Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Malaysians and 'malaysians'

In Malaysia there are many ethnic groups. Ideally each and every citizen is and should belong to one race, namely, Malaysians or, as I had joked over at RPK's website, Machinta, a word made up from Malays-Chinese-Tamils, but not excluding Ibans, Kadazans, and the wonderful myriads of ethnicity our nation has been blessed with.

Malaysians now
Malaysians and 'malaysians' when they grow up?

But in reality, both in politics, legislation and various areas, we are Malaysians and 'malaysians', the second with lower case 'm'.

For example, the second group, 'malaysians' (with lower case 'm'), cannot be the menteri besar (MB) of a sultanate state unless and only if the state constitution is changed, which has been why DAP Selangor currently can't offer any of its ADUN as a MB candidate for HRH to consider.

In 2008, even the question of Teresa Kok being deputy MB (let alone MB) was strongly discouraged by a palace person while of course (and 'of course' became very clear with the advantage of hindsight, wakakaka) the Royal MB acted dunno on that issue, tap dancing away from the issue because it was too hard for him to deal with, just as he had done when poor Eli Wong was a victim under siege from cyber peeping toms and where his support would have been helpful to the PKR ADUN but alas, then not only forthcoming but Eli was about to be abandoned. Ironically UMNO's Nazri and MCA Chew turned out to the decent ones who supported Eli.

It was alleged that Muhammad Munir Bani, HRH’s private secretary, had advised Khalid Ibrahim about the palace's ‘preference’ for a Malay (and, alas, not a Malaysian) deputy MB.

However, when further queried Muhammad Munir belakang pusing-ed like Speedy Gonzalez and denied reports that HRH wanted ‘a deputy from a particular race’ (meaning 'Malay'), and instead added (meaning he started to spin) the sultan was the religious head for Islam and Malay culture, and thus the MB has the task of assisting in these duties, which in his absence would also have to handled by his deputy.

Thus, in that most unbelievable zigzagging explanation, Muhammad Munir, after denying HRH wanted a Malay deputy MB, in the same breath averred that it was only proper a Malay (not a Malaysian) be the deputy MB.

It was obvious that what he uttered in the first instance had nothing to do with HRH but was of his own interpretation, based on his personal prejudice, or rather that of a vanguard denying access to the Mongolian hordes at the gates.

After Speedy Gonzalez zigzagged away to safety, Malaysiakini reported in Expert: No legal need for Malay deputy MB that Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, a constitutional expert who then lectured law at the International Islamic University Malaysia, was consulted on the matter.

The Prof pordah-ed Muhammad Munir's assertion, and said: “The Sultan of Selangor does not need the menteri besar or the deputy menteri besar in matters pertaining to religion and Malay custom.” 

According to the doctor, the sultan, as the head of Islamic matters and the Malay adat, was (still is) in fact THE PERSON in charge of such matters in the state, and not the MB or his deputy.

He said: “Matters cited by the palace are entirely within the sultan's jurisdiction. As the sultan may act on his own discretion on these matters, the constitution provides that a council may be appointed to assist him. This is what is commonly known as religious councils or majlis agama, which looks after the religious department or the jabatan agama. In the other four states and federal territories, the Agong will have the same establishment.”

But Teresa Kok was then and still is a 'malaysian' and unfortunately not a Malaysian.

I have to admit that, yes, there was a brief hopeful and near orgasmic moment (or two, wakakaka) when in 2008 I thought HRH’s of Perak and Selangor, both being well-educated and modern thinkers, would come in from the left field and innovatively approve non-Malays as MB in their respective states. Alas, I was disappointed - maybe my expectation was far too futuristic, in which the 'm' hadn't yet (still hasn't) grown into a 'M'.

Of course being a MB is not the only position denied to 'malaysians'. Recently, a 'malaysian' student with straight A's in her final school results found that she couldn't secure a university place in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy, but only nursing.

Though there's nothing ignoble about the study and the profession of nursing we need to ask why she, with her grades, was denied a place in medicine? Wouldn't she have better contributed to Malaysian health as a doctor? Apparently not, and we suspect that's because she's a 'malaysian'.

Many of you may not be aware of a debate years ago when goalposts for entry into medicine were changed as rapidly as a baby's diaper being changed (both equally full of sh*t) even unto a moronic proposal by a 'certain' doctor to ensure applicants could stand gore (was he subjected to the same test?), or that academic results were NOT important.

The objectives of the constant changing goalposts were sinister but blatantly clear that the authorities wanted to prevent (or at best, minimize) 'malaysians' from applying for a place in medicine. 

Then in 2012 there was the infamous 'black' scandal regarding the abrupt de-recognition of degrees from the Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) as I had posted in Only some may be doctors. Too many blacks were studying there which did not meet the above-mentioned sinister objective - 'black' being a word used by a minister visiting the CSMU.

