Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Shiite haram = Sunni halal

From the TaNaKh, Leviticus Chapter 11:

11 The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, 2 “Say to the Israelites: ‘Of all the animals that live on land, these are the ones you may eat: 3 You may eat any animal that has a divided hoof and that chews the cud.

4 There are some that only chew the cud or only have a divided hoof, but you must not eat them. The camel, though it chews the cud, does not have a divided hoof; it is ceremonially unclean for you. 5 The hyrax, though it chews the cud, does not have a divided hoof; it is unclean for you. 6 The rabbit, though it chews the cud, does not have a divided hoof; it is unclean for you.7 And the pig, though it has a divided hoof, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. 8 You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.

Thus orthodox Jews don't eat certain animals, and for our discussion today, specifically the camel and pig.

Islam shares many similar beliefs with Judaism, among them belief in one god, same angels, same prophets (Yehoshua ben Yosef /Isa and Mohamad being the exceptions)*, circumcision and also dietary observance, to wit, what is kosher (halal) and what is not (haram).

* To Jews, Yehoshua or more commonly Yeshua was a Judean heretic whilst to Muslims, he was a prophet. To Christians, he was the son of god.

To Muslims, Mohamad was god's last prophet, but Judaism and Christianity don't recognize him at all

Orthodox* Jews and Muslims don't eat pork but when it comes to camel, they differ.

* non-orthodox Jews eat anything and everything

Pig is an animal which has a divided hoof, does not chew the cud. Thus it fulfils only one of the two requirements for a 'clean' animal and must not be eaten.

In these respects, the camel is the exact opposite - though it chews the cud, it does not have a divided hoof. Thus it too fulfils only one of the two requirements for a 'clean' animal and must not be eaten.

Jews and Shiite Muslims don't eat both the pig and camel.

But interestingly, Sunni Muslims do eat the camel.



Indeed I've read of camels, gifts from this or that minister, being slaughtered and distributed to Muslims during an Islamic religious event or festival.

Why is there this difference between Jews-Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims? I haven't the faintest.

As for pigs, In a delightful book titled In the Devil’s Garden: A Sinful History of Forbidden Food Stewart Lee Allen the author informed us that:

Historians fancy the notion that Jewish pig phobia stems from their stint as slaves in Egypt during the time when the cult of the god Seth held pigs to be exalted beasts.

This may also explain the curious reports that certain Jewish cults used to have secret pork feasts once a year.

According to scholar Frederick Simoons, when Seth was overthrown, his beloved spareribs became taboo for Egyptians, save for a yearly feast held at the full moon, a habit some Jews might have picked up.


Why the full moon? Because the original sacred animal was not the pig, but the similar-looking hippo, which according to ancient Egyptian belief, lived on the Moon. Hippos live on the Moon? Well, yes; the idea is that while some Pharaoh was meditating on the full moon reflected on the Nile, a hippo emerged from the reflection ...

mistaken for a pig, or pig was mistaken for a hippo 

Regrettably in Malaysia the authorities have gone to extreme or silly extent to mask or/and hide images of pigs.

The latest attempt has been the moronic erasure of a movie character called Zhu Bajie (Too Pak Kwai in Penang Hokkien) from the movie posters and billboards.

The movie is 'Journey to the West - Tee Monkey King 2', a Chinese language movie which only would appeal to Chinese audience. Yet the image of Zhu Bajie has been deemed persona non grata or offensive, so it was erased.

For more, read my post Malaysian bull about a pig but not a horse.

Zhu Bajie (Piggy) on right

image removed by local distributor 

Also, in January 2014 we had the Malaysian version of the International New York Times showing pig faces in a photo being blacked out - see Malaysian Printer Blacks Out Faces Of Pigs On The Cover Of The New York Times.

We then had thought that was the most moronic censuring by Malaysia but now we have the same stupid extremity again. It's so pathetically childish and in my opinion, insulting to the great religion of Islam.

