Monday, September 22, 2014

Satay always meant for Dökkálfar Dwarf

In the end the Satay Scheme has succeeded in its objective, in making Azmin Ali the new MB of Selangor, as the scheme had always been intended to achieve.

No, it has NOT failed but like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Kajang has left a trail of destruction in its wake, including (a) the destruction of Pakatan Rakyat and indirectly (b) affecting the good name of HRH

Early this year, on 03 February, in a letter to Malaysiakini titled Kajang Sate I had written:

Look mateys, everyone knows that Lee's resignation has been related to PKR's intra-party political-fratricidal internecine feud between Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali.

The bull about Lee's resignation from and Anwar Ibrahim's contesting of the Kajang state seat that comes out from PKR mouths have been of brain-baffling balderdash poppycock, indeed of Gargantuan proportions, .....

..... telling and expecting us, like country bumpkins who naively believe in our leaders, to swallow the bull dust that PKR, by resigning from the Kajang state seat and then re-contesting that same seat, will (perhaps by the combined power of Odin, Zeus and Osiris) strengthen or save Pakatan in Selangor (both versions exist), prepare Pakatan for Putrajaya, promote international investment (WTF then has Anwar been doing as Selangor's economic advisor?), prepare Pakatan from Armageddon when Mahathir ousts Najib, resurrect the Dodo bird, Formosan clouded leopard and Tasmanian tiger, and allow us to contact the ghosts of Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana and Mat Kilau for 4-Ekor (the last will definitely be a fave with Chinese voters in Kajang, wakakaka).

And I've to say I'm disappointed with and ashamed of Rafizi Ramli, a man with the talent and potential to be PM one day, for being part of this PKR selfish self-interest self-gratifying circus.

The thing is and let's not pretend we don't know it, we were spared all these PKR bullsh*t until, yes, UNTIL someone was knocked out of PKNS, and this is a time-mark fact!

But even then, that was only a much latter event to earlier attempts to fill Khalid shoes which were far too big for the Døkkálfar Dwarf.

There has been even a tale (visit Malaysia-Today and read this) about someone 'martyring' himself (of a contrived kind of course, wakakaka) so as to bring the feud to a ferocious boil and exert pressure on Khalid Ibrahim.

The Kajang manouevre is just but another step in this pressure on Khalid Ibrahim.

Even Lim GE and Hadi Awang were left out in the cold, indicating it has been/is solely a PKR game, an intra-party power struggle, where for someone to achieve his wet dreams, a lot of people including Pakatan allies and especially the Kajang voters have been, are and will be f**ked around kau kau.

The reason for leaving DAP, PAS and indeed most of PKR out in the cold has been that PKR's "inner coterie" knew the DAP and PAS did not (still do not) and would not have supported the Dwarf as the person to replace Khalid Ibrahim as the MB of Selangor.

Alas, Khalid muddied the waters by his shameful unconstitutional behaviour when he was instructed to step down (and subsequently expelled), which turned many including DAP against him, deservedly so.

We had the sad misfortune to witness the various lamentable constitutional blasphemy blasphemies, including when he as a caretaker MB was allowed to sign away major state deals.

It doesn't matter whether his acts had been (allegedly claimed) to "save" the state - it was a disgraceful process totally contrary to the conventional practice for a "caretaker" MB (or PM).

To mask the reality that the under-cooked rancid or overdone burnt Satay had been for the benefits of Azmin, PKR's "inner coterie" pushed Anwar and subsequently PKR's super-sub, Dr Wan out as the front person, a move purportedly as:
  • (first) a step towards Purrajaya,
  • (then) to save us from UMNO-Dr Mahathir's nefarious subversion of Pakatan,
  • (subsequently) Khalid Ibrahim's maverick MB-ing (some truth in this when a humiliated Khalid started to merajuk his angry way via his MB powers), and
  • (thereafter) constitutional propriety, presumably to see whether HRH or PKR blinks first.

