Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PAS 'blesses' MCA

Currently, PAS biggest fan is none other than Chua Soi Lek, the president of MCA.

Chua Soi Lek

Since March 2008, the MCA has politically been a walking decomposing corpse, waiting only for blessed cremation in GE-13 a la Gerakan Party wakakaka, though it still possesses deep pockets, but not as deep as UMNO's.

Its internal strife, manifested in its party election results, saw the party delegates electing a poor pathetic pair of leaders, with one admittedly to be admired for 'convincing' the majority of the party delegates to vote him in as their party president despite his personal reputation being tainted in 2008 and his sacking from MCA in 2009, ....

... and the other, an UMNO-preferred candidate whose best line has been about Najib Razak being his 'beloved PM' and his second best being that police did not fire gas grenades onto the universally-recognized hallowed grounds of a hospital, to wit, Tung Shin, during a Bersih rally in 2011 - see King Canute Soi Lek & the tides of Tung Shin Hospital.

In favour of the above two Wonders, those MCA party delegates rejected the presidential candidature of Ong Tee Keat, a man chosen by Chinese (public, not MCA delegates, in a Merdeka Centre poll conducted in 2010) over Ong Ka Ting and Chua Soi Lek to be the MCA President to politically represent them. Chua Soi Lek emerged last in that public poll, but thanks to the MCA delegates, Chua is now the MCA president.

Ong Tee Keat

I has once written on the declining political career of Ong TK as follows:

Ong Tee Keat was in deep trouble when Najib refused to attend the MCA AGM as the traditionally principal guest of honour (in his capacity as Head of the BN coalition) to open the meeting for its ally – see Malaysiakini’s Najib will not attend disputed MCA AGM.

Najib’s decision is unprecedented and unequivocally blatantly anti Ong Tee Keat as the president of MCA, as had been his attending the opening of Makkal Sakthi an anti MIC snub.

One way or another, UMNO has and is showing it can control MCA, MIC, especially Gerakan, etc. While there has been bad blood between Ong and Chua as well as Liow, the lamentable observation is there are MCA leaders who are prepared to play to UMNO’s tune, to remove Ong Tee Keat.

Why do I say this, because for quite some time now, DPM Muhyiddin has indicated in many ways his displeasure with Ong through his (Muhyiddin's) attempt to galvanise MCA into another/early party election.

It was then obvious that UMNO preferred Liow, who had lovingly described Najib as 'our beloved PM' wakakaka what a Raja Bodek! – see my post Najib and Muhyiddin fighting for Liow Tiong Lai.

As to why UMNO doesn't like Ong TK, please read my posts:

Hishamuddin Hussein, Ong Tee Keat's best mate, wakakaka

(a) Why Ong Tee Keat is worth supporting and saving!
(b) UMNO prefers Ong Tee Keat out?

Yes, excuse my contradiction in terms when I say that one can never tell though one would know how MCA would go.

And just as an example of 'one can never tell' - who would have thought MCA Youth would have taken up serious study in the aerodynamics of chairs in its 2001 Youth general assembly, a unique speciality of MIC, while UMNO and its clone PKR had been more into test-piloting bottled water, a wonderful sports which I posted in Ijok - glimpses of Vision 2020 wakakaka.

most expensive bottled water in world
not PAS' fave drink, wakakaka

Anyway, dear PAS has thrown a life line to MCA, in particular Chua Soi Lek, when its Kedah state government under the MB-ship of Azizan Abdul Razak had by its (originally issued) Islamic-style guidelines on Chinese cultural events, pissed off the Chinese (not only those in Kedah) for its religiously-driven intrusions into non-Muslim affairs which had run without government interference in previous years.

It has been so infuriatingly arrogant and an unwarranted invasion into non-Muslim matters, not unlike the Kota Baru's 'no' to non-Muslim Chinese Delilah salons and PAS Youth's 'no' to non-Muslim Valentine Day's celebrations, that brought out an angry DAP yelling at PAS to cease and desist in matters non-Muslim. Amin to that!

