Monday, June 17, 2019

Mahathir was TOO HASTY to dismiss video clips as fakes

From FMT:

Digital forensics experts not convinced that gay sex videos are fake

Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Aziz (right) says he had sex with Mohamed Azmin Ali, a claim the minister has strongly denied.

PETALING JAYA: At least two experts have questioned claims that several video clips targeted at Mohamed Azmin Ali were doctored using artificial intelligence technology or what has come to be known as “deepfake”.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Kevin Nguyen, who previously provided content verification for news giants such as the BBC and New York Times, came to this conclusion this after analysing three videos.
“At an image level, forensically it checks out. I ran a number of forensic analyses… across the three videos and at the six points I checked there was no evidence of photo or image manipulation,” he told Australia’s SBS News.
He did not rule out the videos as being deepfake but said if they were, they were “very good”.
Siwei Lyu, a media forensics expert and professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Albany in the US, also concluded that the video clips could not have been fabricated.
“Barring the compression artefacts, there is no definite trace of deepfake algorithms such as inconsistent face orientations, or ‘floating’ of faces,” he said.
Another video verification expert, Denby Weller from the University of Technology Sydney, said the clip could have been recorded using a mobile phone, but doubted if it was done discreetly.
She said the video was shot from a slightly elevated position, which is not easy to do without the use of a tripod.
“So if the uploader is claiming it’s a ‘hidden camera’ scenario… evidence seems to me to say otherwise. This is not conclusive, but a strong hint,” she told SBS.
KT note: In other words, there is high probability the video clips might be genuine


  1. Let the police investigate.
    There are two possible types of falsification.
    The first is a technical fake. An attempt to create what looks like video scene, that was never real.

    The second is a real recorded scene, but that person you see is not the purported person. You see that all the time in live action movies, where the highly paid star will not be risked on the actual action shots.

  2. 2 forensics experts claiming the video is real or very good deepfakes but unsure of the victim/accuser. Why? Afraid to be sued? Not enough image data of actors?

    Just wait and sooner or later another self acclaimed Professor Kangkung of forensics (definitely a Malaysian one) will come out saying the video is definitely a fake one like the Moon landing by Apollo 11, Twin Towers collapse and how AVATAR was made.

    Reminds anyone of the Adib (Seafield) death inquest?

  3. as long as mahathir said it is fake, then it is fake, dun believe, one can try ask lks n lge.

  4. Video clip may be genuine, but the people performing the sex may be ' look a like '.....unless Haziq has some semens left in his A$$ for DNA verification.....!!!

    1. what if Haziq has been the "Butch"?

    2. The police should check both A$$e$......hehe...!!!

    3. ArseMin sudah berak la...unlike SaiFull who held on for many days, hehehe

  5. Wakakakakaka…

    Let our northern neighbor tells u what can be done with the latest tech on fake video!

  6. when the igp stated that the police are in no hurry and that it is time consuming to ascertain the authenticity of the footage immediately after questioning the cupcake, what he is really saying is he is waiting for further instructions, in other words he has got the actors and the remote director by the short and curlies, there is a sense of purpose and determination in that nancy... good luck to both the actors and remote director, the political equation and landscape is about to change

  7. Perhaps, it was based on TDM's wisdom and political expediency rather than evidence and facts.

    But it will be difficult even for a sperm to squirm out of this suffocating passion. Well, it looks like someone is gonna die.