Saturday, May 07, 2016

PKR the millstone for DAP

From Malaysiakini:

BN wins Batu Kintang, gets more votes than PKR, DAP combined

8:20PM: DAP candidate Abdul Aziz Isa has conceded defeat in the Batu Kitang seat, where he was fielded at the eleventh hour in retaliation against PKR, following its refusal to budge from five other seats.

In posting on Facebook, Aziz congratulated BN’s Lo Khere Chiang for winning the seat.

"Although I lost with marginal votes but it was a great fight. The battle of the year! This is my first time contesting and I would like to thank to all of our DAP supporters," he said.

Both PKR and DAP have blamed each other for the failure of the seat negotiations.

As of 8.20pm, DAP garnered 4,628 votes, while PKR has 889 votes. The combined votes of both parties still falls short of BN’s 6,494 votes.


BN votes = 6494

DAP (4628) + PKR (889) = 5517

BN clear of DAP + PKR combined votes by 977.

However there is no telling what would have been the real majority (or even if BN would have won) if PKR had not played the mischievous spoiler, insisting on getting the seat where the voters favoured DAP far more than PKR.

Indeed, who knows how many voters had given their votes to BN in disgust at the totally unnecessary and shameless scuffle between the two so-called Pakatan allies?

Malaysiakini reported that DAP and PKR have lost all the six seats in which the two Pakatan Harapan allies locked horns following the failure of seat negotiations.

Mind, it's true that Bridget Welsh wrote in Malaysiakini's A 'fixed' result - Sarawak's electoral distortion (extracts only):

There is another dimension of what is going on - gerrymandering. The EC is changing districts and redrawing their lines. The international standard is to follow administrative lines, and not to split communities. Largely in Sarawak this has been done in the past, especially compared to the peninsula. There were exceptions, such as the competitive Bukit Assek seat in Sibu.

Yet, in the last 2015 re-delineation exercise, there was considerable more movement of polling stations outside of boundaries. In seats such as Batu Lintang, Piasau and Tanjong Datu (formerly Kidurong), polling stations were carved as these seats became less Chinese, and to weaken the opposition’s chances (although they are likely to still hold onto these seats). In the case of Batu Lintang, a new seat was created that aimed to give the BN a chance to win around Kuching. This seat, Batu Kitang, is competitive this contest.

Merdeka polls had placed DAP's support in Batu Kitang at 60%, twice that of BN. PKR was estimated at only 8%. But f**king PKR merajuk and brawled like a spoilt brat to get it.

Batu Kitang has 17489 registered voters but the turnout was only 68.7%.

The 8% support that Merdeka polling gave PKR works out to be an estimated 961 votes (based on the 68.7% turnout, as with other stats in this post).

PKR's actual vote count is only 899 or 7.4%, which indicates the Merdeka polling had been reasonably correct, unlike the UUM poll which I commented on in my previous post PKR reaching 'escape velocity' in Batu Kitang? The UUM survey had preposterously put PKR securing a bullshittish 33% support.

But as I said in that post, I don't and cannot rely on the UUM poll apart from the self-confession by PKR that it was made known to (only) PKR by an "unidentified" source, wakakaka, at the eleventh minute, wakakaka again.

DAP's 4628 votes worked out to be 38.5%, not good enough to win nor near the predicted 60%, but decently respectable than the humiliating PKR's 889 votes, especially considering DAP had courageously put a Malay candidate against the BN and PKR Chinese candidates who had hoped to capitalise on the 59% Chinese majority constituency. BN-SUPP succeeded.

But DAP is to be applauded for its courageous multiracial venture, a la Teluk Intan when it stood a young Malay woman against Gerakan party president who alas for Sweetie Dyana Sofya, managed to scrap though.

But in the final analysis, PKR should be f**king proud that it had sabotaged DAP kau kau in 5 other Sarawakian state seats by reneging on the signed agreement between PKR (by Wan Azizah) and DAP, a treacherous act, one so unrepentant that led an angry DAP to step into Batu Kitang as payback.

But in doing so, at least DAP gave BN a fight because if DAP had not stepped in to contest, the BN candidate would have walked away laughing with a won seat uncontested as the PKR candidate would have been disqualified on nomination day, wakakaka.

F**k PKR.


  1. I have said many times before,long before Justo was arrested.That the opposition had fuck up big time on the 1MDB scandal.And will be punish come GE14.PKR will lost more seats back to the BN than DAP.

    For the opposition to be able to make a comeback,has to wait till at least GE16 or GE17.Wait till the younger leaders like Dyana Sofya grow up.In other words,the opposition will have to wait till the cows come home.

