Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fixed deposits? What interests?

Free Malaysia Today - Three vital states for Pakatan

Apparently, according to Chua Jui Meng and many others, the pivotal states for GE 13 are Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.

Najib Razak had previously declared the latter two, Sabah and Sarawak, as the BN's electoral 'fixed deposits', which ensure a solid bank of votes to see the UMNO-led coalition to victory in another federal election. Johor, the birth place of UMNO has hitherto been considered as also another 'fixed deposit'.

But after the March 2008 election, we saw a run on UMNO-BN's banks in these three UMNO blue ribbon strongholds, with the account holders possibly withdrawing the 'fixed deposits'. No doubt such a possibility and its likely consequences have sent UMNO into panic mode.

Before I get into the meat of this post (non-halal of course, otherwise how can I convince you to read it to the end, wakakaka), let me give you my personal take on the author of the FMT article mentioned above, CJM, wakakaka.

I can't find fault with his criticism of BN where he warned of UMNO-BN becoming even more corrupt, greedier and bolder if the 55-year old ruling coalition were to win again. Being a cultured person he of course didn't say stuff that kaytee would say, such as the BN leaders quipping "Look, those idiots are quite happy with us screwing them kau kau! Let's not disappoint them" (wakakaka).

However, I am reminded he was once in MCA, and while we shouldn't hold that against him as we shouldn't hold an UMNO past against Anwar, there are conditions for excusing his MCA background, equally as there would be for Anwar Ibrahim's UMNO lamentable track record.

Chua Jui Meng (CJM)

For CJM, his move to Pakatan would have been more credible (like Zaid Ibrahim's) if he had left when he was still in power, such as in a party or/and ministerial position, thus indicating his preparedness to sacrifice his power, position and privilege because of his repentance in being a part of an ineffectual MCA leadership or recognizing the BN's general poor performance in governance, transparency and accountability.

He only joined PKR after he lost his bid to be a deputy president of MCA, very much like another sour grape, Anwar Ibrahim, who crooned reformasi only after he was kicked out of UMNO but not while he was in that party for 16 years, ...

... unlike Zaid Ibrahim who voluntarily resigned from his ministerial post under the AAB government to leave UMNO so as to come over to Pakatan.

Zaid Ibrahim

Unfortunately for Zaid and us, he was manoeuvred out by a political pygmy who was terrified of his leadership potential in PKR.

OTOH, I respect Ong Tee Keat because despite losing to the Chua Soi Lek-Liow Tiong Lie team, he stayed true to the party he joined. Though I don't respect today's MCA, I still respect Ong TK, the man.

Thus I couldn't help chuckling when I read CJM's article in FMT titled Give MCA the boot wakakaka. Anyway, let's not dwell too long on CJM as we are stuck with him in Pakatan, though I would advise that he won't be MB of Johor even if Pakatan wins the state, because Salahuddin Ayub of PAS has been anointed for that post, wakakaka. 

Besides, we know HRH hasn't been too fond of CJM, wakakaka.

Salahuddin is currently MP for Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. But he has been instructed by the 2 Pak Hajis to return to his birthplace in Johor for ‘higher duties’, wakakaka. And DAP is no doubt backing PAS on this as it knows Johoreans are not ready yet, no, not even for a DAP Malay politician to politically head the state.

Salahuddin Ayub

One year ago I discussed the survey by Zentrum Future Studies think-tank which showed Chinese approval of Pakatan in Johor rose to 68% after the last election, and climbed further to 79% in 2010. These staggering stats, if they come about in GE-13, would effectively enable Pakatan to pick up 15 federal and 30 state seats in Johor, compared to 1 and 6 respectively on 08 March 2008. 

And Salahuddin Ayob will become the new Pakatan MB of Johor.

Could it be confirming the reliability of the Zentrum survey when rumours have it that our dearest Hishamuddin Hussein is likely to shift from his current seat of Sembrong to Kota Tinggi? And why should he consider such a move, assuming the rumours have been reliable?

