Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Tai Chi Master

Mahathir being Mahathir, he knows only one form of defence, to attack, for attack as many have said is probably the best form of defence.

Yes, poor bloke is in defensive (thus attacking) stance against criticisms about the grant of citizenships to 200,000 foreign immigrants in Sabah, during the time he was prime minister - see Malaysiakini's Mahathir moots RCI on pre-Merdeka citizenship.

Dr Mahathir counter challenges the current RCI on immigrants in Sabah with a proposed RCI on citizenships awarded to (allegedly) 1 million non-Malays in Peninsula before 31 August 1957. He is essentially arguing what's good for the Peninsula goose should be so for the Sabah gander.

illegal immigrants one day, legal voters the next?

Sorry to say, his attack has been a wee flat because the citizenship issue prior to Merdeka was one of the agreed 'conditions' insisted by the British for granting independence to Malaya, whereas the Sabah issue was done surreptitiously with alleged sinister election aim.

His attempt has been to compare Peninsula durians with Sabah kepayang (pangium edule) - no comparison lah, Tun!

poisonous kepayang fruit on tree

yum yum durians

As for former Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim (1994 when those Sabah immigrants were gifted with blue ICs), his darling blue-eyed boy has been quick to preemptively claim poor Anwar will be implicated in the issue because of UMNO's sinister intention to put the blame for Project IC on Mr Manmanlai - see my previous post The man doth protest too much, methinks.

As I posted previously, we need to ask ourselves who was the deputy PM, deputy UMNO president (traditionally BN's director of election ops) and the person who 'kissed' and 'transform' Joseph Pairin Kitingan from a handsome prince into a frog (not the leaping here-and-there species but the ugly type with opposition warts).

Anyway, let's not belabour the questions about Anwar above but instead recall what I wrote in a previous post last year in August titled Silat of kungfu, kungfu of silat. 

Then I had written about soft (internal) style kungfu or wushu like Taichi with its very gentle, slow and graceful but extremely deadly moves, not unlike a whip, and the hard (external) style wushu like the famous southern Shaolin Tiger.

Shaolin Tiger style wushu

I mentioned Malaysian political manoeuvres (or manipulations) being referred analogously to the soft Taichi (in other words, subtly deceptive and/or manipulative but highly effective) and hard Shaolin style of wushu (blunt in-your-face political confrontation).

As a matter of interest, guess which style should I place Dr Mahathir's style of politics? Wakakaka.

Actually both, for though the grand old man would be usually identified with a Shaolin type of politics, he had at times been highly Taichi.

Zhang Ziyi in Baguazhang stance
Baguazhang is a soft internal style wushu like Taichi

Anyway, I then wrote:

Hence we often read in our Malaysian blogs of “Chua taichi-ed Ong” (wakakaka), implying Chua had subtly and with finesse manipulated Ong to Chua’s advantage, or “Ong shaolin Chua” indicating Ong employed a very abrasive, aggressive and confrontational method to combat Chua, though of course, it’s important to remind ourselves that Shaolin martial arts are not specifically about ‘charging and whacking’, or not subtle like its northern internal school counterpart ...

... which then led me to ask the interesting question, wakakaka:

Okay, so with wushu 101 out of the way, let me ask you:

Has Najib ‘taichi-ed’ both Mahathir and Anwar in approving a RCI on the Sabah illegal immigrants?

Was Mahathir too ‘shaolin’ in arguing the RCI would not be useful?

Has Anwar in stating he was not involved in the Sabahan ‘Project IC’, floated like a butterfly and hoped to sting like a bee? Wakakaka.

Of the three questions above, I believe I've already answered the second and third, wakakaka.

What about the first question then, that of Najib ‘taichi-ing’ both Mahathir and Anwar by approving a RCI on the Sabah illegal immigrants?

Wakakaka, Najib a Taichi Master?

But hasn't Dr Mahathir been pretty defensive now?

Likewise the Anwar Ibrahim camp?

Tai Chi

Maybe Najib is indeed a sneaky political Tai Chi expert who has Tai-Chi-ed both Mahathir and Anwar kau kau, wakakaka!

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  1. same bloody dirty tactics being used in peninsulay malaysia.
    you snakehead KT. good move u made to go downunder. shit, i have to plan for my kids now.

    1. Yup, better make plans for your kids lah. All the youngsters ( aged 23 onwards ) that I spoke to are talking about planning to take get additional degree or at least a masters degree etc so that in time in come, they could at least get a job elswhere and not be stuck and be trapped here with the kind of scoundrels running the country. Mesti lah ada Plan B, some even have Plan C.

      Young as they are, they know when the sh*t hit da fan, the first to be 'kena' kau kau will be the chinese, followed by some of the well-heeled indians. Only the well-heeled indians will 'kena' as the rest of the indians are just too dirt poor and the malays are holding them in full contempt....they don't even have toilets before BN comes into the picture, right ? wa ka ka ka

  2. Instead of all that kungfu and silat and tai chi stuff, how about pointing out that when you put several snakes together in a sack these critters will invariably attack and bite each other viciously?

