Friday, August 08, 2014

ABU kicked out Saifuddin Abdullah for Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan

You know, much as I respect, nay, even love Brother Haris Ibrahim, I don't his ABU concept and campaign because I believe there have been a few good people in UMNO, and ABU had indiscriminately hurt them to our great loss.

Though I understand where Brother Haris was coming from in his ABU campaign, there is a Chinese saying that 'one shouldn't swipe everyone down with a single stroke of the bamboo', meaning one shouldn't machine-gun a crowd down like what the Israelis have been doing to the Palestinians, killing babies and children indiscriminately.

Hurting indiscriminately! That has been what happened in ABU-ing in the 2013 general elections.

At least in a perverse and very evil way, the Israelis have been doing it deliberately in their indiscriminate attacks, with single-minded purpose to kill as many Palestinians as possible so as to intimidate the surviving victims a la the Nazi way of punishing the group until they can be cowed into total submission to Ketuanan Israeli.

But back here in Malaysia, even if we hate UMNO for their corruption and racist arrogance, we shouldn't punish good UMNO members like, for example, Saifuddin Abdullah.

One of the most liberal and fair-minded UMNO members, Saifuddin unfortunately became a victim of the ABU campaign in the 2013 general elections where he lost his Temerloh seat to a PAS member.

TMI described Saifuddin Abdullah as follows:

The poster boy for moderation, Saifuddin is highly popular with Malaysians for his liberal views, and is considered a breath of fresh air compared with his Umno colleagues.

However, his popularity did not save him in the Temerloh parliamentary seat, which he lost to PAS's Nasrudin Hassan.

The former deputy higher education minister, known to call a spade a spade, has even criticised his own party and Putrajaya over the handling of the electoral reform rallies organised by Bersih. He has alsp ticked off the government, saying it would lose "in moral terms" if it appealed a court ruling that declared a law barring students from politics to be in breach of the Federal Constitution.

Saifuddin is now the chief executive officer of the Global Movement of Moderates and is often invited to speak at forums organised by civil society groups.

Indeed, his defeat in Temerloh was not only a loss for Saifuddin but very much so for liberalism because the PAS member who replaced him as the MP for Temerloh has been none other than Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan At-Tantawi.

Do you know who he is?

Don't worry about his silly attempt to draw parallel comparison between Khalid Ibrahim's Kidex in Selangor and Lim Guan Eng's sea tunnel from Penang Island to the mainland.

Don't worry about Lim threatening to sue him for badmouthing the Penang tunnel project unless he apologises.

And I hope Lim does just that so he will be hurt, at least in his pocket.

This Nasrudin bloke has a reckless and irresponsible way with his mouth. In 2010 he as PAS Youth Chief made stupid statements, that babies abandoned through illicit births had been the result of Valentine's Day and New Year's Day celebrations. Incidentally, both events are non-Muslim celebrations on which he should have kept his wild intrusive irresponsible opinions to himself.  

Malaysiakini reported in 2010 in its Valentine's Day blamed for baby dumping that Nasrudin Hassan had blamed the festivity celebrations on those two days as encouraging free sex that led to ... yadda yadda yadda ... culminating in baby dumping.

Nasrudin unbelievably claimed: "It's an indication that the 'mating season' occurred during the New Year's Day celebrations."

Bullsh*t, my dear Yang Amat Alim, New Year's Days and Valentine’s Days have been celebrated all over the world for centuries, yet we haven't seen Malaysia's kind of baby dumping in those foreign countries.


Tell you a bloody secret Ustaz ..... because their societies are far more humane, compassionate, caring, supportive and most important of all, less misogynistic, and fortunately without people like you and some of your mates in PAS.

Misogynistic? Please read my 2006 post Wives not satisfying husbands are abusive!

That's who we'll get with a PAS government.

And incidentally Nasrudin, what about those numerous cases of incest which occurred more frequently in Kelantan and Terengganu than any other states?

Perchance have you back-checked the births of offsprings from those acts of incest 9 months earlier to either New Year's Days or Valentine's Days, or more likely, Budu Days, wakakaka - see Has Aphrodisiac Budu Been Responsible?

