Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hadi Awang - his true character

Xiphophorus hellerii.

It is a freshwater fish native in Central and South Americas, known to us by its popular name of swordtail. Xiphophorus in Greek means just that, sword-tail.

The fish was named after Karl Bartholomaeus Heller (20 November 1824 – 14 December 1880).

Wikipedia informs us that Heller was an Austrian botanist and naturalist who explored Mexico in 1845–48. He collected the green swordtail, which today in its many many hybrid forms is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium (or pond) fish.

Once, in my kiddy days, I kept a number of its more fancy looking hybrids.

Allowing the fish to breed in my home aquarium I was deeply disappointed when the offsprings didn't look anything like its beautiful colourful parents. In fact they were pathetically ordinary looking.

My uncle told me that it's quite common for such fish hybrids to produce offsprings that reflect more accurately its original form, nature's way of reverting the hybrid to its true form.

It's as if hybrid-zing what had been a common looking fish into something very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes won't hide nor change its true character or characteristics for long.

That, my dear readers-visitors, seems to reflect the nature of Pak Haji Hadi Awang, wakakaka.

In the runup to and even after GE-12 in 2008 Pak Haji presented to us a very pleasing picture of his Islamic welfare state and his kind embrace of non-Muslims.

But following the sad departure of the more senior Pak Haji, Allahyarham 'Tok Nik Aziz, Pak Haji Hadi, not unlike such a 'reverted' swordtail, has abandoned his earlier fatherly and supra-nationalistic personality and reverted to his true nature, his real character.

Take your pick, a swordtail fish which has reverted to its original form, its true self, or a leopard which hasn't changed its spots, or fangs.

Indeed Pak Haji has recently showed another aspect of his true nature, willingly moving from compassionate Islamic grounds into the ultra-nationalistic ethnic cesspool.

No, I'm not talking about his post GE-13 falling out with DAP (his right to do so) nor his cozying up to his new sweetheart UMNO (again his right to kiss and make up with the Mothership), nor about his acceptance of PKR behaving sluttishly to PAS.

Two days ago our dear Pak Haji, so-called esteemed Islamic leader, flabbergasted everyone (except his PAS minions) by saying, as reported by FMT, that 
DAP and Singapore support TPPA as ”Chinese control trade”, of course reminding his followers that both DAP and Singapore are Chinese.

FMT reported: In a three-minute video posted on his Facebook today, Hadi accused DAP and Singapore of supporting the trade pact because a single race dominates commerce.

“DAP agrees to it, Singapore agrees to it. Why? Because the Chinese control trade in Malaysia.”

He urged PAS’ party members to come out in support of tomorrow’s anti-TPPA rally. “It is the Bumiputeras who are tired of the TPPA.”

Let's leave his racist outburst for a second or two and make mention, just for discussion's sake, that there has been some (global) analysis the American TPPA is a US economic
manoeuvre to marginalize or even subordinate China, in other words, strategically anti-China in character and purpose, so what rubbish is Pak Haji talking about Chinese supporting TPPA, just because they control trade.

Syariah-compliant Brunei also supports the TPPA, being a partner since 2006 and having officially signed up as a member in 2008. Shall we blame the Chinese again?

P Ramasamy, Penang's DCM II, responded to Pak Haji's uncontrolled burst of shameful bigotry (as reported by FMT):

Hadi Awang, the leader of PAS and so-called defender of the Islamic faith, has reacted to TPPA rather than coming out with an analysis as to why Malaysians should oppose the agreement.

He is opposed to TPPA not so much because it has dangerous political, economic and social implications, but rather because he thinks, though wrongly, that the DAP, its one-time friend now turned foe, supports it!

According to Hadi, the DAP supports the TPPA in order to sustain the Chinese business community. And since the TPPA in his view only benefits the Chinese businessmen, there is no reason for PAS to support this trade agreement. Beyond this, he thinks that the Malays would be affected by the trade pact.