In another post in March 2014 I had written:

We know PAS hasn't been enchanted with both the Dökkálfar Dwarf and Anwar, while DAP, leery of the Dwarf, would have supported Anwar.

But now that Anwar is (theoretically) out of the DUN, it may well be that DAP, though somewhat disenchanted with Khalid and his lonesome (or wayward) way as a MB, may well stick with the current MB because the Dwarf-ish alternative is not palatable, wakakaka, ...

... unless of course Dr Wan Azizah throws her tudung (or hat) into the MB ring.

Yet we know she's a reluctant politician who wants to retire as she has openly declared, only coming back reluctantly into active politics, as usual to pick up hubby's mess.

But then, according to TMI, she says she’s in the dark over talks of a new Selangor menteri besar, wakakaka.

Everyone in Malaysia knows what PKR's Kajang Betrayal has been for, and by telling us she is in the dark about a new MB for Selangor, she seems to be the ONLY person who doesn't, wakakaka - and that's what's probably sweet about her, the reluctant politician.

But in the "unlikelihood" she tries for MB, I am confident DAP will support her while I am afraid PAS won't. That's something we'll have to see.

Now, why have I even supposed the "unlikelihood" of her throwing her hat-tudung into the ring for the MB position when she obviously has no such ambitions or thoughts about the MB position, other than to be the compromise candidate to replace hubby in Kajang?

Because the most powerful faction in the weakest Pakatan link, having in the first place engineered the Kajang Betrayal, is hardly likely to give up.

Besides, they will whisper in Anwar's ears, and of course Anwar will then have to whispers in Dr Wan's ears, wakakaka, and therein we will see how Dr Wan deals with her coming dilemma - loyalty to her own instinct 
[in continuing to support Khalid Ibrahim and co-shouldering the "inner coterie"] or loyalty to hubby even if against her instinct?

But I have never abandoned my suspicion that the move to replace Khalid Ibrahim as MB has always been specifically for the personal advantage of Azmin Ali. I had then written:

To be frank I don't believe Anwar Ibrahim really wants to be MB of Selangor. As I mentioned in my previous post The Chaos that is PKR that:

Anwar Ibrahim is a big-time politician who yearns for, seeks out and can only thrive in big-picture politics at either the national (federal) or international level.

To use an analogy, this man is a big shark of the high seas and not an ikan keli swimming in a longkang. You can't put him in a padi irrigation canal or a home-type fish tank and then expect him to flourish.

If I believe Anwar doesn't want to be MB of Selangor, then WTF is it all about?

Now, notwithstanding his declaration that he won't go for the MB post (or PAS will be mighty pissed off before the by-election, and we can't have that, can we?) there are 3 possibilities following his Kajang move and hope-for victory in the by-election:

(i) Ousts Khalid Ibrahim by Taichi* or Shaolin, becomes MB and promotes Azmin Ali to deputy MB, with the latter effectively the de facto MB running Selangor, all but in name (of MB), while Mr Manmanlai swims away to the high seas of national-level and international politics.

* see my post The Tai Chi Master

(ii) As an ADUN or even exco member but PKR de facto leader, breathes down heavily on MB Khalid Ibrahim's neck, somehow promotes Azmin to be deputy MB with same subsequent happenings as above, and possibly with Khalid Ibrahim as the Malaysian version of the Japanese enthroned Emperor of Manchukuo.

(iii) Oust Khalid and install Azmin as MP, and to f**ks with PAS and you-know-who!!!

To summarize, all these brouhaha and gross insult to Kajang-ites by PKR have been to serve one PKR leader, and he is NOT Anwar Ibrahim! Even the Great One must serve him!

And that is why someone has been smiling like The Cheshire Cat!

hmmm, I wonder whether the Great One might be silently saying:

Yeaaa, my boy made it. Thanks Tuanku

I had also warned/predicted the following (mind you, I wrote the following in January this year):

I predict that PAS will break away from Pakatan if Khalid Ibrahim is forced out from his state appointment and the PAS' candidate Iskandar Abdul Samad doesn't get to replace him as MB. This is the line I mentioned that PAS has drawn in the sand for Anwar to see .....

