Friday, September 05, 2014

Light at end of Selangor tunnel may not be what's desired

Suddenly, from out of the murky fog of Selangor's political confusion over the MB position, we see some light at the end of the tunnel ... yes, we can now just see that wee better ...

... but alas, it's not exactly a sight we want to see.

no, not when you're standing in the middle of the tunnel

These are the facts of the situation:

(a) TMI reports that the Shura Council forbids PAS from picking Wan Azizah, Azmin for Selangor MB post, which also informs us PAS has nominated 2 from PAS and 2 from PKR but neither of the latter two are Dr Wan or Azmin Ali.

Much earlier, Mustafa Ali, sec-gen of PAS, has been saying one thing after another about PAS' nominated candidate or candidates for the MB post in the letter to HRH, until I suspect, either he had confused himself thoroughly, or he was bullshitting us throughout on PAS nomination or nominations.

Anyway, I hope by now PAS hasn't provided seditious confusion to HRH, wakakaka.

But based on the TMI report (incidentally taken from a Utusan report, wakakaka. so we might just have to minus several percentage points off it, but alas, not much), I believe it spells out two things, namely, (i) PAS doesn't want to have Anwar Ibrahim or/and any member of his family to hold political power in any dominating position, and (b) the end of Pakatan as we know it.

Whether (a) above has anything to do with Pak Haji Hadi Awang's personal unhappy relationship with his former ABIM matey, or merely PAS' notorious misogyny no longer matters. PAS just won't support Dr Wan or Azmin (the latter would be considered a family member fo Anwar).

As for the DAP (and we need to look at the PAS-DAP relationship because of the future for Pakatan), recall just prior to May 2013, the happy chummy-buddy-matey relationship between PAS and DAP.

Then DAP relied on PAS willingness for it to use the PAS logo for its DAP candidates standing in the general elections when RoS put a question mark on the legitimacy of the DAP CEC.

The DAP CEC's lawful rights to issue letters of authority for its candidates to show the EC was in serious doubts, and via PAS-DAP lateral thinking which would have made Edward de Bono proud, PAS offered to issue those letters as if the DAP candidates were authorized PAS election candidates and for them to use the PAS logo as if the DAP candidates were standing in both the federal and state elections as PAS candidates.

Then Subky Abdul Latif, a PAS man, almost had his wet dreams realized, of PAS flags flying everywhere especially in Penang, wakakaka.

On 02 April 2013 he wrote an article in his TMI column titled Bilakah DAP akan diharamkan, in which he discussed the anticipated need for DAP to resort to the PAS logo because of an anticipated but unrealized RoS sabotaging action, as follows:

Sebagaimana semua menunggu bila Parlimen hendak dibubarkan, maka semuanya menunggu bila pula DAP hendak diharamkan?

As Subky said, we all knew then and were waiting to see if RoS would delegitimize (haramkan) DAP.

RoS sudah mengingatkan supaya DAP mengadakan undi semula pemilihan pimpinan pusatnya jika tidak mahu dikenakan tindakan. Tindakan itu mungkin diharamkan. Dan pihak yang benci DAP memang mendesak supaya RoS membatalkan pendaftarannya.

DAP bersedia untuk diharamkan. Penasihatnya Lim Kit Siang menyatakan DAP sedia bertanding atas nama PAS dalam PRU13 ini. Dan reaksi Setiausaha Agung PAS, Datuk Mustapa Ali ialah PAS sedia memberi laluan.

Soalnya sekarang bila RoS hendak mengharamkan DAP? Jika RoS sebuah agensi yang tegas dalam serba serbi, maka ia mesti haramkan DAP dengan segera sekurang-kurangnya sebelum hari penamaan calon.

Sukby was obviously getting excited, wakakaka.

PAS sekarang dipercayai menunggu. Ia tidak mendoakan supaya DAP diharamkan, tetapi kalau diharamkan, maka ia satu cabaran yang menarik bagi menguji kematangan politik Pakatan Rakyat dalam suasana baru politik Malaysia sekarang.

Oh, what heady days of Pakatan brotherhood.

But apart from collaborating with DAP and PKR to win the elections and form the next Malaysian government (and it has to be said it nearly did, with 51% of the popular votes) there would have been strategic benefit for PAS, because non-Muslim voters in voting for DAP under the PAS banner, would have gotten use to and not fear the Moon symbol.

