Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Snakes in Sarawak, snakes now in Penang

I'm a bit tired tonight thus alas, I have to postpone a post that I have been wanting to write on, namely, the relationship between DAP and PKR in a currently shaky coalition. So tonight's post is a sort of primer on that.

My proposed but now delayed essay is all the more relevant in the wake of unmitigated turbulent relationship between DAP and PKR in Sarawak, manifested recently as a shameless squabble of unseemly undignified behaviour.

This was also preceded by PKR-ista Nathaniel Tan's Malaysiakini article, one with shameless untruths, against Lim Guan Eng - see my letter to Malaysiakini titled Nathaniel Tan’s cherry-picking and missing the elephant in the room, which attempted to convince us and DAP and Pakatan to limit Lim GE's terms as Penang's CM while ignoring Zambry Abdul Kadir's terms as MB Perak, nor made any mention of Mahathir's 22-year rule as PM - in fact, on the last, namely Mahathir, Nathaniel Tan studiously avoided any mention of the reign of our eminent grise, the nation's terrifying Grand Olde Man.

Nathaniel Tan also predicted that Lim GE would not name Teh Yee Cheu as a candidate anywhere for anything for the next elections, because Teh had apparently violated DAP party discipline. Yet Nathaniel Tan has not made even a teeny weeny lil' old squeak about Pak Haji Hadi Awang booting poor Husam Musa out of PAS on grounds that Husam violated party discipline.

Yes indeed, why has Nathaniel Tan been so concerned about DAP's Teh Yee Cheu for violating DAP party discipline (bucking the party's whip) but has totally ignored the plight of Husam Musa for the same allegations of allegedly committing the same offence.

And what more, PKR has (once again) unilaterally invited PAS to join or, if you like, rejoin Pakatan when it knows fully well PAS and DAP are irreconcilable.

So, has PKR been taunting DAP ala "WTF can you do about it. Toe my ketuanan f**king line or come get me if you dare!"?

On top of all the above, we now hear implicit sinister threats from the pompous Penang PKR infamous 5 ADUN rebels who had in the previous DUN session refused to support their own coalition policy, giving the bullshit about 'vote of conscience' or its alternative, abstention.

Their latest dire warning to the DAP-PKR state government is that they may not abstain this time when UMNO re-invokes the more or less same topic, namely, to “... cancel reclamation works involving some 4,000 acres at the south of Penang Island and seek alternative financing for the RM27 billion Penang Transport Master Plan”.

FMT reports: Bukit Tengah assemblyman and PKR chief whip Ong Chin Wen said “nothing has been decided” and they will only do so when the debate commences.

“That one … I will reserve comments. We will wait until the debate,” he said when reporters asked if the PKR 5 will abstain from voting again.

Ong said their stand on the previous abstention on an Umno motion remained.

This is sheer f**king nonsense. When one is a member of a coalition (or a party) one cannot do what one likes on a matter of coalition policy. And that has been why the DAP supported PKR's unilaterally initiated Kajang Manoeuvre though it was initially in the dark.

Thus there is no f**king excuse for such a recalcitrant statement like “nothing has been decided” and they will only do so when the debate commences. That one … I will reserve comments. We will wait until the debate.”

What has been shamefully astonishing is that PKR ADUN like Ong Chin Wen, ironically his party whip (which makes his previous obstinate rebellion against coalition development policy a bizarre political incongruity), still doesn't understand what had been the significance of his and his rebel colleagues' abstention in an UMNO motion during the last DUN session. UMNO had then moved a motion against against the Pakatan State government's project.

But then, maybe he did!

Nor it seems those 5 understand the so-called 'vote of conscience' by an ADUN or MP against one's own party or coalition.

But wait, maybe they do!

It's not just in Malaysia but elsewhere and everywhere in the Commonwealth nations which practise Westminster parliamentary party procedures, that party protocol does not permit vote of conscience for administrative-operating issues such as (examples) government's proposed budget, environmental policies, education, land reclamation, development of the nation/state, recognition of country X (say Israel), etc.

Votes of conscience are permitted, but then only when the coalition whip publicly (and not by stealth) allows so, on issues such as, just a couple of examples on conscience issues, capital punishment and same sex marriage.

If those 5 PKR ADUN don't understand the necessity of standing behind one's own party/coalition on administrative-operating policies and issues, then they shouldn't be part of the coalition and therefore should resign from the coalition and become Independents, and only then buat suka sendiri, to wit, to vote for or against what they personally like.