..... and we have arrive at such a stage because of the personal interests of one bloke (not Anwar).

There's an English proverbial rhyme about 'For Want of a Nail' that may in a certain way suit this stupid sorry saga with the potential to disintegrate Pakatan, if amended to read 'For want of commonsense'.

But given that it may possibly affect PKR internally and Pakatan generally, perhaps it may be timely to instead quote extracts from the Poetic Edda referring to Ragnarok, the Armageddon of Norse mythology, which informs us of the parlous state of humanity, especially among family members, in the aftermath of the gods' (or PKR warlords') final battle:

Brothers will fight
and kill each other,
sisters' children
will defile kinship.
It is harsh in the world,
whoredom rife
—an axe age, a sword age
—shields are riven
—a wind age, a wolf age—
before the world goes headlong.
No man will have
mercy on another.

..... and won't that just make UMNO happy because the lamentable thing about the current poisonous state of affairs in Parti Kaos Raka (PKR) is that it may infect Pakatan Rakyat.

Putrajaya my bloody foot, lu taan koo koo ler [tunggu selama2nya]!

Yes, the Satay might have achieved its original intention but alas, like a fearsome typhoon it has left in its wake a trail of destruction, to wit, the disintegration of Pakatan Rakyat, and by unnecessarily involving HRH in the political maelstrom, indirectly the good name of HRH.

But yes, the Satay may be considered as the typical selfish PKR personal-to-holder Machiavellian manoeuvre.


  1. the new kampung man7:58 pm, September 22, 2014

    Kaytee,in the end PKR is fucked kau kau,even if Azmin was their intended candidate.Anwar and Rafizi has turn into political pariahs.And together they have brought the DAP to be a follower of the pariahs.So the DAP and PKR are now permanently called pariahs.Hehehe,pariahs will always remain pariahs.

    1. DAP has been an utter idiot, for being sucked into the "inner coterie"'s scheme

  2. This is the beginning of the end of PR.Selangorians will punish the Pr IN ge14.uMNO WILL MAKE A COMEBACK NEXT ge.

  3. Kaytee,I have said many times before.PAS and Hadi got real balls to stand up to Anwar aka Manmanlai,whereas DAP is a blind follower of the fucking blinds,and have pea size balls.The winner is PAS and losers are Anwar and Lim Guan Eng and their respective parties.

    1. bruno, I'm afraid that PAS will end up as the biggest loser. Politics is about perception and the perception out there NOW is PAS is treacherous, an unreliable ally, hudud-obsessed and unfriendly to non-Muslims, and in many ways, worse than UMNO

    2. alamak bruno.....take your blinkers off from PAS lah......hadi got real balls ??? he came off now as a sleazy fake...imagine a 'holy' man using words like pimp and barua.....he's lucky the two Aduns won't take him to court for shooting off his mouth with accusation of being bought over. One of his incredulous spins was that he would not endorse Wan Azizah for fear of being burnt forever in hell's fire. Treachery, thy name is Haid Awang !......this guy takes the cake in this speciality. The only good thing to come up of this stupid pkr nonsense is the public revelation of this munafeek for all to see, although many have caught glimpses of the unholiness behind that flowing garb and kopia years ago. Umno is the pit of the pits...and yet to have this so-called religious leader to be even worse than umno, this speaks of the parlous state our country is in, with opposition leaders no better/or even worse than the umno devils.

    3. In other words, what you are saying is that DAP is to PR is just like MCA is to BN !! Quite an astute observation!

  4. KT, the seer?

    All this while, u r just trying hard to cover up for yr infallable pink elephant in the room.

    How come, been a man claimed to have a 20/20 hint-sight, cant foresee the unconstitutional act of a constitutional monarch in refusing to endorse the choice of the people?

    Or, as a crownish cur, yr 'atas' can do no wrong! Just like all those feudalistic blur-sotongs out there, proclaimed to be so in this age & time.

