Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another aspect of UPSR exams

TMI - Racist-toned question in UPSR exam? – Ravinder Singh

The following question was suspected to be in the UPSR Malay language paper.

Keutamaan kepada melayan tetamu; Menghormati orang tua; Mementingkan sopan santun 
15. Nilai hidup diatas adalah sebahagian daripada identiti masyarakat Malaysia. Masyarakat manakah yang sering dikaitkan dengannya? 
A. Cina
B. Iban
C. India
D. Melayu

Ravinder Singh asked Education ministry officers the following:

If it was in the exam paper, then some questions need answers:

1. What aspect of Bahasa Melayu was this question testing the pupils on?

2. What is the evidence on which this question is based that only one of the listed communities is known to practise these values more than the others?

3. Is the question (if it was indeed in the paper) in keeping with the spirit of 1Malaysia?

4. Why was the question which is racist in nature put in the exam paper?

Shall we blame the BTN or the Education Ministry 'Lil Napoleons, or both?

I can guess at the answer for above question but I would like to hear it from the Education Ministry people.

I have a question to contribute to the Education Ministry for the UPSR exams next year, free of charge.

Kesetiaan kepada raja raja Malaysia
916. Nilai kesetiaan kepada raja raja adalah sebahagian daripada identiti masyarakat Malaysia, termasuk dan terutama daripada ahli-ahli parti politik. Bahkan nilai tersebut adalah nilai terkandung dalam Rukun Negara Kedua. Ahli-ahli parti politik manakah yang sering


Excuse my poor Bahasa, wakakaka.


  1. In the aftermath of this year's UPSR exams, it appears the Education Ministry is riddled with Racists, Dumbos (a few questions apparently have NO possible correct answers) and Crooks (re: the exam paper leaks).

  2. At the rate they are rounding up people under the Sedition Act, just raising such queries will likely expose you to an arrest.

    Jawohl Mein Fuhrer !

    Luckily you are in Ozland.

  3. There is another aspect of this UPSR leakage that no many r awared of & many of the medias, internet inclusive, r not mentioning.

    The leakage is apparently confined to SRK, while others, SRJK(C) & (T), r not affected. This is especially so for the English papers!

    Moo is the 1st to cry sabotaged, when the news broke, as he knew that this time he was been targetted kaw-kaw.

    As the person in-charged of the education ministry, he knows all the hanky-panky, especially the marking & passing rates of all the examinations conducted by the ministry.

    The days of lowering the passing mean of the exam can no longer be sustained, as years of manipulating the mean of the exam bell curve has reached the stage that anymore adjustment would mean the pupils/student would have to be passed, even if (s)he submits a blank answer.

    So, to maintain some vainglorious pride & official standard in international survey, a new scheme is been concocted. This time, a selected group of pupil/student r been allowed to have a 1st glance of the exam papers, with typical answers supplied before the exam starts.

    Some enterprising individual digs the loop-hole for side income, by passing the answers to tuition centre, which claimed to have 100% passing rate & most numbers of top scorers, thus charging top rate tuition fees.

    Of course, one of the 'side-effect' (wakakakaka) is there r now many ace-scorers, as what we have seen lately. While the overall passing rate has shot-up for an educational 'job' well done (barbecue-style)! Never mind, the end result is mediocre disguised as par excellent product, whom the general job market termed as unemployable!

    So, whose the ultimate losers????? Those giat tunas that have been pulled fast-tracked style, the hp6 educators, the anything-goes politicians, & M'sia as a whole????

    BTW, now u know who's the real ultra kiasu, coupled with syok-sendiri blur-sotong style hara-kiri for their youth.

  4. Among my fellow teachers , there is a lot of cynicism about the arrests surrounding the current "leaks".

    They only got arrested for being in possession of copies of actual original Exam scripts, with Examination board letterhead.

    There are many other ways accurate information on Exam questions are given out before, long before, the exams. Some of it officially condoned , to "special" earmarked schools. Others for financial gain. Photocopies or scanned copies (without letterhead), plain computer files, or handwritten notes.

    All get passed around with impunity, because the legal definition of a "leak" by the Ministry is very narrow - copies of actual Exam scripts.