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'Killing' Khalid softly .....

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What, again?


Malaysiakini - Reps: Why was Azmin silent during pay hike debate?

While Selangor backbenchers club chief Azmin Ali criticises the upcoming pay hike for the state’s elected representatives, other assemblypersons have pointed out that Azmin had been silent while the bill was being debated. 
“When the bill was tabled, debated and passed, he (Azmin) was sitting in the House. He did not even utter a word ... 
“Except for two members, Sekinchan (representative Ng Suee Lim) and Kampung Tunku (representative Lau Weng San) who spoke for the bill, none of the members attending the session debating the bill on remuneration uttered a word of opposition. 
“Even at the third stage of reading, they were sitting in the chambers. So they cannot come and say that they don’t agree now,” said Sungai Pinang assemblyperson Teng Chang Khim when met by reporters today. 
He said that assemblypersons who oppose the bill should have voiced this in the assembly’s proceedings so that it can be recorded in the Hansard.

Well, given the known 'bad blood' between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim, one does have sufficient grounds to venture that perhaps there might have been some naughtiness on the part of the former, wakakaka.

It's common knowledge that Azmin is very very ambitious and in the wake of the 13th general election federal parliamentary results, which alas denied Pakatan majority rule and thus his hope of realizing his dreams of becoming, as I suspect/speculate, Home Affairs Minister, the next best job theoretically now within his grasp would be the Selangor MB position.

But unfortunately for Azmin, PKR does not by itself command majority rule in Selangor, a fortuitous reality which subordinated his MB-aspiration to also the decisions of PAS and DAP, wakakaka.

Mind you, after GE-13 when Selangor’s Pakatan was working their ponderous way towards nominating the MB, Zuraida Kamaruddin, the PKR Wanita chief, unbelievably told DAP and PAS to stay out on the Selangor MB appointment because, now get this most moronic mumbling, the post belonged to PKR and it was for the party alone to decide which of its assembly-persons should be MB, wakakaka.

If that was not of moronic ketuanan magnitude, I don’t know what would then be.

In a media interview she exclaimed whether the PAS and DAP state assembly-persons were gila kuasa (power crazy), wakakaka, without even recognizing the irony of her accusations.

When we bear in mind that those PAS and DAP assembly-persons had nominated a PKR person (not one from PAS or DAP) to be MB, we can easily guess who she was fighting for.

But nonetheless, her ketuanan mindset requires me to paraphrase one of Anwar Ibrahim’s quotes to address her infantile belief that the Selangor MB post belonged to PKR, “So you think this is your father’s state?”

The sheer preposterous presumptuousness of her proprietary claim on the MB position would have been a great joke if not for the disturbing cardinal belief by some in PKR that they possess supreme birthrights above their political allies, one arising out of an indisputable ketuanan mindset.

In addition to the PAS and DAP obstacles for the PKR inner coterie to claim the MB position for their favoured son, PKR's own party president Wan Azizah represented another stumbling block for them as she was like-minded as her Pakatan allies in preferring Khalid to be MB, and it just so happens, indeed very gnam gnam, that Khalid is HRH's preferred choice too.

So that should end the game plan of PKR's inner coterie ... or so you would think, wakakaka.

don't like the pay rise? Donate lah heh heh heh 

Incidentally, Khalid is, as I was informed, currently riding high in HRH's estimates, which may explain what I perceive as his lack of usual deference to his old sponsor, Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka, and his unusual arrogance towards other Pakatan component parties. Nowadays he is seen to be MB-ing with an unusual blustering confidence. For more, read Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

Okay, back on track of current post - Hence Azmin sees Khalid as the major stumbling block to his immediate ambitions, well at least until the 14th general election, wakakaka. 

There is no harm in having wet dreams, wakakaka, but I have to advise dear Azmin that even with a futuristic Pakatan government in Putrajaya there's still no guarantee he'll get what he wants because Pakatan isn't BN where PKR's sire UMNO (like Britannia) alone rules the gelombang (di Sungai Kelang, wakakaka).

