Saturday, January 16, 2016

Barbarians have invaded Europe

Europe has had a traumatic history of barbarian invasions from the East, ranging from the Mongols of Changiz Khan to the the Huns of Attila, Alans from Persia, etc.

Today they are been invaded by a new breed of barbarians from the south, to wit, Northern Africa. 

The Telegraph reported:

 Michelle, one of the female victims of the sex attackers in Cologne, spoke on television of her shock at how the New Year's celebrations party turned into targeted attacks on women
Michelle, one of the female victims of the sex attackers in Cologne, spoke on television of her shock at how the New Year's celebrations party turned into targeted attacks on women Photo: cen/N-tv

By Justin Huggler in Cologne

7:29PM GMT 06 Jan 2016

One of the victims of the New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne has told how she was surrounded by a gang of 30 “angry” men forcing her group of female friends to huddle together, holding hands for protection.

“They were full of anger, and we had to make sure that none of us were pulled away by them. They were groping us and we were trying to get away as quickly as possible,” said the 18 year-old, who gave her name only as Michelle, describing how she had gone out around 11pm and found the main station full of young men.

As the women fled, the men pressed themselves against them, stealing mobile phones, wallets and other personal possessions from their pockets as they passed. 

This was just one incident among more than 100 reported cases; in the most serious assaults some women reportedly had their underwear torn from their bodies.

As reports emerged of a near-total failure by the police to take control, one officer told Bild newspaper how he and his colleagues felt “threatened” by a crowd of some 400-500 young men that swelled out of the city’s the main station, many drinking heavily.

The few police officers on the scene were heavily outnumbered and called for back-up, but by the time reinforcements arrived, the crowd of young men had swelled to around 1,000.

“We were called to the area because of an incident involving an aggressive crowd of some 400 people,” the unnamed police officer said. “When we arrived, we found there were a lot more completely drunk men, possibly on drugs, throwing fireworks into the crowd.

“If you spoke to a suspect, you were immediately surrounded by his friends. That was intimidating.” 

From another Telegraph report:

Nearly all of the men involve in Cologne's New Year's Eve sex attacks were migrants, Germany's interior ministry has indicated.

"Based on testimony from witnesses, the report from the Cologne police and descriptions by the federal police, it looks as if people with a migration background were almost exclusively responsible for the criminal acts," Ralf Jaeger, interior minister from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said on Monday. [...]

Even though no formal charges have been laid, Cologne police have said those suspected over the rampage near the city's railway station were mostly asylum seekers and illegal migrants from North Africa.

There is now great anger and hostility towards those migrants when ironically the Germans have been immensely generous to Middle-eastern and North African migrants, the most generous among European countries, willing to absorb nearly 1 million of these migrants.

Now German Chancellor Angela Merkel is under tremendous pressure for her decision to admit 1 million migrants from those Islamic countries.

The Telegraph continues:

Police said late on Sunday that more than a week on from New Year's Eve, some 516 complaints had now been lodged, including 40 per cent that are related to
sexual assault.

Witnesses described terrifying scenes of hundreds of women running a gauntlet of groping hands, lewd insults and robberies in the mob violence.

The scale of the Cologne assaults has shocked Germany and put a spotlight on the 1.1 million asylum seekers who arrived in the country last year.

Those idiots have abused the hospitality and generosity of their hosts by behaving like barbarians, probably starved of social proximity to women in their own society.

It would seem their religious upbringing haven't instilled in them an iota of decent behaviour and respect for women, hardly surprising when we see some such people in our own Malaysian society. F**king hypocrites!

Probably as a lack of exposure to the opposite gender in their own society they had hard-ons the moment they see women moving freely around. They f**king don't belong to anywhere save their original countries.

Even then, I recall a diplomat friend of mine (a Muslim) who told me he very strictly prohibited his teenage daughter from ever visiting him a particular (very rich) Arabian country. And when taking a taxi with his wife in that country, one of the rules he was advised by Embassy mateys and which he followed diligently was to get himself in a taxi first when boarding, and ensure his wife exited the taxi first when disembarking. The necessary precaution was to ensure that the taxi driver didn't scoot off with the woman alone on board into some unknown place to be raped, murdered or at best abandoned.

He mentioned the local police were never helpful in such cases and probably laughed behind the backs of a reporting victim. Worse, the wife if raped but not murdered, could be arrested and flogged for immoral behaviour as in the case of the Qatif girl in 2007 - for more on the Qatif girl, read my post The Islamization of Malaysia.

If we recall, not too long ago there was an incident in our country where two ladies were groped during a forum with a politician when they were surrounded by only the VIP's people. The lawlessness of some barbarians have been unbelievable.

And if we read The Telegraph news reports, those migrants were also f**king drunk.

F**king drunk? Muslims? Sheeesh!


  1. Raja Petra of MT once wrote in one of his articles that the Arab men once boarded airplanes out of Saudi Barbaria would immediately take off their robes and headgear , changed into westen attire and drank like no tomorrow .

