Monday, May 23, 2016

Machiavellian knot unravelling

When Azmin Ali criticized MACC for raiding Lim Guan Eng's house in the anti-graft agency's search for evidence on allegations of naughty dealings by Guan Eng in the purchase of his Pinhorn Road house, it's not that Azmin has been wrong. In fact he has been spot on in saying MACC has continued to demonstrate imbalanced treatment of Pakatan pollies in contrast to BN pollies like Najib Razak and his various billions of this and that.

It's the timing lah. Yes, his timing has been less than brilliant, in fact far from that, wakakaka.

or a start, I've always viewed Azmin as not one to show sympathy for DAP pollies - I suspect he believes his status is way way above Guan Eng - an analogy would be like a Brahmin to a Sudra, wakakaka, and in this regard Guan Eng is lucky not to have been considered as an 'untouchable', wakakaka again.

Then, as I just mentioned, the very timing of his criticism of MACC with regards to its raid of Guan Eng's house is gnam gnam at a time when Azmin finds himself right in the midst of all sorts of self-induced strife.

He is a very unhappy bloke right now, finding himself currently not popular with his own party PKR, his so-called Pakatan allies (so-called in the way he has been treating them, both DAP and Amanah) and worse, his complete nightmare, a PAS whom he as a so-called Pakatan leader has been shamelessly wooing like a lovesick Casanova, becoming estranged from his embrace and turning rather hostile to him.

'Twas reported he had threatened Selangor's PAS exco members that he would require them to resign from the state exco positions if PAS doesn't give way in the Sungai Besar by-election to ... guess who? ... wakakaka ... yes sir ... PKR.

Then he denied that accusation, saying it was sheer nonsense but alas, those PAS blokes in in Selangor pulled the rug from beneath his feet by confirming he did say so. Alamak, how to believe him liao lah!?

This was naturally followed by PAS giving him the proverbial two lil' birdies.

Then the Anwar letter emerged, in what was an obvious chiding of Azmin.

Anwar had written sadly:

My kind and generous disposition towards Tun M was not reciprocated. Far from being remorseful he displayed the contemptible aspect of his character by repeating the scurrilous attacks.

The humiliation, sadly did not elicit any response from my trusted colleagues.

And what trusted colleagues? Azmin Ali? Shamsul Iskandar?

The latter just said it's fair for PAS to demand to contest the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections. Who cares what PAS wants. We put Amanah in the two by-elections as the rep of Pakatan Harapan for whom both UMNO and PAS are its enemies.

Anwar's letter was followed by Rafizi Ramli making allegations of salacious corruption demands in Selangor, yes, Pakatan's or PKR's Selangor state.

That leaves Azmin only with his Uncle who himself is becoming politically less credible day by day.

As TK Chua, a FMT reader, has written in an opinion piece titled No such thing as being a little pregnant in a reference to Azmin Ali's unholy dalliance with PAS, the political foe of Pakatan Harapan, Azmin's judgement is questioned as to where his loyalty lies, with his Pakatan ally Amanah or with Pakatan's foe, PAS?

Chua asked:

We have pretenders, hypocrites and corruptors as our politicians and leaders. The baloney being perpetrated is beyond belief. No explanation, justification and rationale has been given for anything. Everything is based on power, defiance, personal survival, and obstinacy.

We violate agreements, ethics and principles and we allow the slippery slope of expediency and hypocrisy to lead us to more baloney as is evidenced today.

[obviously referring to PKR's treacherous actions in standing in 5 constituencies in the recent Sarawak state elections when those 5 seats were already allocated to DAP in an agreement signed by PKR President Wan Azizah]

Seriously, how could we have PAS as a friend and ally on one hand and as an enemy and opponent on the other at the same time? I think only the greatest hypocrites and the most self-conceited could see no contradiction in this situation.

[The above is the the part about Azmin and PAS being a "little pregnant" in their questionable alliance].

How can Pakatan Harapan (PH) especially PKR treat its equal partner Amanah as a lesser friend whenever the situation suits them? We may occasionally ask our friends to sacrifice something for us, but asking them to sacrifice for their enemies is nonsensical. Asking Amanah to sacrifice for PAS is out of the question. If PKR was a true friend, it would never have even thought of asking this.

Indeed, it's just horribly obscene to ask Amanah of Pakatan Harapan to give way to PAS, the enemy of PH, but we're also aware that Mahathir wants to see PAS in a straight fight with BN, and what Mahathir wants, Azmin seems to be anxious to ensure Uncle gets what Uncle wants.