Given all these, it would appear from Azmin's silence to the pay rise bill in Selangor's DUN and his subsequent publicly announced objections to the pay rise that he wants to put 'Royal MB' Khalid in an embarrassing spot, where the public and more importantly the party members will see Khalid Ibrahim as an MB who knows how to pad himself up nicely as well as for the Selangor ADUNs, when by contrast, just a short while back he was reputed to be a stingy miser in his reluctance to use some of Selangor's assets to develop the state, ..... at least until he was pressured by both his own party and Pakatan allies to do so.

It's a case of 'killing' Khalid's reputation softly, with complaints about Khalid's alleged extravaganza on the issue of pay rise for ADUNs, wakakaka.

And of course what Azmin does or want done, which currently seems to be to embarrass Khalid Ibrahim in the latter's state policies or actions, you can bet Anwar Ibrahim will obey (wakakaka) oblige his dearest blue-eyed boy. Thus we see or hear Anwar Ibrahim criticizing Khalid on state matters when the Great Man normally doesn't descend down to the lallang because he prefers to deal with high level stuff, wakakaka.

Coming back to Teng Chang Khim's pointed remarks about Azmin being silent during the debate on the bill, the state opposition leader Mohd Shamsudin Lias agrees that Azmin should have spoken up and questioned the bill in the assembly instead of holding press conferences outside.

To paraphrase a popular line from the C of E's Common Book of Prayers (1662), "Therefore if any man can shew any just cause, why they may not lawfully be given the new pay (wakakaka), let him now speak or else hereafter for ever hold his peace."

But, to describe Azmin's suspected intent, in awful agonizing Americanism, that boy ain't gonna hold no peace 'cuz he wanna be state Sheriff, wakakaka.

Indeed, clever cheeky Mohd Shamsudin commented: “If you look closely, this is not an issue of pay hike but a political issue within PKR - that is what I make of it. Azmin has a big political problem between himself and the menteri besar.”

As we are well aware, the PKR inner coterie's spokesperson announced some months ago that PKR won't hold its party election this year (as scheduled) because the party members would supposedly be 'jaded' from the GE-13 campaigns. Compare or rather contrast PKR's postponement to UMNO and DAP recent party elections, warts and all.

To me, it has been an excuse (not a reason) of pure 100% grade bovine dust. Suspicious kaytee reckons that the blue-eyed boy had then realized he was mighty unpopular from the rebukes and rejections he received during the saga surrounding the MB appointment, so a delay in the party polls would be a judicious postponement for his party-presidential cum (perhaps, still) MB aspirations, until he can re-marshal support for his candidature or/and show that Khalid Ibrahim has been a bad choice as MB.

Yesirree, blue-eyed boy must have also realized that the intra-party forces currently against him are formidable, specifically in the persons of the sacrosanct Holy Mum and the very popular Daughter - and don't worry about Khalid as (i) he is snug as a bug in a rug, wakakaka, in his comfort zone as the 'Royal MB' wakakaka again, and (ii) he won't have the guts or natural inclination to compete against Azmin, a reality that Zaid Ibrahim found out 3 years ago, probably much to his immense disgust - for more, see The Poison within PKR - Part III.

So it seems dear blue-eyed boy has somehow dragooned his godfather into being a possible presidential candidate for the PKR 2014 party elections so that he will be on what he believes to be the invincible winning A-A team, against whoever dares compete against iconic Anwar Ibrahim, and of course with an additional bite of the cherry of Father neutralizing the very dangerous (to him) but obedient and loving Mum and filial Daughter, wakakaka.

I'll eat him up easily , if only daddy doesn't ...... wakakaka

Admittedly some PKR members haven't been too happy about Anwar standing as a candidate for party president in the party election, but only for the most preposterous reasons, wakakaka.

They believe or fear that their idol by becoming PKR party president would lower his current Pakatan 'status' to one just on par with, now get this, PAS' Pak Haji Hadi Awang and DAP's Bapak Wanandi, wakakaka - to know who's Bapak Wanandi, please read Should Chinese Malaysians adopt indigenous surnames?.

Much as AI has been and is invaluable to Pakatan, sadly, those PKR members have come to the preposterous belief that their idol, nominated by coalition consensus to be Pakatan's leader, possesses supersonic status, one way above the leaders of PAS and DAP. They must be living in an unrealistic wet-dreaming fantasy world, wakakaka.

