Monday, January 21, 2013

Age of Gemini?

As GE-13 approaches, strange and stranger things have been and are occurring.

For a start, I have been flabbergasted by the new G-Ds of 'truth' where shadowy figures, after being rinsed, baptised and sanctified, become personalities of absolute credibility, ...

... where for example, as per the case of the second SD which repudiated the original SD* accusing Najib Razak of being involved sexually with the murdered Mongolian, Altantuyaa Shariibuu, we have Mr Americk Singh Sidhu pronouncing that lawyer Arunapalam (who accompanied Perumal Balasubramaniam in releasing the 2nd SD) was not responsible for drafting that follow-up SD.

* blue-highlighted phrase subsequently inserted to correct an inadvertent but vital omission

Now, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu is one of society's most leading, if not the most leading, civic-conscious lawyers. He is a member of, he assured us, a 'noble' profession - the profession of lawyers, that is. And just on that score alone - correction, on those scores by themselves (his eminence as a civic-conscious citizen and as a member of a 'noble' profession), we can without further investigation accept his words as virtually gospel truth ... 

... apart from the fact we would have also accepted Mr Arunalparam's words from the noble lawyer himself ...

... but as would have it, Mr Americk Singh Sidhu gob-smacked me with the reason for his assertion (of Arunalpalam not being the drafter of the 2nd SD), by stating: "We now know Arunalpalam didn't draft or prepare that second SD. Deepak has said so."

"Deepak said so!" Amazing! And there you have it, in clear unambiguous emphatic terms. The new G-D had thus spoken, and thus must be believed.

Indeed, as I had posted in B-D, the new G-D of 'Truth' ... Mr Deepak Jaikishan is now the very fount of truth, and if you don't disagree with me on this for whatever reasons, please have a bit of faith lah. 

Hey man, to reiterate, Mr Deepak is the very epitome of credibility, integrity and reliability and various other '-bilities' where he now possesses a fresh sweet smelling persona like a newly washed, rinsed, starched, blued and expertly ironed gleaming white shirt.

Mr Deepak Jaikishan is one of the new G-D's of 'truth'. But even a G-D of 'truth' needs some form of immunity from a future Pakatan government for telling us his 'truth'. I hope PKR is and I heard PAS might well be looking into this.

There have been all sorts of scurrilous rumours that Deepak and the ex IGP have been whistle blowing because (a) they want to twist arms for more whatever while the gravy train is still chugging along, (b) they are positioning themselves to look after their own skin in view of a new Pakatan government after GE-13, and (c) they might well be truly civic conscious citizens who want to bring down UMNO and help PKR.

Surely we can't have these sort of scurrilous rumours corrupting our new G-D's of 'truth' other than the last, to wit, they are truly civic conscious citizens who want to bring down UMNO and help PKR.

Incidentally, one man who might be able to help clarify or enlighten us on the 'truth' behind the Altantuyaa case has somehow slipped repetitively under the radar, mind you, through no fault of his but our negligence. He is none other than our dear Yang Berhormat Encik Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR).

Sivarasa rasiah

Sivarasa has been one of the common denominators in both SD's, the second case only indirectly by virtue of him acting as Mr Deepak's lawyer (a most noble profession).

By leaving dear YB Sivarasa out of our occasional querying-postings, we have been grossly remiss, missing golden opportunities to probe deeper and more substantially into the circumstances surrounding the SD's by not having him enlighten us, right from the case's very genesis in a Bangsar pub (was it The Backyard?).

Anyway, moving on with strange and stranger stuff happening as we approach GE-13.


We now have a MIC man virtually prancing in front of us a la MGR wakakaka, a regular Puratchi Thalaivar sprouting criticisms against Mahathir and other questionable BN stuff, acting as if he was the reincarnation of a once-PKR Gobalakrishnan, wakakaka - see The Malaysia Insider's Dr M’s racist rants ‘destroying’ BN’s image, says MIC man and Free Malaysia Today's Stop Perkasa or lose votes, warns MIC

I guess when your party has nothing left to lose, being already at rock bottom wakakaka, you can be braver than those mute MCA and Gerakan parties, wakakaka.

Gobalakrishnan, erstwhile PKR man

Where Gobala has moved from being an Anwar bodeker to Anwar hater (a la Nallakaruppan - gotta hand it to Anwar for his 'talents' in annoying Indians, wakakaka and ding dong), seemingly Vell Paari, son of Samy Vellu, has moved from being an expected UMNO bodeker (a la Kamalanathan or Kamala or Nathan of Hulu Selangor, wakakaka) to now UMNO critic, as once Gobala was, wakakaka.

Gobala and Vell, the yin yang twins, wakakaka.

Vell Paari

I wonder whether the soul of K Sujatha would have approved of her boss in his new Puratchi Thalaivar role?

K Sujatha

Then there are Balasubramaniam and Deepak, the new G-D's of 'truth'.

