Friday, September 19, 2014

Hadi Awang has already eaten the kueh

TMI - PKR, DAP sceptical over Hadi’s conciliatory tone

This post is just to emphasize on what DAP's Tony Pua said of Hadi. TMI reported (extract only):

Selangor DAP chief Tony Pua was more harsh [than PKR's Rafizi Ramli] in his assessment, saying bluntly that there is no point being in an alliance if a partner is unwilling to respect and accept the consensus of the majority.

"If they can't even agree to the president of a coalition party being a minister in a state where they have the prerogative, then what's the point of being part of the coalition?

"Is it fair for one to have his cake and eat it too at others’ expense?" he said in a Whatsapp text message.

This difficult-to-understand English proverb "a man can not have his cake and eate his cake" was first used on 14 March 1538 in a letter from Thomas, Duke of Norfolk to Thomas Cromwell.

It has nothing to do with the myth* of Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake"

* 'twas a myth because she did not say it. It was a republican fabrication designed to demonize her

It means that a cake once eaten would no longer be available for the eater to be in possession of it. In other words one cannot have it BOTH WAYS.

In Pak Haji Hadi's case, he couldn't ignore Pakatan's coalition agreement on the Selangor MB issue to promote PAS own agenda (whether this be misogynistic or of some deal we don't know), and then say PAS will continue to stay in Pakatan (expecting the coalition members and supporters to continue supporting it).

Some claimed Pak Haji Hadi is only reaffirming PAS commitment to the coalition because he wants Selangor Pakatan to endorse PAS candidate, Iskandar Abdul Samad who is Selangor PAS commissioner, as the likely new MB.

And he hasn't made the matter any better by asserting PAS own agenda independent of (and likely at odds with) the coalition. TMI reported:

In his policy speech at PAS’s 60th assembly yesterday, Hadi said his Islamist party would continue its alliance with PR despite recent hiccups in their relations over the Selangor MB crisis and PAS's insistence in implementing hudud.

At the same time, he struck a note of independence in his speech, insisting that PAS would stick to its own principles and identity instead of blindly aping the agenda of other parties.

While the MB-ship of Iskandar Abdul Samad may be a factor in Pak Haji's suddenly-new-discovered friendliness towards Pakatan, I have a different take altogether, where I believe the bigger issue for Pak Haji is that he wants its Pakatan allies to continue persuading non-Muslims (Chinese, Indians, Sarawakians, Sabahans, Thais, Eurasians, etc) to continue supporting PAS, especially in GE-14.

No doubt some of the Erdogens' recent pragmatic screaming might have gotten into his thinking. So he still wants to have the Pakatan kaamcheng cake when he has already gulped it all down for his own party's agenda. 

That's what's meant by "He can't have his cake and eat it".

wakakaka, does above last line describe Pak Haji?

Nope, he can't have it BOTH WAYS. Pak Haji Hadi must choose between Pakatan and honouring all ensuing agreements reached by Pakatan, or (not 'and') his own PAS agenda which are at odds with Pakatan agreement.

But realistically, can he undo his sneaky swallowing of the Pakatan cake? By muntah-ing?

As the Malays would say "Nasi sudah menjadi bubur!"


  1. Once bitten (actually many times over by PAS), twice shy !

    1. The moont has belakang pusing and pusing ke belakang and round and round spitting out bullshit after bullshit !

  2. Disagreements between partners are normal and can be negotiated upon.
    Fundamental trust is a different matter.

    The most damaging recent occurrence was the revelation that Hadi was directly leading discussions to form a PAS-UMNO coalition to govern Selangor as the solution to the removal of Khalid Ibrahim.

    That kind of two-timing reveals a completely mercenary attitude from Hadi and elements in PAS , and makes them deeply untrustworthy to the other Pakatan parties.

  3. You are trying to neuter Hadi and PAS. Wakakaka.... It is alright, but don't try to neuter Islam as you know what is my pegangan & perjuangan.