Semua akan menyaksikan pejuang Islam dalam PAS menawarkan kemudahan kepada sekutunya bagi membuktikan kemantapan dan kematangan kerjasamanya dan DAP pula di lihat berani menghadapi pengundi tradisinya untuk menggunakan lambang PAS, Bulan Penuh Purnama. Ia menguji kematangan pengundi bukan Islam mampu membuat perubahan untuk bersama PAS.

But with the PAS Shura Council going its lonesome way, probably towards a convergence with UMNO, sorry lah Pak Cik Sukby, your dreams and of many other Malaysians including the PAS Erdogens and mine too have been destroyed, razed to the grounds, ground into smithereens in one mighty stroke by the Shura Council.

The irony is many like me do NOT support Dr Wan per se or Azmin Ali as MB, but we wanted Pakatan to survive in order to be able to reasonably compete against the powerful UMNO-BN, and for Pakatan to survive, the coalition had (note the past perfect tense 'had') to take a unified stand on the Selangor MB issue, with all respect to Tuanku, ampun Tuanku.

And this has been why PAS leaders like Khalid Samad, Dzulkefly Ahmad, Mat Sabu have been urging and appealing to PAS members to stay on with Pakatan and not be seduced by UMNO's so-called Malay Unity - for more, see the Malay Mail Online's Stop pushing PAS to quit Pakatan, party leaders told and Malaysiakini's Doomsday for PAS if it works with UMNO.

But those heady days of Pakatan brotherhood are gone now, and thus it won't be Pak Cik Sukby Latif or me who will have political wet dreams, but Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka.

(b) On the next and more sensitive issue, we can have endless debates and even arguments over the constitutional limits of HRH but as we know, the Pandora Box has long been opened in other states like Perlis, Terengganu, Perak and recently on a non-election issue, Johor. Selangor is thus not unique or breaking constitutional grounds.

Far more annoying to me is that the stalemate over one name, two names, three names, etc, has allowed Khalid Ibrahim to hang on as MB. I can't stand him because as PAS Sungib Saari said, he has become intolerable by the hour.

Yes, with the PAS Shura Council's very treacherous anti-Pakatan act, it's possible HRH may even approve a PAS candidate as the new MB of Selangor, because as I suspect, HRH, like PAS and many [including yours truly], seems to not fancy Anwar or the possibility of him controlling a member of his family in running the state government, and

... yes subsequently the 13 remaining PKR ADUN and 15 DAP ADUN (assuming Hannah Yeoh is replaced as Speaker and she resumes her ADUN role) can vote against the new PAS MB, who will be supported by 12 UMNO, Khalid Ibrahim as an Independent and 14 PAS ADUN (one PAS candidate becomes the new Speaker), and

... yes oust him by a show of no confidence of 28 vs 27.

Alternatively if the Speaker can also vote, regardless of whether this be Hannah Yeoh or a PAS-UMNO candidate or even Khalid, then yes, Selangor will have a hung parliament.

In either case, yes again, that may move HRH to call for a new RM50 million state elections.

(c) the other scenario is (as visualized by RPK) HRH can of course take his own time in deciding how to resolve the political imbroglio while he instructs Khalid Ibrahim to stay back as MB.

Now, wouldn't you all just love that, the part about a mandate-less party-less shame-less Khalid staying on as the Royal MB with 4 PAS exco members to run the state government, wakakaka.

And this bizarre status quo could continue with all sorts of state government policies issued and major projects approved*, etc until the DUN refuses to pass the budget at its next scheduled assembly, when by then the state administration will grind to a halt.

* by convention a caretaker MB or CM or PM cannot issue new major policies, approve major projects, or enter into contracts but only the necessary action and routine financial approval to run the government on a day-to-day basis until the brief caretaker period ends. But in Malaysia, it's known that one ca f**k conventions

If the above happens (to wit, political stalemate, hung parliament, government comes to a halt due to budget not being passed by the majority in House, etc), I wonder whether there is anything in the state or federal constitution to impose emergency rule in Selangor?

If that happens, then it's all thanks to the brilliant Kajang Move and, I make no apology for saying this, all thanks to Anwar Ibrahim for the delay in the MB replacement which has allowed, much to my rising blood pressure, Khalid Ibrahim to continue being the so-called caretaker MB.


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    1. PAS has KO partners ! PAS MB ?

