the beast.

Early last year I had written in Valentine's Day's wild sex romps & orgies:

Despite its religious sounding name, Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday at all, no, not anywhere, not even in the Roman Catholic World. In fact, in 1969 His Holiness Pope Paul VI wiped out Valentine’s Day from the General RC calendar of saints’ days. Praise His Holy Daddy!

And with that, boyfriends around the world heaved a great sigh of relief until those blasted florists and chocolatiers revive its celebrations, naturally for their commercial interests, as they did by inventing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Soon, if they have their evil ways, every day will be ‘something’ Day.

But notwithstanding all these known commercial interests, somehow, there are some Malaysians, presumably those whose heads are constantly filled with visions of wild sex romps and orgies, who believe that on Valentine’s Day our hormones will somehow exponentially increase to an extent that we would scare even the wildest satyrs and nymphs

But alas, Nasrudin's moronic statement was made worse by Pak Haji Nik Aziz threatening to stone those mothers to death for their 'sins'.

For such a learned man, he showed he didn't understand the social tragedies of babies born out of wedlock being abandoned by their mothers, that those single women involved had been frightened by society's uncaring and cruel attitude into dumping their little ones, much as those acts were cruel and criminal, ...

... only because our society has been not so humane, compassionate, caring, supportive and most important of all, less misogynistic.

Yup, Pak Haji Nik Aziz wanted the death sentence for those mums who no doubt were irresponsible but only because society lacked (and probably still lacks) compassion, social knowledge and conscience, and thus frightened the shit out of them as they must have reckoned they had no way to run to for refuge.

And Pak Haji then shocked us by demanding that illicit (unmarried) lovers be stoned to death.

Stoned to death?!

Obviously Pak Haji's brand of Islam could not be described as 'Compassionate', which makes me a non-supporter of PAS' syariah law, especially its hudud component.

In Malaysiakini’s Karpal locks horns with Nik Aziz over baby dumping, Karpal Singh had then said that the Pak Haji was too harsh - Bhai, you're telling me.

F* I can't get over it, proposing such a punishment such as stoning to death!

It's bad enough to have capital punishment without that Middle-Eastern atrocity, which is best left to the Israelis (remember “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her”?) and Arabs.

Instead Karpal correctly and compassionately proposed that this social problem be studied to understand its root cause.

Karpal said: “I am somewhat disturbed by the statement of Nik Aziz, who not only supports the use of capital punishment for those found guilty of dumping babies but has also asked for those committing illicit sex to be stoned to death."

"Nik Aziz should realize we do not live in primitive times. In the present time and age, the punishment of stoning to death, which is a cruel and unjust punishment, does not, and cannot have a place.”

Anyway, let's get back to the by-election results and the suspected loss by PAS of its previous Chinese support.

Deputy Gerakan chief Cheah Soon Hai has jubilantly crowed that the Chinese community support for BN in the Sungai Limau by-election had increased by 60 to 70%, as evidenced by "... the wresting back of three Chinese areas, namely Sungai Limau, Kabu 10 and Simpang Tiga, by the BN this time."

He triumphantly acclaimed: "We lost these areas in the 13th general election due to the Chinese but this time, these three areas returned to BN's fold."

If Cheah's statements are true, then PAS has lost its previous Chinese support, and I have to say I'm not surprised.

However, I'm more interested in the statement (see TMI report above) by a veteran PAS activist from Alor Setar.

He sincerely or sarcastically or both wakakaka, described Dr Mahathir's turun padang in Sungai Limau as a 'relief', because the local PAS supporters still remember and presumably resent how Mahathir had run down PAS and its Islamic state concept.

In other words, he was saying Dr Mahathir's participation in the by-election campaign had added to UMNO's election woes, contrary to Mukhriz's hopeful expectation.

Does his gleeful statement have any foundation in Dr Mahathir now becoming a liability for UMNO? Will Dr Mahathir be an embarrassing disadvantage to UMNO in campaigning for his party in a by-election, no, in any election, as was the case for his old matey Samy Vellu vis-a-vis the MIC?

Does anyone in UMNO dare to inform The Grand Olde Man that thank you very much, he is not really wanted, wakakaka?

On Samy being an embarrassment to MIC, let me reproduce for you here an old letter by Dodgee Dimsun to Samy Vellu titled 'MGR-ish makeover - a letter to a minister' wakakaka, just for your reading pleasure ;-)


Dodgee Creative Con-Sultan Solutions
12, Jalan Bodek
Taman Kamunting
Pulau Pinang

Yang Berhormat
Datuk Humpty Dumpty


I refer to the timely and fatherly warning you gave to the tambees and tangachees, who are like your owned children, advising them to 'be prepared to pay the price' if they are silly enough to vote for those alien Indians who came to our beloved country on a Rocket, or worse, those PAS candidates.