Thus, let me remind my dear readers that in Malaysia, the reality is that we are Malaysians and 'malaysians'.

If you wish to bang your head against the wall, please do so and you've my admiration, though I'm not too sure what results you'll get, especially in today's climate where there's a deliberate campaign to demonize Chinese 'malaysians', and in particular the DAP.

But unfortunately, some Chinese 'malaysians' rush in where angels dare not tread and facilitate those campaigning against Chinese 'malaysians' to call them arrogant, bidap, kurang ajar, derhaka, etc to royalty, who incidentally are sadly transformed by the sinister campaigners into 'Malay rulers' rather than Malaysian rulers.

Yes, it's your constitutional rights to cry out, complain, protest etc, and if today is still 1992, had I wanted to question our constitutional rulers on their non-constitutional remarks, I would have done so knowing I would be only one among those far far worse UMNO abusers of royalty.

But alas, today is not 1992 and UMNO has now changed its tack as it sees profit in pampering to royalty, because it wants to use royalty to demonize its foes, especially the DAP.

But some Chinese 'malaysians' heedlessly do it anyway, and as I mentioned, fools rush in where angels dare not tread. The end result of their mindless bravado has been to the DAP's disadvantage, alienating potential support from Malay voters for the party.

Take for example what we see in Malaysiakini headlines these days:

(a) Palace accuses PKR and DAP of 'defiance' which reported:

The Selangor palace has accused PKR and DAP of "insolent and defiant" acts for refusing to submit more than two names to the sultan as candidates for menteri besar as requested.

The Selangor sultan's private secretary Mohamad Munir Bani (left) said in a statement this morning that only PAS had complied with the ruler's request.

"The Selangor sultan is deeply saddened by the action of DAP and PKR, which went against his highness' decree on Aug 27.

"The action of DAP and PKR reflects insolence towards the royal institution and is a defiant act (tindakan derhaka) against the Selangor sultan," he said.

Forget about PKR, but the DAP has been described by the palace as exhibiting insolence towards the royal institution and is a defiant act (tindakan derhaka) against the Selangor sultan.

Nice, very nice .... for UMNO, wakakaka. Yes, you brave ones have helped UMNO and f**ked up DAP kau kau.

A state assemblyperson's majority support in the House is not the sole consideration for appointing the menteri besar, said the Selangor palace.

Therefore, the ruler might even choose a state rep from Pakatan Rakyat who is not on the lists of potential candidates submitted to the palace.

"As the power to appoint the menteri besar is the sultan's prerogative, therefore his highness will look at the names of other state assemblypersons in Pakatan who to the sultan's mind enjoys majority support in the state assembly," said the ruler's private secretary Mohamad Munir Bani in a statement today.

He said since majority support is not the sole criteria, the palace required more than two names from the respective parties in Pakatan as per convention.

Do you think I don't know a wee bit about the constitution, but anyway what does kaytee think of these two statements from the palace?

Leave the constitution aside for a moment because the argument will reach a fruitless dead end.

One highly sensitive issue in Malaysia, even more so than religion, has been and still is the sacrosanctity of a Malay ruler, who captures in his royal self all that Malays menjunjung tinggi (uphold highly or very dear), a God-King status not unlike the Chinese 'Mandate of Heaven' for their respective Emperors.

Chinese and Indian Malaysians are well advised to ether stand clear of or excise extreme prudence when commenting on or about a Malay ruler.

or perhaps not, many older Chinese (steeped in a 5000 year-old culture of monarchism - today's Communist Party is just another dynasty in an unbroken line of dynasties) and Indians are actually staunch monarchists at heart, perhaps possessing closer memories of their respective homeland dynastic monarchs as well as their ethnic social-cultural (and in the case of Indians, also religious) indoctrination. My own maternal granddad was a staunch monarchist.

Few would be the Indians who do not thrilled to the exploits of Rama, the son of a king and eventually a king himself, despite recent scholarly dissertations he was quite a cad in his treatment of his wife Sita. He also exhibited the most arrogant ketuanan mentality and injustice in justifying his sneak-murder of Vali, King of the Vanara.

And we know that quite a many Chinese and Indian Malaysians take pride in being honoured with awards by the rulers. I know a rich 'malaysian' businessman who paid a large sum to secure (not a datukship but just) a federal award, PPN, which is awarded annually to many police and armed forces sergeants and warrant officers.

No Chinese or Hindu Indian would have dared to do what UMNO did in 1992.