  2. HRH in the end will say "You idiots put me in an impossible position - rejecting an unacceptable candidate , then forcing through a no-confidence motion against the one I selected". I have no choice but to dissolve the Assembly.

    In the subsequent snap elections , all Puk*tan parties get punished severely and Barisan Nasional retakes Selangor.


    1. That is always been modus operandi. It happened even in australia when whitlam kenna sacked by Governor General and subsequently lost the election. Many aussie very angry over it till now. But heck Lib/Country won the election.

      End result matters, don't you think. Which is why I say heck la? If rules meant to be broken, why follow

  3. What a contradiction in 'logic' thinking!!!!

    'If that happens, then it's all thanks to the brilliant Kajang Move and, I make no apology for saying this, all thanks to Anwar Ibrahim for the delay in the MB replacement which has allowed, much to my rising blood pressure, Khalid Ibrahim to continue being the so-called caretaker MB.'


    How much is yr hind-sight worth, when it's coming to this stage?

    Perhaps, yr wakaking can do better? Yes???

    More so, when u r so 'reserved' in yr articulation of a right analysis!

    Perhaps, u really r those arm-chair, keyboard warrior of the vainglorious type?

  4. RPK says that PKR would be mampus

    Wonder how HC would react. RPK would be appointed as Royal MB for life

  5. Ayoyo....everything also blame Anwar Ibrahim. can ?
    He must be a real Brahma (many faced, many hands) if he's responsible for everything , bad that is...

    1. Including molesting kaytee's sister's cat

  6. I cannot understand how DAP can ever agree to a remote control MB. The de facto MB proposition is wholly against proper governance. This is so wrong.

    1. CBMF,

      Looks into the mirror. Yr pet bn did/does articulate a strong hand in the remote control of their MB to.

      What have u said - ' This is so wrong'?????

      Double face & double talk is bad enough & yet u want to act pious????

      Perhaps, u should learn some 'ulama' talk from yr pals at PAS!!!

    2. n the host blame anwar pula, dap oso under anwar remote ctr what. dap macam zombie follow every pkr move, worst than mca.

  7. Anonymous 12.00 pm you are a certified retard. How can you not blame Anwar on this issue. Its started as an internal issue in PKR which he is the De fecto leader. He only want his wife to fill in as the MB. How is it possible that this is not his fault. For the first time in your life please take your tounge out of his severely gapped ass

    1. I only know that Wan Azizah got 30 aduns support. Why HRH does not do the honourable thing? Just appoint Wan Azizah as MB la. Why doesn't HRH appoint RPK as MB? Better still make him the Royal Agung.

      Meanwhile no need election, no need campaign and better still no need dun. No need dewan rakyat.

      Everybody happy and sing song

    2. "Demoralized, wretched, dejected, hurting, powerless !"
      That would be the song title, looes74 !

    3. So LPPL after having your LL lor?

      For the record, LPPL is a vulgar word but LL is a common term used in Hewlett Packard. LL means Lesson Learnt

    4. You've presented some strong arguments at times. Certainly you can convince people even without resorting to vulgarities, looes !

    5. cannot lah, it's his inherent nature, vulgar physically (wakakaka), emotionally, mentally and spiritually, wakakaka

    6. jon stewart, don rickles and hisham rais are vulgar at words too. yet they are intellectuals. what more when one is in engineering sector. hahaha

      How about John Oliver, kaytee?

      I wonder why John Olver doesn't do a dig on Malaysia. Hahahahahaha!

    7. I've come across his comments in another blog (but didn't bother to note which blog) and he was quite moderate and polite!

      Maybe KT can exercise his editorial prerogative and clean up his faecal droppings much like the way a 3-year-old would need help in having his ass wiped. ;-)

    8. KT 8:53,
      tempted to disagree with you because 'the only thing that is constant is change' ! Given time and the right 'encouragement', it's not impossible for one like looes to change for the better.

    9. Anon of 9.42 am, looes who is actually the suspected son (wakakaka) of M Foot is actually irredeemable - he's in a perpetual struggle with his anger at his suspected (wakakaka) dad who is an atheist which has been why he became a Methodist just to spite his suspected (wakakaak) dad

      Anon o 12.13 am, looes behaves that way, just like an old man and a tambee who used to haunt my blog, namely polite elsewhere (as someone put it, 'mewing like a pussy cat, wakakaka) but ferally vulgar here, because I am being too tolerant, perhaps far far too tolerant, wakakaka

    10. Which makes it all the more important and meaningful for you, as an atheist, to 'salvage' him where his 'religion' has failed him !