  3. the toothless fella12:45 am, January 20, 2013

    Kaytee,at least Mahathir was man enough,and he did not denied that the IC scam did not take place.Hahaha,he is trying to implicate his protege,Mamanlai.

  4. it seem not only politician is good in deceptive and manipulative, their propaganda tools is equally good at this, for instance, mt. the host would tell you this is politics when the case suit him, and turm around saying that is morally wrong and brought no changes if one who did it is one that snub him.

    we gotta believe the chinese 5000 years old saying that when one get old, he could either turn senile, or puerile. how could one grown up would threat his reader like a kid i will publish more video if you continue to attack me? i hope kt is not like that wakakaka.

  5. tootless fella - "he did not denied that the IC scam did not take place"
    What do you think Mahathir has been denying for the last 15 years?

    I think, just like Ktemoc, your deep dislike for "mamanlai" blinds you from seeing a lot of other things.

    Tunnel vision

  6. Najib was a member of the Cabinet in 1994.
    What did Najib know and when did he know about it ?

    1. I would imagine all UMNO cabinet ministers woul have known about it, though not MCA or MIC ministers as they were NOT privy to exclusively UMNO top secrets, in the way PKR top secrets are only known to the former UMNO members

  7. kt is a double headed snake that cannot be trusted.

  8. Dr MM has destroyed Sabah, solely to make UMNO supreme, at the expense of other races, so they can plunder on and on. Astronomical Apartheid (giving resources to one race and not to others). Deception (control of media to fool the electorate). Gerrymandering and election rigging to steal elections. Hijacked & destroyed the Judiciary. Human right abuse, torture & suspected murders; what happenedd to Sabah CM Donald Stephen? Mismanagement & corruption (An economist at Morgan Stanley assessed M’sia might have lost US$100 bil since the early 80s to corruption (=RM300 bil = RM300,000 million) and Treason - granting national IC to aliens to get votes to stay in power and plunder on. Yet not a trace of humility and remorse, walking & talking proud, playing God. Call for his arrest now, to be charged !

  9. PR & Borneo Front are needed now. Umno -BN and its cronies have taken hundreds of billions in contracts, emptied the national coffer with hundreds of financial scandals. Can you afford another 55 yrs with the Umno-BN? PM & MACC pretend all the massive multi-billion corruption are non-existent. It is obvious, BN’s interest is not in the people’s welfare, only in clinging to power. They support deception, cheating & multi-billion thefts on a grand scale. They tortured & murdered Teoh B.H on his wedding day over suspected corruption of petty few thousand $, while few hundred millions of Scorpene Submarine bribes, & Mongolian's blasted murder went unheeded. So is the RM45billion (45,000million) wealth of Sarawak CM, in power for 31 years! Shahrizat's RM250m....All are tips of icebergs. Where is their integrity, sense of shame? These are beasts of the lowest form. Kicking them out in GE13 and putting them in jail is not enough. The punishment must befit the crime. 100 million strokes of the rattan.

  10. NRICs given to foreigners to win election against genuine citizens of Sabah. All the revenues from oil & gas, sucked dry by the Federal Gov't and so indirectly by UMNO/BN with little or nothing left for Sabah & Sarawak. Just compare: Scotland in Great Britain and Quebec in Canada had an open, honest & fair national referendum on cessation/separation. Any talk of independence and your ex Sabah CM Tun Faud Donald Stephens died in a crash. Sabah & Sarawak are a total tragedy, not even a proper trunk road! The natives lack electricity and drinking water while Criminals bought submarines and built twin towers costing multi-billions for kick-backs; all cronies live in palaces. Outrageous! BN's evil is earth-shaking. Finish them off in the coming election.

    1. Of the colonies invited to join Malaya to form Malaysia, Brunei was the only that declined. So now as an independent nation Bruneians have all the oil wealth to themselves (ruler included) without having to share the major portion with other parties.

    2. The natives in Sabah and Sarawak are now slowly awakening from the deep slumber during which time decades ago their head honchos were in cahoots with the melayu celups leaders in Peninsular mata sudah buka wide wide and horror of horrors !.... discovered that humoungous rats have gobbled up more than 9th tenth of their countries' wealth.

      Punished them for their crimes? Finish them off ? wa ka ka ka, perish the thought. Why....just a few weeks back during the Xmas merry season celebration, the grand olde man was the guest of honour at a sumptious party at a stately bungalow in the most exclusive, prestigeous residential area in the whole of KL....and guess what, who but Rod Steward was flown in for an hour of almost non-stop singing, his rasping yet seductive vocals blaring out into that balmy night, giving us nearby neighbours a free 'show' too. Mind you...good old Rod would not get out of bed to warble for anything less than RM300,000 per shot.