Anyway, back to the two Malaysiakini headlines - The first demonizes the DAP as being 'defiant' against HRH while the second invites the mindless easily-provoked and full-of-pompous-constitutional-rights 'malaysians' to make derhaka-ish protests, wakakaka - in other words, a bait to enable more demonization of the DAP because of those 'malaysians' who continue to be insolent to and defiant against a Malay (not Malaysian) ruler, so we'll continue to hear Heartland bangkitlah untuk mempertahankan Tuanku kita, where 'kita' addresses only the Malays (including PAS, wakakaka) and the Heartland.

Whether it's part of Najib's grand fight-back strategy in preparation for GE-14 or born out of someone's chip on his shoulder, wakakaka, it doesn't matter as the end result will see the DAP being hated by the currently as-yet non-committed Malays at a time when the party is just beginning to gain a tenuous foothold in the Heartland.

So, even if we know our constitution and its limits and conditions eg. the power to appoint the menteri besar as the sultan's prerogative is not without conditions (read the state constitution), I'm not going to deal with this because I'm a Chinese 'malaysian' and whatever I say will only result in the DAP getting the worse of it.

Let brave Malay Malaysians like Dr Bari, Zaid Ibrahim and others deal with it.

That's my advice for today, wakakaka.

Read also TMI's Guan Eng apologises to Selangor Sultan over sole MB nominee where he was reported to have said:

"On behalf of DAP, I would like to apologise to His Royal Highness the Selangor Sultan for causing him disappointment, over DAP's decision to present only Kajang assemblywoman Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's name as the new Selangor menteri besar candidate."

See what I mean! Lim GE may yet win a few nodding approvals from the Malays by his show of respect, belated as it might have been, to HRH.

[and f**k the constitution which is ignored by the other side, so fight fire with fire, wakakaka]


  1. The Chinese and Indians who gained Malayan citizenship in 1957 accepted that this land remains Tanah Melayu - a Federation of Malay states with a Malay monarchy.

    While Malaya was largely fashioned based on a Westminster democracy, important elements remained of the privileges and seniority of Malay monarchy , the Islamic religion and the special position of the Malays.

    Malaysia/ Malaya is not, and was never meant to be, a carbon copy of Westminster by the Klang river.

    It is important the Chinese and Indians Do NOT question these sacrosanct matters, even today in 2014, less their rights of citizenship, which was part of the overarching accord, be questioned as well.

    1. CBMF,

      Tell that to those in Sabah & Sarawak lah!!!

      Just remember, M'sia is a democracy with Constitutional Monarchy.

      BTW, Malaya is history, unless u want M'sia to be history too & the current Scotland referendum is a good example.

    2. What did the colonialist do to Persekutuan Tanah Melayu? Didn’t those Melayu who challenged the colonialist domination were abused and ridiculed and even exiled? What about the indoctrination at colonial schools? The Melayu institutions of learning were uprooted, so much so that for the Melayu, the journey from home to schools is actually a journey between two different worlds.

      What did they teach the Malaysian/'malaysian' at Eton, Rugby, Harrow, Oxford, Cambridge, etc…? Is it not the western/European civilizations are the yardstick by which all cultures are measured and the Westminster is the mother of all democracy? Alas, the colonialists left us 57 years ago but they are confident that the mental inheritance of perhaps especially the 'malaysians' would ensure total loyalty and obedience to them. Wakakaka..

      I think there would be no Malaysian who dares to say that every element of their indigenous culture/religion/royalty and feudalism is worthy only of being dumped onto the scrap-heap of history just because the 'malaysian' said it is the prime cause of Malaysian backwardness.

      OTH, there is nothing wrong if the Melayu want to be proud of its own history and culture, implicitly or explicitly. I think they should even parade it in public. It is their country. Nevertheless, the 'malaysians' are welcome to blend in at all times.

      - hasan

    3. Want to be proud of its own history and culture, implicitly or explicitly. I think they should even parade it in public, the 1st thing u need to do is berdikari!

      Dont know berdikari? Go read Pendita Zaaba's writings, which r more relevant & telling then Munshi Abdullah's grandmother tales.

      Berdikari from mortified religious dogma, from feudalistic boneka, from closed sieg-mentality. Bolih ta????

      On 2nd thought, what is so proud about one's culture if after 'THAT' many years (from cerita donggeng Melacca till the 60s) of various new ideas infusion *& intervention, the feudalistic blur-sotongs r still remain suckers to an archaic system & along the way, getting more hooked on tongkat!

      BTW, do divert from the grammar side of the Zaaba's talent. He was more than a linguistic expert! He is more relevant today than when he is alive!!

      Unless,of course, u r the type that fit the saying of kerana terlalu baca komic, fucker!!!