    Surely u can do better with yr loaded grey matter, unless u let yr 'blind' faith in a equally blur monarch overwhelms yr trained logic thinking.

    BTW, u shouldn't confuse this faith of yrs with that 'faith' of a religious nature. This sultan is not god.

    1. wakakaka, you're very naive, politically and Malaysian-wise very naive

    2. For that u meant I should follow that advice of one Wenger kj to the heartlands & low cost flat areas, allover Selangor to gauge the reality of that feudalistic support for a sultan mutlak?

      Is that yr so called politically & M
      malaysian-wise naivety?

      Both of u might be right & yet could be wrong!

      Those heartlanders might behaved amok-ly when their god king is been challenged. But they r the dying spices of the last remaining feudalistic royal supporters. & they r not many at this age & time.

      Whereas, those in the low cost flat areas r paid 'mercenaries'. Anything that can help bring in some money to ease the living hardship, goes.

      Bcoz of that, even they go amok under intense provocation, to defense their royalty, the sum total effect would be minimum.


      1st, umno won't go amok similarly whole-heartedly. They have the most to loose.

      2nd, for the true fear of Allah, PAS won't support it fully, despite a considerable number of nationalists among the controlling ulama.

      3rd, the proliferating middle class won't go for it, as the feudalistic grip on them has been diluted via education. & they constitute the largest number & growing.

      That's also why now u see such a large number of the Melayu been charged under that infamous sedition act for insulting the royalty.

      So who has been naive politically & Malaysian-wise?

      Or could it be u r away for far too long in Oz to understand the current political dynamic in yr 'old' homeland?

      U r good at situation analysis. So put yr grey matter to good use. Don't just read reports to gather yr inputs. Sometime a good old home visit would do much wonder than 10 political 'hearsay'.

    3. Yes, very naive. Too naive to see that HRH can put a stick about in your arse. Hahahahahaha! What if HRH Selangor decreed that you are persona non grata because you are an atheist, apa macam?

      P.S : I don't agree Azmin as MB. This time Anwar Ibrahim did wrong in yielding to HRH but then again didn't you cibai ktemoc do the same? Hypocrisy! Bulls!

    4. Anon of 10:14 pm our dear looes has provided a partial answer as to why I consider you Malaysia-wise too naive. There's an old English saying which goes "There's more than one way to skin a cat". Haven't what I wrote say what you want?

    5. You people are too enamoured of republican ideals to the point where you are blind-sided and incapable of seeing the forest for the tree.

      His Royal Highness in deciding to pick the MB himself is not due to his misusing his power but because he cares deeply for the people of Selangor and for the country. His disdain for the candidates offered up to him is because he could see, as any clear-eyed person easily could, that those were shoddy, inferior goods and that's why he decided to pick (from a wretchedly poor offering) what he considered the best among the execrable. The Sultan's action should be applauded.

    6. ‘Yes, very naive. Too naive to see that HRH can put a stick about in your arse. Hahahahahaha! What if HRH Selangor decreed that you are persona non grata because you are an atheist, apa macam?’

      I don’t know about the nature of Loose74’s sarcastic remark, BUT I definitely know KT’s royalish intention!

      So, get me buang negeri? Make my lives difficult? Charge me under Acta Hasutan?

      Look at the big picture - feudalism is gone & only for the small-minded romantics, they still think a link with the royalty, not matter how distance, is a ticket to wealth & heaven!

      U r right - "There's more than one way to skin a cat". U might be playing a waiting game for a long haul, while the people & state lie waste for continuing abuses. But I like swift & quick surgical move, not unlike that mamak’s move – it cut prolong suffrage & ease the chance of recovery!

      Think again, suckers.

  5. With Anwar playing a very sick political game which is very bad for the country,the AG should speed up the sentencing of this very sick political animal and send him for rehabilitation to Sungei Buloh.

  6. azmin is fine. if he dun perform, we have a kajang 2.

