Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Mahathir: A gay leader'd be susceptible to political blackmail

From TMI:

What gutter politics, Jahabar?

I REFER to the piece written by Jahabar Sadiq, titled Back to the gutter, this morning. First, let’s establish some common ground: nobody wants gutter politics, not least in Malaysia Baharu.

But Jahabar is being too naive in describing the gay sex saga allegedly involving a minister simply as “gutter politics”. There are political and security ramifications if the allegation is true.

In June 2015, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in an interview with The Australian, said a gay leader would be susceptible to political blackmail. He was asked why he had sacked Anwar Ibrahim as deputy prime minister in 1998.

Different nations have different cultural values. In some Western countries, it is okay to be openly gay or bisexual. In Malaysia, a large segment of the population still frowns upon people with such sexual orientation. A senior cabinet member who hasn’t come out of the closet, so to speak, could be a national and security threat.

The then Soviet Union was fond of laying honey traps, and they even had a name for it: “kompromat”. Former Indonesian president Sukarno, who had a reputation for enjoying the company of women, was supposedly a target of Russian intelligence operatives.

In an era where international geopolitics is increasingly personality-driven as opposed to dictated by military strength, it is imperative that a national leader is not easily cowed by foreign influences. In the US, a huge segment of the population has misgivings about President Donald Trump’s cosy ties with Russia. Many suspect this is due to Trump’s previous business dealings with Russian oligarchs, or even the so-called “pee tape” allegedly involving Russian prostitutes in a posh hotel in Moscow in 2013.

Besides geopolitics, whether or not a minister was involved in gay sex is also a matter of public interest. Jahabar is right that those who hold public office ought to be doing their jobs, not just throw dirt at each other. But a senior minister filmed on tape having gay sex (if indeed true) has broken the law in Malaysia, which may lead to his disqualification as a public office holder.

The people have the right to know if this is so, just as they have the right to know whether a minister has faked his academic credentials or has absconded with public funds. Look beyond the so-called “Bangsar Bubble”, and there are plenty out there who have reservations about having a minister with such sexual orientation.

Until and unless our society has evolved to a stage where homosexuality is accepted, public office bearers just have to abide by the prevailing moral norms, whether they like it or not. The allegation against the minister can be construed in a lot of ways, but “gutter politics” is not one of them. – June 12, 2019.

* Mohd Hisham Lufti reads The Malaysian Insight.


  1. Well part 2 of the Game of Thrones sex-videos have just been released.

    Toonsie must not be allowed to unilaterally declare his blue-eyed boy innocent. Like he unilaterally appointed Latheefa MACC Chief, even though that was perfectly legal and the only way possible to fill that position.


    An accusation has been made against a cabinet minister. Police and MACC must investigate following the PROCESS defined under the Penal Code and Anti-corruption laws. And since this alleged crime is homosexuality the Islamic authorities must also investigate. The minister must step aside from his duties while investigations are ongoing. Let us not repeat what happened with Guanee when he was charged over the missing swimming pool. Ha ha ha.

    Toonsie must follow the PROCESS and put the minister through the same rigorous investigation as Anwar went through.

    Oh Allah is so Merciful and Just. What goes around comes around.

  2. I have read his statement. He never said:

    “The person in the video is not me” or “I am not in the video”

    or words to that effect.

    Instead he says:

    “I categorically deny this vicious libel upon me”

    which is not the same thing.

  3. Wakakakakakaka

    Obviously TDM lives in a closeted world where he thinks only gay people are more susceptible to blackmail. The only real danger to gays are those religious authorities doing such blackmailing and hunting them down to prove themselves as real men or women or a religious order.

    According to most spy agencies, the most difficult to blackmail using sexual preferences are actually leaders who are gays and lesbians and the easiest leaders to blackmail are those who are only interested in the opposite sex.

    TDM being a doctor himself, doesn't he knows such weakness of human sexual behaviour?

    Did he pass his medical degree because of Quota system?

  4. Press freedom. Malaysians have the right to watch the videos and decide for themselves if Azmin is guilty or innocent. He is a cabinet minister, and could be a blackmail victim if he really is gay. And a criminal. Come on Gobind, do your job. Don’t censor.

  5. Wakakakakaka…

    "Until and unless our society has evolved to a stage where homosexuality is accepted, public office bearers just have to abide by the prevailing moral norms, whether they like it or not."

    Should be more precise lah.

    The melayu society at large. Oooop… my bad, those ketuanan freaks, zombies & the blurred heartlanders!

  6. As I predicted Toonsie declares his blue-eyed boy innocent. It doesn’t matter what Toonsie thinks. Don’t listen to him.


    Don’t let him make another unilateral decision like when he appointed Latheefa MACC Chief without consulting anyone.

    Learn from the past. Toonsie unilaterally declared Anwar guilty of sodomy in the 90s, before any investigation was conducted, and the IGP then gave Anwar a black eye, which ironically (praise be to Allah) is on the logo of PKR, the party with the highest number of seats in Parliament today, 4 times more than Toonsie’s fledgling Bersatu.

    Let the Police investigate following the Penal Code, the MACC following relevant Anti-corruption laws and the Islamic authorities according to the Quran and Sharia. The process and procedures are all in place. Abdul Hamid Bador and Latheefa must follow the process and not listen to Toonsie, even though it was him that appointed them both, also following the established PROCESSES of appointment.

    Meanwhile DAP is getting stronger.

    Dr M dismisses sex videos, says likely faked for political ends
    B Nantha Kumar

    Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not believe that the sex videos implicating Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali are real.

    He also described the dissemination of such sex videos as being motivated by a political agenda carried out by certain parties...

  7. In some prudish societies, even countries like UK, a leader who has an affair or keeps a mistress exposed is also expected to resign because they are thought to be susceptible to political blackmail.

    On the other hand , in Malaysia , Malaysian Official 1 alleged (with mountains of published data) to have partook in Mega Corruption continued like nothing happened , and many people indeed , defended him and his continued holding of Malaysia's No 1 executive position.

  8. I've seen the video.

    This was nowhere near Chua Soi Lek-case quality, which was a professional job that left little room for doubt.

    These videos were mobile phone recordings done in low-light (deliberately ?).

    It may be Azmin, or just as well someone deliberately sought for his resemblance (enough to pass for low-light mobile phone video ?).

    If you have the money, time and resources, it can be done. There certainly exist people with money and resources who have an interest in "taking out" Azmin.

    The "confession" video also may or may not be Muhammad Haziq.

    Let the police investigate.

    Same with the Corruption allegations. The source Bank Account stated in does not belong to the alleged, how ?

    Don't jump beyond the facts just because you dislike someone.

  9. Pity the police assigned to investigate the videos.

    They probably have to analyse it , together with experts, again and again in excruciating detail to establish its authenticity or otherwise.

    Two guys doing something that majority of men would find repulsive (or a few may enjoy it too much.)