  2. dap letak calon melayu pasti kalah, hehehe

    1. sesuatu cabaran bagi DAP - mudah2an DAP meneruskan program mencalonkan ahli Melayu sehingga ini menjadi SOP bagi parti. Sila baca pos saya

  3. And unless(ex)pakatan harapan bucks up big time this will repeat during the next GE because even anti Barisan sentiment is getting superseded by feeling fed up with opposition antics, squabbles and immaturity. Heck, i might not even go out to vote, its a waste of time.

  4. 1. pemimpin tertinggi parti boleh letak calon2 melayu, tapi adakah pengundi2 boleh terima, that's the question.
    2. bolehkah calon2 melayu diizinkan bertanding dikawasan2 majoriti cina? for a start, let's try bukit bintang & kepong.
    3. sikap keBANGSAan masih tebal dikalangan rakyat malaysia, that's my observation.
    4. lots of kahwin campuran cud be one of the enablers. cina penganut buddha dgn cina kristian, tidak ada masalah tapi kalau dgn melayu islam?

    1. Jawapan:
      (1) memang terima - terbukti di Raub (Pahang) (Malay voters <50% meaning non-Malay voters >50%) maupun Bukit Bendahara (PP) a Chinese -majority constituency won by Zairil Khir - the usual argument is Zairil is a Chinese but quite frankly not many Penangites know that. He looks like a 'fair' looking Melayu.

      Then there was Teluk Intan (Chinese majority) which no doubt Mah Siew Keong the party president of Gerakan won but only scrapping through with a majority of 238 votes against a young Melayu novice, sweetie Dyana Sofya. And recall how dirty the BN campaign was, even going to dirty tricks such as portraying Dyana as a bikini-ed Melayu by falsely using a bikini-ed photo of Filipino actress Pauleen Luna. Malulah! DAP also suffered some internal objections (thus sabotage) because Dyana's candidacy was resented by some more senior DAP members in Teluk Intan. She could have won.

      (2) sudah, walaupun sdr cadang kawasan kubu Cina seperti B Bintang. Tapi ingatlah, Bukit Bendahara di PP yg di meanangi olih Zairil Khir sebenarnya kubu Cina

      (3) setuju, dan malang, yang diperkukuhkan olih polisi2 divisif kerajaan UMNO

      (4) setuju - sikap cina yg bukan beragama kristian sangat relax, wakakaka, olih kerana kebudayaan mereka dipengaruhi oilh nasihat/ajaran Confucius yang menyebut "Revere the gods but keep them at a distance", wakakaka tapi sesuatu sebutan Confucius yang benar. Hanya agama Abrahamic yg kurang toleransi, mungkin olih kerana adat, kebudayaan, sejarah kawasan Asia Tengah-Timur macam itu, dimana sikap berdasarkan tribalism, maupun Arab atau Yahudi

    2. hehe, i knew you were going to mention raub & bkt bendera, any more examples? i have lots of friends who are dap suporters and are well aware of the zairil's history.

      teluk intan; you mentioned that some local senior members resented the candicate despite the recommendation made by non other than lks, why, was it becos her inexperience, green horn or something else? gerakan wud have lost the deposit had the candidate was somebody else. anyway, it was a nice & good attempt.

      fyi, islam was spread in china by arab and persian traders thru confucianism. kurang toleransi kerana penganut (power & wealth) bukan ajaran.

    3. raub, bkt bendera are good starts; teluk intan and batu kitang are good followups tho' unsuccessful but with a near miss in the former; imagine a young malay novice sweetie losing only by 238 votes to the party president of gerakan who has all sorts of family connections and reputation in that constituency

      your dap friends may know about zairil but many voters in bkt bendera don't - my family and relatives are living there; to be fair to zairil he's as good as a melayu as he was brought up in a malay environment since very young.

      most senior members of any branch of any political party dislike and are resentful of parachutists regardless of race, religion or sponsor but in particular inexperience and seniority; there's no denying dyana was one, but the dap had to start somewhere and cannot conveniently place malay members only in malay constituencies, and it so happened there was a by-election in teluk intan

      in fact since 1969, 6 DAP Malay politicians won in elections – of course there was Ahmad Nor in the federal constituency of Bayan Baru in 1990, and 5 ADUNs (i) Ibrahim Singgeh; (ii) Haji Hassan bin Haji Ahmad; (iii) Daing Ibrahim Othman; (iv) Mohd Salleh Nakhoda Itam & (v) Fadzlan Yahya.

      then more than 10 years ago the dap calon for bkt bendara (2004) was Zulkifli Mohd Noor.

      Bkt Bendera then had the following breakdown of registered voters: 13.82% Malays, 73.97% Chinese and 11.07% Indians, with 1.14% others (presumably Eurasians and Thais?), thus a Chinese or nons' Heartland.

      Zul won nearly 18000 of the 47000 votes, just a mere 5500 short of becoming the 2nd DAP Malay MP. Regardless of Zul's loss, his achievement was no mean feat if we look at the above ethnic breakdown.