    4. Ooop... Dato Sak has agood take on Pendita Zaaba;


    5. So Melayu are lazy people eh? They cannot stand on their own eh? They don’t have to work eh? They don’t have to struggle to live eh? They do not have any literary ambitions eh? O my God… it is a pity that you a superior crop who values the supremacy of the western civilization are doomed to live with the inferior Melayu for your whole life. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. Wakakaka…

      If not for the natural resources the East India Company would not be interested in the Melayu land. Now, if not for the oil the western civilization would not be interested in the Melayu land either. Can you see the Americans and Europeans job hunters in this Melayu land? Wakakaka…

      BTW, is America a country composed almost entirely of migrant populations? And can you tell me how were Australia, New Zealand and Canada created? I am sure you would also know who signed the Magna Carta! It would be downright unthinkable for you androgyny sucker not to know all of that! Wakakaka…

      - hasan

    6. So, u REALLY dont read Pendita Zaaba's write-up! Most probably u ONLY know about him, today.

      Pity! But, then komiks r more interesting to digest for people like u.

      BTW, let me give u a lead, what u had ranked about have been dissected & explained by Zaaba in one of his writing. Dato Sak has been kind to elaborated a little. Time to put down the komiks & do some real readings!

      As for yr wakakaking, u better pay some fee to learn from KT. Yr sarcastic theme doesnt rhyme with what u wrote! Again, too much komiks, I suppose?

    7. Why don’t you read Shaharuddin Maaruf? I guess he is more critical of the Melayu than Zaaba or Arif Sabri. Wakakaka…

      Yes I do love comics, just to relax and for laughs. Wakakaka... But in addition, I read about Tunku Abdul Rahman, Lee Kuan Yew, Soloman Bandaraniaka, Nkrumah, Jawaharlal Nehru, Kenyatta, Aung Sang, etc…. I would say most of them are broadly colonized in their minds. Though they are natives in blood and colour, but they are English in taste, in morals and in opinions. Wakakaka…

      BTW, do you happen to know the characters in Brideshead Revisited? Wakakaka….

      I think I should fly to Sydney and pay KT some kind of royalty for my countless borrowings of his wakakaka…. :-)

      - hasan

    8. Wakakaking, now I'm laughing close to choke!!!

      Shaharuddin Maaruf??? Wakaka...Tunku Abdul Rahman, Lee Kuan Yew, Soloman Bandaraniaka, Nkrumah, Jawaharlal Nehru, Kenyatta, Aung Sang....wakakaka.....

      Sigh.. there r reading & there r Reading..

      There r people collecting books to prove that they r well read & yet ONLY scamp the synopsis printed on the F/B covers so as to prove they've read the whole book! These r the people USUALLY like to quote authors.

      Just like this..'Though they are natives in blood and colour, but they are English in taste, in morals and in opinions.' Wakakaka... universal knowledge now can be racially classified!

      BTW, Harry is western trained BUT totally S'pore (Ru Jia indoctrination) grown & can u put anything colonial down on him that even Western leaders would look for his opinion?

      & just watch, that Kak Wan would be a potential Aung Sang, due to her Dublin training! Wakakaka.

      U da man!!! Wakakaka.Goebbels wannabe, perhaps? Not even close from the last!

      Back to comic for u...Ooop!!

    9. I am taking great delight not in your write but of your ignorant views. Your ignorance complements your arrogance perfectly. I think you badly needed academic knowledge to back up your opinion. Sadly, your ignorance is not only limited to the history and culture of the Melayu. To me you seem to read nothing except the trash you pick up here and there. It would have been helpful if you had actually read the standard textbooks in school. Period. Wakakaka.. wakakaka… wakakaka....

      - hasan

  2. Easiest, failproof and time tested way to defeat m !

  3. This is called playing taichi. Hehehehe! But then again, would these brave melayus would be fighting for people especially cibai atheists like you? What makes you think they are not as selfish as you are. Hahahahaha! Fuck you la, kaytee. You can screw Jesus but you are afraid of mortals especially the royalties. And you are willing to screw the Thai royals who really have power to screw your arse with a poodle stick.


    P.S : Kaytee is still non persona grata because he does not believe in God.

  4. U finally write this piece of shit to name yr price of holding back yr pen (see later for this). It, just, proves that u r just a talker & no event changer! U want to take BUT not to give!

    1st, I would like to correct yr definition of the M(m)alaysian.

    Yes, in the current M’sia sopo environment, indeed there r 2 different categories of M’sian. I wouldn’t dispute that. However, I would take strongly to yr terbalik assignment of the M & m to that ( )alaysian!

    The M should be assigned to that class of benevolent M’sians, though numerical minor & yet even though facing the same socio-economic suffrage, take up the unenviable task of uplifting their other class of malaysians, who’s numerical superiority demands them to be given preferences via minimum efforts!