  8. Justice for Teoh Beng Hock12:48 pm, September 05, 2014

    Sorry....hijack your thread a bit.

    Finally...light at the end of the tunnel for Teoh Beng Hock to get justice.
    Court of Appeals overturns open verdict, rules custodial death.
    The Court of Appeals is the 2nd and final appeal stage, since the case started in the Coroner's court.

    1. The police must now reopen investigations into Teoh's unlawful death
    2. Teoh's family now have solid grounds to sue MACC and the Malaysian government for damages due to his unlawful death in MACC Custody.

    1. It also proved that Malaysian judiciary is not kangaroo or BN CONTROLLED as accused by oppositions. Some day u win other day u lose.

    2. Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! And the kaytee's sister's cat would be reincarnated as voluptous wife for you........Hahahahaha!

    3. 9/10th kangaroo lah....umno wins 90% of the time, you masih tidur ke ? So just because the truth won 10 %, it means the judiciary 100% incorruptible ? what logic is this ? pordahhh

  9. If there is demonstration and chaos, the Federal government will invoke Emergency Act and dissolve the State Assembly and rule the State directly. So who benefits in this situation?

  10. KT,

    Time for the Fat Lady to sing Auld Lang Syne.

    It's becoming glaringly clear the Pakatan marriage is heading for divorce, the only consolation being it's an amiable divorce without undue recrimination and bitterness. From hindsight we should have known, you can't mate a chicken with a duck even though both are poultry and from the avian family. Their genes/DNA are too different and a productive marriage is not viable.

    Its short-lived and rambunctious marriage did spark fervent hopes for a new beginning al'a Star Wars, but, sadly, even though they almost hit the target, a miss is still a miss. Perhaps for those whose hopes still lives on, better luck next time.

  11. Shame-less Khalid? Why should he? He has already offered to resign and has said he would refuse if re-elected.

    Please direct your "shame-less" wakaka or whatever to Anwar and Rafizi. No? Hehehe

    1. But then Khalid is still the MB when HRH refuses to accept his resignation pending for more names for him to be considered. So what the fuck you are talking? Fuck you la! Lets abolish election and appoint RPK as MB for life

  12. Obviously DAP has never supported PAS to be MB since 2013 GE , otherwise how come PKR get the MB posts even with less ADUNs. Of course DAP could never have the MB post cos they don't have a Malay in their party.

    Now even if PAS submit whatever PAS names for the new MB and even if endorsed by Tuanku, it will still be voted down at the next Assembly sitting. I am sure PAS is aware of it and that's why the Trojans in PAS used the Syura Council to get the names thru.

    The end result will just see PAS having a battle between the Erdogans and Ulamas and the breakup of the party.

    And the MB? Continue the musical chair game until the next GE or until PAS solves it's housekeeping whichever comes first.

    In the meantime, RM$$$$$$$$$$ project continues unhindered.

    The loser? Everyone except the corporate guys who sees their projects and debts solved with this show biz.

    1. Isn't Mohd Ariff Sabri @ Sakmongkol a Malay member of DAP?

    2. Do you know cibai fuck know why......You cibai......PAS screwed up all the time. PAS can go tidur la. PAS kenna screwed up 2 times in terengganu. PAS would even lose kelantan. PAS will lose pengkalan kubur by 4000 votes.....Wanna bet


    Any more things to add........

  14. Unholy pact begets marauding evil doers.How can we shift the blame to UMNO-BN?Any idea to gasing?

  15. Nothing left to 'salvage', uncle LKS !
    Start all over !
    Good luck !

  16. I can’t help laughing. Why? Some want the disintegration of the Monarchy. Some want the disintegration of PAS. Some want the disintegration of PKR. Some want all the three in one. Yet ALL of them are shouting liberty, equality and fraternity. And so they may. Wakakaka…

    I often go to Terengganu. I just love this place called Angullia Beach Resort. I would sit at the verandah of my chalet facing Pulau Kapas for hours and finish a book. The last book that I read there was ‘Fault Lines’. The food at Angullia is first class and the beach is awesome. The cost is affordable. The resort is owned and managed by a Singaporean malay. BTW, there is a place called Angullia Park in Singapore.

