Friday, June 07, 2019

Is Latheefa Koya Mahathir's instrument to neutralise Anwar?

From Malaysiakini (Kim Quek):

Firstly, why was current chief commissioner Mohd Shukri Abdull abruptly replaced mid-stream of his service contract at the height of legal process pursuing culprits of the humongous 1MDB crimes, which formed part of his stirring performance as no-nonsense graft-buster since assuming this position a year ago? No credible explanation has been advanced.

Secondly, if this appointment is above board, why was it kept as a complete secret, even to cabinet members, right up to the moment of appointment? Isn’t it clear that the PM was expecting stern reservation or opposition from the cabinet and component parties of the Harapan alliance if Latheefa’s name was proposed? Is this how the leader of a reformist government should act on a major appointment as politically crucial as the nation’s top graft-buster?

Thirdly, Latheefa has been an active partisan politician all her working life. How could she be expected to transform overnight into a politically neutral chief manning an institution as politically sensitive as the MACC to wipe out rampant corruption, the main culprits of which are politicians, spanning both sides of the political divide? Wouldn’t such an inherently political MACC chief cause the institution to lose credibility and public trust? Are there no candidates with lesser baggage than Latheefa to perform this duty?

Fourthly, Latheefa has been a staunch anti-Anwar Ibrahim political player for years, and has been acting as the vanguard of the Azmin Ali faction in the running Anwar-Azmin feud within PKR. The latter is the largest component party of Pakatan Harapan coalition, and PKR president Anwar is the prime minister-designate to succeed interim PM Mahathir.

Political intrigue

Naturally, Latheefa’s appointment immediately raised alarm and anger in the Anwar faction, and fuelled public suspicion of a political plot to sabotage the power transition to Anwar, particularly when no one seems to believe in Mahathir’s sincerity to pass the baton to Anwar.

This public mistrust of Mahathir’s promise to hand power to Anwar arises from Mahathir’s persistent cold treatment of Anwar, treating the latter as a complete outsider and never consulted him on any major event or decision throughout his one-year reign. This impression is further reinforced by Mahathir’s perennial evasions to give unambiguous answers on questions on the promised power transfer.

The political intrigue connected to Latheefa’s appointment is further compounded by the fact that Azmin (deputy to Anwar in the PKR hierarchy) has been turned into a strong Mahathir ally since Harapan came to power a year ago. And Azmin has ambition to become the prime minister – as soon as he can make it.

It is not difficult to see that Latheefa has been suddenly thrust into a powerful position where she could play a crucial role of partisan politics in a potential power tussle within the coalition, with Mahathir having the advantage as her direct political boss.


  1. Wakakakakaka…

    Speculations after speculations within a self-imposed boxy thinking!

    A simple question, has not this carpetbagger been critical of mamak's administrative procedure before?

    Why mamak has to appoint a vocal critic to a powerful position? Advised by the Dökkálfar Dwarf? In fact, this dwarf could very well be put on show if he is not careful!

    Indeed, Shukri is let loosed simply bcoz he DOESN'T have what it takes to do the necessary thing that might not be nice in the eyes of the bleeding hearts.

    This carpetbagger will do mamak's heavy lifting as she owes mamak that gratitude of fulfilling her assertive career advancement.

  2. All you noisy people used to shout support and praise for Latheefa for her bravery in fighting corruption but after she is appointed MACC chief you are embarrassed that Toonsie would actually appoint her and now you sheepishly blame the process of appointment. Why didn’t you make such noise when Tommy Thomas, Richard Manjalum or Art Harun were appointed? The Harapan manifesto was there already.

    You are all sore that you didn’t see this coming. Toonsie has embarrassed you all. Appointing Latheefa was a master stroke. Professor James Chin advises Latheefa to “ignore the noise” and Citizen Nades also agrees, saying all the “noise is for nothing”.

    So shout all you like; but bloodhound Latheefa will sniff out all corrupted people and pass them to Tommy Thomas / Gopal Sri Ram to prosecute and for CJ to put in jail.

    What a team.

  3. All you arm-chair critics of Latheefa please name a suitable alternative. Otherwise just admit Toonsie made the right choice.

    Rafizi...? Doesn't he have political baggage and is partisan too..?
    Cynthia Gabriel....? On no we protest, another non-Muslim
    Edmond Bon.....ditto
    Terence Gomez....ditto
    Fadiah Nadwa Fikri....who...?

    I even read Ibrahim Ali....goodness gracious....!!

    Come ONE.

  4. No doubt there are legitimate questions on the appointment not following PH manifesto as well as Latheefa's past political activities.

    How does this become an instrument to neutralize Anwar ?
    Where is the connection from here to THERE?
    How ?

    Looks to me like pure speculation backed by nothing more than hot air.

  5. MACC was supposed to model Hong Kong's ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption). The ICAC was so successful in reducing corruption in the former British colony, whist our MACC has been the opposite, until recently.

    So powerful were the ICAC that their budget was based on a certain percentage of the gross domestic product (GDP). ICAC’s annual allocation is around 0.3% of the Hong Kong government’s budget or 0.05% of the GDP.

    With new Chiefs for MACC and Police (IGP) our top two law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies are well positioned to improve our Transparency Index. When we reduce corruption and white collar crime there will be less leakages and confidence in our economy will improve.

    So all you Kong Kali Kong noisemakers please admit it; Toonsie made the right choice the right way.