Sunday, May 08, 2016

Where's Nathaniel Tan when he's needed?

Last month PKR's Nathaniel Tan wrote lots of bullshit against Lim Guan Eng. But hey, it's to be expected of him as an PKR-ista who like most PKR-ista hates DAP (and I'm merely using his usual weapon of accusing others of hating Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka).

DAP's loss is my loss


Note I now call him a PKR-ista instead of an Anwarista because he has fallen out of love with the Man in Bamboo River. He now sucks up to those in PKR top echelon - sorry, 'sucks up' is an unfair exaggeration and I apologize - let's put it better by saying he's totally committed to PKR politics, no matter how nasty they were, are and will be - in other words, he has blind-as-bat loyalty for PKR.

And just as an example of that loyalty or more correctly, stupidity, Nat recorded such a blind-as-bat black mark in his Malaysiakini’s September 2008 article for advocating and justifying Anwar’s frog-ology, where I wrote as follows:

... towards the end of his article, Nathaniel put in his bid for Anwar Ibrahim. He wrote appealingly: One controversial option to forestall any such drastic measures by the powers-that-be is for Malaysians to push for a change of government – either by crossovers, or calling for a snap general election (a potential last resort for BN, which is good for democracy, but unlikely to forestall the ruling coalition's demise).

In other words, Nathaniel was shockingly justifying and asking the public to support the insidious political frog-hunting which Anwar had successfully demonstrated as his specialty way back in Sabah in 1994 when he as DPM and thus BN's director of election campaign in Sabah, turned Pairin from democratically elected CM into opposition leader with just a few croaks, yes, that disgraceful deformasi subversion of the ballot box to seize power via the grubby back door.

Nat Tan apologetically rationalized, attempting to fool his own conscience and values: While less than ideal, these remain some of the few ways we can avoid a descent into chaos and desperation within BN, and by extension within Malaysia.

Less than ideal? F**k, that's deformasi of the most grubby kind.

And now a parallel tale from Anwar Ibrahim’s favourite author who had, in Anwar’s own words, succoured him while he was in prison: 

... Hie thee hither, that I may pour my spirits in thine ear, and chastise with the valour of my tongue all that impedes thee from the golden round ... (Macbeth 1.5.25-28)

Macbeth & Lady MacBeth

What does that mean?

We are told that the ambitious Lady Macbeth (who wants to be Queen) said the above to persuade her husband to 'rise above his goodness and accept her evil ways’ if he wanted to succeed.

n other words, she wanted to make Macbeth ashamed of everything in him that was 'preventing' him from being evil enough to be king.

Sounds familiar? It’s certainly vintage Nathaniel Tan in his rationalizing to justify the evil ways taken (frogology, 916, etc) to make Anwar the PM, wakakaka, and that's what I meant by his blind-as-bat devotion to a hopeless PKR.

Oh, he was once labelled as effete snob by Zaid Ibrahim, meaning Nathaniel lives in an ivory tower totally out of touch with us lowly proletariat hoi polloi. Zaid lambasted him as follows (extracts only):

In Nathaniel’s calculus, one has to be blindly loyal at the cost of one’s own principles to qualify as having integrity.

There must be many Nazis that Nathaniel is proud of, seeing as they stood by Hitler to the bitter end. On the other hand, Sir Winston S Churchill must be a spineless party-hopper since he crossed from the Conservatives to the Liberals then back again.

Churchill had many qualities - some good, others bad - but lacking principle or integrity is not one of them.

Who is this pompous writer to go around with his own constructed “integrity-barometer” castigating others for lack of principle? If he wants to test his mettle and is willing to let others measure the level of integrity in his system, then I bid him welcome to the world of politics.

Accusing Zaid of 'lack of principle' and he recently wrote the bullshit about Lim GE, one full of untruths and half-truths? Wakakaka, what a f**king hypocrite.

Just in case you may still wonder what Zaid had meant by ‘effete snob’, well, it means a range of things, but I will attribute to Nathaniel the mildest one, namely, an ‘over-protected elite’, someone who is residing in an Ivory Tower – a dreamer protected by his fortunate accident of birth and thus disconnected with reality or the real world where we less-fortunate-than-him hoi polloi live in, wakakaka.

Incidentally, Nathaniel is the scion of a well-to-do family where he was known to be picky about his food, as once revealed by his ex girl friend, Soon Li Tsin, a one-time Malaysiakini journalist. In July 2007 when he as an Anwarista was confined by the police for a couple of days, Li Tsin was allowed to visit him in the cell with some food (probably a local dish like char koay teow or nasi lemak, wakakaka, but truthfully I don't know), but what I and dozens of bloggers knew from the blog of his erstwhile sweetie was that he asked her instead for gourmet sandwiches, wakakaka.