PAS protecting its Samsons, wakakaka

Indeed DAP has been bloody right to do so as I am sure it remembers that being seen as a passive partner to PAS ferocious misogynistic agenda could lead to f* shades of its 1999 nightmare which saw poor Lim KS and Karpal Singh taking unexpected hiatus from their redoubtable parliamentary duties, seen as vital to public interests. We certainly don't want that to reoccur, not for bloody PAS' sake.

And while the Kedah PAS-led government might have back-pedalled a wee bit from its recent abuse of its state powers in wet-dreaming about controlling the affairs of ahl al-dhimma, it has already alerted non-Muslims especially the Chinese to the frightening prospect of life under a PAS syariah state, what more with a section of syariah laws being the hudud.

We have just witness the questionable beheading in Saudi Arabia of a Sri Lanka woman who was convicted of murder, when she was only 17, and also of its questionable due process (or lack of), all according to the 'kebijaksanaan' of the judges.

usually done on Friday after mosque prayers

'Kebijaksanaan' loosely means 'discretionary wisdom', a wonderfully useful word employed regularly by the Indonesian military, especially during Suharto's days, to explain the often questionable and godlike mysterious decisions of their leaders.

A week or so ago, RPK has written Friday prayers are NOT compulsory, said the Mufti basically a satirical expose on the non-democratic process in an Islamic environment. RPK penned:

The key issue in the above news report is: Kita mesti rujuk isu ini kepada Majlis Fatwa, kerana ini hal agama, maka hanya mufti sahaja yang boleh beri keputusan, bukan orang lain.

That loosely translates to: we must refer this matter/issue to the council that issues religious decrees because this is a religious matter so only the Mufti can give rulings and not any other people.

This statement implies that only a certain/selected group can interpret what God meant and the rest of us do not have the freedom or liberty to make any interpretations because we do not know what God wants.

How this group of people obtained the franchise or monopoly to act as God’s appointed spokesmen is not clear. That is not explained. 

genocide expert Samuel who used god's name to instruct Israelites to annihilate the Amalekites

Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have.
Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.
 (1 Sam. 15:3)

I had also written an episode similar to RPK's sarcastic thrust in his article, in my post The Witch of Anw-dor? where I wakakaka-ed about the biblical Samuel who claimed to speak with and to his god to get (and keep) his dictatorial ways with the Israelites, and who kept sabotaging a popularly 'elected' King Saul (dropping his god's name time and time again) so as to regain his powers (lost to King Saul) as well as no doubt to restore his succession with his two sons - a salutary lesson to us about theocracy versus democracy.

Suddenly, thanks to PAS, growing more and more unbearably angkuh (arrogant) by the excitement of coming into federal power, Chua Soi Lek is blessed like Lazarus and politically resurrected with a second chance, in a way as his clansman and erstwhile MCA colleague Chua Jui Meng has hoped to achieve under a PKR label, wakakaka.

Chua Jui Meng, wakakaka

Suddenly, thanks to PAS, who thinks it has already connedvinced Chinese voters to vote for its candidates under the belief of a benign Islamic welfare rule, and thus can start exercising its true style of governing, has lent undeserved credibility to Chua Soi Lek's scare-tactic appeals to Chinese voters.

Suddenly, thanks to PAS, who has gone into premature ejaculation over a sense of its impending victory in GE-13, has not only given MCA a political CPR but also induced Kedah UMNO into non-masturbatory orgasmic delights on two counts.

Azizan Abdul Razak, MB Kedah
seen as more pro UMNO than pro Pakatan, wakakaka

The first count is gleaned from my discussions with quite a number of Kedahans here in Australia where I have been informed that their voting families and relatives have grumbled about being 'cheated' by PAS, a belief gained from their 'experience' under a PAS Kedah government, and that they won't ever vote for PAS again.

Mind you, neither my Kedah mateys nor I can say that UMNO or MCA will be the direct beneficiaries of their disgust (not just disappointment) with PAS. Those Chinese voters may well end up playing non-halal mahjung or p'ar kau all day on GE-13 election day, wakakaka, which I suppose will indirectly benefit UMNO.

fave Chinese game on election day, wakakaka

The second count for UMNO's delight is related to what I had blogged in May last year about the latent, nay, probable danger of a PAS coming into federal power in Crouching tiger, hidden leopard - Dilemma in GE-13.