  2. looks like arab thugs to me.. after all sadam, gadaffi, arafat, assad.. and a few others were/are considered thugs by the west! hope angel angela can transform them into good eurabians. the germans should f* more and make lots of babies instead of opening their doors to migrants and assylum seekers. some of them are mercenary gropers and f*kers!

  3. " F**king drunk? Muslims? Sheeesh!" Spin on KT?

    Ok lah.. what about the torture (including coercing of prisoners to perform, or stimulate, sexual acts among themselves)of Iraqi prisoners by Americans in Abu Ghraib? What about the torture of Talibans in Afghanistan? What about the tortures in Guantanamo Bay? What the tortures by the Belgians in Congo? What about the tortures by the French in Algeria? No la.. they are not barbarians!

    The 1984 Geneva Convention declares, “No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.”

    However, the west said that the Talibans and Qaeda prisoners and unlawful combatants “do not have any rights under the Geneva Convention”. [~ Donald Rumsfeld]. No.. that is not barbaric la!

    They are not barbarians because they belong to a superior race or religion?

    1. my dear Bro Hasan, you know my blogging where I have generally condemned/criticized the Coalition of the "Killing", in particular the Yanks under George Bush Jnr and his 1st Administration full of Ultra Zionists and conservation Christian neocons.

      But they were Yanks, Poms and Ozzies.

      The Germans, French and most (not all) Scandinavians have been generally neutral and quite compassionate to Arabs.

      Here we have migrants fleeing their war=torn Arab countries into Europe where the Germans have been the most generous and compassionate, with their Chancellor Angela Merkel deciding to accept 1 million Arab war refugees.

      And what did these arseholes do? They molested German women.

      Pordah, your excuses have been pathetic, unjustified and blindly desperate.

      Sorry Bro Hasan, sometimes particular in this case you must acknowledge the evil of your Muslim brethrens' behaviour in Germany just as I have accepted the evil or misdemeanours of people I support, like some DAP leaders

      We must be true to our own conscience and self worth and not blindly support co-religionists, co-political believers or own race

    2. with each war giving birth to another, the iraqis, libyans, egyptions, palestinians and syrians and other arabians are living in purgatory indeed. many are dying of war injuries, diseases, malnutrition and hunger and poverty. the western invasion acts as a catalyst for the violent extremist of the islamic state, set to inherit the exhausted countries in full force. it is actually an on going epic geopolitical battle for power and control between the shia and the sunni and their proxies. against that backdrop i could understand from which angle hasan is coming from.

      fucking drunk muslims? that description and in addition to the alleged thuggish behaviour of the migrants who are translated into freakish barbarians/beasts by kt.. even if it is valid, the choice of words/expressions and the way the question is posed can be perceived as a suggestion of a broader form of a distorted ideology.

      having said that... i think hasan has a legitimate right to demur when kt's scurrility unwarrantably impinges on hasan's islamist credo. perhaps he feels that kt is manipulating/ridiculing a clearly indicated religion in his post/spin.

    3. "in the most serious assaults some women reportedly had their underwear torn from their bodies."

      Was that how the Northern African Arabs got back at the West??

    4. i think both r barbarians wakaka

      that said, I suppose we shd refrain from using some generalized term like muslim, christian, chinese, or the west.

    5. it was new year eve. from experience at trafalgar square.. strangers were kissing strangers. some high on weeds and spirits the new year wishes/kisses were even long and passionate. if u r the lucky one.. ha ha.. you can feel hands on ur crotch.. signalling she's ready to be taken even on as is where is basis. perhaps that could explain the torn underwear. yea agree.. both r barbarians.

      not all german people and politicians agree with angela to bring in one million migrants. her reason being the country has got an aging population and the economy is vibrant. germany is actually the main funder of the eu economic bailout programmes.

      this issue could be just a media propaganda to put angela in a bad light and to derail her policy on migrants and asylum seekers.

  4. No need to dwell to far.Just ask our past and present ministers and religious leaders how many have never tasted alcohol,khalwat,cari ayam,drugs,bars,nightclubs or casinos?We even have murderers and sodomists.No?

    1. Not Ali Tinju. He is a religious man. He gives sermons. He prays 7 times a day, sometimes 8. The dangdut chicks r crazy about him. You have to admire him for that. Admit it Bruno. Hehehe.


    In Jakarta, ISIS targeted Starbucks.
    It is easy to hate Starbucks. The green Mermaid has become a symbol of global American economic imperialism.

    In a Third World country, the way overpriced coffee Starbucks sells is also a dislikeable symbol of the Haves, rubbing it in to the face of the mass of Have-Nots who can barely afford the ordinary Kopi-O at the warung.

    Malaysia, after the Emergency, does not have a history of political violence. However, the government is now reaping the bitter fruits of more than 3 decades of Islamism, of UMNO trying to be more Islamic than PAS.
    An the alphabet soup of repressive laws Sedition Act, SOSMA, PTA, NSC will not be effective against the problem.

  6. What do you think will happen when you bring in millions of young MEN from a totally DIFFERENT culture and social upbringing from you? They will treat women just like they treated theirs back home......... To hope they will behave otherwise will be the most stupid thing!