Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sedition! For what purpose?

While we continue to wait as Rome burns, and Pak Haji Hadi Awang goes about his wayward way to "protect Malays", we see a number of sedition cases being actioned by the Police, presumably on the instructions of our remarkable AG.

But surely the case that takes the cake must be the one confronting Penang ADUN, RSN Rayer (Seri Delima).

Rayer had uttered the words "celaka UMNO" (damn UMNO) inside the State Assembly on 20 May this year.

Firstly, when was it that the words "celaka UMNO" or "celaka DAP" or "celaka whoever" (other than the Sultans) could be considered seditious?

Maybe the answer lies in my penultimate paragraph, wakakaka.

Secondly, Rayer said those words inside the State Assembly, meaning he had enjoyed parliamentary privilege. The only person who could tell him off or punish him would be the House Speaker. A similar case occurred in the federal Parliament in March 2009 when Gobind Singh Deo called the PM a murderer.

Today News reported on the Gobind Singh Deo case:

Gobind wanted Najib to respond to opposition accusations that he had a hand in the killing of a young Mongolian woman in 2006. Gobind shouted "Answer me, you murderer" before Parliament's speaker ordered him to leave the hall.

A Cabinet minister made a formal proposal Monday to suspend Gobind without pay for a year, saying he was in contempt of Parliament and that he had committed a breach of his rights as a legislator.

Government lawmakers approved the proposal through a unanimous vote after opposition legislators staged a temporary walkout to protest the move.

Personally I thought it was intemperate of Gobind to use such words and the action taken was appropriate though unduly harsh (one year suspension including and particularly depriving him of pay).

And even if the words "celaka UMNO" could be preposterously considered as seditious (and what f**king nonsense would that be!), the Speaker should be the only one to discipline Rayer.

To charge Rayer for saying something inside the State Assembly will be in contempt of the state parliament. I'm not sure whether it's a jailable punishment for contempt against parliament, but it should be as it's attacking the sovereignty and power of the people.

Okay Police, go charge the AG and yourself for sedition (contempt against the Penang State Assembly) wakakaka.

But I ask myself WTF is going on for Pakatan MPs (Khalid Samad, Nizar Jamaluddin, possibly Rafizi Ramli) and ADUN (Rayer, anyone else?) to be charged for sedition on flimsy grounds?

Compare their supposed seditions with those of Dr Affifuddin Omar, a former UMNO MP for Padang Terap.

This bloke's fame or notoriety was achieved on 10 December 1992, when in parliament he walloped the rulers as follows:

"How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul(thugs)?" [...]

"They (the rulers) must be made to realize that they do not own this country. They are not Superman but placed on their thrones by the people."

"The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people."

Aiyoyo, rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?

So, do you think his daring do was approved by UMNO leaders at that time, wakakaka. Incidentally he is a Kedahan, wakakaka.

Oh yes, the UMNO No 1 at that time was Dr Mahathir and his No 2 was Ghafar Baba. Phew, I suppose some of you might have been thinking: aiyoyo, this bloody kaytee wants to wallop His Reformasi Excellency again.

No no, His Brahmic Excellency was only No 3, the Finance Minister, though he would become the No 2 (and thus DPM) the following year after he defeated and humiliated an aging Ghafar Baba, one of the original UMNO members, who would have retired in a mere 6 months time.

But on 2nd thoughts, wakakaka, Professor Bari had said that there should be collective cabinet (and presumably top UMNO echelon) responsibility on issues, including the walloping of the rulers behind parliamentary privileges, wakakaka.

But I'm sure Manmanlai must be lily-white innocent, as he had always been in his 16 years as various ministers in Dr Mahathir's government, wakakaka. Sorry anwaristas, couldn't help slipping this in, wakakaka.

Anyway, I wonder whether we ought to admire Dr Affifuddin Omar because he dared play with fire and yet, somehow got away with that, unlike Rayer with just a mere "celaka UMNO", wakakaka.

Then there was also Wan Hanafiah Wan Mat Saman, once the UMNO MP for Pokok Sena, though he lost his parliamentary seat to PAS' Mahfuz Omar in 1999? wakakaka.

In 1992 he said in a speech in Parliament that he preferred the Malay Rulers be treated the way the Indian Maharajas were treated, stating:

"After the struggle for India's independence in 1947, Deputy Prime Minister Sardar V Patel was given the task of negotiating with the Rulers to phase out them.:

"Patel rounded up the Maharajas and put them in a hotel. On the first day of discussion, he could not get them to agree to the Government's proposal.”

"On the second day, he placed soldiers around the perimeter of the hotel. On the third day, he cut the electricity supply; on the fourth day, he stopped the water supply and on the fifth day, he stopped food from being brought in. On the sixth day, all the Rulers, who were confined to the building, agreed to the government proposals.”

"When Patel was asked why he did not obtain the consent of the Rulers in a normal fashion, Patel replied, 'Do you ask the consent of the chicken before it is slaughtered?'"

Continuing his speech, Wan Hanafiah said that "a similar approach could have been taken to solve the present problem with the Rulers."

[above quoted from a post at Dewan Pemuda PAS Serdang blog]

Wow, slaughtering our rulers like chooks a la the Maharajahs? wakakaka. And poor Rayer, with the same parliamentary privileges, will be charged tomorrow (Wednesday) for saying inside the state assembly the words "celaka UMNO" [and who the f**k is UMNO compared to the Rulers?].

