Thursday, March 19, 2020

Universities 'sent' mass of students to congestion points


Academy of errors

Covid-19 is a more literal virus, hidden and uncaring of race. Granted, a curfew and MCO aren’t the same thing


HOW could have centres of higher learning got the Movement Control Order so wrong? MCO means stay put, except for food and pills.

Even these can be delivered to our homes. The more of the 14 days we spend at home, or wherever we found ourselves at when MCO came announced, the better we can contain the Covid-19 virus.

In such times, mobility is a dangerous thing. In such times, too, we can stay put and be mobile in more ways than the one we are used to. Think smartphone.

But the baffling thing is, very learned people residing in ivory towers missed the MCO by a mile. They sent a mass of people to congested convergence: train stations and bus stations and other what have you. And from there, as an exodus of erudite students in Covid-19-friendly vehicles, to kampung and villages to the arms of their dear ones. From Kuala Lumpur to Kangar and every place in between. Perhaps even from Shah Alam to Sarikei. If they were free from Covid-19 before, they may not be now.

Did not these great minds know that we are in a national crisis mode? Or did they have too little time to think between the announcement and the deadline? Some will call in aid the option they gave students to stay put in their defence. But a stay-put option sends homesick students home sick. MCO is about discouraging movements, not encouraging them.

Malaysia is a blessed land, and we thank God for that. We have had no national crisis such as that caused by Covid-19. The closest to the MCO is the May 13 curfew in 1969 when the blemish of a riot happened. It was a national shame and couldn’t have been forgotten. Then, it was about race and prejudice, very visible to the naked eye. Covid-19 is a more literal virus, hidden and uncaring of race.

Granted, a curfew and MCO aren’t the same thing. But campuses are where the national minds are shaped. Surely, there are grey matters there, who the vice-chancellors can turn to in times like this. On how to manage a crisis, though this is a national one. Corporations do this all the time. Or did they arrive at the decision arbitrarily to send a sea of students out into an unsuspecting crowd, enlarging the circle of infections. This is one student movement our universities should not have set loose.

Our views may be harsh on university authorities. But these are terrible times, and terribly have they failed us. When our country is marching in one direction to contain the contagion, the universities are going against this very grain.

Covid-19 jumps, and it jumps in mysterious ways. But one needn’t know everything about the anatomy of the fiendish killer to stop it from spreading. Emptying the campus into the streets only makes it worse. Even if the VCs knew that the students were Covid-19-free, they should have been kept within the gates of the campus. Better still, in their dorms. For along the way, in stations and trains, they are likely to pick the virus up from others. Or the surfaces of benches, seats and everything in between as they touch and go. From there on, it will be a very dangerous spread.


  1. What do you expect from a Backdoor / Backside government ?
    What kind of omelette do you expect to get from rotten eggs ?

    1. university deans same ones under PH govt

    2. On the one hand KT blames the Minister Noraini (ie the current "government") but then he blames the Deans for the decision to send the students home...? Deans are usually responsible only for the Academic performance, not the wellbeing and administrative matters of the university.

  2. i think the main reason is all this deans not willing to bear the responsibility in case anything happen in their university.

  3. Actually I prefer them to close UNI in Malaysia and send home....otherwise the Uni Dorm becomes Tabligh Princess Diamond with no escape....No consideration given to food, hygiene, medicine, money to students....This is the EVIL USELESS PARAIH-Katan Muhyiddin led UMNO-PAS-Bersatu-GPS-BN Arab Malay Supremacist...This id the Maruah Melayu Method in 4th world Malaysia trying to implement 1st world method....Hope the Entire Supremacist UMNO-PAS-Bersatu-GPS-BN Lesders and Rulers get Wiped to allow Malaysia a NEW Proper RESTART OR 13 NEW NATION....TIME TO BREAK MALAYSIA UP...EACH TO REALISE THE SINGAPORE REPUBLIC DREAM...AGENDA 2020!!!...Free from the ISLAM CURSE!!

  4. But TK Chua, a writer that KT always like to quote, say "Malaysians Complain Too Much".

    TK Chua, of all people, is showing his true colours. He always used criticise and hammer the legitimate PH government, even for small mis-steps, but today when we have an unelected PN government he tells us Malaysians not to complain but to obey the government's instructions.

    What baloney, what hypocrisy. He himself never stopped complaining complaining complaining over the little things.

    If TK Chua can complain about the little mistakes made by a legitimate government he should be SHOUTING about the major blunders that may cost lives made by a government that was borne out of TREASON.

    P/S Waiting to hear from Kua Kia Soong as well. He seems to have gone quiet, stopped hammering Toonsie, Guanee, Kit Siang etc. Feeling a little guilty perhaps?

    Malaysians complain too much
    TK Chua

    19 Mar 2020

    LETTER | I agree with the view that the movement control order undertaken by the government should have been made clearer from day one.

    However, we can’t blame everything on the government. We Malaysians are not totally unaware of the global situation and the situation in our country. No one can ever tell us everything about what to do and what not to do.

    All of us must exercise common sense and responsibility.

    When the order is enforced, we must cooperate and adhere to all guidelines and directives. Otherwise, it is an exercise in futility.

    I think it is more of the snobbish attitude of Malaysians than anything else. Some think they are invincible and some just want their own convenience. Some don’t even want to know whether our health care system is able to cope if many people are infected at the same time.

    If we Malaysians truly understand responsibility and sacrifice, we must all respect the rights of the society and others.

    This calls for a total commitment of everyone. It is pointless to have many of us staying at home while others are allowed to roam everywhere and do anything they wish.

    At the end of two weeks, the problem is back to square one while many would have sacrificed for nothing.

    Seriously, I think some Malaysians need to be instilled with some sense of urgency and fear.

    They need to be told that if the situation is out of control, they may be left to die if our medical system is overwhelmed.

    Malaysians must be told now the sooner we suffer the inconvenience, the earlier we will be able to get our lives back.

    The authorities mustn’t procrastinate or water down the measures.

    We can’t take half-measures in situation like this. It will only waste more time and accentuate the problems further.

    1. Kua Kia Soong had /has a long axe to grind against Mahathir as well as Lim Kit Siang.
      That is why he was virtually apoplectic during the PH administration , and now taking a long rest during Moo administration.

    2. Similarly, TK Chua was jumping up and down like a monkey attacking anything and everything about the PH government, and NOW he asks us to give the Backdoor government plenty of slack.

      NO WAY, TK CHUA.