    1. kajang 1 has already destroyed Pakatan and you want more? It's like you telling me to forgive anwar, wakakaka

    2. Yes, KT, please forgive Anwar. He's a wonderful man, and he luvs ya!!!

  7. Why did ktemoc did castigate or castrate Raja Petra Kamaruddin over his overzealous in saying that HRH can do no wrong. That Anwar should stick to principle, according to cibai RPK, bury Anwar. Fuck you la kaytee.

    P.S : I am waiting for a debate between you and Lupus aka CL Flamiaris

    1. you're good at castigating people so I'll leave that task (of your dreams) to you wakakaka

  8. Now the show begins... let us see who AA elects to sit on his exco. That will tell Malaysians what he plans to do with Selangor. Will the beautiful lady Eli get a seat? Or the fairies of DAP? PAS? Wakakakaka. Then we will be calling Khalid a saint.

    Surely HRH has been informed well by the royal MB. Let the games begin!

  9. Hahaha...Machiavellian scheme indeed.
    In my time I played the power game with the rest of the hounds, so there is a bit of truth in such schemes.

    It is sometimes (but not that often) possible to arrange the situation such that the decision makers , who may be a competing organisation or your own side, in the end have "no choice" but to follow the path that you planned out.
    If you really worked it well, you may even be able to hide your hand in it. They will think its strictly Their decision, based on their best judgement.

    In this MB saga, I'm rather doubtful that Anwar and gang could be so skilful and devious to have managed to manoeuvre the Palace into a decision HRH couldn't refuse.

    It may have been the original intention somewhere to install Azmin as MB, but the actual chain of events looks more like a unplanned, stumbling, incoherent disaster which does nobody any good, including HRH, unfortunately.

  10. I live in Azmin's constituency, and have had dealings with him personally.

    Actually, he's a capable fellow.
    I don't know much about politics and political exercises, but to me, Azmin's not a bad choice for MB, as such.

  11. I can't help thinking DAP got F*cked kaw-kaw by Anwar and gang.
    At least PAS stood up and got its pound of flesh from PKR.

    DAP played the loyal ally, all through the Kajang Move and the standoff with the Palace.

    Now we end up with Azmin as MB - which most Selangor DAP don't accept because of his too UMNO-ish modus operandi.

  12. Many political operators already consider Anwar a Has-Been.
    Very soon, after the final Federal Court Appeal, Anwar will be going to prison for a long-long time. He will be a bent old man by the time he gets out, if he does.

    So, politically Anwar and PKR are facing extinction.

  13. Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
    It's a state government of the people, by the XXX, for the people !

  14. @ HY…

    'Azmin is fine'? Then why didn’t you like PAS’s approach? Did not Hadi name Azmin for the MBship? Explain!

    My mind marvels: What PAS MB? What PAS + UMNO + (++) = Azmin (MB)? Then, PKR/DAP damned PAS; damned Hadi as Brutus? PKR/DAP wanted democracy? PKR/DAP yowled majority-should-rule? PKR/DAP implored HRH to-strictly-adhere-to-the-constitution? PKR/DAP impressed that the Monarch has-got-no-prerogative-to appoint-MB? HRH should just angguk-angguk-goyang-goyang-aje-lah? Sounds great!

    I heard that PKR/DAP is honest? I heard that PKR/DAP was/is never wrong? I heard PKR/DAP said that the bad schoolboy is PAS and its son Hadi Awang is a devil of the priesthood caste? Fine then! Go ahead - PKR/DAP (perhaps KT too) should burn both PAS and Hadi like the KKK burning the Negroes. Figurines also can lah! Impressive!

    Words are cheap! Now, if it is TRUE that (i) upholding the democracy; and (ii) following the constitution are what Parti KEADILAN Rakyat and the DEMOCRATIC Action Party fight for, then at the commencement of the Selangor State Assembly, put into motion a vote of no confidence of the new MB. If not, just please drop the words KEADILAN and DEMOCRATIC respectively from the party’s name. So, PKR becomes PR and DAP becomes AP. Simple!