Well, stats again, those damn stats, because 40% of the registered voters in the Sembrong federal constituency are Chinese, wakakaka.

And to make the forecast even shittier for our dearest Hisham, Professor Abu Hassan Hasbullah of Zentrum revealed that “… its end-of-year surveys [end of 2011] have seen Johor Chinese catch up with and possibly overtake their northern kin in terms of backing PR. Opposition leaders in the state estimate that they won 55 per cent of Chinese votes in the last election but ….. support from the community has surged to close to 90 per cent.”

90%! Oh, those bloody Chinese - no wonder Hisham likes to wave his keris and can you blame him, wakakaka.

Hishamuddin Hussein & his keris, Panca Warisan

The Prof described the massive political swing as a 'silent Tionghua revolution'.

The only smear on the beautiful Johor portrait for Pakatan is the innate rivalry between DAP and PKR where some sabotaging cannot be ruled out. There has been some very 'robust discussions' (wakakaka) between PKR and DAP over some seats, namely, Gelang Patah and Johor Jaya, both currently held by wakakaka, MCA. Alas, I'm not sure of the outcome of those 'robust discussions'.

Basically, PKR wants a monopoly on mixed ethnic constituencies (based on whatever nebulous basis it has claimed) while at the same has been avariciously eyeing the attractive DAP blue ribbon seats with Chinese majority. DAP which has traditionally contested in the latter type also wants a share of the far more numerous mixed constituencies, especially those which Pakatan hasn't hitherto contested.

We saw a perverted version of this in the last Sarawak state election where sore loser PKR groused about DAP staying safe in urban areas instead of venturing forth into rural constituencies, conveniently forgetting that it was PKR itself which unilaterally and preemptively grabbed 52 (subsequently 49) seats out of an available 71 in the Sarawak State election.

I wrote about the Sarawak debacle for PKR in May 2011 in a post PKR's green-eyed monster where I commented:

….. a disgraceful petulant sour grapes merajuking Baru Bian … told The Malaysian Insider PKR wants DAP and PAS to prove they’re multiracial, but obviously targeting the DAP.

He claimed that PKR “...wants its Pakatan Rakyat PR partners to contest in ‘black seats’ in the next general election and dismiss the notion that they cannot cross the racial divide.”

He also told reporters that PKR “... could not continue shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone."

Shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone? My bloody foot, don't make my toes laugh!

This is the state head of a party who pre-emptively grabbed 52 seats without even a thought for its coalition allies in an unrealistic expectation PKR could be the winning PR member with the majority of seats, with him as CM wakakaka.

Here’s a case of a greedy gluttonous grabbing beast which had refused to share and ate more than it could practically swallow, and now blames DAP for its tummy ache. Padan muka.

Baru Bian

Of course I would not be surprised if PKR has been singing a different tune in Johor where it sure as hell doesn't want DAP to contest in the so-called ‘black seats’, wakakaka.

Okay, let's move back to Sarawak. I wasn't surprised by CT Ali's article in FMT titled What comes first for Anwar? Besides, I can easily answer Ali's titled question, wakakaka.

Anyway Ali, pissed off with Anwar's wheeling and dealing with super-frog Lajim Ukin in Sabah, has been super pissed off with Anwar and Taib (yes, the Sarawak peh moh) 'holding each others' hands', wakakaka.

Anwar Ibrahim (l), Taib Mahmud (r)

Guess CJM has been right about Johor, Sabah and Sarawak representing the 3 vital states in GE-13 where principles, let alone the bullsh*t reforms, have been trampled upon virtually everyday.

Poor frustrated CT Ali wrote:

Saudara Anwar Ibrahim, let us recap. Pakatan’s agenda is to reform. It means to make changes in something (typically a social, political or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it. The operative words are “change” and “improve”.

