Monday, June 17, 2019

How Mahathir once treated Anwar and now treats Azmin

From Malaysiakini (extracts):

Yoursay: Perhaps Dr M should ‘interview’ Haziq like he did Azizan

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YOURSAY | ‘The wheel has come full cycle and the same charges are being levelled at his protégé.’
Anonymous_b3cdcd05: Just because Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad dismisses the sex video clips as 'fake' does not mean Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali is in the clear.
He must sue Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz (who said he had sex with Azmin at a hotel in Sandakan on May 11) and prove his innocence in court.
The video is not conclusive but a forensics expert can determine the players.
Nevertheless, one's sexual preferences is a private matter, especially if it is consensual. It is not right to draw a parallel with PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy 1 and 2, because in those cases, they were non-consensual.
Anonymous_1550204262: Mahathir is like god towering above all. When he believed Azizan Abu Bakar (who accused then deputy prime minister Anwar of sodomy in 1997), Anwar was mercilessly thrown into the slammer.
How many other crooks did worse but got away because they happen to be in Mahathir's good books?
Today, the wheel has come full cycle and the same charges are being levelled at his protégé, but lo and behold, Mahathir has described the videos as fake.
My2sen: It is very telling that Azmin is hiding behind his new godfather. He has already burnt his bridge with ‘godbrother’.
We didn't vote Pakatan Harapan to install him as next prime minister. So I think this is a good turn of events.
Though I don't personally believe it's anybody's business even if the whole PKR is gay. The problem is they are a bunch of greedy opportunists, with the same DNA as Umno.
Mushiro: Azmin speaks like a psychologist when he said that Haziq exhibits the character of someone who had been manipulated.
Indeed, he should prove that the person in the video is not him. He was in Sandakan in the wee hours of May 11, the date Haziq claimed the incident happened and Azmin was at the hotel that Haziq mentioned.
When Mahathir personally accused Anwar of sodomy 1, he went all out to destroy his then deputy with false evidence like the incomplete Tivoli Villas, the frequent exhibition of a mattress in court and finally Anwar was jailed for abuse of power.
Tell me which ministers have not abused power. Now that his blue-eyed boy is caught in action, karma has come to haunt Mahathir where he is prepared to look like a fool with arguments such as fake video and gutter politics.
Scoopy Doo: Yes Azmin, obviously it is a smear campaign against you. That we can see. But you have some hard and stiff questions to answer.
You know Haziq... From afar? How deep?
When part three and four of the video clips are released and other information revealed, I hope you can still keep it straight... I mean your face.


  1. Anwar Ibrahim was subject to a tremendous miscarriage of justice in Sodomy 1 and Sodomy 2.
    I definitely would not wish that treatment on anyone.

  2. Wakakakkakaka

    Notice recently since the leakage of the sex tapes, all BN cybertroopers/bloggers are out in force to fire a barrage of Katyusha rockets whether it is against Azmin or TDM or DSAI or PKR or PH as a whole?

    Very well coordinated just to cause splits in PKR or PKR vs PPBM or TDM vs DSAI or DSAI vs AA or PH as a whole to make BN ie UMNO-PAS looks like Holy Mothers.

    When Race and Religion starts loosing traction as a means of support and fears of created shadows and bogeymen (DAP) start dissipating and with impending more corrupt previous cronies and politicians being brought to court under a new MACC Chief Commissioner in the coming days, many are trembling and sweating in their pants and hoping for the rise again of their Kleptocrats to save them.

    Unfortunately, their Chief Kleptocrats are all busy in courts with corruption charges and impending 1MDB charges which isn't going to disappear so soon with new revelations of those foreigners involved from Goldman Sachs, IPIC, Swiss Banks slowly being charged and jailed one by one.

    BN ie UMNO-PAS knows the longer 1 MDB scandal or those impending corruption charges cases whether overseas or local drags on, GE 15 or even GE 16 or GE 17 is lost hopes for them until they themselves forced their kleptocrats to commit Hara Kiri to save others and their parties. The longer such Kleptocrats remain at the helm, the better it is for PH to survive even without much politiking or work to do to prove to the Rakyat they are a better Govt. for the country.

    This last minute coordinated barrage of Katyusha rockets is definitely launched as a last minute desperate attempt by the Chief Kleptocrats to save themselves first facing the courts and investigations as it digs in deeper and deeper revealing more cronies and abuse of powers by corrupted officials. With so much Moolah still in the hands of the Kleptocrats, there ain't no shortage of politicians, Govt. officials, cybertroopers, bloggers, NGOs, Civil societies, religious institutions being bought and sold like slaves.

    Did someone from PAS tip off TDM to save themselves from persecution and thus derailing the Chief Kleptocrats plans? Or is it some Trojan horses within UMNO which have made a new pact with TDM with the aim of a new coalition pact of PPBM/BN/PAS with new untainted leaders?

    TDM is and was a Master politician however one wish to look at him. He will and always wants to play God to determine the destiny of the Nation and one can only guess until now what sort of legacy he wants to leave behind.

    Make a guess when TDM is gone, whether the Rakyat will spit on his grave or praise him as savior for a New Malaysia?

    Whatever it is, at least, nobody in their right mind would want another return of Kleptocrats to rule the country and definitely not from the East Malaysians which are getting wiser in electing politicians to be no more ordinary pawn pieces to be moved around and kneeling to their political masters from West Malaysia.