Thursday, May 19, 2016

Selangor Buah Langsat

MM Online - Rafizi threatens to expose Selangor graft in leaked message

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — PKR’s whistleblower Rafizi Ramli is warning his party that he will reveal alleged corruption involving the Selangor administration unless it is halted, according to a leaked text message.

In the message purportedly sent to the “Solidarity for Anwar” WhatsApp group, Rafizi said he received complaints of demands for cash and women in dealings with the Selangor administration, which is headed by PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

“Yesterday I received reports and complaints from bona fide individuals that, other than money, there are now demands for ‘women’ when dealing with the state government. They have complained to me and I’m currently collecting information.

“All this talk about money and now women is making people inside and outside talk about ‘dedak’,” read the message sighted by Malay Mail Online.

“Dedak” is Malay for animal feed, and is used euphemistically to denote payoffs.

The buah langsat sure as hell doesn't fall far from the bloody bangsat sorry I mean langsat tree, wakakaka, but if true, then it suggests an ugly, very very ugly PKR.

Malaysiakini also informs us of the same story in its Leaked! Money, women allegedly requested during discussions with S'gor govt where it reported:

The leaked Whatsapp conversation was exposed by news portal Malaysian Mirror.

"Yesterday, I received a report and complaint from a 'bonafide' person that apart from money, now there are also requests for women when dealing with the state government. There is no point for me to elaborate, you know what I mean.

"They came to me and complained, and I am collecting information," Rafizi was quoted as saying in the 'Solidariti for Anwar' Whatsapp group.

He also stated in the conversation that he was more concerned about sins and good deeds as opposed to political strategies.

"I don't really care about political strategies and other (issues).

"I have never once been to the SUK (state secretariat building) since Azmin (Ali) became MB to ask (for something) or to discuss (matters)," he said.


  1. 2 x 5
    DAP in Penang has also lost any moral "superiority" on this issue.
    Goodness knows what "Quid Pro Quo" was discussed between LGE , his house seller and her principal business partner to arrive at a way below market selling price.

    1. why don't you report what you know, apparently so well, to either the police or MACC - otherwise it's all cheap talk from a PKR-ista

    2. How does pointing out the equivalent turpitude in DAP's governance in Penang make me a PKR-ista ?
      Isn't that bulls*t logic?

      In fact, morally, DAP's lapse in Penang is much worse, because it involves its Numero Uno, its Alpha Male.

      I expect Caesar to be cleaner than the average Centurion.

      But looks like that is impossible in Malaysia, regardless UMNO, PKR or DAP.

    3. 1) you have been berating me for not condemning BN; here in this post you jumped in in seeming over-reactive defence of PKR (wakakaka) by condemning the ALLEGED crime of LGE, using the keyword or code of 2 x 5. QED, you're ths a PKR-ista

      2) assuming just for an instant on grounds of debate, would the so=called ALLEGED crime in Penang be uniquely that of a state's political CEO? wakakaka

      3) Caesar exists in each and every state in Malaysia, wakakaka

      By the by, the saying on Caesar should be about Caesar's wife, not Caesar himself, wakakaka

    4. Wah....everything negative about LGE or anyone in DAP is capitalised as ALLEGED.

      But every time you write anything bad about Anwar, Azmin, Tian Chua or anyone else in PKR they are straight away guilty beyond doubt......

      DAP Myrmidon indeed.

    5. I guess since you are barely a Malaysian , you don't know the meaning of 2 x 5

      It means - equally bad.
      It means I'm saying DAP is equally bad with PKR.

      Unlike you, DAP Myrmidon....

    6. you've been forced to resort to 2 x 5 because it was a PKR leader who raised the issue, of a PKR which has not been above board. Thus you were forced to silently acknowledge that but try to salvage a bit of PKR pride by dragging DAP in as being "equally" dirty

  2. Kaytee,Datuk Sak's blog have vanished into thin air.Anybody know what's happened to it?Did the boys in blue come a calling?