Friday, January 18, 2013

The man doth protest too much, methinks

May I paraphrase a line in Shakespeare's Hamlet (Act III, scene II) to say of Azmin Ali that "The man doth protest too much, methinks" in reference to his They will try to implicate Anwar in Sabah RCI, which reported:

PKR said it has received information that there would be attempts by certain quarters to try to implicate PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim during the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on Sabah immigrants.

I need to ask:

(a) Was Anwar Ibrahim the DPM in 1994? 

(b) Was Anwar involved in the last minute defection of some Sabah politicians (with whom he has recently renewed his political alliance) that saw Pairin Kitingan in 1994 metamorphosed from CM-elect into Opposition Leader while on his way to the Yang DiPertua Negara's office? 

Joseph Pairin Kitingan

(c) Was Anwar a member of Dr Mahathir's cabinet (as DPM) and also deputy president of UMNO in 1994?

By BN tradition, the UMNO deputy president would be the director of BN election campaign and operations.

(d) Would the 1994 state election in Sabah have any likely connections to the immigrant issue?

Azmin's rush to 'clear' Anwar from involvement in the Sabah immigrant issue now under investigation by a royal commission of inquiry has been as disingenuous as Saifuddin Nasution's attempt to allocate the blame for the disgraceful hooliganism by UMNO Youth in disrupting Apcet II to Megat Junid and Dr Mahathir (the latter was in Ghana at that time), as if Anwar was not involved.

UMNO Youth disrupting Apcet II

In fact, Anwar Ibrahim as acting PM openly crowed his jubilation of UMNO Youth’s successful disruption of Apcet II by declaring: “Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.” - see my post Remembering Apcet II - who was acting PM then?

UMNO Youth disrupting Apcet II

Now, whether Anwar Ibrahim was involved in the Sabah immigrant issue remains to be seen.

But all those responsible for the Sabah sedition, including Anwar Ibrahim if he is found involved and any other BN cabinet minister and associate, must carry the can. There must be no manmanlai for this act of national betrayal.

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  1. Have you seen anybody charged with ANYTHING over Teoh Beng Hock's death after the RCI ?
    Nobody involved spends a single minute behind bars.

    HINT : The Mainstream media is already acting like What Sabah RCI ? Ilek

  2. anwar went to prison n are not with the current regime for 15 years, mahathir is not, so what exactly is u n petra point? sabahan dun vote pkr? that is pkr problem, the question is r bn n mahathir doing the right thing? or moral is not relevant in this case? or bec anwar is involve so we dun talk about it as imply by petra?

    n dun tell me anwar went to prison bec of bla bla bla that sound like the rightist that tell lge went to prison bec of bla bla bla n not of the malay girl.

    1. are you suggesting that because anwar went to prison (on a totally different issue) he should not be examined for his likely role in the sabah immigrant issue?

      incidentally he went to prison because he fell on his own keris, that was, in an internal UMNO war between him and dr mahathir. there have been arguments he was framed, and while i am not questioning this, the point is that he lost in his battle to oust dr mahathir. he did nothing for reformasi, which only became his claim AFTER he was booted out from umno

      lim ge went to prison because he dared to raise the issue of a statutory rape case by a so-called big shot

      the difference between the jailing of anwar and lim ge is the former was possibly the victim of an umno conspiracy but due to his personal intra party ambitions, while the latter (lim ge) went to prison due to his selfless sacrifice for an underage malay girl

    2. did i said anwar dont have a role? he is, but is he suppose to went to prison for umno internal war, what law said that? so the 6 years is sort of punishment of his past deed, this is zan buddhism, methink u know very little.

      here is a poem from water margin

      we criticize bn/mahathir because they still uphold what they did is right, and they r still in power, we dun keep turning back the clock n tell anwar was guilty, of course he is and we know. u cant see the diff?

    3. " ...he went to prison because he fell on his own keris, that was, in an internal UMNO war between him and dr mahathir..."

      That was a political battle within UMNO and should be resolved politically within UMNO, and not to abuse the court process to settle the power struggle. That practice belongs to the Stalin era.

    4. HY, just because I'm against Anwar doesn't mean I support Mahathir or UMNO - Anwar, Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddinm, Azmin Ali, Saifuddin Nasution, etc they are all the same

  3. paraphrase Russell "philosophy is what you don't know" and please ask that "consistent" petra tell us something we dont know la. we dont need lecture on philosophy, so cheapskate to show video of anwar past. this is what those anglo bible and opium pusher teach him in uk?

    1. wakakaka, can't fault you in describing the Poms as opium pushers, though those were the ancestors of today's Poms

  4. Alright, KT, you have finally convinced me that Pakatan is a horde of morally confused, shiftless misfits unworthy of occupying Putrajaya. So, in line with your dearest wish I will vote for BN in the coming GE. After all, our dearest Datuk Seri Najib is indisputably the best PM the country has ever had - no other can even come close. Just ask - has any other PM given 500 ringgit to so many needy Malaysians? ... has any other PM gone as far and done as much as DS Najib in reaching out to Malaysians of different races?