Stoning women to death, blaming non-Islamic celebrations on baby dumping, blaming women for everything, wanting to punish women, rejecting women as MB – really I dread to think of such leaders for our nations. But ‘tis the nature of the beast.

In an earlier post Valentine's Day's wild sex romps & orgies I had written as follows:

Despite its religious sounding name, Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday at all, no, not anywhere, not even in the Roman Catholic World. In fact, in 1969 His Holiness Pope Paul VI wiped out Valentine’s Day from the General RC calendar of saints’ days. Praise His Holy Daddy!

And with that, boyfriends around the world heaved a great sigh of relief until those blasted florists and chocolatiers revive its celebrations, naturally for their commercial interests, as they did by inventing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Soon, if they have their evil ways, every day will be ‘something’ Day.

But notwithstanding all these known commercial interests, somehow, there are some Malaysians, presumably those whose heads are constantly filled with visions of wild sex romps and orgies, who believe that on Valentine’s Day our hormones will somehow exponentially increase to an extent that we would scare even the wildest satyrs and nymphs.

But alas, Nasrudin's moronic statement was made worse by Pak Haji Nik Aziz threatening to stone those mothers to death for their 'sins'.

For such a learned man, he showed he didn't understand the social tragedies of babies born out of wedlock being abandoned by their mothers, that those single women involved had been frightened by society's uncaring and cruel attitude into dumping their little ones, much as those acts were cruel and criminal, ...

... only because our society has been not so humane, compassionate, caring, supportive and most important of all, less misogynistic.

PAS must claim most of the (mis)credits for the fears of young Malaysian Muslim women and girls.

And it's bloody fortunate for us the Ustaz didn't know that last Saturday 02 August 2014 had been the Chinese version of Valentine' Day, which Chinese term as Qixi festival, a 2,600 year old festival, or we would have him talking gibberish about sex romps again.

And you ABU-f**kers exchanged Saifuddin Abdullah for this Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan At-Tantawi?!

Well done, f**kers!


  1. Obviously KT and PAS are not on the same wavelength !

    1. Thank god for that ! If KT is same-same with PAS, wild horses wouldn't drag me to this site, wakakaka

  2. unfortunately, saifudin, anwar ibrahim, rafizi, shahrir samad, effendi norwawi, nazri, all wear the same school tie!

  3. the new kampung man9:51 pm, August 08, 2014

    Surendan,appologise to Khalid for bad mouthing him and asking for him to be sack from PKR.You are just an ass licker of Anwar.Actually a fu#king puppet of Mr Manmanlai.What will you be when Anwar resides permanently in Sungi Buloh.Do bj's in back alleys.

    1. khalid use to be a ass licker oso what, he started licking from his pnb days, sharpen his licking skill in pkr, improve some more when become mb, now he do his licking in kota bahru.

      komen bodoh siapa tak tahu tulis.

    2. not a single word but....kih kih kiiiihhh....opps!

  4. saifuddin & menantu abah - they only stand out by default because the rest are useless. the pak lebai guy, not worth writing about him. doesn't deserve any attention.

  5. simply bec u dun live in temeloh, that's y u can talk kok.

  6. KT, r u sure Saiffudin was been torpedoed by the ABU supporters?

    Have u done the maths on the Termaloh voters' preferential or u just wanted to jerked-off for a quickie?

    BTW, don't be too sure about Saiffudin's character. There were precedents where a good blok suddenly turned rogue - namingly the one of the royal Lord President & lately the shameless Khalid of Selangor.

    This trace is especially strong with those that tinted with the umno dye!!!

  7. Saifuddin Abdullah suffer from collateral damage. Collateral damage happens all the time.

  8. There is no need to compliment PKR leaders by supporting them.It is a f*ck up party and the way I see it,it is a party heading for doomsday,unless the present leadership is discarded like rats bound for the sewers.

  9. What has the PKR leaders achieve by attacking and humilating MB Khalid in public.It has brought themselves and the party into a main player of gutter politics.These leaders in the eyes of the rakyat have turn themselves into pariahs.