Gourmet sandwiches ;-) hmmm, maybe he was already living up to his 'effete snob' image, several years before Zaid dug into him. wakakaka.

If you recall my letter to Malaysiakini titled Nathaniel Tan’s cherry-picking and missing the elephant in the room I mentioned how Nathaniel Tan was so supposedly concerned about the DAP maverick in Penang, Teh Yee Cheu, that he (Nathaniel) wrote an article in Malaysiakini slyly, slimily and sarcastically accusing Lim Guan Eng of running Penang like North Korea - see his nasty shitty lil' article titled Will Guan Eng be Dear Leader for life?

Sadly in his article he told us lots of half-truths and also shocking untruths in his vain and desperate hope to convince us Lim GE has become dictatorial as CM Penang and will even be more so if we don't remove him.

He then started hitting Lim GE below the latter's belt and preposterously compared Lim GE's term in office to those of Benito Mussolini, Italy's WWII fascist dictator and Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's recent scandal-ridden PM. What did he have in mind when he selected two of Europe's worst leaders, one from even as far back as WWII, to compare with Lim GE?

But in shameful shocking contrast he studiously remained silent on Mahathir who ran this country for 22 years in a style we have been lamenting on for years since he (supposedly) left office. Neither did Nathaniel Tan even whisper about the reign of Perak's MB Zamry Abdul Kadir who took office around the same period as Lim GE and who is still Perak's MB.

I can understand why a PKR-ista like Nathaniel Tan would attack Lim GE in unfair comparison to Mussolini and Berlusconi but I cannot about his studious and very loud omission of Mahathir - more of this soon, wakakaka.

As for Zamry Abdul Kadir I wonder whether the Perak MB has a bigger shlong than Lim GE such that Nathaniel Tan was shocked into silence about the term of his MB-ship, wakakaka.

In my letter to Malaysiakini, I mentioned that Nathaniel like most PKR people has an invincible prejudice against the DAP, and gave my opinions on his brains-baffling bullshit (B-cube) article about limiting Lim GE's term as CM Penang but, just as one example, not that of Zamry Abdul Kadir as MB of Perak. 

So I expressed some of my concerns for Nathaniel’s biased letter questioning Lim Guan Eng’s tenure as CM of Penang and the proposal to set a term (not time) limit on Lim's CM-ship, brought up recently by a DAP assemblyperson, Teh Yee Cheu. Nat’s thrust is that long tenure in high office lends substance to the old political adage that power corrupts, especially long term power.

He then wrote in his article about the creeping dominance of feudal culture within the [DAP] party and its supporters ..... and his concern for Penang assemblyperson Teh Yee Cheu, who he believed will not be named as a candidate anywhere for anything for the next elections, because Teh had apparently violated DAP party discipline.

now raise all the above because I'm disappointed Nathaniel Tan has not made even a teeny weeny lil' old squeak about Pak Haji Hadi Awang booting poor Husam Musa out of PAS on grounds that Husam violated party discipline.

Yes indeed, why has Nathaniel Tan been so concerned about DAP's Teh Yee Cheu for violating DAP party discipline (bucking the party's whip) but has totally ignored the plight of Husam Musa for the same allegations of allegedly committing the same offence.

Is Nathaniel a hypocrite or what?

Silent on Mahathir, silent on PAS' rather dictatorial action in botting Husam Musa out. Silent on UMNO's Zamry's reign as MB in Perak.

What's the common denominator in the above three (Mahathir, UMNO, PAS) with Nathaniel Tan of PKR, a party now with a new de facto leader by the name of Azmin Ali?



  1. Nat Tan?I thought that he quit PKR and have headed for the hills,with his tail between the legs.These are all not fighters.The slightest moment they are up against a wall,they quit,made a u-turn and head for the hills.It is better GE14 be tomorrow.Let Najib and his band of merrymen humbled the useless PKR and it will be a mosquito party or self implode.The DAP,will also be humbled in GE14.The question will be how many seats Najib is going to take back from them.Half,three quarters if not all?

  2. Just another wild rant against PKR.

    1. it's a rant against PKR but one which is justified


    DAP deserves it reputation as a Chinese-racist party.

    1. deliberately twisted words, as to be expected of UMNO-BN. This is mild compared to some of their fabrications, perhaps matched only by a certain party's photoshop photo of Dinner for 3 in France, wakakaka.

      DAP is a racist Chinese party - maybe that explains why the DAP has the most number of Indian MPs and ADUNs in comparison to the combined Indian MPs and ADUNs in MIC, PKR, Gerakan, PPP, Hindraf, etc, wakakaka again