    BTW, this is yr OWN assignment , just like those bigots do. Not many, either M/m-alaysians buy that! (just watch the MI’s viral youtube on racist m’sian lah)

    A first in social engineering, where the majority needs the minority to sacrifice in order to move ahead. Granted, if these majority is weaklings & thus need probation time to establish the baby-step of social endeavors. But if that probation period could be extended Ad Infinitum then this majority r either born &/or induced weaklings that r been exploited no end by their elites, who take advantages of their feudalistic outlook.

    Thus in reality, both in politics, legislation and various areas, we are Malaysians and 'malaysians', the second with lower case 'm', bcoz of those MF elites!

    Clear or wakakakaking……???????

    ‘If you wish to bang your head against the wall, please do so and you've my admiration, though I'm not too sure what results you'll get, especially in today's climate where there's a deliberate campaign to demonize Chinese 'malaysians', …. and facilitate those campaigning against Chinese 'malaysians' to call them arrogant, bidap, kurang ajar, derhaka, etc to royalty, who incidentally are sadly transformed by the sinister campaigners into 'Malay rulers' rather than Malaysian rulers.’

    cont 1of2

  5. con 2of2

    KT kia, u’ve been away for far too long in the Oz, that yr pulse about the present genX&Y malaysians’ psyche is next to zilch!!!!

    No thanks to umno’s (or should I said ayahanda mamak’s) 1992 royalty putsch, these batch of malaysians don’t share the same attitude/reverence, of their elderly heartlanders’, towards the royal households anymore.

    Internet adds to their understanding about universal equal human rights. Internet also provides many exposals of those ill-indulgent of the royal excessiveness.

    A modern outlook, coupled with the increasing revival of NEW Islamic interpretations (not the archaic ISIS/Ayatollah’s teachings) by enlighten Islamic scholars, add to their demands for COMMON universal values.

    In short, these malaysians r not the images of their older generation. Articulate, knowledgeable & fair-minded, the old siege-mentality based inferiority holds no water to them.

    This also means those campaigning against Chinese 'malaysians' to call them arrogant, bidap, kurang ajar, derhaka, etc to royalty, could no longer work for them!

    & the (un)kindest cut of this phenomenon is, they r the largest voting bank that any political entity, worth his/her sock, wouldn’t ignore!!

    Those headlines, mass circulating social media &/or print media, about this Selangor royal displeasure, r all about readership, for the internet savvy, & archaic political propaganda, for the print.

    They SHOULD be read as it is, infotainment, period!

    Now, back to yr price of holding back yr pen as in;

    ‘I'm not going to deal with this because I'm a Chinese 'malaysian' and whatever I say will only result in the DAP getting the worse of it.’

    Yr advice is shit as u r asking the other malaysians to fight for yr right, just bcoz u admit willingly that u r indeed a second class Malayisan.

    U want to get out of the chain & yet u want someone else to do the breaking for u! Perhaps, u should stay put in the Oz. Don’t come back! U don’t deserve anything in M’sia.

    BTW, do u know how many malaysians have been charged & detained under the infamous Seduction Act? & what r they been detained for?

    Last but not the least, LGE could have been advised to do a Nizar act. Remember what Nizar said to the ex-Perak sultan about derhaka?

    I believe LGE apologied just to give the sultan face. He didn’t say he would comply with the royal decree, which r non-constitutional & non-enforceable legally, anyway.

    I ONLY hope Anwar would steadfast to the same principle of upholding the big C – The Federal Constitution, not that imagined convention!

  6. A few, a pitifully few, number of Malays understand that a backsliding towards a Monarchy with independent powers is not in the interest of the country, and especially not good for the progress of the Malays.

    The Rulers should be respected within the framework of a Constitutional Monarchy. When they deviate from a Constitutional Monarchy, they risk Public and Private disapproval. You can suppress the Public portion via stern application of the Sedition Act or other laws. There is Nothing the authorities can do about Private disrespect.

    Abdullah Munsyi's observations from his travels to Kelantan, published 1838 remain valid today. Feudalism and feudal rule is an obstacle to the development of Malay culture and civilisation.

    The Utusan reading crowd just sees the current issue as Chinese and PKR (Anwar) insolence. There is a lot more at stake for the Malays, if they care to switch on their minds.

    1. IMHO, the best comment thus far.

    2. yes....Jambu...the best comment here so far ! But I am not very optimistic that the Malays would care to switch on their minds, especially when they are now mostly consumed with their superiority complex...bodoh sombong

  7. Azmin for Mentri Besar5:12 pm, September 09, 2014

    Hahahaha....Azmin Ali is now Frontrunner to be Selangor MB !
    Personally, I think that is a great choice...