  10. Let Abu chased out Anwar and Rafizi to nowhere but to join Umno.They deserves each other for destroying PKR.

  11. the new kampung man8:03 am, August 09, 2014

    HY,you are so funny,matey.Only a blind follower aka Anwarista can believe in what the screw ups in Pkr are doing is correct.

    Do you remember the grumpy old man with dentures who used to frequent KT's blog.You remind me of him as the man who swallowed his dentures while not licking asses,but by bonking them.Forget about his name already,its been a very long time since I last heard of him.Hehehe.

    1. Give you a hint.....bola dia sangat sangat busat one...... !

      Still cannot recall ? Monsterball lah.......hehehe At one time, his death was even announced here and many were prepared to send funereal wreaths but alas, even faster than jesus christ, he came back here in less than 3 days, causing havoc again......wakakaka. Of course he's now banned for good....thank god.

  12. Who is tantawi, an ex pas pemuda head. Who is anwar, an ex tpm ex umno tim pres, ex con and a convicted rapist. Liwat is actualy rape.

    Temerloh is a pas strong based, kerdau is pas first site in pahang. We have adun semantan prior to pru 13. Abu campain is not only done by dap and pkr, it was also done by pas.

    Been to temerloh, jerantut, kuala lipis and others you shall see pkr is only a handfull of ex umno. They are not well recived by rural malay. Would you with their liwat ketua umum, pkr support for lgbt, liberalisme, plurealisme, bible, Allah used for non muslim.

    So dont talk cock like saifuddin about kedah, once we reviled what pkr did in kedah. Apa jadi, diam seribu kata. Eh why not seu the ex pa like your are suggesting tski to do upon you. Wait sprm case are now open for both kedah and selangor.

    Hence eco world also being awarded project in p.p. Tski must be so powerfull that he can also approved project not only in selangor but some said p.p.

  13. Saifuddin is one of the few UMNO figures known for espousing and promoting progressive ideas.
    Its is debatable, however, whether he was or would be any good as an MP. Hence the existence of someone like Saifuddin doesn't necessarily negate the justification of Haris Ibrahim's ABU.

    There is no easy answer regarding the so-called "Good Guys" in UMNO, and I don't pretend to have a clear-cut position. Saifuddin is not necessarily a Good Guy.

    As an MP he would (and did) vote along with the BN majority in Parliament.
    BN, including the Najib Administration, has a long history of using its majority to

    a) Ram through unjust laws , often suppressing debate
    b) Suppress airing and debate on vital national issues in Parliament.
    c) Unjustly punishing Opposition MPs on procedural matters such as DAP Gobind Singh's 1 year suspension , and more recently, PKR's Surendran.

    In BN/UMNO's 57 year's history as the Federal ruling party, no BN MP has EVER opposed or dissociated themselves from such bad or unjust Parliamentary actions. NONE.

    For me , its not an easy or clear cut question, but on the balance, I remain inclined to support ABU, unless the political culture in the country opens up sufficiently to allow votes of conscience on vital issues in Parliament.

    As things stand somebody like Saifuddin is just another UMNO MP headcount, no more , no less.
    And I'm NOT inclined to give my support any UMNO MP headcount, not one.

    1. Good lord, you've just described Anwar Ibrahim

    2. I don't think Anwar Ibrahim is a member of the Najib least, not yet...

    3. hahaha.....'you've just described Anwar Ibrahim' ! But @ Rocketman....if there's a like button here, I'd vote up for you here lah......Saifuddin do stand out like a lily bursting forth from the muck below....but what is a good man doing in such murky filthy bed ? The stench is unbearable and yet he sleeps so cosily there.

  14. KT,what is the name of the grumpy old man with the dentures,who used to frequent your blog with his well polished Queen's English?

    1. wakakaka, he was once called ........ wakakaka

  15. the mean machine7:47 pm, August 09, 2014

    Harris should start having a new slogan AB PKR.That is the way to go,Harris bro.

  16. Khalid has been sack from Pkr.What next?Anwar has to go for the sake of national unity.For PR to march into Putrajaya,Anwar has to go and pay his penance in Sungei Buloh.