Yes, we must question Azmin's judgement and loyalty to Pakatan in asking Amanah to sacrifice for PAS in the Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

[Actually Azmin has voiced his wish for PKR to contest in Sungai Besar, and as quid pro quo, promised to leave Sabak Bernam federal constituency for PAS in GE-14 - and just who the f**k is Azmin to promise PAS the seat of Sabak Bernam unilaterally without consulting Pakatan allies?]

I strongly believe Amanah should contest in both Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar - they will get around 25% Chinese votes in the former and 30% Chinese votes in the latter - the rest is up to Amanah's canvassing of the Malay votes but at least they'll fare far better than PAS.

Pakatan must ensure Amanah stands in the by-elections for the two federal seats, with or without Azmin and PKR.

In the end, we must ask Azmin Ali: Are you with PAS or Pakatan (Amanah, DAP)? Just showing sympathy for Lim GE on the matter of MACC raiding the latter's house is just not good enough.


  1. To be precise, the Malaysia official protocol handbook lists the Menteri Besars of the Malay States ahead of the Chief Ministers of the other states such as Penang and Malacca.
    I have no idea why, but it is set down in print.

    So in that sense, yes, the Selangor Menteri Besar ranks above the Penang Chief Minister.
    In addition, the reality is that Selangor has a much larger economy , land area and population than Penang. Size matters ...
    So...the Azmin Ali is in a sense equal , but also more than equal to Lim Guan Eng..... wakakakaka.....

    It is true Azmin is in a tight corner right now. A recalcitrant PAS, an arrogant and controllong DAP , divided PKR, a newbie Aminah chomping to prove its worth but with no grassroots support.....

    Sungai Besar could become a lose-lose scenario for the ex-Pakatan coalition, with Al Najis El Bogus Ibn Haram romping all the way to victory as "proof" that he has solid support.

    By the way, many Chinese outside of hard-core supporters in Penang and Klang Valley have gone "neutral" with regard to DAP after Bungalow-gate blew up. The market talk is now that Lim Guan Eng is little different from the BN/MCA and Gelekan idiots.

    "Ka Liau Hsio-Hsiang Eh Lah..." is what they are saying in Hokkien

    So the 30% Chinese votes in Sungai Besar cannot be assumed to listen to DAP. Get set to see many Mahjong tables set up on the By -Election day.

    1. there is no status distinction between MB and CM - the former is the political head for a state with a monarchy whilst the latter is that for a state without monarchy, FULL STOP. I haven't read the Protocol Handbook but I'll believe you, though the protocol has to do more with HRH vs YDP Negeri than their political CEOs. An MB is nto rated of higher status or class than a CM.

      I have a different take on LGE from conversations with Chinese Malaysians visiting Oz or those with regular links in Malaysia. Most Chinese Malaysians save the BN supporters, believe LGE is being framed by BN, wakakaka

    2. My guess is your social circle comprises well-heeled Chinese Malaysians who can afford to visit Australia and/or have many links with relatives in Australia.
      These are a small elitist minority, often English-speaking and surf the Internet.

      The majority of Chinese voters habitually speak dialect, read Chinese Mainstream Media newspapers or read very little or not at all. If they save up to travel overseas, they will take package tours to China or Bangkok, not Australia.

      Profane, low-brow, low-class Me, is much more in tune with this group's thinking than you can ever be.

      It is in this demographics that Bungalow-gate has done the most damage to DAP.

      Chinese MSM newspapers have played the issues to the hilt. There is no escaping the sensational headlines and front page reports, the reports on accusations made by BN , the interrogations of Phang Li Khoon, Lim Guan Eng and Betty Chew.

      DAP needs to face up to the fact Lim Guan Eng is now damaged goods in the eyes of many Chinese.

  2. Are you with PAS or Pakatan (Amanah, DAP)? ....wah Ktemoc is very George W.Bush-ish .....

    The better option is to be open to work with anyone to support the cause....

    1. my query unlike Bush's threat is to remind PKR that as a supposed member of Pakatan Harapan which PAS opposes, Azmin and PKR cannot sleep with the enemy while expecting Pakatan members like DAP and Amanah to be supportive of PKR. The obscenity of Azmin's support for PAS is his abandonment or neglect of Amanah, a full pledged member of Pakatan, in favour of a foe of Pakatan - that's treason, treachery and trust-deficient