    - hasan

    1. ISIS supporter , kot ?
      Saya Islam juga, Jangan terkeliru antara politik dan agama.

    2. "ISIS supporter , kot ?" - I guess I am because sometimes I do participate in the luncheon talks and seminars conducted by Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia. :-)

      "Jangan terkeliru antara politik dan agama" = Sekularisma? Yes agreed. The west had successfully did that to Christianity and now they want Islam to follow suit. InsyaAllah, I shall not be confused. :-)

      - hasan

  4. Nampak PAS, Nampak Ular.....yang mana lebih bahaya ??

    1. Ularmak lebih panjang daripada Ular.... NO brainer lah yang mana lebih hahaya. Boleh twist and turn front and back, bend sideways left and right and then swirl around 360, stand on both kepala and feet at the same time.....and best sekali, the 2 tongues in the ularmaks' mulut are so flexible and slittery that what they said in the morning is totally different from what they will say later in the evening on the same subject. Ular tak boleh challenge these ularmak lah, hehehhe

  5. Muslims themselves are Islam's worst PR representatives.

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the global media is focussed on ISIS and the way they regular slice some Infidel's throat.

    Of course, they kill and hurt a lot of Muslims as well, but beheading some White Americans or British get you a lot more world wide publicity.

    In Malaysia it is PAS and their maneuvers to get their Islamic state.

  6. My own opinion is that Tony Pua is a f*cking fool in going after Hadi.Why can't these stupid politicians keep their f*cking mouths zipped for once.They kept driving a wedge deeper and deeper into the partners of the coalition to the roads of no return.This f*cking Pua like Anwar is a trojan of BN.He should go play play and shiok sendiri his ownself for his own pleasure only.

    1. In fact, It's already a damaged good......Hadi wise. If the PAS moderates got brains, they should migrate to DAP instead. Nizar can be offered the Perak DAP chairman. Hahahahaha!

  7. the new kampung man5:23 am, September 20, 2014

    Tony Pua is the Selangor DAP chief? How can this fool who is not political savvy be the Selangor DAP chief.Do not DAP have anybody else who is better than this fool? Tony Pua is like Anwar and Rafizi,all political fools of the Kajang move.Even his boss Lim and Rafizi's boss Anwar have to ask the Sultan for forgiveness because of their political foolishness.Go figure.

  8. Consensus of majority my foot.
    Consensus means voluntarily and can't impose u stupid.
    U can't force to accept consensus of majority.
    It does not exist.

  9. the gaffe guy who know's9:30 am, September 20, 2014

    At least Hadi had his kueh.Anwar had the shit hit the fan and back onto his face.So Hadi is the winner,and Anwar the big screw-up loser.

  10. i dun think pas have it both ways, as long as they r not into the unity govt, i dun like their approach in this mb case, but i have to respect their stand. dissent is fine in party level, coalition level up to govt level, i think this is what part of democracy is about.

    i am against ccp, pap and bn way.

    1. HY….

      I've been lately thinking
      About my life's time
      All the things I've done
      And how it's been
      And I can't help believing
      In my own mind
      I know I'm gonna hate to see it end

      I have to say it now
      It's been a good life all in all
      It's really fine
      To have a chance to hang around

      How long it's been since yesterday
      What about tomorrow
      What about our dreams
      And all the memories we share

      - hasan

  11. With the latest development in the Selangor MB choices, KT, u should clearly define who is trying to have the cake & eat it too!

    With all yr imitable wakakaking, u stop yr pen short of naming the REAL culprit. Cant see the pink elephant in the room, ye? Or takutkan pada Akta Hasutan 1948, even in Oz???

    Or perhaps, u r just a bloody closet royalist!

    The day, any one of the 3 royal interviewees 'selected' to become the new Selangor MB, is the day M'sia's demoncratic elected representative governing system going down the drain. We might as well revert back to kerajaan mutlak, so as not to cheat the outside world for their investment.

    M'sia has a new version of a constitutional monarchical elected democracy, where the monarch is still 1-up with unilateral unquestionable power against the people's popular-elected choice.

    Some democracy, ye???

    BTW, just want to get a hint about yr feel about the 2 choices (PKR & PAS).

    Yr past writings had been very critical about the Døkkálfar Dwarf holding any post of power. Neither were u in tune with anyone from that self-righteousness misogynistic pack.

    & yet, yr royal highness has done u in just so - by gnam gnam stiring up yr pet hate. Really alamak, boe been liao lah!!!

    But, then again, to any crownish cur, whatever the 'atas' says, goes. Jatuh face? Nothing ma!!

    1. Kaytee is trying to cleanse his sins and reenter Malaysia as a faithful citizens. You see he is an atheist as such he violates the first tenet of Rukun Negara. Believe in God.

      No It's not constitutional monarchy system. It's more like UMNO grapping monarch system