    PR + AP = PRAP = sounds like PERAP. From Kamus Dewan: Perap = Tidak keluar-keluar. How appropriate KT is, - Putrajaya my bloody foot, lu taan koo koo ler - tunggu selama2nya! Wakakaka…

    Dear Rhan, as you have put it, if the new MB does not perform, then, ..cough ..cough ..ahem.. have/fake/stage/manoeuver/Machiavellian a Kajang Satay 2? How naïve and myopic? PR has forced the people to eat the badly rancid satay and lots of people got cerit birit and ebola symptoms. Let’s see whether they will have a second helping of the satay. KT’s hint: Follow the smile of the Cheshire cat, and hopefully you can find the answer. ☺

    Please allow me to lepaskan geram oso lah: To PKR/DAP – March to Putrajaya?...My bloody prick, ‘moe sing yat khau kuku’. Wakakaka…

    - hasan

    1. The huge issue with Hadi's betrayal was his negotiation formula PAS + UMNO + Azmin (offered MB).

      That would have been a major betrayal of Selangor voter's choice in GE13.
      UMNO and BN was decisively rejected by Selangor voters in GE 13.

      For UMNO to get into power via "main belakang" negotiations is totally unacceptable , equivalent to Brutus.

      Whether DAP and PKR are good or bad is not directly relevant here.

    2. @ Mydin...

      If that is your point then PKR/DAP should move to pass a motion of a vote of no confidence in Azmin. If PAS ADUNs and UMNO ADUNS plus a few other ADUNs vote for Azmin then I am with you that PAS and UMNO bersekongkol.

      If DAP/PKR know that there’s something cooking between PAS/UMNO, then they should reject HRH’s Sultan appointment of Azmin. Alang-alang menyelok pekasam kenapa tidak teruskan ke sampai lengan? Bukan kah sepatutnya begitu?

      - hasan

    3. kt, hope u can delete my previous comment, i use my google ac to log in, i think i do not want to disclose my personal info. thanks.

      oh bro originally my intention is tongue in cheek bec my crystal ball told me someone will truly get piss off but i didnt anticipated u, too. wakaka.

      lets be objective, i think pas has many flip flop in the entire mb case, unless what we we read from the web is mostly far from truth, pkr n dap is relatively more consistence until the last minute. personally i think they should stick to their words, but reality tell otherwise....... religion, royal, umno, our host, and my best comrade, dear hasan r oso against the grace lady, apa lagi bolih buat? perhaps pkr bolih tahan, what abt dap the so called 'chinese' chauvinistic party?

      i think i am consistent, as long as it is not one from bn/umno, i am fine, even from pas might bring us more changes, but i do read hadi comment pas r not interested, but funny there is pas candidate in pas list.

      what is the best way to remove a non performing mb or pm? do u n kt have any answer? i am all ear.

      pkr / dap is a secular political party, dun ever expect they r diff from the rest. however i perceive pas as diff, because of their consistency along the years, n supporters like u. i hope i am not wrong.

      btw if azmin is the subject, kt would sound like one he accuse, bush la of course

    4. HY, as the 'author' of the comment you can actually delete it yourself. Do you want to as it would bugger all the responses? wakakaka

    5. Think before you post....and make sure you are willing to stand up for the consequences of what you have posted.
      Don't be afraid to apologise if you have written something offensive.

      The Internet is "forever". Once you post something online it is almost impossible to ensure all traces everywhere are removed, even if you Delete the original post.

      Some people have found that long after they removed their blogs or made it private, copies and mirror images of what they posted years ago still float around the Internet somewhere, and can get them into a lot of trouble.

      Not only government authorities, but past or present spouses , boyfriends , girlfriends, employers, friends, neighbours , business or personal contacts.

      It was designed that way.
      Arpanet - the grandfather of the Internet - was originally a project to ensure US military communications could continue to function during and after a nuclear war. If one or more node points were "taken out" by a nuclear attack, the system could still work through other points and other paths, though at slower speed.