  8. I thought absolute discretion by "Divine Right" is now ancient history....until now in Selangor...

    Whether or not the Chief Minister is "suitable" is for the Rakyat to decide, for better or for worse.....

  9. In one of Thailand's political crises, the Red and Yellow Shirts fought fierce running battles in the streets of Bangkok. Meanwhile, in the palace, political czars who were their leaders, crawl and kneel in front of King Bhumibol to pledge loyalty and settle disputes. What contrast !

  10. DAP leaders not very smart. I would have submit 3 names... Wan Azizah as first choice & two non-Bumi from DAP . This would not antangonize HRH, nor DSAI .

    1. Isn't there a report that HRH demanded that the names submitted MUST be Malay and Muslim ? So wouldn't DAP be biadap if submit 2 non-Bumi names ? Mau mati lagi ke ?

      Aiya.......just get it into your skull lah....big M is OK, small m is simply NOT ok in this cuntry, faham ? We are half way getting rid all the small m....big monsoon longkang draining all the top brains away, 'forced-voluntary' migration out will add another chunk, small birthrate of the small m is also music to the big M's ears.....and if the Big M is lucky, by 2050....all the small m will simply vanish from this land, hehehe. By then, the whole country will qualify for NEP bumi rights

  11. Sorry, your optimism might be overreach. LGE apologies like anwar apologies will never win any fan. Simply because it's still stench of arrogant. Anwar says Ummo always do it, while LGE say he follow convention in appointment of TSKI. In malay culture one should not apologies then give reasoning .its consider rude. Furthermore it's straight forward lies.We know umno had not always won its desire with the palace. Read. Mat said and there's news that TSKI isn't the only name sent for MBship.

    And why would you think in 2008, as forward thinking as the two sultan may seem, they are still in the corridor of power. Theirs and theirs descendent powers too come from the people. If people are unimpressed over time their power as monarch might come to an end. So they do what every other people do. Pleasing their core supporter a.k.a the malay. Why would they risk lose support from their core supporter to please group that seem unfavorable of them in the first place? The same as umno who will always seek to please the malay, the rich and rural folks and PR will try to please the middle class urbanite mostly Chinese ideals.

    Just look at their respective manifesto. GST will hit the middle class hard but would lower rich folks taxes and rural folks get cheaper goods. Rural and rich folks no care bout PR free toll, abolish car import duties and so on.

    As for darling Teresa. Why blame the sultan alone for not appointing her? Where is she now? Even the party forsaken her and Ronny due to tropicana land case. See? Nobody really care if it's true or not. Everyone are so busy saving their own skin.

    1. LGE apology does not help at all and I don't think that any melayus would be moved. Ask those cibai motherfuckers such as Warrior and Tanah Melayu. In fact, LGE may have antagonise his own supporters. You can ask Aspan Alias. For the record, I still respect Aspan.

  12. Have provisions in state laws which prohibit m to hold top posts contravene the Federal Constitution ?

  13. anhea, did or didn't the hrh command the exco line-up ratio in may 2013?

  14. A big, big problem with PAS which some voters are just waking up to is that the party's policies and positions are ultimately controlled by an unelected and unaccountable Supreme body of Ulamas. The Central Committee, which is elected by the party members got overulled in the Selangor MB crisis.

    To me, this is a very dangerous sort of party to get elected into power.
    In a way, it is worse than the Anwar family's control of PKR, bad that it is.

    1. If the Supreme Ulamas from PAS is in power, what difference is this outfit from that of the Ayatollah gang in Iran ? Semua gila kuasa je.....

    2. Don’t be overly worried lah… These Ulamas are not Shia and they are harmless. They would never ever ask their members to fight for Isis in Syria/Iraq. The most they would do is to ask their members to honour any rape victims by marrying them.

      - hasan

    3. ISIS or originally ISIL, and now just IS, is Sunni, allegedly sponsored by the Saudis to fight against the Shia (Iran and gang). Saudi has a deep morbid fear and hatred of Shias so much so that they place their hatred for Shias even higher than their hatred for Israel

    4. On Isis I would rather categorize them as radicalized sectarian clique or if you would like to say a Sunni sectarian gang. I do not endow Isis or any of their actions. On the impotence of Saudi Arabia, perhaps they are following the Americans who do nothing on Palestine, which we see as supporting Israel.


  15. A little bit about Pendita Zaaba, which most young M'sians dont know about except some diehards & old timers.

    I'm one of those diehards, whom someone claimed to be 'liberating' nothing except the trash that I've picked up here and there. But,then, it definitely beats plagiarizing & scamming ideas through book covers.

    Yes, I was ignorant about the history and culture of the Melayu. Thus, I read, many times over, & not limited to ‘trashes’ from the main & also from the deviated channels.