  17. Kaytee,will we see a new MB in Wan Azizah by end of next week? Now we have to see what have PKR and Manmanlai achieve by this latest game of hit below the belt politics.Did this latest sacking help strengthen PKR or is the party wobbling at its knees.One thing we can be sure of is the celebrating in grand style of ousting Khalid(once finalised with blessing of Sultan) of the three billion ringgit reserves.High end car,wahches and clothing retailers are going to have a robust business,regardless if the economy goes boom or bust.Mansions costing tens of millions will be selling like hot cakes.The only regrets is that we poor minnows have no one bit share of bites in this very delicious cake.

    1. while I am still against Anwar and his inner cohorts, I have to say PKR had no choice but to sack Khalid who has behaved in a sad manner unfitting of a party member; additionally he is not a team (Pakatan) player so it's better for Pakatan that he is not among Pakatan members. Whether he will be removed as MB remains to be seen, as PAS may well join up together with UMNO to prevent that

  18. Is it safe to say that there were many silent Aduns and MPs who sympatised with Khalid but kept quite so as not to offend the de facto leader.Soon the PR will become a nest of mass produced Saifuls to satisfy the lust of the you know who.

  19. The most pariah of all pariah politicians is manmanlai.He is so fu*king fu*ked up that he will bend over for kongkek kuat.

  20. PKR aduns are asked to sign on paper to swear that they support Wan Azizah by Anwar.What the fu*k these aduns do as they are ordered.No balls to stand up and ask Anwar to Fu*k off.Why have such pariahs to represent the people.

    1. well, you can't blame them as Anwar set that lamentable example when he was in UMNO, wakakaka

  21. the new kampung man10:50 am, August 10, 2014

    It really surprised me that many people look up to Anwar as the saviour of Malaysian democracy.Look how he fu*ked Khalid.

    This Anwar is a fu*king big time screw up.He fu*k up the education system when he was education minister.His ketuahnan Melayu style fu*ked up the English language.No wonder many Malaysians cannot speak a proper sentence of English.And yet they support him to overthrow Khalid.How stupid can these aduns and MP's be.Elected representatives with vermint brains.Or a fu*king co*k suckers.

    1. Your criticism of a slimy, intellectually inferior poli-tikus is right on target, a perfect bullseye.

      The creepy jerk's messing around with the educational system - the introduction of religious elements, the promotion of one language at the expense of a far more useful language that holds the key to the world of science, technology, business & finance - has blighted the future of more than one generation of young people. The national educational system still reels from the deleterious effects of his policies right down to the present day.

  22. Anon's comments edited by kaytee wakakaka:

    Sivarasa,can you please shut your fu*king mouth.We all know that you are an Anwar [deleted].You do not have to openly ask Khalid to step down.Who are you anyway,a small f*cking fly.Go play and f*ck yourself,[deleted]

    1. ok anon go fuck youself and joined the hamas to be gutted by the isrealis. it's allah will that gaza to suffer because of your sin

    2. looes74,

      This is quite confusing -- who is this anon that you are referring to?!

  23. In desperation the dolt mb is blaming dap for resisting his religious implementation
    This man has gone nuts
    Dap pls buck up in your future choices if you fellas havent lost selangor
    D arn

  24. Khalid 'soldies on' oblivious to the hopeless situation !
    Can anyone convince me he's not 'encouraged' by UMNO ?

  25. I'm no PAS supporter, but I have been uncomfortable with the threatened suit by Lim Guan Eng against Nashruddin on comments he made on the Penang Tunnel project.

    As a principle, I am not in favour of elected government officials resorting to legal suits against individuals for statements they make regarding government business. Even if what they said is incorrect or untrue. .

    Its a different matter if the comments touch on the official's personal life. In that case it can amount to defamation, and the official can certainly sue to protect his reputation.

    On government matters, officials can and should rebut the claims if they are not true, but resorting to courts amounts to suppression of freedom of speech and relieving the accountability of elected officials.

    Singapore's PAP leaders have gone overboard in the past suing opposition figures until brankruptcy. I see that as very wrong. There are unfortunate overtones with DAP Leader Lim Guan Eng doing the same in Penang.

    Newspapers and other news media are a different matter. These organisations sell news, and when Utusan publish untrue news regarding Lim without affording him the right of reply, Lim was right to sue them.