Saturday, August 16, 2014

3 months in politics an eternity

Now it's mid August. Khalid Ibrahim still refuses to go even in the face of a very clear majority against him. He resorts to shameful name dropping, as if that will excuse his personal lack of political propriety and honour.

The next DUN assembly is scheduled for November, approximately 3 months to go. Khalid knows he will by then be definitely ousted for good, regardless of whether there is a fresh election after the DUN is dissolved by HRH on his advice, probably his scorched earth legacy as an alternative to being allowed to hang on.

sheltering under a payung

To hang on!!!

Dissolving the DUN for a fresh state election scares the shits out of PAS, which may be why they're playing footsie-tootsie with Khalid. But it's a making of their own prejudice and lack of sincere commitment to Pakatan after all their mealy-mouth promises (now recognized at best as mere empty boasts, and at worst, treachery).

Thus we have PAS non-dead quartet still in the exco, after all 6 PKR and DAP exco members have all been sacked, and thus unlike the undead PAS quartet, very dead, exco-wise.

Why is Khalid hanging on for 3 more months?

Hanging on!!!

More importantly, will he be able to? Hang on, that is!

What's up?

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  1. batang selasih permainan budak
    daun selasih dimakan kuda
    bercerai kasih talak tiada
    bila bila kembali jua

  2. One important reason many countries have a constitutional Monarch or non-executive President in the case of a republic, is when such situations are not clear-cut, there is a need for an independent referee to decide based on what is right.

    This is not necessarily the case in Malaysia. Many of the rulers may be susceptible to less-than-noble pressures because many are involved in not-quite-fragrant "activities".

    When even the umpire is possibly suspect, we are really fucked kaw-kaw.
    Its just not cricket, and its not football either.

  3. It's nothing to do with khalid. He is just a scapegoat made to think he is in control -
    Pas does not trust Anwar
    Hrh does not trust anwar
    Many people don't trust Anwar!

    I get why he has to go now. I don't get how people and adun can except a MB who accepts she is a mere proxy? Isn't there some oath u need to swear to? She swearing on behalf of Anwar?

    Selangor has probably the most educated and experienced talent pool. It can't be that she is the only choice?

    Just do another kajang move to get a more qualified person if the current bench has non of that potential?

    Maybe morib move? Lol!

  4. RM3 billion is a lot of money to spend overnight. It takes time? When it's finish, then DUN dissolve?


  5. I think that Khalid should hang on as long as possible.It really feels good to see Anwar,Rafizi and his blind followers sweat profusely under the very hot sun.As the pain and anxiety shoots down their cowardly spines they will have difficulties controlling their bladder flooding the small cubicles they are cowed in.

    If there is a snap election I think PKR will lose more seats than PAS.It is just a matter of how many and will they still be around after the debacle will be the question to ask.And of course,even the mighty DAP might end up giving some seats to the much despise MCA too.

    The PR needs PAS as much as PAS needs them.These are strange bedfellows and they needed three to make babies.PR without PAS will be like a two and a half and not three legged horse.Anybody who thinks PR can survive without PAS must be kidding themselves.PAS as a political party is more organised and disclipined than PKR,and they do not have that many circus clowns as PKR.

  6. Behind that impassive facade of the beleaguered of the MB, a lot of frantic manoeuvring is happening......needs to buy wood to make a back door lah.....would ten days from today be enough ?

    Btw....would all the agreements signed by him unilaterally considered legit ....can be overturned when new MB takes over ?

  7. the gaffe guy who know's1:14 am, August 17, 2014

    Because of dirty politics,it has polluted the atmosphere around Selangor.It has now become a preying ground for scavengers (politicians).Damn these b#stards kaw kaw.

  8. It takes all the big guns from PKR and PAS to bad mouthed and humilate Khalid and at the end of the day,Khalid the big man is still standing.Dozens of big guns cannot defeat one Khalid Ibrahim.No? Then how is the PR going to take on the mighty Umno/BN.Go figure.

  9. Hi Kaytee

    I know people have asked you this before.

    But what's the beef with miss tuffet virulent hatred and obsession with DAP and HY


  10. Ini kali lah,ini kali PKR TUTUP PINTU.HAW HAW HAW,HEEHEEHEE.

  11. the new kampung man9:46 am, August 17, 2014

    To the man who cannot be PM.You have destroyed the PR,so please enjoy the benefits of Bamboo River.

  12. Boss, lighten up. You are beginning to sound like that Koya woman.