Friday, April 17, 2015

Zaid Ibrahim's Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

TMI - Embrace Anwar to oust Najib, Zaid tells Dr M

looks like we're back Kid
Ya Pak Partner, but let's not go to Bolivia. okay


... Zaid Ibrahim is suggesting that Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his former number two bury the hatchet after 17 years of animosity.

This, he said, is to unite the nation and rid it of the current leader.

He also called on the former premier to put aside his personal dislike for Anwar as the latter is better than Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Zaid also stated: "I mentioned earlier how Mahathir and (former finance minister) Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah could do wonders if they just sat down together to work out how to save the country. That work would be more effective if Anwar were to join the group."

"Such a triumvirate would ensure the quick disposal of Najib's government because the parliamentary opposition combined with BN would be enough to unseat the prime minister, who is now getting support from some royal houses."

Interesting! Zaid is proposing a triumvirate of Dr M, Anwar and Ku Li, with Ku Li as interim PM to replace Najib for 3 years whence then Anwar will take over.

best thing is that bridge
Recall RPK's SD on the Altantuyaa's murder - can you remember which two parties provided RPK with the contents of that SD and who assured RPK it was reliable?

So, an anti-Najib triumvirate based on the Altantuyaa murder? Wakakaka.

Anyway, Zaid tempts Dr M with an assurance that once Anwar takes over from Ku Li (presumably 3 years after Ku Li becomes PM), Mr Manmanlai the new PM will build our eminence grise's crooked bridge so as "to remind Singapore once in a while that we are able to decide what we want for ourselves."

On that crooked bridge, in 2009 Dr M had already sounded a warning for Najib (but then still an 'advice' for Ah Jib Chai, wakakaka) to continue with his crooked bridge, with TMI reporting:

Dr Mahathir said that since Singapore would only agree to a straight bridge to replace the Causeway if the ban on selling sand was lifted and that considering Johoreans were against the sale, the government’s only option was to build the crooked bridge. […]

Dr Mahathir cited the package of outstanding bilateral issues, including Singapore’s refusal to release CPF contributions to Malaysians, the railway land issue and the low rate in which the island republic pays for water from Malaysia.

“All these issues are in Singapore’s favour and not negotiating better terms because the Johore people refuse to sell sand is like cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face.

Leaving out the rhetoric, Dr M was actually right, but obviously Najib like AAB saw it differently.

worst thing I did was to ignore that bridge
As for Anwar, I noted he had then attempted to make his move back to The Mothership or at least for a start, into UMNO's grace during the Scenic or Crooked Bridge affair in April 2006 as I posted in A Bridge Too Far - Anwar Ibrahim.

Now, get this my dear Zaid, Anwar after blaming the whole crooked bridge fiasco on Mahathir (wakakaka) for sending Daim Zainudin to negotiate with former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew over the terms of the project, openly pontificated: “I would grant the criticism of many that negotiations with Singapore are not always easy. The solution therefore is to send competent people to negotiate. If you send semi-literates to negotiate, we will lose out in the negotiations.”

From that statement, one couldn't be blamed for noting that Anwar deemed Daim Zainuddin a semi-literate (wakakaka) who shouldn't be sent to negotiate with a tough intellectual like Lee Kuan Yew.

Hmmm, I wonder who was the Malaysian ‘intellectual’ Anwar had in mind then who should be sent to negotiate with Lee, wakakaka again. Yes you bet - He was more or less directing his comments for the benefit of the Sultan of Somnabulence.

But then, didn't Zaid also admit that Anwar Ibrahim's fault in the 1998 financial crisis: "... was to swallow hook, line and sinker the prescriptions of the International Monetary Fund as the only solution to manage the crisis."

over my dead body - sorry Bhai I said it first

"This would have meant massive 'restructuring' that would have put the sovereignty of the nation at risk."

"Mahathir acted well and saved the country ..."

So who had been the semi-literate? Wakakaka!

After gently chiding AAB for not doing his homework on the matter of the crooked bridge (again Zaid, note this), Anwar poured on luscious honey for AAB by expressing full support for the latter’s decision to abandon the project as a commendable decision, crooning: “It takes a lot of courage and wisdom ... after weeks of massive campaigns against Singapore ... (for Abdullah) to suddenly say that the decision (to build the bridge) was faulty and that we have to scrap the’s commendable.”

Wakakaka, he had then agreed with AAB to abandon the crooked bridge, but then I'm sure he will now be quite capable of agreeing with Dr M on building the bridge - that's the Anwar I know, wakakaka.

who the f* cares about that bridge

Anwar then continued: “I support the decision taken by Abdullah because any responsible leader cannot proceed with a project affecting another country without that sort of arrangement being made.”

“Even if it’s not related to relations between Malaysia and Singapore, you cannot imagine in this modern time any country wanting to undertake a major project - a bridge, highway, whatever - affecting another country, unilaterally. We have condemned the United States for its unilateral decision to invade Iraq, so we can’t seriously proceed in such manner (ourselves).”

I was very much ‘taken’ by Anwar’s opinion that building the scenic or crooked bridge, actually already agreed to by the former Singapore's PM Goh Chok Tong in a letter, would be equivalent to the US invasion of Iraq

Anyway, he continued: “I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah [AAB] if he were to ask my views on the issues ... like the negotiations with Singapore on the bridge and even information on the negotiations with Indonesia on border issues.”

Wow, 'I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah [AAB] if he were to ask my views on the issues' - very manmanlai, and his offer of international negotiations was not only with Singapore but Indonesia as well. Wakakaka.

OK, I'm very fond of Zaid but I have a few questions, namely:

(a) Who is going to release Anwar from jail?