      Even if all 14% Malays in that constituency had turned up to cast their ballots for Zulkifli (which was as likely as war criminal George Bush or Tony Blair winning the Nobel Peace Prize), he wouldn't get more than 5000 votes. So make a guess as to where the other 13,000 plus votes came from?

      on religion, look at judaism, islam and christianity - their followers are intolerant of other religions, even among themselves - this has to do with the tribal origins of these religions. even christians since the days of Paul (Saul) of damascus have been feral and tribal, until in recent years when they "modernise" their practice due to losing millions of followers to modern secularism and liberalism

      if arabs and persians convert chinese in china through confucianism it further indicates the 'relax' attitude of chinese towards religion per se - to reiterate, it was confucius himself who told chinese to "revere the gods but keep them at a distance' - maybe early days' chinese muslims didn't know what they were getting into, wakakaka, or like chinese christians today, they found their special need for an almighty god

    4. 1. i got nothing against zairil but bukankah dia juga payung terjun?
      2. 70's & 80's dah jadi history. 'geographically', the sentiment wrt acceptability of malay candidates has changed since 2008. i can testify to that especially in penang. even you yourself did point out that the candidate for bkt gelugor by-election ought to be that malay guy, can't recall the name. so, the top leaders must work harder in this aspect.
      3. islam - whatever crazy things that we have been watching & witnessing are due to the insane acts of the so-called believers (boleh on-line dgn allah swt konon2) and not the teachings. cheers!

    5. bkt bendera voters are more open-minded than teluk intan's. besides, they were already exposed to dap's zul nordin in 2004. i was quite disappointed that zul was not given a chance in gelugor when bhai passed away. there's some bad blood between the younger dap leaders and zul - i don't know what but zul has behaved extraordinarily well and with praiseworthy decorum. i hope dap penang will see that zul returns to the fold - he has been a melayu who stuck with dap during the party's most difficult years and not someone who joins dap when the party becomes popular

    6. zairil, zul & ariff sabri are only trees that make up the forest. i wud like to 'renovate' an interesting statement of yours above; there's bad blood between the younger dap supporters and malay candidates.

      agreed that appointing capable malay candidates has to be the party's culture & customs. baru lah boleh dikatakan perkongsian kuasa politik seikhlas ikhlasnya.

      i remember in the era of pre-barisan nasional (perikatan) parti gerakan rakyat malaysia, my uncle & his lots of malay friends together with the nons were staunch supporters and worked very hard to ensure the party's success then. di kampong2 penuh dgn bendera2 parti. since the formation of barisan nasional, many of them sudah hilang 'stim'. they missed the good old days.

      apa boleh buat, the conditions, situations & needs have changed & all these will continue to change, hopefully for the better. insyallah!

    7. tunggu dulu my dear sir, you have put words in my mouth because I did NOT say "there's bad blood between the younger dap supporters and malay candidates."

      what I said (above) is "there's some bad blood between the younger dap leaders and zul"

      I suspect the younger (new generation) dap leaders like anthony loke, tony pua etc have a tertiary-quals-oriented approach where they prefer to put malay candidates who have university degrees (Ariff Sabri, Zairil, Dyana, etc( and not old faithfuls like zul nordin who came up from the grass roots, probably without any tertiary education

      If my suspicion is correct, then they're too inexperienced, far too sombong and snobbish in believing only the educated elite can lead dap into the future - an experienced politician never discards old faithfuls like zul nordin - eg. paul keating was one of Oz's most visionary PM and voted world's best treasurer (equivalent to malaysia's finance minister)on a few occasions - he left school at only 15 to become a band manager, but he worked hard, educated himself, immersed fully into politics and the rest is glorious history as national treasurer and a one-term (plus) PM for him

    8. bukan, saya tidak pernah letak perkataan kedalam mulut anda. saya hanya ganti beberapa perkataan saja thus i said 'wud like to renovate'.

      if paper qualification is a prerequisite for a candidate, let that be made known. however, that will not guarantee the candidate become a good & responsible wakil rakyat once elected. many other aspects must be considered as well. some of these people have been behaving like idiots, making damaging statements & yes sombong & kurang ajar.

      bukan semua yg tak masuk varsiti itu tak pandai, munkin ada sebab2 tertentu & some were born ahead of time.

  5. Botak RPK has been very effective in the corner of Najib.All the years he was working his ass off for the opposition,and they never even knew about or how to use his talents?And Mamanlai aspires to be the PM?He even got screwed by Thambi Warthamoorthy kau kau too.And he landed as a permanent resident of Hilton Hotel,Sungai Buloh instead?What the fuck these guys want anyway?

  6. DAP lost heavily in 5 seats where it is the incumbent, and PKR was not competing.

    It is obvious there are more important factors which led to DAP's trouncing.

    Anyway, Sarawak voters have got the government they deserve.