You know, I've been informed that while Jews might not partake of pork, they are allowed to carry pigskin wallet/handbag and wear pigskin shoes.

original photo in International NYT 

Malaysian edition

pigs' faces all blanked out 

As one of my readers Unknown posed: What about Chinese New Year in 2019?

Maybe we can substitute the pig with a hippo, or perhaps even a camel, wakakaka.

Happy Chinese Hippo New Year?
Happy Chinese Camel New Year?


  1. Those little Napoleans heading the various religious departments,do not know the difference between halal and haram.

    They go looking for pussies,taking pictures of GRO's,they rounded up in Karaoke joints,taking nature's break by the roadside.And in the process they wet their underwears.These mabok kakis gamble too.And they want to teach other Muslims how to behave?Go let the camels screw their asses until they tear and ended up in stiches.

    1. Dont be jealous Bruno. Especially about getting your anus stitched. Hehehe.


    Respect Islam and we will respect you, Najib tells Christians ... similarly to the Buddhists and Taoists and Hindus....

    1. You should thank god that we nons never turn into Irishmen. Perhaps, it's time

    2. ignore looes74. He's a trouble-maker who selalu menjadi batu api. He even told lies about me at Din Merican's blog to provoke some other commentators to quarrel with me - alas for him, those guys ignored him for the trouble-maker he has been known to be.

      He always uses the IRA example to incite nons but I know he'll be the first to run off to S'pore when trouble begins here, as he had run away from Fiji for seditious religious agitations there. Wakakaka

    3. Warrior, how about you guys first respecting Chinese culture, beliefs, social activities which do NOT involve Malays or Islam. Stop meddling in Chinese events. The Chinese have not urge Malays to see a Chinese movie so kindly back off from our solely-Chinese activities

    4. hahahahahaha.....this cibai motherfucker has shown his true colour.......

      He is very afraid of

      1) muslims
      2) majority

      Irish were minorities in Great Britain and yet they won. Ask Ku Li la......

      I bet the ang mo in aussie land bullies kaytee all the time.

      Why? Because kaytee got no backbone

    5. takes a BIGGER motherfucker to call someone a mf, wakakaka


    Muslim Morocco has a lucrative business exporting pork to neighbouring Europe....

    "I don't eat them, I just grow them for an honest income...never been disturbed by any Imams..." says the Muslim farmer....

  4. Indian Hindus do not slaughter or eat cows.

    Malay Muslims do not slaughter or eat pigs.

    But,Indian Hindus do rear cows and made them work for them to earn a living.

    But,Malay Muslims do not rear pigs to sell,or made them work for them to earn a living.Why not rear pigs and sell them to the Chinese and made big bucks for themselves?Go figure.

    1. You really should control your comments lest the readers here catch on to the fact that you r really quite stupid.

  5. Greed, ego and desire make a scattered mind. Religion is for the mind and for the soul, not for the body. Thus, religious line needs to be read with a spiritual meaning in order to submerge the greed, ego and desire.

    But reading the constitution/law needs a dictionary understanding and NOT necessarily spiritual meaning as there is no religion in it. That’s the reason for those who read the constitution/law to search for its spiritual meaning become greedy, egoistic and desirous, and so their minds got so scattered.

    I do not celebrate Christmas but my children like Christmas tree and Christmas presents, so I buy Christmas tree and Christmas presents every year, and decorated the Christmas tree with ornamental lights and accessories. We celebrate Hari Raya and we never fail to go back to our kampong to be with our ‘sanak saudara’ for a few days. Until today, all my children are strict muslims.

    Pigs can't fly because the sky is so high, that's why we just have to accept it.

    1. i think that pig in the journey to the west can fly wakaka.

      yrs n unknown writes always make me feel i am glad to be msian.

  6. Its just a molehill.
    Should not try to transform it into a mountain....

    1. When the rights and socio-culture of Chinese Malaysians, which do NOT interfere with the rights and socio-culture of other race including and especially Malay-Muslims, are interfered with, as in the case of above mentioned movie, then it's not a molehill but a humongous mountain of violation of the rights of Chinese Malaysians.

