Thursday, March 26, 2020

Cow urine prevents Covid-19?

Extracts from ABC:

In India, some locals are drinking cow urine to ward it off

As told by South Asia correspondent James Oaten

PHOTO: Members of All India Hindu Mahasabha serve a traditional drink with cow urine as an ingredient, which according to them helps in warding off coronavirus disease

Reuters: Danish Siddiqui

Who is saying this? Fringe Hindu groups and a politician.

What exactly are they doing? Dozens of Hindu activists gathered in New Delhi on the weekend to hold a cow-urine drinking party, believing the drink would ward off coronavirus (and many other illnesses).

Members of All India Hindu Mahasabha drink cow urine as they attend a gaumutra (cow urine) party, which according to them helps warding off coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in New Delhi, India Saturday

REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Others have also touted the health benefits of cow urine and even cow dung, including recently a politician from the Prime Minister's own party in the north-eastern region of Assam.

Many Hindus regard the cow as sacred.

Is this a common belief? It's mostly being touted by fringe groups so is far from being a popular myth.
This is what the experts told us:

Professor Oliver says it would "not do anything good for you".

While he says urine would have some slightly disinfectant properties on surfaces, "You'd have to drown someone in urine to save them from coronavirus".

"The only thing it could partially be useful for is, if you didn't have access to soap and water, you could use it to partially disinfect surfaces," he said.

Hindu Activists Drink Cow Urine Amid Coronavirus Outbreak 


  1. In 2015, WHO made a statement that MERS was the result from drinking camel's urine. Hmmm.. cow's urine could contain coronavirus too.