Thursday, June 13, 2019

PM 'die-die' supports Azmin

From the Star Online:

Haziq claims he was forced to deny it was minister in video

PETALING JAYA: The man who confessed being in the viral sex video has claimed he was forced to deny that it was Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Azmin Ali in the video.

Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz lamented at how his sworn testimony has made him question the sincerity of the "new government in pursuing reformasi", adding that he was accused by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad of having a political agenda after making the confession.

Muhammad Haziq claimed that after waiting for an hour, a man named Hilman had met him at the Zest Restaurant in Marriot Putrajaya.

"He forced me to deny that it was you in the viral video and asked me to lie for you. I asked for more time to consult my parents and this angered him. After I refused he made threats and said 'this' will be shut down within 48 hours with or without my help to lie.

Muhammad Haziq also accused Azmin of being the one who had recorded those videos for his own personal collection during the times they were together on numerous occasions.

He added that they were both together at the Grand Continental Kuching three years ago, and then at Pullman Kuching during Pemilihan Parti in October last year.

"We did it again in Grand Hyatt KL during your stint as Menteri Pengiring to the Sultan of Brunei in March this year and our recent encounter at Fourpoint Sandakan last month," he said.

Muhammad Haziq also said he was worried that more videos would be leaked, adding that Azmin had the luxury to deny that it was him whereas his future was "over".

"You even have the Prime Minister pledging his full support before any formal investigation had been done. Only the truth can set me free as I am concerned for the safety of my family and mine.

"I hope the public will see you as who you truly are manipulative and has immense influence all together with your henchmen Hilman, Afif, Zuraida and the rest of your inner circle that are motivated by greed and power," he said.


  1. Wakakakakaka…

    Don't u think u r fast jumping into conclusion?

    What a cut&paste cheapskate & teloq-less too!

    1. everyone forms opinions - you arrogantly called others' 'jumping to conclusions, I'd call yours 'VAB BS-ing' wakakaka

    2. OH BTW, 'VAB BS-ing' has a specific meaning - 'VAB' implies the impulsive compulsive obsessive nature of your innate inferiority complex to BS galore even when you know eff-all, just to show you know everything when you know nuts, in short a kiasu-driven low-class mentality, wakakaka

    3. Wakakakaka…

      Tak jadi lah. Trying to play yr twisted trick of wordplay.

      Don't worry, my nuke is ever ready to strike this teloq-less hypocrite!

      "Arrogantly called others' 'jumping to conclusion"


      Have u lost yr skill or once again u just want to buy tak tau?

      Can u reread yr cut&paste fart ke?

      U can very well exercise yr rd skill but I'm not the ONLY one who can unveil yr using le.

      "impulsive compulsive obsessive nature of your innate inferiority complex to BS galore even when you know eff-all, just to show you know everything when you know nuts, in short a kiasu-driven low-class mentality"

      How apt a description for one who has graduated from one-liner to cut&paste bulls.

      All those who read yr blog, know that's what u r.

      Tsk… tsk… didn't I say u never have a working brain?

      It shows now!!

  2. Toonsie will be meeting Theresa May who will be stepping down because Brexit swallowed her up. Toonsie should also step down before Sodomy 3 swallows him. What he can’t fix in 22 years he sure as hell can’t fix in 2. Allah will not grant him redemption again.

  3. Only the blind and those side blinded by opinions and propaganda spread by UMNO-PAS cybertroopers, old and new media etc cannot see the danger looming ahead with the intentional agenda of breaking up the PKR into 2 camps, creating enmity between PKR and PPBM and the eventual breakdown of the PH coalition as a a Govt. to force another GE in the hope of a return by the previous Kleptocratic BN Govt. to stop and prevent further more kleptocrats, napoleons, corrupters, thieves, robbers etc from being hauled to courts since there is also no more any foolproof protective umbrella left whether in the Judiciary or other enforcement authorities. UMNO-PAS and BN finally woke up and knew that the old ways of just going after DAP using racial and religious rhetorics may work among feudal minded, racist, religious bigoted Malay/Moslems Malayans but does not work in becoming the Federal Govt. cos of the East Malaysians voting bloc which were no more their fixed deposit after GE 14.

    This guy Haziq, confession and statements which he has made, has all the hallmarks of a person bought over by RM written all over even at the expense of his own dignity, family honor, smearing of his/society religious taboos and dignity of their believers, destroying the career of TDM anointed possible successors and subjecting himself to a lost career as a politician, possible criminal, civil and religious charges leading to being sued, jailed or being ostracised by friends, families and society.

    It sure must be very well worth lots and lost of RM to go thru all these pains and sacrifices as the main fall guy to achieve others political aims.

    It is outright disgusting and totally absurd to any decent and honest person when he explains it away as trying to show himself as doing a patriotic duty to expose corrupted or immoral future leaders or as part of Reformasi in the New Malaysia. Only zombies would even think of believing such preposterous statements coming out of such unprincipled and kangkung politicians.

    Isn't it clear to all Malaysians that, out there, remains so many players of the Deep State who are cowering in fear of what punishments awaits them, what corrupted wealth would be taken away, whatever abuses of powers are no more possible, no more free rides on all sort of priviledges and subsidies, as Reformasi starts taking shape again and all the pillars of good governance of a Nation starts taking shape and gaining a foothold.

    As UMNO-PAS and BN continue play acting to be seen as Holy Fathers and Mothers, behind the scene, all the scheming and plotting continues with Deep State players well hidden and collaborating to topple the PH Govt. to save their lives.

    Looks like the only ones not easily fooled by such politically initiated plots so far are the level headed coalition partners of DAP, Amanah and Warisan as well as most Malaysians not politically blindsided by any parties.

    All it needs is just some level headed, common sense thinking to judge what the big agenda behind all these plots are meant to achieve in the end.

    1. only iq lobak's bossku could possess such a devious mind, he succeeded in splitting pas from pakatan with the ruu355 carrot which they have no intention or able to carry thru in the first place because of east Malaysia but still managed to fool pas so he thought he would try his tricks again with harapan

  4. If Azmin treats Haziq with respect and hasn't committed any sexual misconduct; Azmin has nothing to worry about. I would wonder why Hilman met Haziq at Zest Restaurant in Marriot Putrajaya and forced him to deny it was Azmin in the video?

  5. There is an oddity among Muslims , even though their religion severely condemns homosexuality.
    This is true both for Muslim Arabs and Malays.

    The strict restrictions their religion imposes on freedom to socialise between young males and females means that many young men grow up far more comfortable in the company of other men than with women.

    As the British now realise with their segregated Boys schools, that is a recipe to encourage homosexual or bisexual bonding.

    In Azmin's case he is a grandfather , with an attractive wife - the Mrs. was a real beauty in her younger days , but it may not be surprising if he is in fact a Bi....wakakakaka...

    1. a good analysis on why Malays (and Arabs) are more prone to homosexuality