Thus, by their current warning of 'uncertainty' on their stand vis-a-vis their own coalition state government's policies, we can only read that to mean those PKR ADUN rebels will likely vote alongside UMNO or at best, abstain again.

It's an arrogant recalcitrant open threat for Lim GE and their own DAP-PKR state government. It is inescapably an open declaration of war by those 5 against CM Lim GE and the state government.

But are they being individually obstinate?

I personally don't think so. Let's work our way up their echelon-ladder and see what could be possibly the reason.

In the wake of PKR treachery against the DAP in Sarawak, deliberately dishonouring their own party president's signature on a pre-election agreement with the DAP on seat sharing/allocation, we are compelled to wonder and to ask:

... have they been encouraged and egged on to rebel against Lim GE's government by the same PKR leadership team that had encouraged and egged on Baru Bian to treacherously dishonour Dr Wan's agreement signed between the DAP on seats allocation in the recent Sarawak state elections?

Is there a covert ops to destabilize the Penang state government?

The snakes are now crawling out in full wriggly form.


  1. The opposition coalition is not going to work.Not going to and never will.PKR is full of Umno clones and sleepers.And still are.

    Just look at what happened to the Sabah warlords who joined PKR a couple of years before GE13.When it finally look like they might have a chance,to win at least a few more parliamentary seats in Sabah,they chased them into the hills by fucking them kau kau.It was intentional that the PKR wanted the PR to lose big in Sabah and Sarawak.Was it the work of the Umno sleepers doing?Without additional seats from Sabah,the PR,no matter how well they do in the peninsular will never win the federal gomen.

    It is time for the DAP to ponder whether they still want to part of the coalition.Yes or no?No,will be a better answer.As they will never win Putrajaya with the PKR sleepers still entrench there.

    To remain in the coalition,the DAP will stand to lose more seats in GE14.To part with the coalition,the DAP will lose less seats back to the Umno/BN IN GE14.Either ways,the DAP is definitely going to lose seats back to Umno/BN in GE14.It is how many they are willing to lose.More or less?There is definitely serious pondering to do.Good luck to these suckers.

  2. husam has no political future. he has been checkmated! amanah will not win a single adun or mp seat in ge14. you asked for it husam. so please stop crying lah.. but if you join dap, perhaps you may still have a chance of continuing your political career.. because the chinese will vote for you if you would declare that you would not support hudud. ha ha..

  3. PKR = DAP. Both are objectionable.
    2 x 5 = 5 x 2

    But I see DAP is being more hypocritical. Even in the cold light of day, DAP is still ranting and raving about PKR perfidy as the reason it lost in Sarawak. That is dishonest.

    DAP lost 5 existing seats, where PKR was not running any parallel candidate. DAP also lost deposits in 7 rural seats.
    Was PKR responsible for the DAP debacle ? I don't think so.

    I'm glad I'm not a Penang voter.

    Between treacherous PKR and "Never met a developer I didn't love" DAP Tokong, I accept neither. Both are insidious.

    Maybe Penangites need to give Gerakan a chance, just to teach these DAP and PKR idiots a lesson.

    1. Your statement "But I see DAP is being more hypocritical" shows your invincible bias against DAP, wakakaka.

      But there is some truth in your objections to both parties in that their behaviours leave much to be desired of credible political parties.

      Your piece by piece analyses of DAP's failures do not reflect the reality of politics or the public perception of both parties, in that the general bad impression the PKR-DAP squabble lends to Sarawakians is far greater than the sum of the these individual failures. In other words, if PKR had not started the treachery which led to the squabbling, the voters might have voted differently.

      I'm quite suspicious, particularly in the case of Batu Kitang where the PKR candidate should have been disqualified but wasn't (kindness of EC? wakakaka)because DAP put a candidate there so a 3-corner fight would be favourable to the BN-SUPP candidate. Had DAP not stepped in at last minute with its own candidate for Batu Kitang (as a consequence of PKR putting 5 candidates in the agreed 5 constituencies for DAP), the PKR candidate in Batu Kitang would definitely have been disqualified. Thus I am wondering (a figure of speech, wakakaka) just what role PKR (not the Sarawak chapter but the one in Selangor) was actually playing? Yes, on these scores I would say PKR (as controlled by Selangor) had been responsible for the DAP debacle.