    Masjid Rusila is just about five minutes drive from Angullia. I declare I never fail to do my five daily prayers there when I stay at Angullia. This is the mosque of TGHH. Say what you want. I am not a politician and I am not a PAS member. But I like TGHH. I read all his books and listen to all his cassettes. TGHH was trained by the Islamic University of Madinah and Al-Azhar University Cairo. I have met and spoken with TGHH quite a number of times. Once he did chide me many years ago… in English it means, “I think you being a product of the colonialist and a secularly enlightened self, your worldly knowledge are deficient in specialized expertise in the vast field of Islamic jurisprudence and you are confining Islam to the minimalist redoubt of personal piety and customary law.” You can imagine the colour of my face then.

    It is suffice for me to say TGHH knows what he is doing. The issue now is HRH Tuanku Sultan has decreed for three names each from PKR, DAP and PAS. TGHH does not want to be seen as menderhaka kepada HRH Tuanku Sultan. Anything wrong with that? Aren’t the malays being thought about si Tanggang yang menderhaka kepada orang tua nya? PKR and DAP should have given three names each, be it a non malay. It is up to the HRH Tuanku Sultan. It is like passing their balls to the palace court without the balls. Wakakaka..

    I think PKR and DAP should start crawling and crying in sackcloth and ashes to the palace begging to the HRH Sultan that Dr Wan should be the MB. And so she may not! Wakakaka again…

    - hasan

    1. Indeed, ‘It is suffice for me to say TGHH knows what he is doing’!!!!

      2 thingies here;

      1st, he lets his own personal interest overwhelm his ‘vast’ understanding of the Islamic teaching! He has gone to the dark-side of that teaching!

      2nd, birds of the same feather flop together, enuff said!!


      ‘TGHH does not want to be seen as menderhaka kepada HRH Tuanku Sultan.’

      Is there anywhere in Quran mentioning that? Thick head – in Islam, there is NO higher authority than Allah & all ummat Muslim r of equal status, irrespective of birth.

      Oh...Unless u bought, the wholesale tale of the deviate Wahabbism!

      What is truth in Islam, u DON’T treat yr bond/word committed/signed with yr friends/alliances lightly - as commanded in many surats of the Quran.

      & yet yr admired TGHH side-stepped ALL that trust single-underhandedly, He even bypassed the Centre Committee of the party he heads! He seems to claim absolute decision making, which is none of his in the 1st place.

      TGAZ would have NEVER do that & that’s the sign of an true enlighten Islamic TG!

      ‘Anything wrong with that?’?????

      Hello there - there r many things that r wrong here - morally/religiously/legally!!!!

      Get that into yr thick skull, before u seek yr final judgment.

    2. 'si Tanggang yang menderhaka kepada orang tua nya'

      "We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth" (46:15).

      2. "Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say: ‘My Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood' "(17:23-24).

      macam mana pula dengan hang jebat?

      'TGHH knows what he is doing'.

      dia bukan cakap tak serupa bikin tapi cakap saja tapi tak bikin.

      'O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?' (61.2)

    3. Anon 12.07....

      Why don't you try to stick your dick in the mouth of a hungry rat and see whether you can ejaculate?

      kampong lad 1.21pm....

      According to some scholars Hang Jebat is actually Hang Jee Fatt... so that is the problem. Wakakaka...

      All this about TGHH/PAS/PASMA whatsoever are all serkap jarang. What not wait for the announcement from the palace and we shall debate the relevancy, accuracy and fairness of what is delivered by the palace, ok? Simpan all your quranic verses dulu lah....

      - hasan

    4. ' Why don't you try to stick your dick in the mouth of a hungry rat and see whether you can ejaculate', that's the best u can argue yr twisted logic out!

      Too bad. It only proved how shallow a royal ball-carrier u r.

      Worst still, it ONLY show yr true understanding about Islam - in NAME & superficially. TGHH goes to the dark-side, bcoz of personal interest. U does the same, just simply due to yr inborn evilness.

      Perhaps TGHH could be saved, whereas u r a totally busket case. U, like ISIS, r the one that tarnished the good name of Islam!

      U should be condamned in yr own version of Islam. Case closed...comprenhdi???