      This is the good life eh ? Why should such paradise on earth be taken away from these more-than-special special priviledged group of bumis ? NOTHING will stop them from making sure they stay in power forever.

      You can bet your last ringgit on this.....they have deep deep pockets after years and years of 'saving every cents of their hard earned salaries' ( wakakaka) and now will put their fabulous stash of wealth to good use.

    3. One could guess accurately and most certainly FEEL what must have gone through the mind and emotion of the Sultan of Brunei whenever he thought of the plight his neighbouring 'countries' Sabah and Sarawak are in now........oooo, what a narrow escape ! thank Allah we did not fall into the clutches of these celups melayus...thank the lucky stars we did not end up like these 2 dunggus neighbours whose real original population are still sh*tting into the rivers ( no toilets lah, coz BN did not reach there ? wa ka ka ka ).

  11. We all face the Ultimate Judge4:24 pm, January 20, 2013

    I don't know and don't care much for politics, but I am a voter and do care about justice. I think it is understandable if Anwar Ibrahim is paranoid about any government inquiry being used to twist his past.

    There must be very few people in the history of Malaysia/Malaya who have suffered as much repeated, systematic persecution at the hands of official government institutions as Anwar Ibrahim.

    Through the administrations of 3 different Prime Ministers, supposedly independent government institutions have been systematically martialled to destroy not just Anwar's political position, but destroy him as a person.
    Anwar's politics is , to me , irrelevant, justice IS relevant.

    Polis DiRaja Malaysia - Musa Hassan (Sodomy 1), Jude Pereira (Sodomy 2)
    Judiciary - Augustin Paul - May the Lord have mercy on his soul.
    Public Prosecutor - Gani Patail
    Chemistry Department - Dr. Lim Kong Boon (Sodomy 1), Dr. Seah Lay Hong (Sodomy 2)
    The last two "B*llSh*t Doctors" betrayed their profession. It will take many years to repair the damage to the Chemistry Department's standing as an independent attestor of forensic evidence.

    Even last year's police investigation into the production and and distribution of the "Sex Video" pornography (which is a crime) was warped into an effort to prove that its Anwar in the tape (which even if true , no crime was committed between consenting adults).

    I don't care for politics, but Anwar Ibrahim gets my vote for justice.

  12. Alan Newman,
    I fully agree with your writing.
    However, it is still a steep uphill battle to unseat UMNO/BN, even in Sabah.
    There are many whom the BR1M RM 500 payout / buy-off is enough to ensure their unconditional vote for BN. The RM Millions/ Billions in funds siphoned off by BN and its cronies is not their problem.

    There are others who are impervious to the mountains of malpractice by UMNO/BN. The fear of not being able to have their hair cut by nubile young girls or not being able to watch scantily clad Chinese New Year performers is enough to ensure their return to BN/MCA's loving bosom.
    There yet others who operate in old style Opposition silos. They may be undying DAP/PAS/PKR (take your pick) supporters but cannot stand the thought of the other Pakatan parties, and would rather vote BN if their Favourite party is not on their local ballot.

    See, Malaysians deserve another 50 years of BN (mis) rule.

    1. Rasputin, your "The fear of not being able to have their hair cut by nubile young girls or not being able to watch scantily clad Chinese New Year performers ..." is more about the fear of what will come next under a PAS government being intrusive in non-Muslim affairs.

    2. Bodoh punya and scores of my chinese and indians fellow beings never once had our hair trimmed and washed by so-called 'nubile young girls' and we don't watch scantily-clad or fully-clad chinese new year performers all this while....but we KNOW no country will do well if it is under rule of any theocracy, especially the taliban kind.....their fart-wahs from their god is irrevocable and only these mullahs have a direct line to their Allah and the rest will have to listen, listen, listen or else to the chopping board.

    3. Where is the logical and factual link from a ban on girlie hair salons to Taliban-type rule ?
      I can accept the argument that a full-blown Islamic theocracy is bad news, but I do not see the route to that connection.
      All you can do is sowing fear.
      In the bad old days of the 1950's and 1960's, my country saw a Red under every Bed and Behind every Bush. Many evil regimes and evil acts were condoned, even aided and abetted to assuage that fear.
      Looks to me Its the same psychological warfare at work here.

  13. Rasputin,
    Kaytee has pointed his finger on PAS but forgotten to indicate that there are plenty of incidents happened under UMNO. Ever since Mahathir has taken over office. That was just couple of years before Mahathir brought Anwar into UMNO. You see just as Tunku has initiated Ketuanan melayu. Mahathir has started islamisation because of political expediency.
    Frankly, I am not sure what kaytee about to acheive rather than to vote out DAP. It happened before & it will happen again. If not why Soil Lek continue whacking these issues.
    Kaytee was still infatuated anything about anwar.....Meanwhile