      Penangites had given Gerakan plenty fo chances between 1969 to 2004 (35 years) and the party failed them. Apa lagi lu mahu? wakakaka

      But wait for my future post where I'll be brutally frank about the DAP of post-2008.

  4. If DAP is serious about winning Malay support it needs to fire its "Superman" Hew Kuan Yau , or send him to a re-education camp or order him to shut up.

    Granted a few lines in the Video could be translated differently. (by the way initially spread by your good friend Raja Petra K)

    However , the overall offensiveness of his speech is undeniable.
    Even Lim Kit Siang has attempted damage control, but his declaration that it is not racist is purely from a DAP Chinese standpoint.

    I doubt any Malay watching the video would have a positive reaction. The silence of the Malays in DAP on this incident just erodes their credibility.

    1. Your "The silence of the Malays in DAP on this incident just erodes their credibility" is patently incorrect as DAP's Abdul Aziz Isa gave an explanation/clarification to the BN-twisted statement.

    2. Read "Uncle Tom's Cabin ?"

      Many Malays see those of their race who join DAP as Uncle Toms who have sold out to the DAP Cina.

      DAP's Abdul Aziz Isa excuses on behalf of Hew Kuan Yau came across as a mere DAP apologist.

      If Aziz Bari says something I may listen more closely.

    3. and many Chinese see the MCA-Gerakan mob as Uncle Toms too - that's the sad part about Malaysian politics, too racial, too racist

      Abdul Aziz was on the scene, Aziz Bari wasn't

    4. Why is Jamal Yunus considered a racist, and Hew Kuan Yau is not ?

      I smell a stinking double standard here.

  5. I think Ktemoc's vendetta against Nat Tan has gone far beyond politics into personal ad-hominem attacks.

    Including invectives against his family background and taste for food.

    These two are utterly irrelevant to the political issues at hand.

    By the way, historically there have been very good and also very bad political leaders from privileged backgrounds.

    As well as excellent and also horrible leaders poor backgrounds.

    1. and what about Nathaniel Tan's article full of untruths and half truths against Lim GE? What do you make of that when Nathaniel Tan slyly insinuated LGE was a Dear Leader akin to Kim of North Korea? Wasn't that far more ad hominem than my poke at his Ivory Tower mentality?

      And can you show me which part of my criticism or description of Nathaniel Tan would be considered as "invectives"? For a start, do you even understand the meaning of "invectives"?

      The sandwich joke was common knowledge during the hey-days of Malaysian bloggers in the 2nd half of the 2000 decade - bloggers on both sides of the fence were then closer and exchanged such jokes - story was told by Soon Li Tsin on her blog "Politikus", thus a piece of public information.

      Nathaniel Tan's background is relevant to his anti LGE narratives, with his Ivory Tower mindset failing to understand ordinary Penangites support LGE and why they do so. I wouldn't be surprised if he imagines that they mere hoi polloi must be silly not to follow his elitist views of Malaysian politics.

      And the irony is he failed to look into the mirror to see and realize his elitist blind support for (initially) Anwar Ibrahim and now other PKR leaders, starting from Khalid Ibrahim to now probably Azmin Ali is far far, by far worse than the support Penangites have for LGE.

    2. as for your "... historically there have been very good and also very bad political leaders from privileged backgrounds", Nathaniel isn't a political leader but a mere PKR Gurkha.

  6. Credit should be given to BN. Indeed, they had planned very well for the election. A week before the election they were already confident that they would win at least 70 seats. They got 72. Viva Adenan Satem. The Sarawakians have spoken; and there cannot be any doubt that they have rejected DAP, PKR, PAN and PAS, through all civilised and peaceful means. Yet, we can sense a milling anger particularly in the DAP camp! Tak malu ke?

  7. Wan Azizah said that the invitation for PAS to rejoin the opposition pact came from the horse's(Azmin's) mouth.Was it not Azmin who fucked up in Sabah,not once but twice.

    The first time Azmin fucked up,Wan Azizah got the local Sabah warlords back into the fold.She promised them that the Peninsular based leaders would not fucked them in the ass.But a few months later, Azmin tried to get on top of them and wanted to sit on their faces.The second time they ran for their miserable lives,headed for the hills and never look back.Is Azmin the Umno sleeper or "trojan horse" who wanted the opposition pact to self implode?