I have watched with trepidation the opposition leader’s flirtation with Sabah’s veteran politician Lajim Ukin. I do not know Lajim as well as I know Anwar but yet I do know something of Lajim. [...]

And now it would seem that in Sarawak, Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and Anwar are also holding each other’s hands. Najib too is in there somewhere.

So now in Sarawak and in Sabah, everyone is holding on to each other, hanging on for their dear own political life.

They are quite understandably more preoccupied with their own comfort than the comfort and wellbeing of the people of Sabah and Sarawak. [...]

What about reforms? I do not have to pose this question to Lajim in Sabah or Taib in Sarawak because we know their political survival and personal fortunes depend on the deals they will make with the one first past the finishing line after the votes are counted in the 13th general election. They care not if it is BN or Pakatan.

Lajim and Taib have never promised us reforms. But Anwar has! He and Pakatan are where they are now because they promised us reforms.

They rode on a platform of reforms. They said they will implement reforms. Now pray tell me Anwar, how are you going to implement reforms when those that you are now building bridges with are Lajim and Taib?

If Lajim delivers Sabah’s 25 parliamentary seats and Taib delivers Sarawak 31 parliamentary seats to allow Pakatan to form federal government, what would be the quid pro quo for Lajim and Taib from Anwar?

Anwar, what comes first? The reformist agenda being touted by Pakatan or you being the prime minister courtesy of Lajim and Taib?

Interesting questions for Anwar, but would you believe that kaytee actually knows the answers? wakakaka.

But what "interests" will be for those 'fixed deposits'?


  1. Why no post on the People's Uprising Rally{KL112}??
    Are you afraid to offend Najib?

  2. Kaytee,Sabah and Sarawak "safe deposit states"?Felda schemes once were touted as "safe deposit seats",until FGVH got listed and prices of crude palm oil came crashing down.

    And what about the investment community's flight to safe havens,like the land of the free,the ole US of A.Have anyone heard of the latest commonly used flight to safe "political asylum party".That is the party yellow cladded carpetman Deepak is heading,when he showed up at 112 on Saturday's rally.Is this also the same party the sleeping with the enemy ex IGP Musa is heading to?

  3. The Wicked Witch of Anw-Door didn't instigate a riot on Saturday ?
    Aww...he must be losing his touch.....
    Forget about Putrajaya...

    And , BTW, thanks to Najib , UMNO and BN for the Peaceful Assembly Act which facilitated the rally

    1. Spoken like a true blue Umno stooge, Anon 12:26 PM ! The only thanks we gave to UMNO and its lapdogs associates-in-plundering is a soon-to-be 'Greece' in SEA. At the rate the voracious siphoning that continues unabated, it will be a miracle if we last for another 5 years. You can bet that with all the cheating and gerrymandering, the DEVIL WE KNOW will have an edge this GE13 but of course with the deep disenchantment afflicting the rakyat now, their hankered-after two thirds majority will never be achieved. Padan muka.

      If UMNO still occupies Putrajaya after this GE, let's all braced ourselves almost immediately after for a rise in petrol price, rise in toll fees, introduction of the dreaded GST in full scale, a rise in sugar price which inevitably will raise all sorts of rise in food stuff and goods, including an increase in menu price in restaurants and eatery stalls. The devil have no choice but to immediately increase the burden to the rakyat as they have been spending like there is no tomorrow, esp more so with the GE carrots thrown left right and everywhere to entice votes. Talk about clean election ! Lu tolong gua...Gua tolong lu lah.

    2. How do you read these signs >

      1. Young dental graduates doing their compulsory stint in govt dental clinics and hospitals receive their salaries only in the 6th month of working and some as late as in the 8th month. In the meantime, they have to depend on their parents for their monthly expenditure while waiting anxiously for their pay.