(l) Perumal Balasubramaniam, (r) Deepak Jaikishan

And don't forget Americk Singh Sidhu and Sivarasa Rasiah, the noble lawyers.

(l) Americk Singh Sidhu, (r) Sivarasa Rasiah

Finally, the ping pong twins, Dr Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim of the 1994 Sabah whatever, united once again, at least in and on history, wakakaka.

once a happy father and son relationship, wakakaka

Hmmm, must be the age of Gemini (and not Aquarius), or perhaps that of Ashwini Kumaras, wakakaka.

Obviously Nakula and Sahadeva Pandava are well and truly in action, so eat your heart out, Uthayakumar, wakakaka.

lonely partner-less Uthayakumar

Yes, strange and stranger things have happened to Malaysian politics. Thank goodness for stable predictable hudud-bent PAS, and ...

... the obedient and subservient MCA and Gerakan, even in the face of Dr Mahathir's insult to Peninsula Chinese citizens via his cynical call for a RCI to probe into Malaysian citizenships for our parents and grandparents, conveniently forgetting the recommendation of pre-independence Reid Commission.

Ah, blessed stability in the face of weird things happening, thanks to PAS, MCA and Gerakan, wakakaka.


  1. The tower of the mind
    Once it was uploaded and knighted
    Now the wayward sting
    It is hard to swallow

    The ruse of our times
    Branded and blended in divine
    Absolutely mixture without grace
    A hang on a puppet strings

    The history trying to erase
    When the mixture finally cooked
    The smell of the rotten receipe
    The lies and deceits for all to smell

    The game of divide and rule
    “One for you 3 for me
    One for the road
    Nobody will see”

    Now the circle returns
    The whirring sound
    On the land below the wind
    The can of worms crawling out

    “It's a long time waiting
    Finally we are getting our freedom
    We have to tell our stories
    How deceit make us slaves”

    Do we listen?
    Maybe we have and will
    The change for the Nation
    As history will be written

    1. I salute you, caravanserai ! After reading your most commedable poem above, I am reminded afresh why we need people like you.....

  2. "...Dr Mahathir's insult to Peninsula Chinese citizens via his cynical call for a RCI to probe into Malaysian citizenships for our parents and grandparents, conveniently forgetting the recommendation of pre-independence Reid Commission."

    That diabolical michiavellian mind still ticking along venomously old age nothwithstanding..... of course, he's depending on the MSM making headlines with his latest new twist. His target audience the rural and urban poor malays....what do these people know of pre-independence Reid Commission ? His message goes straight to the core....."I gave these muslims, our brethens in Islam, citizenships and they make noise ? The Tunku gave the kaffirs citizenships who sucked your blood dry and these numbers are 5 times those that I gave". How many of these malays read blogs online and the alternative news online ? And these are the people who will vote in UMNO. Even the so-called educated graduates who are not proficient in English and properly BTN-nised will be fair game to the master puppeteer, and these malays numbers in the millions in this country.

  3. Just last week I signed off on a business contract with a foreign multinational which stipulated that in the event of a legal dispute, the jurisdiction for Judicial review shall be the Courts of the Republic of Singapore.
    As a Malaysian, I was very reluctant to sign, because the contract is for business conducted in Malaysia, with a Malaysian company, but in the end there was no choice, otherwise the deal would have come to a halt.
    It was obvious, the foreign multinational had no confidence in the Malaysian court system.

  4. Goodness me - Sivarasa just keeps quiet uh. Now I also notice. Does this mean he knows everything ? Like this it is obvious Deepak cannot be believed. Who then gave the order ? Really what is the real story. Maybe Sivarasa with KT's assistance can do a Facts of Altantuya 101.

    On second thoughts, perhaps facts & truths are irrelevant.

  5. Very good try at defending Najib...wakakakaka...
    Hmm...nothing is free in this world, so there ought to be some "ganjaran" at the end...

    1. Aiyah, I can only hope so - can always do with a bit more ringgit in my pocket. BTW, do you think I should invoice Anwar Ibrahim for defending him as I did in


    2. Anwar is very stingy nowadays...can't get anything out from his gang.
      Najib has much fatter wallets.

      Me, I'm purely mercenary...always the best policy...

    3. Don't be deceived by those playing the pauper game...all these UMNOs started making their pile way back from the 80''s just that those scoundrel leeches who are now on the other side of the fence are unable to 'surface up' their dirty moolah, more so than their brethens-in-crime. Besides which, these are the people who would know best how to use OPM, hence we see all the big shots have cronies trailing after them. ( Note : OPM = other people's money ).

  6. When all is said and done, BN is still the best party to rule the country.
    Its preferable to win with a 2/3 majority, but it will work fine with a simple majority.

    1. I was debating whether to publish your comment, not because of the comment per se, but your nick which carries the word 'monster'.