    Most of all, I digested, self-argued & reviewed with peers, the ‘trashes’ presented & comes up with MY OWN understanding.

    Pendita Zaaba has an unique insight about the psychic of the classic Melayu, whom I find relevant even to these days. His dissection about the weakness of the Malay race, concentrated within finding the causality inwardly.

    He didn’t blame the outside influences, which r situational based & beyond the control of the people, ill-prepared initially due to the awesomeness of the first encounter with these foreign influences.

    He looked at why, as a race, the Malay had no resilient, like the Chinese/Indian, to rise up to the in-situ challenges & counteract in time! To him, many of the situational challenges were common within these group of people & yet some standup to the challenges while others just ‘me-layu’ their lives through.

    In short, Zaaba looked inward to search for the reason of his people’s weakness. His approaches was totally different from the thought of blaming everybody else except themselves.

    Blame the colonial masters for divide & rule, thus weakening the governing structure. Blame the ‘pendatang’ for taken away the economic wealth of the land. Blame their ‘rojak’culture for their mellowing attitude towards living.

    Those situational constraints r common among the people facing outside influences, the first time. So why the different outcome???

    Zaaba’s most ‘critical finger’ about his people’s backwardness, is pointing at the archaic royal institutes, that as a top of the governing pyramid, did nothing like the King Rama of Siam or Emperor Meiji of Japan to uplift the people under their jurisdiction. He identified that it is this royal institutes that were the hindrance that saddled the uplifting of his race to face modern challenges.

    I have to stop here. Anymore write-ups would most likely cause the invocation of that nefarious Sedition charge to protect a feudalistic system that have put a shackle on the freewill of those blur-sotongs to understand the causality of their Pavlov-ised mentality.

    Sigh……as with Shaharuddin Maaruf's thought, better let the proponent enlighten u guys!

    1. In short, the first steps is to roll heads for all the royalists wannabe starting with Raja Petra Kamaruddin

    2. When I was small I learned about this pantun: Pulau pandan jauh ketengah, Gunung Daik bercabang tiga, Hancur badan dikandung tanah, Budi yang baik dikenang juga. It is an evergreen pantun Melayu – a pantun nasihat. I was fascinated by that pantun. When I finished school I wanted to see Gunung Daik and Pulan Pandan. With another colleague, we rucksaked to Singapore and then took a ferry to Tanjung Pinang. The ferry ride was about two hours.

      From Tanjung Pinang we took a boat to Pulau Penyengat to visit the grave of Raja Ali Haji (Punjanga Melayu Lama). He authored a book called ‘Thufat Al-Nafis’. I first read that book when I was in Form 3, and I have reread it so many times. The book is about sejarah Melayu/Bugis. The content of the book has been validated by Virginia Matheson Hooker as benar.

      From Pulau Penyengat we took a 3-hour ferry ride to Pulau Lingga. Before reaching Pulau Lingga there is a small tiny island called Pulau Pandan, and if there weather is good you can see Gunung Daik which has three cabang. The ferry driver was very understanding. He slowed down the ferry so that I could snap some pictures of Pulau Pandan. Like the people of Pulau Penyengat, the people of Pulau Lingga speak Bahasa Melayu similar to loghat Johor. I was there for about a week. The hospitality was marvelous.

      I visited the museum, mausoleum, mosque, historical sites, and trekking to the foot of Gunung Daik. The Johor-Riau-Lingga was under one Sultanate. I quote “On March 17, 1824, England and Holland signed the London Agreement that dismantled the Johor-Riau-Lingga Empire and changed the Malay world forever”. Be it as it may, I know my roots and I am proud of being a Melayu. It is in my blood that I don’t like the colonialist. I am blaming the English and the Dutch. But nevertheless, first the English and then Scottish trained me. Yes, I would definitely support the Scots to leave UK.

      On the royalty, how can I not be supportive of my own race? Even PAS supports Raja Berpelembagaan

      - hasan

    3. Perhaps a misplaced support????

      Unless, like moo, u r Melayu 1st, M'sian 2nd??? Thus, a ketuanan kaki!

      Since, u mentioned PAS, thus Islam is inevitably implied. Also, since by the FedCon definition - Malay has to be a Muslim, then, let me frame u a question;

      'Kemelut di Selangor bertambah rumit kerana ada pihak takutkan Raja mengatasi takutkan Tuhan hingga membelakangi perjanjian dan ikrar dengan sahabat. Lebih teruk sahabat ini ditikam pula dari belakang.'

      Kalau, mengikut ajaran Islam - menikam sahabat dari belakang dan melari dari perjanjian dan ikrar sahabat adalah kaba'ir. Sesiapa yg melakukan hal tu, adalah munafik. Mereka bukan ummat Islam!