    Thank you very much, KTemoc, for making me see the light! You are the greatest!!

    1. wakakaka, did i say that? you can still vote for DAP ;-) as i will be

    2. A lot of people find DAP objectionable as well (no doubt you are not among these).
      It looks like the only real choice is Barisan Nasiona.
      Dacing !

  5. Ktemoc is having orgasms at the thought of the Sabah RCI resulting in Anwar behind bars.
    As usual barking up the wrong tree. What the RCI is unearthing is the rot in the system. The rot can only be fixed by changing the Federal Government.
    ABU !

    1. and those umno people (current and former) behind it, wakakaka

  6. I have very low expectations of this or any other RCI under this Administration. The RCI is already emasculated even before it begins, by stricly restricting its terms of reference. Even then, if extensive wrong-doing is unearthed, "Patel the Washing Machine" will ensure that no Senior UMNO or Government official ever faces a trial.
    If public odium is too strong to cover it all up, some low-level officers, like Corporal or Sergeant rank (sounds familiar ?) will get charged.
    Like somebody else says here, the solution ultimately lies in throwing out the idiots currently in power in the Federal Government. (My personal opinion) PKR may or may not be an UMNO clone when it gets into power, but UMNO is definitely UMNO.

    On to Sabah.
    The betrayal of democracy in Sabah in the 1990's was a complex operation. As far as I gather, Anwar was in charge of recruiting and paying off the Frogs side of the operation.
    The Instant Malaysian voter project was a separate exercise run by the Home Ministry. Anwar may well have known about the operation, but it wasn't his baby, as far as my information goes.

    You question should be -
    a) Who was the Home Minister at the time ?

    1. brave attempt at exonerating AI - he was the DPM, a role he demonstrated so vividly in UMNO Youth's disgraceful disruption of Apcet II

    2. Project IC was a Home Ministry operation, run by the Home Minister - that's the information I was told, long before this RCI came about.
      Facts are facts, independent of whether you like THAT person or not. We shall see.

      Apcet, disgraceful as it is, is factually irrelevant to the Sabah case, no ?
      If not, then please explain how are they objectively linked ?

      Sorry, I'm not trying be rude here, trying to deal with facts , not emotions, that's why I'm being strict with you, the Blog owner.

    3. The Home Minister is only a member of the cabinet, headed by the PM (and the DPM). Would you be so confident as to say the PM and DPM, as head and deputy of the cabinet, won't know what's happening in other ministries, or have a significant if not major say in any of their respective plans, programs, projects and policies?

      The issue of Apcet was only a small issue, but I raised it not to provide a link with the Sabah treason, but to show his involvement as DPM (acting PM) and the SOP disowning of the responsibility for the disgrace and to place that on Mahathir who was actually away at that time in Ghana.

      I am not suggesting for one moment Mahathir as the PM was not involved in Project IC, but I am saying it would be strange for a DPM not to know anything or even have a say or role in that project. But there's just an over keenness by pro PKR people to automatically exonerate him from being possibly involved, when he was in fact the DPM and concurrently the BN director of election ops in Sabah in 1994.

      Now, let me raise another unrelated issue - FOREX - didn't he as Finance Minister initially claim he was not in the know at all (which was either preposterous or he was a sheer incompetent Finance Minister), but subsequently admitted he was, but attempting to stop it.

      There's this perpetual perennial disowning of his ministerial responsibilities that has become the hallmark of AI, as if he was lily white all the time.

      I don't expect a politician, even one from DAP, to be always or forever perfect or lily white, but puhleeeze lah, be truthful and admit/accept some responsibilities for your ministership, which would persuade people like to be more forgiving

  7. Anon 12:47 AM

    Yes, you and KTemoc are right. The Pakatan Rioters do come across as a gaggle of morally bankrupt, religion crazy, mentally retarded bozos. If you vote for them then you are surely also like them. Readers of this blog do owe KTemoc their gratitude for opening their eyes.

    Casting your vote in the coming GE is so very obviously a no-brainer. It is Barisan Nasional without a shadow of a doubt. Voting for the Pakatan Dumbos will have you beating your breast
    and wailing with regret soon enough when they drag you back to the dark days of the 7th century CE.

    Don't say you have not been warned!

    1. don't confuse PKR with Pakatan - the former is a splinter group of UMNO

  8. The current RCI will be similar to the Lingam correct-correct-correct episode. If Mahathir is subpoenaed to give evidence this time, he will say:
    1) "I don't remember"
    2) Tunku did same thing with even more immigrants
    3) demand RCI for Tunku's giving citizenship to 1 million Chinese (as advocated by OutSyedthebox & Helen Ang).

    In the Lingam RCI, Mahathir was one of the implicated parties, but nothing happened to him.

  9. Near election time, kt has started to twist again.
    How can he vote for DAP when DAP supports Anwar to be PM?
    His agree to disagree....on and on and on.....for what purpose?

  10. ktemoc is a lonely man.
    His long posts are to pass the hours away.
    His objectives is to make visitors to agree and disagree with him, so that he can talk to someone.
    His daily companion are his books.
    His brain is unstable.