      2. These young dental graduates have to go for the compulsory one-week orientation before they could start their 2 years stint. In the orientation round of lectures and talks, most were subjected to 'election talks' by govt officials....bombarded by statements like...." If you treasure what you have now, you should know which party to vote in this GE13 ", and " Don't think your votes are annonymous.... there are records, you know. And as govt servants, you should not bite the hand that feeds you, so think more carefully ".

      3. Some patients who were in for just oral surgery at the face area only but have to be given full anaestesia were subjected, unknowingly, to the presiding doctor removing their clothings while unconscious so that he and his intern sudents could have a 'free show'....

      4. And the words 'gaji buta' take on new meaning at these clinics....those who went off for prayers and tea breaks effectively get to work only four and a half hours per day. And even during these so-called actual working hours, these loafers will load off their workload onto the unsuspecting new interns and those easily bullied,'weaker' workers.

  4. Lets cut straight to the issue.
    The best means of ensuring the filthy, unethical, undemocratic politics that Anwar Ibrahim wallows in does not become the party in power is to vote to retain Barisan Nasional as the Federal Government, and vote to change the Selangor and Penang state governments back to BN hands.

    1. Just because some of us who had had it up to here with the filthy, unethical, undemocratic UMNO and its gang, and could instantly recognize that the same sh*t was found in PKR does not mean that we have gone completely imbecilic to vote in this unadultered pure sh*t that you recommend.

      We pointed out that bit of sh*t in PKR so that even if they form the new government, at least we would be on our guard and give them ample warning. Yes, half a rotten apple is better than the whole rotten one if we had no choice. Umno and its gang is pure sh*t with no redemption at all, so why must we go back to them ? Go die, umno and its lappy doggies.

    2. Yeah, you heard Ma Hua, the BN pollies missed their jobs so much. So vote them back so they can spice up your lives with juicy episodes of cows-in-condos, beautiful-but-pulverised-interpreters, humvies, Bali palaces, Palace Idaman, etc etc.

      And henceforth, contractors will be allocated jobs thru a political party after payment of negotiation fees.

    3. Anyone seen the pathetic "Welcome" stone pillars built at the entrance Little India in Brickfields ? The rakyat was billed RM 15 million for that pile of stone.....and many reliable independent contractors have estimated the actual cost to be only RM 150,000.

      Have anyone also seen the new wings of one big hospital in the heart of the city built a few years back ? The contractor who finally got the job revealed that his profit margin was only 8% but he had to put in a bill that's 5 times of the actual cost. The 'extras' he had to surreptitiously distribute to v specific people right at the top. That's how things are in this country. That's how we come to get so many overnight multimillionaire bumis.

    4. The practice of UMNO skimming of the contract price is actually mentioned in this report

      " need to go through Umno division heads when Barisan ruled Penang, alleging that sometimes they need to contribute RM5,000 or RM6,000 to get the projects."

  5. To see the true umno colour peeping out of Anwar and gang, all we need is for them to fight for seats. Already now acting so gangstar one..... inspite of knowing they need each other since now all on the same pricarious boat.....wait till they reach land ( read : putridjaya ) and he who is god's gift to mankind becomes da BOSS...then we will really really see the UMNO colour in its full glory like as though he had never left/kicked out of that corrupt party. But what choice the long suffering rakyat expect lah ? Better half rotten apple than the full totally rotten one.....

  6. Chandra Muzaffar is being sued for claiming Anwar had said that he would make sure ‘temple bells would not ring any more’

    Anwar actually made a correct legal move to narrow the Court case down to verifiable statements of fact.
    If Chandra said Anwar will be an "unmitigated disaster" should he become the prime minister, that is a matter of opinion, and should not be part of a defamation suit.

    What I'm getting at is I'm watching whether there is any real evidence to support Chandra's first statement on the temple bells being silenced forever.
    Ktemoc has repeatedly made the same statements before to support his detestation of Anwar.
    If it stands up in court, then Anwar has a lot to answer for, even today.
    If there is nothing that anyone can offer that can stand up in a Court, I think we have to consider it slander, and stop repeating the claim.
    Fair enough ?

