Monday, November 25, 2013

Satanish Valkyrie

I was so disappointed that no sweeties rang me up or wrote to console me when my name was pasted on a number of online news as being in hot water over an image I had in my post Can sing but cannot read 'Allah' word in Selangor.

Apparently Amir Amsaa Alla Pitchay of Ikatan Rakyat Insan Muslim Malaysia (IRIMM) reported me to the police for making a mockery the Allah-word.

AAAAAaaaaaaalllllllll ....aaaamamak
How dare you accuse my dahleeeng kaytee
I'll send you to Valhalla with my kapak kecil besar


My sin? Dear Amir accused me of posting in my mentioned post a picture of a woman clad in an attire that symbolizes Satan holding a cane. I suppose I have to defer to his expert knowledge because he must be familiar with Satan to know what Old Nick wears and holds, wakakaka ...

... because Richard Wagner and I don't ;-)

Back to sweeties - at least one of them could have written to say, "Now now sweetest kaytee, dont worry lah. I'll visit you when the police throw you in the locker, and bring you some nasi kandar as I'm sure you must be loving nasi kandar right now after Amir has done you in." Wakakaka but really *sigh", not one of them did, which demoralizes me (sob sob).

the one in front will do, wakakaka

Hmmm, I wouldn't dare to say I can now claim my bloggers' 'purple heart' like RPK, Nat Tan, Jed Yoong and Lil' Miss Muffet have done, wakakaka, because I haven't as yet reached their stage and quite frankly I hope not to ;-)

But I wonder whether I am on par with the German below, in terms of a 'scar'? You know, badge of honour and all that, wakakaka.

Now to close, listen to Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries', but don't eat nasi kandar with it, okay? Wakakaka.


  1. "Boooodhiiiisssaaattttt... na aku pi balik rumah no"


    "White angpaaaaaooooooooooooo nak makan tang mana malam ni?"

    Yes? No?

  2. Don't wolly lah KT, you will be safe and sound in Australia even if the police request Interpol to arrest you.
    The Aussies police will ask them to fly kite .

  3. We know who you are , where you can't stay in Australia forever.
    When the time is right, we will get you.........

  4. These IRIMM idiots wouldn't have the faintest clue about Vikings with horned helmets, Valkyries and so on.
    The usual "Constitutional Malay" shit-stirrers, trying to prove they are More Malay than anyone else.

    1. That's the problem with those who have "identity crisis"............

    2. Identity crisis ? nah....far too kind to even categorize them as such. More like coldly calculating how to maximise material gains and power...from anak lelaki/anak perempuan to bin/binti in the blink of an eye, their favourite past time is the use of huge poles stirring humoungous pots of sh*t...the smellier it is the harder they stir. Porrrdahhhhh.......

  5. Allah-mak, KT u in trouble, no worries, come to NZ, Wallabies ask them to fly kites; we'll ask them to fly with the kites !

  6. Did they bother to at least READ your article? I feel they were some how "distracted" by that picture than anything else.............I do hope the Police have BETTER things to do............

  7. Wagner was quite notorious for his anti-Semitic views.
    His works like the Ring of the Nibelungs had strong overtones of German nationalism. Tthe Nazis used the mythos, of which the Valkyries were a part, extensively to promote patriotic fervour.

    These Ketuanan types could probably find a sympathetic resonance with his views.

    1. hah Rocketman, you're not just a pretty face - quite a learned comment. ;-)

  8. Aiyo! Mr KTemoc! You not only singgung the Muslims, but also singgung non-Malays like me! You should go to jail for offending us too! Why? A segment of this video should explain:

    Bhua hahahaha