Then, I stated that the political choice in GE-13 for many non-Muslim non-Malay voters has become a dilemma, a very serious one, though some (but not all) are prepared to go for broke and take a chance with PAS.

The troubling part of my assessment has been what Harun Taib, PAS Ulama Chief, said when he declared that Malaysia's legal system will have Hudud if PAS wins more seats than allies.

While that declaration by itself, that of embracing hudud, is not new, and a known aspiration of PAS, what has been far more worrying has been Harun Taib’s assertion that PAS will implement hudud regardless, as evident in his reported words “… if not with the current partners we have in Pakatan… may be there will be other pacts that will lend us their support …”.

Harun Taib, PAS

His 'other pacts' imply in no uncertain terms, that if DAP refuses to toe the PAS line in the implementation of hudud there will be a PAS pact or alliance with UMNO (and possibly the Malay Muslim component of PKR) to realize a syariah legal system embracing hudud, and by default, the treacherous and unconscionable abandonment and effective destruction of Pakatan as a coalition.

Yes, PAS sees its way to hudud implementation via the term most loved by people like Nasharudin Mt Isa, Hasan Solar Power, Harussani SMS, Azizan Abdul Razak, Harun Taib, etc, namely, 'Malay-Muslim unity'.

PAS has previously admitted that in more than 60 federal constituencies, the non-Muslim votes could be the crucial factor in securing wins over its principal political opponent UMNO. It currently relies upon its Pakatan allies to help it gain non-Muslim support, especially Chinese votes, to ensure an edge over UMNO in those seats. PAS has already enjoyed considerable samplings of this Pakatan cooperative approach, both during GE-12 and in some subsequent by-elections.

Once it has secured those federal seats, and in the undoubted likelihood of DAP 'intransigence' over hudud, can use them to leverage a deal with UMNO (and PKR). Yup, it will just f* DAP and its Chinese-Indian voters off, for they would be nothing more than useful stepping stones for its ambitions.

So, all is not lost yet for UMNO regardless of ABU, thanks to PAS likely treachery.

As RPK had indirectly alluded to in his Friday prayers are NOT compulsory, said the Mufti, once an Islamic government comes into rule, whatever so-called democratic process is allowed to remain as window dressing, it'll be the religious majlis (the biblical-Samuel-like Brahmins) that will have the final say, as seen in Iran, even overriding the policies and cabinet decisions of any popularly democratically elected government.

Yes, as I wrote in my post PAS and its hudud the problem is not with Allah's word, but the biblical-Samuel-like clerics, people like Harussani SMS, Hasan Solar Power, Azizan Abdul Razak and their like-minded mates.

'lovely' bloke, spiritually related to the biblical Samuel, wakakaka

Unfortunately, when we leave His laws in the hands of those ‘Samuels’, who would of course claim they speak in the name of or on behalf of Allah swt (and it’s a universal trait, not exclusive to any religion), we would immediately be at their tender mercies, prejudice and vested interests.

So, if such a declared intention by PAS ulama chief of implementing hudud regardless, “… if not with the current partners we have in Pakatan… may be there will be other pacts that will lend us their support …”, doesn't smack of gross deceit to its hope-for Chinese and Indian voters and an arrogant go-it-alone-after-winning treachery, what is it then?

What kind of coalition partner then is PAS?

The answer is one that is no longer a hidden tiger or crouching leopard, but a frightening hungry carnivore that will arrogantly and with total impunity bare its fangs and unsheathe its claws.

one which never changes its spots

And finally, a message from Chua Soi Lek to PAS, "Xiè xiè, kamsia kamsia, tor chea tor chea, and don't stop now", wakakaka.


  1. The moral of the Ong TK story is : "resistance is futile, you will be assimilated". So much for trying to reform the party from within.

  2. I'm an Alor Setar voter, and I'm pretty much decided - I'm voting Barisan Nasional this time around.
    My area is usually contested by an MCA candidate.

    PAS cannot be trusted to respect the rights of non-Muslims. DAP and PKR are useless in Kedah.

    Enough is enough.