      As Malaysians, even the Chinese, many of whom have served the nation with distinction with some being awarded the SP and PGB, do have rights

  7. From TaNaKh, Deuteronomy Chapter 14:

    9 These ye shall eat of all that are in the waters: all that have fins and scales shall ye eat:10 And whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you.

    So, it means that catfish (ikan keli/ikan sembilang), shrimp and squid are unclean/haram?

    12-18 But don’t eat the meat of any of the following birds: eagles, vultures, falcons, kites, ravens, ostriches, owls, sea gulls, hawks, pelicans, ospreys, cormorants, storks, herons, and hoopoes.[a] You must not eat bats.

    Likewise, ostrich is also unclean/haram?

    Alamak! I have eaten lots of 'ikan keli/ikan sembilang', 'udang'. 'sotong', and some 'burung unta' too.

  8. In Malaysia, many businesses or industries are subject to specialist regulators can put a total stop to your business, often without any avenue to appeal or judicial review.

    In this case The Film Censorship Act (the law) and the Film Censorship Board (the bureaucrats).

    In such cases, businessmen usually learn to dance with the Big Napoleons and Little Napoleons to keep them happy.
    Often self-censorship and informal channels are used to avoid administrative obstacles. Sometimes lubricating oil in the right places is necessary.

    There is an unethical air about all this, but these guys have a business to run, trying to attract customers, and retain employees.
    You always remember this when you run a company. Indirectly, behind every business, there are people with kids to feed and a roof above their heads.

    Cari Makan or Carma is the Law of the Land.

    How to solve this ? Who knows ?

    I used to think the solution is throw out the idiots who created the system and turned it into the Racist , Religious Extremist monster that it has become. Drain the Swamp.

    The Barisan Nasional , namely UMNO, Federal Government.

    But it is clear now there is no one to replace it with.
    PAS is lovey-dovey with UMNO, Anwar Ibrahim is in Sungai Buloh Jail, Azmin Ali is just like UMNO, Amanah is distrusted by most Malays, DAP largely survives only on Chinese and Indian Support

    Ktemoc made the right decision to move to Australia.

    1. no, he be back when najib reign.

  9. tokio rain,not making your brains work for you is really plain stupid.No wonder,guys like Ismail Sabri,Ikan Bakar are always blaming the Chinese for this and the Chinese for that.In the end,it is the pocket books that counts.

    Pointing fingers and blaming others do not put three meals on the table.That is what your idols Ismail Sabri,Ikan Bakar Jamal and Ali Tinju do.But hey,they have political master to feed them.Do you?By the way,the camel here is to fuck their sorry asses.To shake these three stoogesout from their wet dreams.Hehehe.

    1. Ah see? I told u not to comment. Ismail n Jamal r bringing more than 3 meals to the table. These meals r 5-star restaurant standard ley. And they r all free of charge. They have very big tables. Hehehe. Do come watch us as we drive our lamborghinis n dangdut chicks on our laps.

  10. Malaysia Negara Islam.

    Iklan ditempat awam tidak boleh mengandungi unsur-unsur yang boleh menyebabkan keresahan dikalangan mereka yang beragama Islam.
    Syarat ini hanya melibatkan iklan yang dipamirkan dikhayalak ramai.

    Filem "Journey West" terus dibenarkan tayangan dipawagam yang berkenaan diseluruh Negara.
    Tiada percanggahan dengan hak asasi masyarakat Cina diMalaysia.

    1. saya ingin bertanya sikit... adakah 'keresahan dikalangan mereka yang beragama islam' yang saudara maksud itu... akan menggoyahkan, mengancam akhlak dan moral serta menggangu ketenteraman jiwa orang islam yang merupakan asas.. inti dan hakikat kebahagian kehidupan orang islam?

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    If all the above three stooges wet dreams will come true,then pigs will definitely fly.

  12. This is a more moderate view of a true muslim. Willing to assert himself even to the point of supporting Isreal.......Unlike that motherfucker chao cibai kaytee

    Just like Adolf Hitler, why kaytee hates jews so much?