The DAP has made it clear on many occasions that it would oppose the TPPA because of its negative implications on the people.

By saying that the DAP favours the trade pact, Hadi betrays his own ignorance and lack of understanding of the broad implications of the trade pact on Malaysia and to other developing countries.

I have always respected Islam because of, among other things such as zakat and fasting, the religion's non-racial promotion.

PAS untuk semua? In Chinese too, wakakaka

What utter bullshit!

Dusta lah!

Pak Haji has by his ignorant and very racist accusations seems eager to persuade me to abandon my belief. He has become an abysmal example of a so-called Islamic leader and a disgrace to the great religion of Islam.


  1. tppa boleh luluskan.. hudud tak boleh..? europe is not part of tppa.. kenapa tak kutuk..? thailand not signing tppa kenapa tak caci? tak ada perbezaan di antara nik aziz dan hadi la kt ooi!

    1. Hudud ada kesan yang ketara terhadap sistem undang-undang dan keagamaan Negara ini.
      DAP berpendapat bahawa penglibatan hukum Islam Hudud dalam hukuman jenayah membawa kesan buruk terhadap sistem undang -undang Jenayah Negara (Criminal Laws), yang pada asasnya sekular (tidak melibatkan soal agama).

      TPPA adalah suatu perjanjian ekonomi. Ada kebaikan dan keburukan nya. Ada banyak fakta harian, ekonomi, sosial, perundangan yang ada baik buruknya.
      Memang suatu isu yang patut dibahaskan secara lojik.

      Hadi membuat serangan terhadap DAP menggunakan hujah rasis anti-masyarakat Cina di Malaysia.
      Bukan bantahan Hadi terhadap TPPA, tetapi pengunaan hujah rasis yang di menjadi masaalah.

      TPPA namanya Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.
      Sila pinjam Atlas dari anak yang masih bersekolah, lihat samaada Europe ada apa kena -mengena dengan Lautan Pasifik.

      Thailand ada sebab tersendiri tidak mahu terlibat dalam TPPA, tapi ia tidak gunakan hujah rasis anti-masyarakat Cina Malaysia, macam Hadi.

    2. In the EU the TTPA is known as TTIP.

      Rocketman sila tonton video di bawah:

      ~ Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell blasted the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as a form of "modern day slavery" during an anti-TTIP event in a packed Conway Hall in London, Saturday 10 October 2015.





    7. we know all about that but you have been avoiding the real issue under discussion, that of Hadi Awang's racist and quite stupid allegations

  2. How much have we benefitted from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) or Private Financing Initiative (PFI)? If they are a great success, ask yourself how much are we/the country are in debt now? How much does it cost to the taxpayers?

    There are 30 Chapters in TTPA? Have we read it all? The big and the SMALL print?

    Why is China missing? Thailand? Indonesia? Philippines? Why Obama is fast-tracking the TPPA?

    ISDS – INVESTOR-STATE DISPUTE SETTLEMENT – a procedure that would allow companies to sue foreign governments over claims of unfair treatment and to be entitled to compensation. This clause is going to be a great cost to us the taxpayers in future. Yes to us and to our generations?

    Is TTPA just a smokescreen to allow the Americans/Jews to rig our trade and business to pad on their profits at our expense? It covers everything – from pharmaceuticals, medical and health services, social services, education, post, finance, telecommunications, transport, energy, water, environmental, cultural services, agriculture, food and milk are all on the table, meaning that American & other corporations may have full access to them?

    Is it not jejune and or sinister?

    And KT said Hadi a “Xiphophorus hellerii - who has become an abysmal example of a so-called Islamic leader and a disgrace to the great religion of Islam”. Terima kasih...

    My suggestion to KT – why not you write something on Phillip Morris – the tobacco conglomerate – who is suing Australia and Uruguay for enacting anti-smoking campaigns?