I cannot understand their ingratitude to your outstanding leadership when against so much odds you have managed to secure for Indian Malaysians at least 1.5% equity of the national wealth from an impossible situation. So what if those Malay and Chinese communities each have 30 or 40% equity when the richest man in Malaysia is an Indian, who by the way owns 1% (of the 1.5%) equity. It is an outstanding fact they should take pride in and cherish. As for the other 0.5% we know it is in ‘safe’ hands.

Yes indeed, have those ingrates failed to realize 'Indian prospects without your leadership would disintegrate'?

Some detractors even had the brazen nerve to stupidly riposte that the Indians need not worry about any prospects disintegrating when after all they have no prospect in the first place to disintegrate. No doubt it was an opposition dirty tricks rumour-mongering that should be dealt with under the ISA. We are aware of your immense contribution in raising the standing of the Indian community within Malaysian society.

But what is insidious about those opposition lies, no doubt spread by unemployed female liars who constitute 80% of Malaysian bloggers, that your nominees have been avoiding you for fear that you would jeopardize their chances of being elected. How dare Malaysiakini put it that you have become among your own people a much feared political liability who is to be shunned during the election campaign.

I was outraged to hear of the opposition ditty:

Aiyoyo, look out look out
Aneh’s somewhere aroun'
What pundee eff-ing rout
Let us all get out of town

What lies! Natuk, we must stress to your most devoted followers the importance of not listening to dangerous people who have no qualms about becoming the tools of foreign nations to damage our country, including national unity and the economy (of which Indian Malaysians hold a magnificent 1.5% equity).

Indeed I have been appalled by the unnecessary, libellous and distorted reporting on you, especially now it is time for the Election 2008.

I have often come across such negative information from that insidious online Malaysiakini. Oh, I can assure you, Natuk, I do not read the provocative Malaysiakini at all.

It was one of my shop assistants (female, as to be expected) who kept feeding me with such insidious news. No doubt she was skiving from her duties (as to be expected of a female) to surf the Internet. I would not be surprised at all if she is one of those lying female bloggers. Well, it will not be long before she acquires the third qualification – unemployment.

Anyway, Natuk, I believe my Dodgee Creative Con-Sultan Solutions can do something for you by addressing those vicious lies.

I propose a full makeover for you into a Malaysian MGR. My team will accord you the complete physical, psychological and emotional enhancements including karaoke training, all within 48 hours. We will turn you into a Puratchi Thalaivar, the Revolting ... er ... Revolutionary Leader. It will be another (Malaysian) Rajakumaari enacted. Your personality and public con-tribution will definitely be worthy of a Bharat Ratna, if not a Tun-ship.

wiki photo

Also a full portfolio will be built up on each trouble maker and forwarded to the ‘Songnai-Seepoot’ Light Brigade for appropriate action. In addition, I will get my team to compose an appropriate ditty to combat that terrible lie, as follows:

Aiyoyo, don’t look so glum
Aneh’s somewhere aroun'
Get ready the hot papadum
C’mon our MGR is in town

I await Natuk’s kind evaluation of Dodgee Creative Con-Sultan Solutions' proposal to combat the opposition lies and to revitalize your most charming brilliant generous image and leadership.

Malaysia Broklenh!

Yang benar

Dodgee Dimsum


  1. Hahahaha ... let's make a guess - enterprising but naughty KT is aiming for a free pass for a lengthy stay at Kamunting Hilton by taking the mickey out of two loathsome old dinosaurs who as everyone can clearly see are sailing full tilt heading towards the "Port of Senescence and Menopausal Decay".

    1. Only that KT is out of reach, having a good time in the land of Oz, with the scarecrow and the woodman...

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  3. Hiya, looes74, thanks for pointing to the 2 U-Tube videos. They are good and very creative too!

  4. @Anon 11:50 pm:

    If Kaytee is angling for an all-expenses paid vacation at Kamunting Hilton he is gonna be sorely disappointed. The reason is simply because his praises of that loathsome twosome are insufficiently fulsome.

    Kaytee should have taken a leaf from Liow Tiong Lay (of the "My dear prime minister, Najib" fame of which Kaytee himself has written about more than once) and slather on the flattery and praises thick - which should about do the trick. :-)

  5. Futile to compare apple with orange !