Sunday, January 17, 2016

Babylonian in Malaysia?

Malay Mail Online - PAS says will dump PKR if ally embraces DAP, Amanah (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 ― PAS will not hesitate to sever ties with PKR if it continues to criticise the Islamist party in the same vein as DAP, Ulama council information chief Datuk Khairuddin Aman Razali said.

He said that PAS would not allow PKR to sabotage it in its stronghold such as Kelantan by helping out rival party, Parti Amanah Negara.

“We see in Kelantan, for example, when PKR attends the Ananah programmes, this attacks the PAS dominated areas. This is like sabotaging PAS itself. We cannot be friends with enemies,” Khairuddin said in a Sinar Harian report today.

He added that PAS would never work with traitors and would constantly review their friendship with PKR from time to time.

Khairuddin explained the Islamist party is also ever ready to be a standalone party but is also willing to have political cooperation with NGOs and new parties to ensure their support.

“The PAS principle is that we would not work with traitors. That is clear but since PKR has a dealing with Amanah and DAP, we will see from time to time,” Khairuddin said.

Traitor to PAS = usually an underling or subordinate of PAS, wakakaka!

'Tis the sad tale of the Whore of Babylon
Far too eager to behave sluttishly kang2
Discarding in obscene haste her slip-on
On seeing her sexy budu-satiated Abang

But Abang says polygamy's for men only
& if I continue with my sluttish kang2 way
He is going to say f**k off and abandon me
Can't do without him but slutting's my DNA

Alamak, arn chnua choe ah? Apa nak buat sekarang?



  1. aiyu pas ni nak pusing pusing macam anak dara sampai bila, nak bagi masuk ke tak nak? just bagi masuk la, abang hadi dah banyak kali hint bagi masuk, kami pun jemu lihat wayang kulit dah.

  2. Well,PAS might not want to work with PKR if it's leadership are two snaked heads.And PAS will never work with Amanah or DAP again.

    But PKR,well known for it's sapu texsi and leg spreading will work with any Tom,Dicky or Harry.Afterall,why operate a sapu texsi and leg spreading agency for a selected clientele only.Less customers mean less money earn.It doesn't need a genius to "figure it out".Right?

  3. Is the cup half empty or half full ?

    Its often simply dependent on the eye of the beholder.

    One point of view may see it as Kangkang-ish , slutty behaviour, as Ktemoc considers it, something to be condemned.

    Another viewpoint may see it as trying to build and keep the broadest possible tent, building and maintaining bridges instead of being busy burning them, a laudable position.

    Take the example of a girl who has a wide social network, and mingles easily with many.
    Some may suspect her as promiscuous and wanton.
    To others, she is a warm, friendly person who does not make enemies.
    I know of both such actual cases.
    A girl who is badly in need of moral guidance, and in another other case, a very good-natured woman who is morally impeccable.

    Fact is , the truth is often unknowable to an outsider, and my advice to them trying to pass moral judgements is to Fuck Off, go wank yourself.

    1. when a party like PKR is in alliance (in a so-called coalition) with other parties, it has an obligation to stick to its agreement with EITHER Pakatan OR PAS, but not BOTH as PAS is against DAP-AMANAH, and vice versa. Thus it is politically a whore, wakakaka

      There is a way out for PKR - g it alone and stop bullshitting it wants an alliance

    2. dap n amanah can always pull out, not sure what is yr problem, come to whore oso got many std.

    3. I've no problem - merely pointing out an obvious fact! I don't bury my head in the sand, wakakaka

  4. Let the fighting and destroying begins and let's see who will be gone first.

  5. dap does not want hudud even for muslims.. so is is pkr..

    the wise man said.. kalau menggenggam bara biar sampai menjadi abu... alang-alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.. apa-apa nak jadi biarkan terjadi.

  6. LKS and LGE think they are glorious and more righteous than Hadi. Together with Mat Sabu and Azizah, they think they can change Putrajaya? What they did not realize is that they have already fucked-up the end game!

    1. like u always say "relak la bro", i dun think pr/ph can win even with pas around. lets the next generation do it. no one could defeat umno, only umno can defeat umno.

    2. HY... musical interlude

  7. It is an open secret that PKR cannot stand on it's own two feet.That is the reason it needs the DAP,Amanah and even PAS as it's crutches.Without them,PKR would have already become a mosquito party,because their members would have deserted it like a herd of panic cattle.

    1. Don't worry. When Anwar comes out, everything will be ok. Just wait n see. Hehehe. Hidup ikan bakar!

  8. Fitting 1976 classic for the occasion:

    Recent cover version in a style reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper

    Enjoy .....


    Hadi openly attacks Christians....

    "Christians have spread their religion not by using knowledge and reasoned argument, but by baiting their targets with money and other forms of aid. People who are hemmed in by the difficulties of living would easily accept their assistance and, in the end, become influenced by them."

    When the framers of the Malaysian Constitution agreed to the clause "Islam is the religion of the Federation", I'm quite sure they did not have in mind an Islamic leader having the right to openly attack another religion, with impunity.

    To the Muslims, let me switch Hadi's words around....
    "Islam has spread its religion not by using knowledge and reasoned argument, but by baiting their targets with money and other forms of aid. People who are hemmed in by the difficulties of living would easily accept their assistance and, in the end, become influenced by them."
    Do you feel incensed, angry reading the words above ? Then don't say it about Christians.

    Note : I am not a Christian, but I feel no less angered at Hadi's ridiculous attack .

    I do understand the predicament and conflicting forces PKR has to deal with, which is why I have been very mild in my approach to the current situation, unlike Ktemoc's unrelenting denunciation of PKR.

    However, it is wisely said that a man is known by the company he keeps.

    And Hadi, reflected in his rabid attitudes towards other religions, is not good company for PKR to keep.

  10. that's so cool peter.. rabid attitudes?