    1. If I said that I was really among the few hundreds there at the gathering at such and such a time on which date when Anwar indeed uttered those words....would that be considered verificable statement of fact ? Or will it be a case of "he said, she said" ?

    2. If you were really there, you can be offered as a witness. However, if there were "hundreds" of people there, and only one witness could be found, the case is considerably weakened.
      The opposing side is also free to probe strongly into whether you were really there and what you really heard. A good criminal lawyer can give you a really tough time if there are inconsistencies in your story.

      What your uncle told you, or what your aunt heard from her mahjong partners doesn't count.

    3. Probe strongly ? No thank you....we still remember how that sort of probing on various people turns out ! The truth does not matter to these can turn to white and vice versa. Witnesses would rather prefer to be thrown into an arena of lions than to face the 'probers' on both side of the divide.

      Thousands have also allegedly heard Najib wanting to 'baptize' his kris with chinese blood once upon a time.......

      How many witnesses are willing to come forward to be 'probed strongly ' ? Haven't you heard enough of your mother's warning to stay away from 'bad people' when we were young ? Now that we've grown up, we all know who these bad people are.

    4. If no witnesses are forthcoming, Chandra Muzaffar is likely to lose the defamation suit brought forward by Brother AI.
      AI doesn't need the money, he will probably demand an apology and a public retraction by Chandra Muzaffar of the "silence the Temple bells forever" claim.
      If it comes to that point, Ktemoc should in fairness, retract that specific claim as well.
      If a person really dislikes Anwar, it may not sound fair, but that's the law.

      Imagine what it would be like if the situation is reversed - somebody repeatedly makes very serious allegations about your past, which are unsubstantiated.
      It affects your family, your friends, your career prospects.
      What would you feel ?

      Anyway, it is possible there are credible witnesses who can vouch that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim really did make such an execrable statement. We shall see.

  7. I LMAOF when I read that Anwar fella is courting Taib Mahmud. Believeable. But will Taib want to be in his camp?
    That fella will even admit a mouse to be in his camp as a conveneient bed-fellow. Just to get into Putra Jaya. If not how can he easily be Lajim Ukin's friend right.
    Hahaha, so Nuar, Taib is no longer corrupted yah. Taib is clean as a whistle. You will turn around and say when did I ever say Taib is corrupted.
    So easy to read his mind. Like monsterball. If you are in my camp, you are no longer a devil. Man-man lai. Kawtim ya.
    What if Taib wants to be PM? He can you know if he brings Pakatan to victory with the largest number of seats.
    Kahkahkah, stupid Anwar.

    1. What's the big deal with Anwar courting Taib M ? Isn't he an Umno ? So it is perfectly OK for UMNO to be cozy with Pek Moh but not Anwar ? Did not the PM and the DPM also been declaring that only UMNO is the most democratic party of all ?

      Those supporters of Opposition parties fully recognize the Umno Anwar and will continue to point out his ( and his gang's ) hypocrisy but what choice do the long suffering rakyat have ? There is only BN and third force in sight. At the very least, if the voter puts a tick for PR, they know the barrel is only a quater or at most half full of sh*t....but with UMNO and the concubine parties, the tong is filled to the brim with crap. So no brainer which party to vote for. Only those with vested interest will continue to vote in the known devil even when they know full well it will bring the country to disaster sooner or later.

    2. .


      Wow B-cup, you have chosen your words [or

      knives] well. I suspect not many will

      guess what impact the word 'bed-fellow'

      has in the story. The last time I read my

      fav author used it was many years ago

      and the setting was also in Borneo.

      Brader AI is a flexible guy. He can

      fix any way u desire. That will not be a


      Now that Allah is not an issue , sexual

      proclivities do not matter and

      neither does moral sensitivities.

      At the end of the day, the end will

      justify the means. Bravo or I am


      khong khek khuat