Until Dr M and Ku Li defeat Najib, Ah Jib Gor is still PM and Anwar remains behind bars. Has Zaid been hoping Anwar will direct his PKR (a now split party) into cooperating with Dr M's portion of BN? But then, that's almost achieved by you-know-who in London, wakakaka, and no doubt talk is still continuing.

(b) quoting Zaid, the quick disposal of Najib's government because the parliamentary opposition combined with BN would be enough to unseat the prime minister I wonder how many in BN will join forces with the parliamentary opposition to defeat Najib? But this has been essentially what Lim KS had proposed much earlier.

(c) Once Ku Li is in the chair, will he be willing to vacate it for Anwar in three years time? And will he even release Anwar from prison? Wakakaka.

(d) Will a future Ku Li build the bridge? Wakakaka.

(e) In the proposed joint operations by BN and Pakatan against Najib, how will a new cabinet be set up?

Apart from Azmin becoming DPM (with blessing from Dr M?) to PM Ku Li, what role will be played by PAS and DAP? Will MCA and Gerakan remain silent? Wakakaka.

Home Affairs is mine
No, mine, you take Religious Affairs
I want Finance
F* you
MCA is more senior
F* you too, we have more MPs
Gerakan is truly multiracial
F* you, one without a single Indian or Malay MP
Dei tambee, we're the Indian party lah
Podah, we have more Indian MPs
We were originally from UMNO
So were we, much earlier than you



  1. Oh! Finally..........But hey, cibai kaytee.......when are you going to fuck Najib and Rosmah? Oh izzit never.........hahahahahaha!

    Jon Oliver's Fuck that Guy

    Or you wanna be like that fucking Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan?

    Just a close up with how Peter interviewing that Shipping Hell Minister

    Seriously, when you start "screwing" Najib and Rosmah...... I will sing Hallelujah! Notice the similarity with how Najib answer the question

    Jim Callaghan was not that lucky

    The sun has come up with Crisis? What Crisis? Yeah, can somebody be fair to Jim?

    Yeah and Maggie Thatcher won the election......and people like me unlike Hisham Rais and Najib got to pay full tuition fee

  2. What a mess all these Mahathir vs PM has become! And it is all because of a crooked bridge which neither Tun AAB nor Ah Jib Kor wants to build.

    Poor Singaporeans being made the scapegoat by Mamakutty again and again.

    An Arab Ah Long has come a calling after granting so many favours and guess who is the most indebted to this Pak Arab Along. None other than Mamakutty again.

    Pak Arab Along has a port and airport and so much land that the crooked bridge will ensure his status be elevated to an Ah Long of All Ah Longs. Even Vincent Tan and Ananda cannot lawan an Arab Ah Long.

    Who are the real traitors and who are the real men with conscience? That Hailam PM sure has got a conscience with his Islam Hadhari or was he trying to make a Islam Hailam. Unfortunately he was caught napping on the job and Najib giving an IOU to Mamakutty was able to snatch away his Hailam Chicken Rice.

    Poor Mamakutty still waiting for his IOU to be fulfilled by PM all the while shouting demi Agama, Bangsa dan Tanah Air while being hounded and pursued by Pak Arab Ah Long. Unfortunately, the IOU chit was found by Fat Mama and her solution was to flush it down the toilet.

    And so PM started reading Mamakutty a book called " Melayu mudah Lupa"

    1. received a phone call from The Colonel that the Hailam chicken ain't no Hailam chicken till it's cooked - last seen chook was clucking, cackling and cockadoodledoo-ing happily away in Kepala Batas, wakakaka

  3. I wonder: Is Zaid Ibrahim recognizing that TDM, Ku Li and AI are "God's Gift To The People"? NTR is not? Hadi is not? RPK is not? KT is not? Wakakaka....

    - hasan

  4. This unholy trio-thingy cooperation will never get to see the light of day as proposed by Zaid Ibrahim. The synergy is just not there....a man close to 90 ( like they said, one foot on a slippery banana in the vicinity of the graveyard ), an old hermit whose kecut balls been shrunk to pea size, and a man now swiping mosquitoes in a prison cell.....all with such ferocious ambition to be PM and one wannabe de facto PM - such coming together spells doom as they would forever be holding behind their backs their crooked little kris waiting just the right moment to plunge it deeply into their 'partners' backs. This is Melayu politics.....behind their smooth talks and smiling visage, treachery upon betrayal amid secret side deals and manoeuvres.

  5. Very doubtful UMNO politicians will support AI or Li as PM.
    It's even more difficult for M to accept the former.
    Zaid's unsolicited proposition is meant to isolate M.


  6. KTEMOC, I puked when I read your article, so full of shit and illogic.
    Enuf lah!

    1. I am sorry I hurt your pro Anwar feelings, wakakaka

  7. Woa! Ktemoc is really spraying AK 47 bullets at anyone who attacks his beloved PM.
    Mahathir, Zaid Ibrahim, even Anwar enjoying his prison cell all kena hentam.

    'Tis a strange dichotomy of a DAP supporter cum Najib lover-boy.

    1. The extreme dichotomy lies in your perception, namely that everyone must esupport EITHER A OR B, and not take intelligent reading of the entire spectrum of politics and comment on each individual element separately and differently

    2. Tell the true, yr chronic takes about manmanlai is personality driven, not issues driven.

      Of course, yr reluctant in criticizing ahjibgor is telling & open for wide & weird guesses

      This is yr own doing....sigh...

    3. Hahahahaha! Now then you know

      And for another sketch.......Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan aka KT Mok aka Ktemoc