    Nah! Listen to what Tawfik Hamid got to say.....
    "We Muslims need to stop blaming our problems on others or on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a matter of honesty, Israel is the only light of democracy, civilization, and human rights in the whole Middle East.

    We kicked out the Jews with no compensation or mercy from most of the Arab countries to make them “Jews-free countries” while Israel accepted more than a million Arabs to live there, have their own nationality, and enjoy their rights as human beings. In Israel, women cannot be beaten legally by men, and any person can change his belief system with no fear of being killed by the Islamic law of ‘apostasy,’ while in our Islamic world people do not enjoy any of these rights.

    I agree that the ‘Palestinians’ suffer, but they suffer because of their corrupt leaders and not because of Israel. It is not common to see Arabs who live in Israel leaving to live in the Arab world. On the other hand, we used to see thousands of Palestinians going to work with happiness in Israel, its ‘enemy.’ If Israel treats Arabs badly as some people claim, surely we would have seen the opposite happening.

    We Muslims need to admit our problems and face them. Only then we can treat them and start a new era to live in harmony with human mankind. Our religious leaders have to show a clear and very strong stand against polygamy, pedophilia, slavery, killing those who convert from Islam to other religions, beating of women by men, and declaring wars on non-Muslims to spread Islam.

    Then, and only then, do we have the right to ask others to respect our religion. The time has come to stop our hypocrisy and say it openly: ‘We Muslims have to change !"

    Perhaps kaytee should stop talking about middle east and focus on Malaysia or Najib.......

    One wonders with so many fucking advisors, Najib does not know this coming meh.......Equally baffling is the silence from kaytee.....

    Now would Najib do?

    Increase GST to 10%.......hahahahaha

    Remember what Najib says about GST saves the nation.......hahahahaha

    Expect more bullshits from kaytee in defending Najib.....Perhaps, Najib may enable the act of crucifying atheists in violation of first tenet of Rukun Negara.....

    Where are my popcorns

    1. From Wikipedia

      A document produced by the Israeli Defence Forces Intelligence Service entitled "The Emigration of the Arabs of Palestine in the Period 1/12/1947 – 1/6/1948" was dated 30 June 1948 and became widely known around 1985.

      The document details 11 factors which caused the exodus, and lists them "in order of importance":

      Direct, hostile Jewish [ Haganah/IDF ] operations against Arab settlements.
      The effect of our [Haganah/IDF] hostile operations against nearby [Arab] settlements... (... especially the fall of large neighbouring centers).
      Operation of [Jewish] dissidents [ Irgun Tzvai Leumi and Lohamei Herut Yisrael]
      Orders and decrees by Arab institutions and gangs [irregulars].
      Jewish whispering operations [psychological warfare], aimed at frightening away Arab inhabitants.
      Ultimate expulsion orders [by Jewish forces]
      Fear of Jewish [retaliatory] response [following] major Arab attack on Jews.
      The appearance of gangs [irregular Arab forces] and non-local fighters in the vicinity of a village.
      Fear of Arab invasion and its consequences [mainly near the borders].
      Isolated Arab villages in purely [predominantly] Jewish areas.
      Various local factors and general fear of the future.[6]
      "In the past two decades, following the powerful reverberations (concerning the cause of the Nakba) triggered by the publication of books written by those dubbed the “New Historians,” the Israeli archives revoked access to much of the explosive material. Archived Israeli documents that reported the expulsion of Palestinians, massacres or rapes perpetrated by Israeli soldiers, along with other events considered embarrassing by the establishment, were reclassified as “top secret.”[7]

    2. just in case there are new visitors to my blog I need to let you know who looes74 is.

      He's a trouble-maker who selalu menjadi batu api. He even told lies about me at Din Merican's blog to provoke some other commentators to quarrel with me - alas for him, those guys ignored him for the trouble-maker he has been known to be, a pathological pathetic pariah-ish liar.

      He always uses the IRA example to incite nons into violence against the government but I know he'll be the first to run off to S'pore when trouble begins here, as he had run away from Fiji for seditious religious agitations there. Wakakaka

      Watch out for his lies.