Having criticize Khalid Ibrahim for his current arrogance, I have to admit I have been delighted by his poker bluff-ish snub to Azmin, for the latter to donate his 'additional income' to charity if he is so against the pay rise, wakakaka. I like to see Azmin do just that, wakakaka again.


  1. This "Kita Punya mentality" is spreading far and wide within Malaysia. Wakakaka

    1. Pookey mak punya mentality will see this country split and bite the dust sooner rather than later

  2. your venerable Najib surely is better than Anwar.
    To the world, he preaches MODERATION.
    in Malaysia, he talks different.
    IN Anwar, you will crucify him for hypocrisy.
    IN Najib, you praise him for the same

    1. oh nice, remind me how I had praised Najib, wakakaka

  3. There is no right or wrong in this salary adjustment for aduns, speakers & exco members. On one hand, we need to pay the best to get the best. Pay peanuts, get money. Hence, you get pinky lip Najib. Ok la, not thyat stupid & only SLIMY. Not sure why kaytee got soft spot for Najib. With one stroke of pen, one get hehehehe......On the other hand, there is such thing call perception. People expect politicians to be saintly. Wait a minute that what kaytee expects of Anwar......To kaytee, anwar is bad goods because he screwed his sister's cat nong nong time ago. Sorry off track......Whenever people wanna increase salary, sure complain one. The greater the quantum the worst the complain is. Hence Aspan Alias suggestion is good. Have modest increase in salary but give hefty variable bonus. I wonder if Anwar say that what kaytee say......Hahahaha.

    As for the current saga, too bad Azmin kenna played out. Anyway, I felt that it's time for khalid to prepare for MB's successor. 2 terms is enough. Who would be the next MB?

  4. In other words, your essay in effect reiterates that no other kaum plays politics with such consummate skill as the Malays.

    1. RPK himself who is as malay as can be......has this to say about the consummate political skills of the Malays.....(paraphrase)..." he will smile at you disarmingly but all the while, behind at the back, is a kris in hand, ready to plunge in swiftly and unsuspectingly"...heheheheh. Bukan King of Kings, tetapi Ular of Ulars.

  5. Frankly, I don't understand the fuss, the daggers being drawn against Khalid.

    Khalid will still earn less than my last drawn salary before I retired haha :-) , and I certainly wasn't running Selangor state, though it I did admittedly have a pretty heavy responsibility.

    If you want quality people to run the organisation, and run it in a clean and responsible manner, you have to pay sufficiently.

  6. my post wasn't on the quantum of pay rise but the politicking in PKR arising from it, wakakaka

    1. Kaytee,
      You mean there is no politiking going on in DAP? Hahahaha. Ok, how about Anwar's suggestion then? Much to be desired

    2. Loose, yr brain only work when the topic is not dap, truly amazing!

  7. Someone rightly pointed out on this blog that the IRIMM Perkasa-lookalikes made a big mistake making a police report against Ktemoc.

    He's a gem.....a gem for Najib and UMNO, that is...

  8. How I wish we can apply the same principle in Parliament. If PR doesn't raise issues during the parliamentary proceeding they cannot raise it outside. Somehow the rules always apply differently to person you like and don't like. Similarly in court cases. If one doesn't object how can a third party object. But that was the case of pr applying different rules and logic to benefit them. No different from BN.

    1. Its usually the opposite case. PR motions to raise issues get blocked by the BN-Speaker, PR MPs get suspended on flimsy grounds for raising issues in Parliament.

      We truly have a Kucing-Kurap Parliament Speaker.

    2. Why don't we abolish parliament & appoint Mukriz as the Agung. Case solved.

  9. PKR infighting, DAP infighting.....all sorry symptoms of unworthy parties.
    I chose to support BN, which is far more trustworthy, for all its faults

    1. I have nothing but sympathy towards fuckers such as you. To Najib, you are just fucking cibai pariahs

  10. Can't help it

    Before pointing fingers on others, do point at yourself Kalai

  11. At least PKR isn't as Racist as DAP.
    Jeff Ooi gets away with his Kucing Kurap statement with no consequences.