      You can't "kill" the Internet or at least it is supposed to be very difficult.

    6. People who don't know a thing about Parliamentary democracy talk foolishly about passing a vote of no confidence.
      In a Westminister-based democracy, a vote of no confidence is a rare and very serious move. It usually triggers a fresh election, and should only be a last resort. In Malaysia, it has even been used by BN/UMNO to declare a State of Emergency.

      A Prime Minister or in this case Menteri Besar who does not have the confidence of the majority or has lost it should know to resign before that, and let someone else from his own party take over.
      Patut tahu sendiri-lah.

      A vote of no confidence is usually only triggered by the Opposition side when it feels it can win , maybe due to a hung Parliament or sufficient fence jumpers from the Government side (of course the party in power will not resign on its own).

      I'm sure PKR and DAP will not dumbly fall into the trap, because in Malaysia there is the dangerous complication where a Vote of No Confidence against the appointed Sultan's choice will treated as Derhaka or even Seditious.

  15. 'Forced' to accept, the most 'unwilling' candidate has triumphed !

    The Dwarf has turned into a Giant !

    1. "With great reluctance , I am forced accept the appointment as Selangor Menteri Besar. I did not pursue this position, but since HRH has decreed so, I must respect the Royal decision"
      .....wakakakakakaka......superb Opera....

  16. The Selangor Menteri Besar position has a long unhappy history , with many incumbents meeting an untimely political end.

    Harun Idris - convicted of Criminal Breach of Trust, jailed.
    Hormat Rafei - not put up as a candidate, dropped by Mahathir.
    Muhammad 2 M Taib - caught with bag full of cash in Ozland - "I no speeky Inggeris" - even Mahathir couldn't stand the stench

    Abu Hassan Omar - resined for 'health reasons" but actually due to scandal

    Khir Toyol - lost Selangor BN government for the first time in history, charged for corruption

    Khalid Ibrahim - forced to resign after fired by party.

    Azmin Ali - ???

  17. During the Vietnam war, one American army colonel interviewed on TV famously said "We had to destroy the village to save it"

    The Kajang move has that feel, in the aftermath.

  18. The Losers:
    1. Chinese would avoid the moon party like the plaque from now on. Felt a sense of
    2. PKR for the failed Kajang move.
    3. Projected itself as weak and helpless in the whole process has not helped DAP's image.
    4, Ki would be a hero had he left the moment he was ordered to do so.
    5. All PR supporters as no one believes the 3 partners in the coalition are going to live happily ever after from now on..

    The Winners:
    The rest.

  19. I 'm not an Azmin supporter, neither like nor dislike him, but I'm uncomfortable with the level of political assassination going on here.
    A common political technique applied is to dehumanise the target by applying labels and epithets.
    Once the target becomes a mere non-human object in the mind, almost anything can thrown against him.

    Dökkálfar Dwarf , Manmanlai, Juburi, Tokong,
    Some overseas examples were Darth Vader ( a former US Vice-President considered a warmonger) , Dalek ( a former British PM considered lacking in warmth)...

  20. @ HY

    1. “pkr n dap is relatively more consistence until the last minute. personally i think they should stick to their words”

    PKR/DAP after using anything they can grasp as cannon fodder suddenly becomes “lembek” - ‘DAP Selangor will extend its fullest support to Azmin Ali’. Why the need of Langkah Kajang then? Azmin is already an ADUN of Rafick’s constituency? PKR/DAP should have teruskan pegangan dan perjuangan mereka. Ini salah kan PAS dan Hadi di atas kegagalan mereka. Tidak tahu menari dikatakan lantai jongkang-jongket. Wakakaka…

    2. “what abt dap the so called 'chinese' chauvinistic party?”

