Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The so-called season

If Khalid Ibrahim is the so-called Trojan Horse from UMNO, its so-called 'sleeper' activated to rend Pakatan apart, he sure is doing a damn great job.

a MB without his own party support
a political creature as rare as a 3-headed chimera monster

He is defiantly taunting his so-called party, PKR, giving two fingers to the party's so-called show cause letter, while a so-called Pakatan partner, PAS, has split ranks with PKR (and DAP) in its insistence on supporting a so-called PKR member as MB, one which PKR itself doesn't want.

I just like to see what the so-called PKR disciplinary board can now do to its so-called party member.

For a so-called PKR member to defy his so-called party means he has, not just so-called but in real-terms, solid BACKING from 'someone', someone BIG.

There is no way the so-called Pakatan coalition can exist in its so-called present form.

So ... call SURRENDER?


  1. sack him first and see he joins umno or pas
    then call for a vote of cofidence.
    flush him out.

    1. what about third option....'joins' Independent....and then when the crucial vote is called, he will be able to exercise his power.

  2. Kaytee,first of all Manmanlai and gang wants Khalid out because they cannot lead him by the nose.With three billion ringgit reserves,do the public knows what these angels in disguise can do.It is good Khalid will not cave in to their demands.If he did he can be MB forever as long as PR is in power.But instead Khalid is showing them the middle finger.Serves these morons right and proper.

    1. agreed with your first part, but don't praise Khalid, wakakaka

    2. how bout him spending say 90% of the reserve on the stakeholders (the rakyat of selangor) and see whether those people masih boleh 'ngang'?

  3. the three amigos.2:10 am, August 07, 2014

    PKR,with Anwar,Azmin,Rafizi and their blind followers are shooting and screwing themselves in their fucking asses.These stupid fools have brought the party to a pariah level,in fact levels below the much despised Umno.These fools should go fuck themselves kaukau in private and not in public.

  4. the gaffe guy who know's2:45 am, August 07, 2014

    KT,the trojan is Anwar,In this world of politics nothing is impossible.You better believe it,mate.

  5. Please.. get your head out of your own ass. Ultimately, PKR's chiefs are creating this rift, by insisting that Khalid goes - and not the other way around where your saying Khalid is insisting that he stays - this is a parliamentary democracy, if they want to take him down, that do a vote of no confidence. of course they know they can't get the numbers, so now PKR is taking it to the media exposing their own dirty linens - and you say this is Khalid's fault?

    Strategically they have just shot themselves in the foot - Khalid is going to go anyway at the end of this term (he is behaving very similarly to US Presidents who undertake all the hard to swallow policies during their second term - indicating he himself see's no chance of getting back his job), those are his pre-agreed terms - and Selangor could have been easily kept - even if he breaks his promise to not go, well - thats a far easier way to find a new MB candidate through the process of the State election. (BUT we know this will never happened, because Azmin Ali will continue to sabotage this plan to make sure he gets to be MB, and thats why Anwar has to find this backward way of installing a new MB through a by election).

    And doesn't PKR know what they are doing?? Here's the cost benefit analysis of this strategy:

    (1) Benefit: they get to oust Khalid
    (2) Costs: The whole Pakatan Rakyat breaks up, BN (read UMNO and MCA) just has to shut their mouth and they will win by default in Selangor, public's sentiment of Anwar Ibrahim himself is just tarred beyond repair, PR can kiss their dreams of Putrajaya good bye in GE14.


    1. partly agreed, on those parts about PKR greed. But Khalid ain't no angel.

      besides, in Westminster democracy which we practise, once a MB or CM or PM loses the confidence of his OWN party he must be honorable and leave (he can stay on as a backbencher, an independent one if he leaves his party)). It's not a presidential post so there's no such thing as a solo-independent MB. The only reason he is hanging on is because he has mistakened PAS and "other" support as reason good enough to remain as MB - it's not and it's shameless

  6. Me thinks this is the way PKR wants PAS to clean up their party of Trojan horses. At the same time while cleaning up their own backyard of Trojan horses like the current MB. Just a hunch. DAP will be next for the spring cleaning. Guess who's next?

    All in time before the next GE14 so that all those Trojan horses won't disrupt Anwar from his ascension to power.

    It definitely ain't the PM and his merry men doing all these cos they are too weak to even shut up the NGOs. It's mostly right wingers in UMNO all under the control and power of the Grand old man called Mamakutty.

  7. the mean machine7:56 pm, August 07, 2014

    Why do Khalid,,considered a not politically savvy man whose main strength is not in politics, and MB of the richest state in the country hanging on so stubornly to his position.

    Is it because of his alleged side dealings? I do not think so,because if it were true that he is dirty,documents of his hanky pankies would have been all over the internet and mainstream media like cow's condos.

    So why is he hanging on in spite of all the negative and humilating personal attacks?Because he felt betrayed and want to cut off the nose that spite him.Hehehe,Anwar is fucked.