    1. Bro Hasan, the issue in this post is NOT the TPPA, but the racist and quite stupid allegations pf Hadi Awang. Please refer to comment by Rocketman above

    2. KT... please refer to comment by Unknown below.

    3. kt... has lge said he disagree with wong hon wai or zairil?

    4. Source -

      KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 — All Pakatan Harapan lawmakers will vote against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, DAP said ahead of the special Parliament sitting next week on the free trade treaty.

      News portal The Malaysian Insider also reported that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng criticised yesterday racial sentiments surrounding the Pacific treaty, after PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang accused the DAP of supporting the TPP on grounds that the Chinese dominant trade in Malaysia.

      “They say we support the agreement because we are Chinese. The TPPA is not by the Chinese but by the US.

      “Even China does not support the TPPA. Those who support the TPPA are Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno,” Lim was quoted saying at Parti Amanah Negara’s (Amanah) dinner function in Bayan Baru last night.

      The DAP had announced last November that it would vote against the TPP if Putrajaya could not clarify the impact of the agreement on drug prices.

    5. saya tahu itu. persoalanya kenapa dap tidak mobilise its members to support the protest on tppa at padang merbok two days ago?

  3. You are assessing him from the wrong angle.

    Google his name, and on the right side of the page you see him
    labelled as "Malaysian Politician". If you have looked at him as such
    you won't be surprised at this behaviour. Then he will be not much
    different from the likes of Ismail Sabri, except for the garb.

  4. padan muka dap.. dah kena sergah by hadi baru nak buat statement tak sokong tppa. dah terlambat. statement made by zairil was non commital.. macam lalang. statement from wong hon wai pulak dap should support tppa bcos it is good for penang. what hadi said right.. once again.. padan muka dap!


  6. “we know all about that but you have been avoiding the real issue under discussion, that of Hadi Awang's racist and quite stupid allegations”

    KT Dear…

    I do not support Hadi blindly. I would check, counter check and cross check whenever he made any public statement.

    Having said the above, I am going to say YES, he knows what he is saying. He has got a good basis to say what he had said.

    Now, you even wrote that DAP had announced they had rejected TPPA since November 2015. But on 22 November 2015, Anthony Loke said “DAP is yet to share any statement or views on the agreement”.

    Here is the proof:

    [“KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22, 2015:
    “DAP will share its perspective regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) when it is discussed and debated further in the Parliament,” said DAP national organisation secretary Anthony Loke Siew Fook.

    According to Loke, PAS should not make any assumptions in regards to the matter because DAP is yet to share any statement or views on the agreement.

    “TPPA is a complex agreement and requires time to be analysed.
    “PAS can say whatever it wants because it has Members of Parliament who are supporting the 2016 Budget which was presented by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

    “TPPA is currently undergoing an analysis and we will state our official stance when the issue is brought to be presented in Parliament,” he said when contacted by The Rakyat Post today.
    He said so in response to a statement made by PAS Research Centre director Dr. Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki yesterday who claimed that DAP had never voiced out any resistance towards TPPA.

    He explained that DAP had never rebuked or shown any resistance as was clearly seen whenever the issue of TPPA was raised in Dewan Rakyat.

    “Among the parties which strongly oppose the agreement was PAS and I was informed that DAP is in favour of TPPA.
    “This — DAP supporting TPPA— I heard rumours about it which originated from Parliament and could be confirmed by DAP itself.” ”]

    Now, from Sivarajan:

    “So LGE , if you are serious about fighting against TPPA, take the challenge, ask your branches to mobilize to attend the protest.“ ~ Sivarajan

    Read more here:

    Now, from Yiswaree & Mayuri:

    “PSM, despite only having one parliamentary seat, came out in the dozens compared to the far larger DAP and PKR, whose leaders were notably absent save for a few lawmakers.” ~ Yiswaree & Mayuri

    Read more here:

    1. Protest rallies are the bailiwick of PAS and PKR, and of course the new political but old organization called Bersih. Not attending protest rally doesn't mean supporting the TPPA, because we would ask: Does PAS believe the EC is doing a proper job in its duties, because PAS did not participate in Bersih 4?