    If we read ‘DAP Selangor will extend its fullest support to Azmin Ali’… we cannot blame DAP Penang/LGE then for hantam-ing the 4 PAS ADUNs who manned the fort as traitors, can we? This Chinese chauvinistic party “Clearly their mouths move faster than their brains” (I borrow RPK’s words). Wakakaka…

    3. “but i do read hadi comment pas r not interested, but funny there is pas candidate in pas list”

    It is not funny. You must read the list of names submitted by PAS in conjunction with HRH Sultan’s decree. You have to understand and accept that it is a straightjacket decision/choice by PAS. Hadi did not submit three names from PAS, did he? Just because of this you demonized Hadi and PAS. However, believe me Rhan… if Hadi/PAS ignite an Isis in Malaysia, I would join you in dehumanizing Hadi/PAS.

    4. “btw if azmin is the subject”

    Azmin also carries a lot of baggage. He has got many enemies too. Hopefully, his MBship will not be short-lived. But I sense that it would.

    5. “i think i am consistent, as long as it is not one from bn/umno, i am fine”

    Yes, all on all I can agree that you are consistent. I remember you told me that you are an anti establishment. Even if PR were to form the Federal Government, you will be criticizing PR for anything that it is not right. I respect and salute you bro…

    On BN/UMNO… let me tell you this. I have a relative who just came back from Iraq and Libya who said that … “If you go there and asked the Iraqis and Libyans whether they like Iraq/Libya as it is now, all of them will say they prefer to be ruled by Saddam and Gadhafi. They may be dictators but they know how to manage their people and their country and living under their dictatorships is a thousand times better than now”. This remind me of LKY… who said “China would not be what it is now if it is under democracy”.

    Here, the main issue is birthrights and equitable rights, the rest are all ancillary issues.

    6. “i perceive pas as diff, because of their consistency along the years, n supporters like u. i hope i am not wrong.”

    I am just curious whether do you really understand hudud? Wakakaka… I am not a PAS a member but I do make an effort to see and bersalaman Hadi whenever I am in Angullia, Terengganu. Perhaps, I should join PKR. Where can I get the application form? Wakakaka…

    Let’s chill and shake hands teman…


  21. DAP was, is and will continue to be a Chinese chauvinist party...

  22. @ Mydin…..

    My basis for a motion of no confidence for this issue is as follows: (i) there is an in internal party split; (ii) the (your) assumed ‘BERSEKONGKOL’ of PAS/UMNO/Azmin; (iii) the conflict between in the best interest of the state and in abiding by the constitution; and perhaps (iv) the contentious or controversial interpretation of Section 53 (4) of the Selangor State Enactment.

    It would be a good opportunity to settle this case once and for all. DAP/PKR have missed that chance. PKR/DAP are all “LEMBEK” now. Perhaps as KT put it... ‘The MB issue had all along been a red herring. All kowtim already.” Wakakaka…

    Hang Jebat also derhaka juga tetapi akhirnya considered not a villain. PKR/DAP must prove to the people that this is not a red herring that ‘kills’ LCC, KI, Hadi, PAS, and cost the people RM50.0 million.

    - hasan

  23. debate is always fun bro, but recently i am too busy, a short one.

    1. i dun know y pas reject azizah. i dun think dap support azmin if given more choice, pkr of course dun mind. u really think pkr n dap shd continue to protest? i think being label as republican is no fun at all.

    2. can agree.

    3. the ulama faction have a diff view, no?

    4. i still dun know what is the problem with azmin. perhaps i could know more of him now. lets wait for rpk n kt i told u so

    5.1 i hope i would, but at this point of time, i am partisan.

    5.2 lky is a shit dictator. china is what it is today (i assume u r talking abt economy) due to capitalism, the first 30 years was communism, there is no proof that capitalism cannot work under an authoritarian government, i see nothing wrong to let people choose their leader, or a govt, moreover election is about a legitimate govt. i believe the prob with iraq/libya is sovereignty, mao zedong have a clear head on this imperialism thingy compare to his approach on economy.

    5.3 i am fine with birthright, nep, or privilege, but i dun like when the power that be plus some politician keep playing the same game

    6. i know not much abt hudud, but what this have to do when i claim pas is consistence? n yes pkr is for all :)

    yeah pat pat n hug hug.