      Mind you, I was just attempting to be respectful to someone who I heard might have passed away recently. Despite his unsavoury character and filthy words, I always believe in respecting the departed.

    2. Sounds like you are allergic to any nick containing the word "Monster"... :) :)

      I watch monster movies and other tales of the supernatural in my free time...heheheh...hence the connection to Ehemmm...

    3. just me respecting the dead

    4. Betul ke dia tu sudah 'pigi'? Nowadays, rumours have the strange habit of turning out to be the truth lah. We do live in interesting time nowadays eh ? Bloggers everywhere are spoilt with such array of juicy topics to report and analyse and ponder upon. Wa ka ka ka

  7. Kaytee,
    This one also anwar's fault.....hahahaha....Anwar Ibrahim planted bomb in KK in 1985......Hahahaha

  8. Who is dead kt?
    Are you saying Monsterball is dead?
    Did his children sms you the news?

    1. 3rd hand source only. I'll be contacting his sons soon. Apparently it was horrible, him perishing in a pile of his own you-know-what.

  9. 2013 - this is the year of the Snake ! Now you know why all these ulars, especially the most bisa ones ( the mamakmamboo species ) all come slittering out in their most convoluted form, ultra venomous and deadly with just one bite.

    See here ( a must see ) of the snake in one stroke : watch out for the "M"

  10. I have no doubt Anwar Ibrahim is a most unprincipled and manipulative person who would be dangerous to be the PM for Malaysia. Supporting Anwar and PKR is obviously not on for me.

    What I can't understand and would like to hear your comment is - how do you justify voting for DAP when DAP have made it clear Anwar is their candidate for Prime Minister should PR win in the next GE ?

    It is no longer a purely academic question because it is not a far fetched possibility that Barisan Nasional can be toppled in GE13.

    I'm a long time DAP voter. However I cannot in my conscience support them this time round, because of this issue, at least at the Federal level.

    I would have loved to see my area MP in the Federal Cabinet, but it would be a Phyrric victory if it is after all an Anwar Ibrahim administration.

    1. wakakaka, if u r a DAP voter, then I'm the Shah of Timbuktu

    2. And you are tap-dancing around the issue.
      Its a logical and valid question isn't it ?

    3. Seputeh, I'll be definitely voting for, and recommending my friends and relatives to vote DAP, if they are in federal and state constituencies where DAP will be contesting.

      As for PKR I'm not against the party itself, except against AI, AA and SN and the rest of the inner coterie. Anyway, I won't be voting in PP, Gombak so what I can practically do is moot.

      PAS now becomes the question for non-Muslims. If I were in Perak I will still vote for a man like Nizar but I will be very careful with other PAS candidates. I have been told that the Chinese won't vote for PAS in Kedah. Whether they will for UMNO is unknown.

    4. Are the Chinese votes returning to BN ?
      I sense something changing in the air in these last few weeks before GE13.
      Chinese who were so strongly against BN in 2008 and after seem to be seeing UMNO , even MCA in a new light. It may well be the result of fear-mongering by MCA , Gerakan and MSM like the Star, but I can see many middle-class Chinese seem to have switched to "neutral" now between BN and PR.
      PAS, especially is looking very suspicious, and this will hurt PR in many mixed seats.

    5. Chinese won't be voting for PAS in Kedah, and perhaps in Kelantan too though I must admit I have no feedback in the latter. I'm not sure about the other areas but there's no doubt the recent edicts of the PAS Syura Council has severely undermined non-Muslim confidence in the party.

      Will these votes go to BN? In general I doubt it. Except in a few places (like Pandan, because of Ong Tee Keat's personal popularity among Chinese Malaysians) MCA can be said to be "finished". It'll be a bloodbath for MCA unless an EC-like miracle occurs.

      It has been (reliably) rumoured that many MCA members have already abandoned the party and join or applying to join DAP and PKR (though being sneaky, they haven't resigned from MCA officially, keeping a belakang pusing re-entry option if the unexpected happens, wakakaka).

      Chua Jui Meng has been one who has publicly burned his MCA bridge, only because, I suspect, he knows there is no future for him in MCA, regardless of whether Pakatan or BN wins.

    6. What about PAS candidates in Selangor? Would KT vote for them?

  11. Why are church groups being silent over the distribution of Bibles to Muslim children ?

    This is a proven case with many public witnesses

    Even if unintentional due to there being a large mixed group of students, a simple statement of regret would help assuage sensitivities.

    The silence of the Christian community implies tacit support for proselytization among Muslim.

  12. Renowned Feng Shui master says Najib has the edge over Anwar in the Year of the Snake


  13. .



    I am surprised that your long list of

    'mic greats' did not include this

    nice 'jambu' Nallakarupan, ..



    How come u missed such an important

    protagonist in this whole series of episode

    .. 'nuar and his many loves..?

    Hello Buttercup!!!

    What , you missed this nice 'bedfellow'

    , 'nalla jambu, ya?