  3. Yes! The winner is Uncle Chua. Love ya, Uncle.
    After all is said and done, Allah has exposed who Nik Aziz, Mat Sabu and PAS are. Just another politician fishing for votes to get to Putra Jaya.
    To hell with religion. Political expediency just like its greatest practitioner, Malaysia's sodomy king.
    Nik Aziz or Mat Sabu didn't even wince, feel ashamed or contrite when they immediately make an about turn to follow their Majlis Syura's edict.
    Normal people like you and me will blush or feel very embarassed. But the politician who calls himself Tok Guru coolly evades questions when reporters asked why the sudden change of stance. And in the TV spotlight. A first class true-blue politician.
    No qualms yah, eating their words. Ulamaks are steadfast and principled people.
    I really don't understand this Allah issue thingy. Why GE is sooooo interested to exhume it.
    Allah is my God. I believe in Allah. He is not your God and you are a non-believer. If its me, I won't bother to call or know the name of other people's god.
    I know your God is Tok Pekong and I am not interested to know how you call him.
    Life goes on without you wanting to call our God Allah.

  4. UMNO's god is $$$$$$ or EuEuEuEuEuEu or YYYYYYY

  5. Stories are now coming out from the Sabah RCI about policians' dirty tricks. They will do anything to get elected as god of the gravy train.

    1. Don't get your hopes up over the RCI.
      A majority of Sabah and Sarawak voters are "Die-Die Also Vote BN" types.

    2. Agree with you that the RCI will go the way of the Lingam & TBH ones. Also the damage have been done by this scandal to the voting trend. (Actually Sabahans have voted out a BN-friendly party in the April 1985 elections and this led to a bizzare midnight coup by the losers at the Istana).

      However, we can hope for some truths to be established regarding the illegal voter scandal.

  6. The trouble with PAS is their awesome lack of patience and reticence. Just with a smidgen of power, they lost their head and went almost delusional, throwing out of the window the need to cautiously wait til the last batch of sheeps ( read : non muslims ) are safely coralled into their barn and the door tightly locked.

    But alas, their head had grown so huge and their heart bursting with uncontained islamic state ambition burning so ferociously that they hardly could restrain from showing their true colour. Now the sheeps are startled and the wolves have no choice but to quickly put back the masks which had of late been slipping off ever too often to the great discomfort of its victims. Is it too late for PAS to go back to their placating act ? Will they be convincing enough this time around before the great D Day ? The so-called Erdogen faction in PAS is all but cowed and shut down and not a peep is heard from them in such crisis situations.

  7. It appears Pakatan Rakyat is full of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

    PAS has its veneer of Erdogan professional-types but the real power lies in the Mullah group which has its unremitting objective of an Islamic state.

    PKR talks Reformasi, walks Deformasi. In reality PKR is an UMNO-clone with subsidiary MCA- and MIC-like wings.

    DAP talks Multi-Racial Inclusiveness. In reality DAP is a Chinese party with an Anehneh-wing. And Melayus can go fly kites.

    So think carefully when you cast your vote.
    I'm very certain by now who I'm voting for - its none of the Three Stooges above.

    1. All these yapping on-line is actually talking to the already converted. Everybody has their mind made up.....

      The undeniable fact is that UMNO and its partners-in-charge are beyond redemption. So the opposition supporters will still vote for PR, albeit there will be some adjustments due to all the wolves showing their colours at this late stage. There's simply no time for damage control by these wolves as GE is just round the corner.

      What will happen is this : PAS will not get their expected chinese votes that they had been gleefully waiting for these past 5 years. The Mullahs' reckless antics of late have seen to that. The votes will go to PKR and DAP istead, although some individual malay leaders in PKR will also not get the votes they had expected, no thanks to their own deformasi antics too. So in default, the Devil-We-Know will have a shoo in this GE......all these PR 'mistakes' giving an extra edge to the already advantageous incumbent with their usual vote-buying, tampering/manipulation, gerrymandering, intimidation, etc etc.

      Could PR get their act together this late in the game ?

    2. OOiii Bhai ,
      What you wrote makes sense lah.
      What if Pas turns around after getting the non muslim votes.
      Would not Pas Blackmail Pkr and dap to accept whatever pas proposes?
      I suggest that we vote for bn where there is a contest between pas and bn.
      Bhai sudah takut lorrrr ini macam