Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Political Emperor of Malaysia

RPK has seized on Anwar Ibrahim's most recent letter to expose Ku Li as the 6th Tan Sri who were all plotting the ouster of PM Najib through a vote of no confidence in parliament with Ku Li then stepping in nicely to assume the vacated PM post.

RPK informs us (it's up to you to decide whether it's true) DAP’s Anthony Loke revealed that Ku Li was the one who had mooted the whole thing and that it was Ku Li’s people who had gone round to lobby for signatures for the Statutory Declarations (SDs). Ku Li, of course, denied it, as usual.

However, according to Anthony Loke, the plan was they would remove Najib as Prime Minister through a vote of no confidence in Parliament, after which Ku Li will then take over as Prime Minister. [...]

But alas, Ku Li couldn't get the necessary numbers so he apparently switched to Plan B (or was it C or D?), imbuing me with much admiration for his flexibility. dexterity and survivability, wakakaka. RPK continues with Ku Li's alternative or contingency plan:

Ku Li is aiming to be the new Finance Minister as compensation for not getting appointed as the Petronas Adviser, which he had asked for but the post was given to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi instead. And once in the Cabinet Ku Li can work his way up to Deputy Prime Minister once the two Umno Vice Presidents clash.

The million-dollar question is why would Ku Li even think that there is going to be a clash between Zahid and Hishammuddin? Are they up to something to make sure that the clash happens? And if so what is Ku Li and his ‘inside man’ planning to make sure that Zahid and Hishammuddin clash to ensure that Ku Li can take over as Deputy Prime Minister?

Yes, Ku Li may be small but he has a huge ambition. Plan 2015 was Ku Li had hoped to take over as Prime Minister once Najib was ousted through a vote of no confidence (even though he held no Cabinet position, which many say is quite silly).

Now, Plan 2016 is, he is trying to get into the Cabinet first. Then, Plan 2017, after the next general election, he would take over as the Deputy Prime Minister once he can engineer a clash between the two Umno Vice Presidents.

Today, to be PM of a country with a constitutional monarchy (thus not an executive president like the ones in the USA and France) is to be virtually the No 1 power-that-be or if I may make an analogy, the 'political emperor' - Wansui Wan Wansui or in Sanskritized Bahasa, Dirgahayu Tuanku!

The superstitious Chinese believe that for a person to be an Emperor, absolute or political (but not constitutional), the person must receive the mandate of heaven, wakakaka.

But what is this mandate of heaven?

The mandate of heaven was/is a green ticket given by god to a ruler to rule with legitimacy over the unwashed, namely us, wakakaka (unless you're a member of the kerabat diraja or Nathaniel Tan).

But luckily for the Chinese, they have an escape clause, in that god could withdraw the mandate or in place of god, naughty Mahathir-&-allegedly-Ku Li-like people if they spread the word that his imperial majesty has lost the mandate, wakakaka.

Signs of an emperor losing the divine mandate would usually be indicated by some signs of suffering among the people, preferably from natural disasters like flooding, drought (hint hint!), locust devastation of crops, earthquake (aha!), eclipse (but must still be associated with national massive suffering), or even man-made disasters such as famine, etc.

Also, if a ruler misbehaves (do I need to provide any examples?), Heaven (meaning god or gods) could and would withdraw its mandate. Then it’d be open slather and slaughter when the naughty ruler could be overthrown, not unlike an election in a modern democracy. The mandate of heaven would then be transferred to the person who was likely to rule best.

Yes sirree, those seditious Chinese (in China, not Malaysia, wakakaka) had been overthrowing (or on a number of other occasions, attempted to overthrow) their bad 'emperors' on a regular basis, like the dynasties of Xia, Shang, Western Zhou, Eastern Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Xin, Eastern Han, 'Wei, Shu & Wu' (3 Kingdoms), Western Jin, Eastern Jin, Southern & Northern Dynasties period, Sui, Tang, '5 Dynasties & 10 Kingdoms' period, Northern Song, Southern Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Shun, Qing, Yuan Shikai's 'Empire of China', Sun Yat Sun's Republic, and some 'rulers' during the Communist Dynasty, namely, the notorious Gang of Four.

In this regard, methinks both Anwar and Ku Li do not have that Divine Mandate, nor will likely to receive it notwithstanding RPK's story about Ku Li and his numerous 'plans'.

Nor, from the current political situation, is it likely that Mukhriz will be conferred the Mandate of Heaven as his daddy was. I bet too that Pak Haji Hadi Awang won't receive the Divine Blessing to be Malaysia's 'political emperor'.

So who will receive the Mandate of Heaven if that were to be withdrawn from Najib?

At first glance, it has to be Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who incidentally is re-branding himself, wakakaka. For more, read FMT's Rebranding Zahid.

I used to remark caustically that Zahid was frighteningly two heartbeats from the PM position. Well, he is now just a single heartbeat from being the political emperor of Malaysia.

Of course we cannot rule out Hisham who has the oligarchical pedigree and cousinly support. 

And there is also Azmin Ali, who as a mathematician has been calculating, differentiating and integrating with values from x1 (Mahathir's UMNO Baru) to x2 (Mahathir's UMNO Baru Baru, wakakaka).

Finally, don't forget KJ, whose chances are likely to exponentially increase if Najib were to last longer.

I have to say I doubt sweetie Nurul will have a chance to win the Mandate of Heaven.

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