Are these gross persecutions (and prosecutions) against Pakatan politicians nothing more than a Najib-Zahid grand-staging to show the Heartland that even without the ISA, the Najib government is still firmly in control, and that Dr Mahathir has been unduly and unnecessarily worried and stirring shit for no purpose, and thus to be ignored for crying out "the sky is falling down, the sky is falling down!"? Wakakaka. 

As George Bernard Shaw said: Blasphemy and sedition

(meaning the truth about Church and State), wakakaka.


  1. Celaka Ktemoc....wakakakakaka

    1. aiyah, have been called worse lah, wakakaka

  2. Azmin Ali could well become Selangor MB....since "A man" seems to be Criteria No. 1 for both HRH and PAS Hadi
    Great minds think alike....wakakakaka...

  3. Republic of Melayusia?

    1. the word 'republic' can be seditious, wakakaka

    2. How about masquerading as a buddhist to circumvent the tenets of Rukun negara? Especially it is as clear as day to night that you cibai kaytee has violated the first tenet which is Believe in God. Hahahahaha..........Stay nong nong in aussie land la

  4. Many of those charged are very difficult to remove via getting them defeated in elections. Have to admit BN-UMNO is being quite "creative" to get them removed via Other Means...

  5. Anwar Ibrahim did many questionable and downright nasty things while he was an UMNO Minister.
    However, you need to be fair and stick to the facts.
    There is no record whatsoever of anything he said or did regarding the Royal controversy at the time.

    1. oh dear, you didn't read what I have written, where I did NOT say he said anything bad about the rulers.

      All I did was to quote Professor Bari who said that there should be collective cabinet responsibility on issues, including the walloping of the rulers behind parliamentary privileges.

      And as I have also written, I'm sure Manmanlai must be lily-white innocent, as he had always been in his 16 years as various ministers in Dr Mahathir's government, wakakaka

  6. Soon BN has 2/3 majority!

  7. Anyone uttering statements which question the position of the Malays and Islam as well as denigrating the principal platform of the Malay struggle - UMNO - should be charged with Sedition, and the most severe punishment shold be meted out.

    1. aisehman, you missed out the 'Malay' rulers - how can lah! wakakaka

  8. There was a strong Republican element to Malay nationalism during the earlier struggle for Independence.
    Many regarded the monarchy as an integral part of the feudalism which perpetuated the backwardness of Malay culture and society.
    This is simply a historical fact, not sedition.

  9. It goes round and round. After PR wins the next elections, then they can also charged all the right wingers of UMNO with sedition also of course with Gobind as Minister of Home Affairs and Ramkarpal as IGP.

    And Mamakutty will get a black eye from Man man Lai via the IGP of course after being jailed for sodomi. This time the victim maybe a Bangladeshi youth or an Indian doll.

    I hope PAS don't make a U-turn again against Mamakutty. From rolling on the streets to Rock and Roll.

    Hah! That's politics which even now institutions and Govt. Bodies play to cari makan.

  10. anhea, it was reported yesterday that the penang syariah court had cancelled the khalwat charge against halimah, the christian indonesian masseur. reps of bar council & national human rights assoc. said they were discussing the next course of action. saman, jangan tak saman & i want to see them shit brick.

  11. In a Law Enforcement system which is meant to be independent, key office bearers such as IGP and other Senior officers have to pass a critical test - would a change of governent ruling party make necessary their removal ?

    For Malaysia, the IGP flunks the test totally, utterly.

  12. Kt,
    I just don't know what to say. In Malacca we practically "cilaka" EVERYTHING. So all of us in Malacca habis la..... all kena sedition...... aiyaoo susal la.....

    1. Please get it right....it is OK, perfectly OK to cilaka everybody and everything, EXCEPT umno, faham ? So you and the rest of the Malaccans, are safe lah....jangan risau, they won't sedition you one.....

  13. All Royalty needs to remember one reality in the 21st century.

    For most of the 5,000 years of human history until the 18th century, if a monarchy fell, it would be replaced by another Kingdom, perhaps after a period of disorder. Some of the new Kings actually came from the peasantry, but it was always another form of monarchy.
    The Roman republic and some of the Greek city states were rare exceptions.

    Since the 18th century, increasingly until it is almost a rule now, if a monarchy fell either from internal dissent or external attack or sheer irrelevance , it would be replaced by a Republic.

  14. Bangla Malaysian6:26 pm, August 27, 2014

    I'm a Malaysian working as an expatriate in Dhaka.
    My employer pays me a generous special hardship pay scale to be stationed here.

    I can tell you, whatever Malaysia's faults, its heaven compared to this teeming , unpleasant country.

  15. Dear Kathy, If YUR uncle LGE Were the Premier habis semua olang UMNO kena sue

    1. Aiya....no need to bring in lge or anyone else from the oppos lah. Remember one time, long long ago, before rpk was 'transformed', he said, if one recalls correctly, these corruptors in Umno should be lined against the wall and be shot...and then he further said they should be made to pay for the bullet, like in China. Of course now he sings a different tune lah, which is SOoooo typically big-shot Malaysian lah...just see how that Hadi fella pusing and pusing till we can't even catch up with all his twisting, islamic-muslim indeed, wakakaka