      Thus, not Muslim = not Melayu , tak nak ketuanan! Apa jadi pula????

      So, what's yr race, again????

    4. Whatever PAS says, the perception is that it has betrayed PKR and DAP.

    5. What Ketuanan?? No body says anything if someone says he is Asian American or African American. Nobody cares who is first and who is second? So, what is difference if someone says he is Melayu Malaysia or Cina Malaysia or India Malaysia? You think the world cares? It is a non issue. Case close.

      What tikam dari belakang? This is a classic case of tikam depan. If today, PAS + UMNO + whosoever betuk kerajaan baru di Selangor, then I can agree with you it is tikam belakang. Case close.

      What takut Sultan more than takut Allah? If it is within Sultan’s right what is the issue? If today HRH Sultan says I am not allowed to pray 5 times a day, then I don’t pray kerana takut kan Sultan, then only you can say takut Sultan lebih dari Allah. Case Close.

      What munafik? This MB havoc everything is crystal clear for everybody to see. It is all upfront. Siapa yang cakap depan lain dan kemudian main belakang? Case Close.

      Excuse me! What is my race again?? If you want to debate with me, please learn to be respectful. If you ask me that question again… you are not going to like my answer.


    6. Betul betul buat pandai twisting argument!

      What happens to yr claim about yr race, vis-a-vis moo's proclamation?

      Unless, now, u means u r M'sian first!

      But then this doesn't rhyme with the undertone of all yr write-ups so far.

      BTW, didn't u write this - ' So Melayu are lazy people eh? They cannot stand on their own eh? They don’t have to work eh? They don’t have to struggle to live eh? They do not have any literary ambitions eh?'

      Now that yr ayahanda mamak saying the samething openly. What r u going to say to him, eh..?

      Twist yr grandmother story again?

    7. Well, that is the RESULTS of, perhaps, as what Shaharuddin Maaruf pointed out …. “the suffering of the masses under centuries of….. colonial capitalism”. However…..“poverty was not an issue because though poor, the masses were happy and contented.”

      Perhaps, ….”the model left behind by colonialism”…. were/are still being… “implemented in all its aspects.”

      Heck! Twist yr grandmother story again?


    8. Sigh..... still blaming others!!!

      Eventually u would reach the stage of blaming yr parent for giving u life, iff u still CANT search within yr own self for that source of all the problems u r facing now!!

      So, the Melayu as a race is meant to be picked on? Other races have it good that they didnt go through what the Melayu has been through!

      Could that be why u people keep demand 'special rights' that even Zaaba was ashamed of. & he was the man of early 1900!

      Same went for Tun Dr Ismail's reluctant to implement the NEP any further than a set time frame (15yrs), after been strongly persuaded by najib's father. For he knew what was going to happen to his people due to the prolonged addiction to that poison.

      Now, even yr mamak must have his 2 sen epitaph about the race he single-handedly spoiled. The rodent has grown & the seed money is fast depleting.

      Ooop...hindsight is ONLY worth the money when the final result is out!

      Someone mentioned: - before one thinking of going forward, one must know from where one comes from.

      Pendita Zaaba has that foresight more half a century ago. It pays to read HIS than the others!!!!!

    9. Did Pendita Zaaba justify colonialism? Was Pendita Zaaba a rabid defender of everything English? Melayu (and perhaps Islam) must westernize in order to progress? In addition, the new Melayu must justify secularism and ascend into the global european/western civilization? Is that not the legacy/mission of not so-departing colonial powers? Very well then, when that happens, the triumph of colonialism and secularism on Tanah Melayu is thus complete.

      The Melayu have been colonialized for about 150 years. To follow the law of natural justice, I think the NEP should be ongoing for another 93 years. Wakakaka…

      I think we should move on to the next post. I have already commented, have you?

      - hasan

    10. U r indeed beyond cure! So, save my CPU time.

      One final question for u - how long was India been colonized by the British?

      The Indians, till now, demand no form of 'NEP' policy to compensate for the lost colonial yrs. They r a proud race.

      Whereas, mamak' right about u - u know NO SHAME!!!

    11. I guess you maybe right! Perhaps, I should go to my favourite Angullia to rest and swim; read on the verandah of my seafront chalet and begin my lesson on the Indian Mutiny. Who knows I may be inspired to migrate and become like Salman Rushdie who turned his back on his own race and became a non-Muslim. Wakakaka..

      O yes bro… somebody said that herpes no matter how hard is scratched irritates more and more. Is it true? BTW do you have anymore question? Wakakaka…

      - hasan

  16. looes, cease and desist in your vile obscenities and vulgarisms