    2. LGE is the DAP sec-gen. He has stated DAP does not support TPPA, thus FULL STOP

    3. As commented by Unknown: "dah kena sergah by hadi baru nak buat statement tak sokong tppa. dah terlambat." FULL STOP

    4. issue here in this post is Hadi's intrinsic racist character, not so much tppa

  7. i think some in dap support tppa, so whats the issue? some american support n some r against, similar in china, the chinese never outright say yes or no to tppa, again so whats the issue? how all this relate to "chinese"?

    i dun join the protest, reason is i would not join any protest organized by pas at this point of time, not only pas under hadi attack the christian, now they aim the chinese as well, i now perceive them as no diff with umno, n even worst bec umno at least rarely touch on religion issue. but to be fair to pas member or supporter, I dun think all agree to hadi, i mean not follow hadi blindly, like some here did wakaka.

    1. yeah hy... but not so blind like you who does not want to see.. ha ha

  8. The way this TPPA discussion is going, it is similar to KT's sweetie H-blog, latching onto a current issue and appropriating blame towards her hate targets.

    What about our PM, his supportive ministers who are the ones who are going to sign the TPPA on behalf of all Malaysians?

    (I remembered during the Multimedia SuperCorridor days, Dr M invited those
    IT industry magnates into the advisory panel, and Bill Gates came and talk about intellectual property protection blah blah and then he invested in India. We got Business Software Alliance to be more active in anti-piracy enforcement).

  9. I don't support the TPPA, but blind, knee-jerk opposition based on anti-Americanism does not benefit Malaysia. Neither does Hadi's racist opportunism.

    American FDI definitely does benefit Malaysia, immensely, over many decades. Over a Million jobs in Malaysia are directly (e.g. employed in factories/ corporations owned by US-based Corporations) or indirectly linked (SMI vendor base , forwarders, transporters ).
    Penang and Selangor, especially, are heavily linked to what I would call the Western economic ecosystem. It is beyond politics, its about jobs, families and children who depend on those jobs to feed them, put a roof over their heads, send them to school.

    In Penang , its Intel, Agilent, Keysight, Flextronics (technically a Singapore company, but in reality is US-based), Motorola, Jabil, Plexus, Western Digital, etc. and the many SMI and suppliers who do business with them. Check with any family in Penang, Malay, Chinese, or more family members will likely have their jobs linked to them...

    The majority of those jobs are actually Malay / Bumiputra, thousands of jobs.

    These companies pay taxes. Many employees pay taxes.
    Still want your BR1M ?

    Again, I don't support TPPA.

    We can continue to have a healthy level of US-FDI without having to accept the unwelcome constraints imposed by the TPPA.

    Virtually disallowing generic medicines , way beyond the legal patent expiry timeline. Subjecting Malaysian government entities to litigation by US companies, when action is taken against health or safety concerns. Extra-territorial extensions of US laws and legal requirements.

    But make sure you oppose TPPA based on facts, not racism (like Hadi) or blind Anti-everything American (many Malays).

    1. well, while dap is primarily anti hadi/pas.. of course la pas is also anti lge/dap, thus we can't avoid the undercurrent of racism but perhaps not in its purest form. however, in this case i read it not as racism but an opportunism for a jingoistic snobbery.. it is a fact that dap is delaying / procastinating its end game on tppa lah..

  10. We cannot afford not to join the TPPA. Without preferential treatment accorded to TPPA members , investment would avoid coming to Malaysia and some industries could relocate. As a trading nation, we depend on access to market to sell our goods and services. TPPA is all about dollars and sense.

    1. ok la lge will accompany mustapha mohamad to sign the tppa on 4-feb-16 in auckland nz..wakakaka