Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sarawakian manmanlai?

Two weeks ago I posted Sarawak political unpleasantry in which I criticized Adenan Satem for playing a racist threatening game (against the Chinese if they didn't vote for BN), and one of many empty promises. I had then written:

... his principal target is Chinese votes. And he is abetted in this by federal ministers - see my previous post Chinese beautiful once more?

First, he did a clever stunner by saying Sarawak will recognize the UEC certificate, a vernacular education qualification so much valued by the Chinese community and their educationists that they (the Chinese) would have rushed into their respective bathrooms on hearing of that "Adenan's good news" to do whatever people do when they're terribly excited and want to bring their excitement to a "boil", wakakaka.

Adenan even became a local Chinese hero by criticizing Putrajaya's stand against the UEC as 'stupid and senseless'.

But I sense he has been cunning because his promise may yet turn out to be an empty promise as Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has given the two-fingers to that proposal, refusing to recognize the UEC as a recognized entry qualifications for any degree course in UNIMAS. [...]

And has Adenan said anything since the VC for UNIMAS said f**koff to the UEC?

The 'empty promise' prediction came true on the issues of UEC (see above), 20% royalty (read this), and now, post-election, he shows his full true colours by reneging on his promise of a Chinese DCM, not that such an appointment would really matter much in a substantial way, wakakaka, because I sense he would be most kedukut in sharing or delegating any meaningful authority or duties to his deputies.

And furthermore, one can excuse him on failing to meet his promise to the Chinese voters who have returned to BN if there was only one DCM to be appointed and it went to an Iban or a Malay, but look, he has appointed three, yes, not one but three DCMs.

Considering the three largest group in Sarawak are the Ibans, Chinese and Malays, in that order, and the BN's jubilation that significant numbers of Chinese have voted for BN again, he couldn't yet see it in his cabinet deliberation to appoint a Chinese as one of his 3 DCMs which in real-term power & authority would be generally syiok-sendiri posts.

His excuse now (post-election) is that he had only promised to appoint a Chinese as DCM if SUPP had won ALL its seats. Yeah, right!

OK, he's only a one-term CM as he had announced prior to the election, though that remains to be seen (maybe just another empty promise?) wakakaka, thus having got what he wanted, maybe he doesn't give a shit anymore about the disappointed Chinese in Sarawak, especially those who voted BN being pissed off with him and his empty promise, wakakaka.

But then, I wonder whether we ought to criticize him as he's not really the power that be but only a marionette of Peh Mor who still runs the show in Sarawak. Peh Mor is still commanding, controlling, managing and deciding who, what and which goes where, when and how. If Adenan indeed will leave after his one term it'll be Peh Mor again who decides on his replacement as CM Sarawak.

Aiyoyo, Peh Mor has succeeded where Mahathir has failed with AAB (ousted but remember, he refused to obey Mahathir) and Najib, wakakaka.

However, in more than one way, Adenan Satem is like Anwar Ibrahim, with his (initial) public popularity, public admittance of his love for songs of the Pelvis (eg. shake. rattle & roll) not unlike Anwar admittance in Oz of his love for poems of Shakespeare, ...

... silver-tongued gift of the gab, quick promises but manmanlai in meeting or even fulfilling them, pseudo-reformasi claims, Sarawakian First (autonomy, 20% oil royalty) and ...

... the snake-oil-salesman's charm to make his supporters forget he was part, a very intrinsic part of his brother-in-law Peh Mor's 33-year old state government for eons without even a whimper, peep or squeak of reform as he luxuriated in the payung of the former CM's fiefdom, like Anwar did in UMNO.


  1. 1. in sarawak, peh mor is still the emperor leh & highly likely till his last breath.
    2. even mahathir cudn't 'makan' him what more ahjibgor. umno lama then & now umno baru still can't enter the state.
    3. in the 2011 state elections, already 24.6% of chinese votes went to peh mor & adenan just tambah 10%, so tak sampai target maybe. anyway the chinese support is there unlike in malaya.

  2. To be fair, I think it is too soon to evaluate or question the after-effects of the election. Adenan Satem has got five years to translate the manifesto into living practice on the socio-economic and political levels. However, generally speaking, I would agree with KT on the major contribution of Peh Mor, and tribal allegiance to the patriarchal system, towards the ultimate defeat of the Opposition.

  3. Elvis The Pelvis..


  4. It is ridiculous to equate Anwar Ibrahim to Adenan "Rubber" Setem. Someone must be having his eyes plastered over with postage setem.

    Anwar Ibrahim led the rebellion against Asgard, and nearly won.
    Adenan Setem is just a two-bit flunky serving two World-Class Kleptocrats - the Rajang Great White Shark as well as Al Najis El Bogus ibn Haram.

    Less than a week after the election, the Sarawak Chinese who voted for BN in droves now get to experience being fucked in the arse by BN. "I never promised any DCM post for the Chinese."

    Either Adenan Setem was spinning, or the Borneo Post was spinning.

    1. why would it be ridiculous to compare anwar with adenan when anwar too served a dictator in umno - same same

      anwar only wailed reformasi when he was chucked out of umno but never during the 16 years he enjoyed the trappings and privileges of umno's high office

    2. The big difference is in the factor of time.

      Over nearly 18 years , Anwar Ibrahim has done much to redeem himself in opposing the masters he once served.
      I salute him.

      Adenan is little more than a "Rubber" Setem.

      Perhaps, ironically I suppose , you are so "Old Testament"-ish in subscribing to the concept of Irredeemable Sin or Unrightable Wrong

    3. redeemed himself?

      taiwan frog hunt
      kajang satay

      puhleeeze lah, open your eyes and brains