Monday, June 03, 2019

Seafield Inquest - Utter Confusion - WHY?

Victim of Seafield Temple rioting
firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim

MM Online - Zuraida admits personal ‘oversight’ in appointing lawyer Syazlin Mansor for Adib’s inquest

MM Online - Zuraida says Adib inquest still on schedule, will pick lawyer after AGC offers names

FMT - AGC to suggest 3 names for DPP in Adib inquest

FMT - Redundant for DPP to represent ministry in Adib inquest, says lawyer

TMI - Zuraida ‘not advised’ to seek A-G’s approval before appointing Syazlin

Star Online - Zuraida to choose DPP representing ministry in Adib inquest

Malaysiakini - Zuraida: I will decide on DPP to represent ministry in Adib inquest

Lawyer Syazlin Mansor
did her brilliant interrogation of HKL forensic expert set off the alarm? 

From FMT: ... Lawyer, SN Nair said it was unheard of for the AG to appoint a DPP to represent a ministry when his officer is the conducting officer in the inquest.

“It gives the perception that he does not trust the conducting officer to carry out the task,” he told FMT.

He added that the investigation into Adib’s death had flouted the guidelines laid down in a 2007 court guideline on inquests.

“An inquest is not a trial. There is no accused person, merely a collection of evidence processed by the coroner.

“The police and the AG can only take the next step based on the outcome of the verdict,” he said.

He said any lawyer appearing for interested parties can only hold a watching brief and speak with the court’s permission.

Giving the example of deaths in custody, he said the police do not appoint a lawyer. Instead, he said, they sent a senior police officer to represent them.

“In Adib’s case, a senior officer of the department would be a better representative as he would be able to appreciate the standard operating procedure of the agency,” he added


  1. an experienced coroner would have knowledge of the proper procedures to conduct an inquest, he or she would have highlighted the conflicts right at the start, an inept and inexperienced one would result in the present chaos, throw in politics and emotions you get total chaos as in this case

  2. Mana ada confusion? Soo clear lah.
    Malays - homicide.
    Nons - death by accident.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      So which is which?

      Conspiracy vs logic!

      Petrified irrationality vs logical deduction!

      So conclusively summarize the theme of humanistic PD!

  3. Overhead last evening during Buka Puasa time at a restaurant.
    "Cut the nonsense. It was murder and some Blackies need to hang for this."