    5. okay lah, my friend hasan and his opposite number - thanks for your contributions but on this particular/specific issue, matter closed lah okay? let's move on to fresh grounds/other aspects of post

    6. ok dear KT... BTW thanks for teaching me how to float like a butterfly and stings like a bee while sipping my favourite hot lemon hibiscus tea. :-)

      - hasan

    7. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth !
      What I learn from people of faith !

  17. "It is like passing their balls to the palace court without the balls"

    is this not menderhaka especially when come to non malay? tghh is right, u interpret thing as u wish to. wakaka. perhaps our belief system is quite far apart, or perhaps u know malaysian and our custom profound enough. hafiz in his article articulate well what is in my mind.

    the book i am still reading now is kissinger on china, his view on mao is quite deviated from most of his western counterpart, i think mao is one of the greatest leader in china history, he believe that if one dun smash the old, he cant establish a new world.

    some of rpk writing is quite enlightening in this 'smash the old' conntext when he criticise anwar of not being liberal enough, but talk is easy, like our arm chair host (i borrow from one anon wakaka), rpk is a copycat, he copy everything from all perspective n show no stand n principles, he is a born turncoat.

    hehehe, scold the locust while pointing at the mulberry, so dun take my word too seriously.

    1. HY.... I would agree with you that even if HRH Tuanku Sultan decides to appoint an MB other Dr Wan, the Aduns from PKR/DAP and perhaps PasMa can engineer a vote of no confidence in the new MB.

      In order to alleviate the likelihood of the Monarch being faced with awkward decisions, I am now in favour of the Monarch to give the present government 30 days to resolve the conflict and failing which the present government must resign, the state assembly dissolved and fresh election would be called.

      I think that is the only way to avoid the Monarch being drawn into making a potentially controversial decision to put down the fires and swords of PR's internal chaos.

      Aku sedih bila mendengar lagu Gloria Gaynor kau tu.. -:( huhu

      - hasan

  18. KT, you rightly pointed out that DS Khalid Ibrahim was put into power by his party, and since his party has expelled him, he has no moral hold on the MB post anymore. It is just that the Tuanku would not let him resign pending a successor. In short, he is in a caretaker role, and in a caretaker role he should not embark or deal with policy or decide on projects or on contracts.

    In this sense, just like the State Secretary should not have signed the Water Concession Agreement after GE12, before YAB Khalid and other executives came into office, Khalid now should not, for example, make decisions on the Water Agreement.


    1. fully agreed on a caretaker's very limited function, as I've written above (as a clarifying note to a paragraph)

  19. Kaytee,it seems to be a reality as each day passes that the Kajang move will eventually become the Waterloo of Anwar's political career,or rather political doomsday.This manmanlai is a real political clown with his stupid clown acts.It is curtains down as the fat mama is ready to rock and roll.The thyme is "Bye Bye Birdie".

    1. not necessary the case, in politics, we need impetus to not to remain in status quo, whether the kajang is a wise or bad move, it divulge the instability side of pr, because the same can happen shd pr command a slim majority in federal. we can have a better insight of what pas n unity govt is abt, who pro and who detest.

      personally I dun believe in unity govt, bec the malay command a too huge majority, it would split further n further. the so called unity is unity among some faction in umno to remain in power. most pas people may not want to be a vassal, except hadi.

      so mosquito like u remain as hmmm not even a mosquito, just a fly who cant pierce, only suck wakaka

    2. Oh, he's gonna go a'wandering
      With a knapsack on his back
      And he won't be back
      for a good six years
      So, you guys had better
      take up the slack

      That's supposed to be sung to the tune of "The Happy Wanderer". But I don't think it works. ;-)

  20. In hindsight , the Kajang Move was a necesary one , to have available an MB candidate other than Azmin or PAS MB.

    By the beginning of 2014, it was obvious that Khalid Ibrahim was a loose cannon who did not consider himself accountable to his party nor Pakatan Rakyat coalition. The situation was becoming a threat to Pakatan's future position in the state.
    There were efforts to get him back in line, but all rebuffed as he moved further and further into "Royal Vizier" mentality.
    The issue was also muddled by the ongoing Khalid vs. Azmin conflict. Many thought the Kajang Move was just part of an effort to get Khalid replaced by Azmin.

    PKR and Anwar still has to take the blame the very poor job they did in explaining the rationale of the Kajang Move to the public, as well as Khalid's appointment in the first place. But the necessity of the Move is clear in hindsight.